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(Story Content: F, Self-bondage)

"The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft a gley" - Robert Burns


Soft, muffled moans were the only sounds Julie could make through the gag as she strained to wiggle forward another few inches. Rivers of sweat rolled off her naked body. The feeling of total helplessness was overwhelming -- and why wouldn't it be? After all, she had been hogtied in the woods for over an hour now, and there was still a long way to go before she could get to the tree stump and retrieve her escape knife. She stopped for a moment to let her aching muscles rest, and to give her poor breasts some relief from the dried pine needles that covered the forest floor like a blanket in every direction.

"Why on earth did you have to tie yourself up so damn tight?" she thought. "An escape artist couldn't get out of these ropes without that knife, and at the rate you're going, you'll be stuck here all night, out here in the middle of no where!"


As far as anyone knew, Julie Green had led a fairly quiet life, working for a small financial firm and spending much of her spare time hiking or camping up in the mountains. She considered self-bondage an unusual, but harmless vice she chose to indulge in, and she was getting quite proficient at tying herself up. First she would bind her legs together with two pieces of nylon rope, then gag her mouth with some cloth, put a vibrator between her legs, and finally, tie her hands behind her back with some more of the rope. She would then lay there naked on her bed, squirming against the ropes to induce the maximum amount of stimulation, while the vibrator worked its own form of magic. Most of the time, she didn't have any trouble undoing the knots when she was finished, and there was always a knife sitting nearby to cut herself loose if necessary. She dated occasionally, but found that most men were unable or unwilling to satisfy her in the same way her orgasms felt during one her private "sessions". It was like being hugged and caressed all over, yet so vulnerable and feminine at the same time. A wonderful fantasy world always awaited her once she was bound and gagged -- and there were few limits to her imagination.

Then about a month ago, Julie took a trip to New York City and happened to pass an adult bookstore while shopping in Manhattan. It wasn't the first time she visited places like these, but this one seemed devoted entirely to the BDSM lifestyle. Being the only attractive blonde there, her presence obviously drew stares from the other patrons. Julie tried her best to ignore them though while she browsed the shelves. There were hundreds of magazines showing heavily bound women, and they actually had displays of gags, handcuffs, costumes and other kinky devices that she had never even seen before. She thought the ball gags looked really sexy, but the outrageous prices prevented her from buying one. She did pick up a "how to" book on bondage ties, read it from cover to cover that evening, and studied each description with great interest. That was when Julie made up her mind that, next time, she was really going to truss herself up like those models in the magazines. She wanted to feel how they felt, to push herself in more challenging and provocative ways, and not just by experimenting with stricter ties. She had an ambitious plan that would allow her to experience the genuine helplessness of being bound in complete isolation, but also out in the open.

Julie set aside one of her vacation days two weeks in advance so there would be enough time to make the necessary preparations. She already had a spot in mind -- a remote, densely wooded area hidden away in the mountains where she used to go camping with her friends. The campsites would most likely be empty this time of year, so she wouldn't be running the risk of getting caught. After all, she only wanted to simulate the danger, not make it a reality! If, by some chance, there were any campers, then Julie knew of a dozen or so hiking trials nearby that she could use if necessary to find the privacy she needed. Every detail was thought out carefully so nothing would go wrong. She even considered trying out the new ties at home first to see how difficult they would be to get out of, then decided against it. That would be TOO easy and defeat the whole purpose of her plan.

When Julie woke up early that morning, it was raining gently outside with a forecast of partly cloudy skies later on in the day and a mild temperature of 78 degrees. Perfect. Warm, rainy days always put her the right mood. She quickly made some coffee, then got out her box of goodies from the closet. Inside there was rope, twine, a scarf to use as a gag, her favorite 8 inch vibrator, and a hunting knife with a serrated blade that would cut through the rope easily. She also added a brand new vibrator she had purchased earlier that week. It had a penis-shaped dildo made of silicone jelly that was heavily textured all around the shaft. It wasn't as big as her other vibrator, being only 5 inches in length, but she knew it would do the job well enough with her legs bound tightly together. She also planned to insert it all the way inside her vagina this time, then leave it there for as long as it took to untie herself, so she didn't want to use anything too big and run the risk of damaging her reproductive organs.

She couldn't help but smile at herself in the mirror as she slipped off her nightgown while thinking of what was to come. Julie never considered herself beautiful, though most anyone would have disagreed. Her pretty blue eyes and long golden hair often drew long stares from men on the street. Her slim, well-tanned figure was still quite supple in its 28th year, thanks to a steady routine of morning jogs and aerobics. She wasn't into getting tattoos like most of her friends, but she did have her navel pierced about two years ago, and the gold ring she wore now complimented her flat tummy quite nicely. She took a quick shower, then shaved her legs and underarms. She even shaved and trimmed away her pubic area so that just a wisp of dark blonde hair remained between her thighs. Julie always did this before tying herself up. Her skin felt so much softer against the ropes, and somehow, it seemed to increase her sense of vulnerability. For the drive up, she decided to wear her sexy, gray tank top, cropped high above her navel (with no bra, of course!), a black thong, and a pair of "very short" cut-off jeans. After a quick breakfast, she placed her bondage gear in a small backpack along with two bottles of water and some insect repellent, then hopped in her Jeep and headed west toward the mountains.

The campground was an hour drive from town, and located about 10 miles down an old jeep trail. It was very primitive, with only a dozen or so spots that were roughly cleared away for tents. Julie was pleased to find the whole place deserted, though not surprised, since it was mid-week and well beyond the peak season for camping. She picked the most secluded spot she could find down by the creek. It was perfect for what she had planned. By then the rain had stopped and the sun was just beginning peek though the clouds. She got out of the jeep and raised both arms to pull her long, blond hair back into a ponytail so it wouldn't get in the way. The pine forest had a wonderful damp, sweet smell. The air was clean and crisp. Julie took a deep breath and paused to savor it for a moment. Then she took out the backpack and began her hike down a narrow, rocky trail that ran along the creek.

The comforting, quiet solitude was broken only by the muffled crunch of pine needles and the harsh grinding sounds of fallen acorns under her boots. Angular rays and shadows pierced into the forest like knives as the sun continued its routine rise to the east. She could feel the morning dew settling on her gray top, and since she was wearing no bra underneath, the moist air quickly made her nipples tent outward through the thin cotton material. Her heart was racing now from the anticipation of what was to come. After about a 20-minute hike, the creek left the trail and snaked its way through a large grassy clearing. Just ahead, there was an old tree stump that seemed to be a safe distance from the trail. Julie set the bag down by the stump then scanned the whole area to make sure she was really alone. Seeing nothing, and hearing only drops of water from the recent rainfall gently striking the leaves, she began to remove her clothes. First, she took off her hiking boots and set them behind a bush nearby. Then, she slowly pulled her tank top over her head. The sudden rush of cool air made her nipples tighten even more now that her firm, young breasts were exposed. Next, she unbuttoned her cut-offs and tugged them off, then finally, slipped out of her black thong.

Julie was now standing naked and alone in the shadows with miles and miles of primitive wilderness surrounding her in every direction. She stretched and let out a sigh of contentment, feeling the gentle breeze caressing her nude flesh, but resisted the urge to touch her self, knowing what that would lead to. Her plan was now underway, but there was still a lot of work to be done and the morning was already half gone. She sprayed herself all over with the insect repellent, then took out the hunting knife and placed it on the tree stump. Her clothes were also left behind, folded in a neat pile, along with the 8" vibrator -- just in case she wanted to use it after freeing herself.

Throwing her backpack over one shoulder, she ventured out into the clearing, taking careful steps, until she reached a clump of pine trees surrounding a large rock. This was where it would all start. Julie guessed the clearing to be about 7 yards from where she stood in the trees, then at least another 15 yards out in the open to the tree stump where her knife was placed. The whole distance was only a short walk, but with her arms and legs bound together, it would take at least an hour, most likely two. The thought of subjecting her own body to such torment, made her skin tingle and turn to gooseflesh.

Julie opened her backpack and began taking out coils of rope that she had purchased just for this occasion. She never realized how many types of rope there were, and all of them had their own advantages and disadvantages. After some research, she decided on the Japanese hemp. It measured about 3/8 inches in diameter and had a twisted weave that resembled a barber's pole. The surface of the rope was very rough and when left tightened down across the body for a while, the twists tended to settle in, which prevented the rope from sliding. Then, as an added visual bonus, after the captive was freed, a wonderful zebra stripe pattern would be left on the skin afterwards, courtesy of the rope. Depending on the body type, those lovely patterns could last from 15 minutes to over an hour. Her breath caught as she ran her fingers along the coarse, 'itchy' fibers. She always felt like this before tying herself up. That delicious anticipation. Excitement mixed with guilt. Now this time, there was the possibility of being discovered as well. That could be embarrassing to say the least, if not dangerous! Of course, she had taken precautions against that by finding a secluded spot, but there was still a chance that a hiker might stumble upon her bound body, and with no witnesses, that would put her at the mercy of a complete stranger. Julie was past caring though. All she could hear now were the siren calls of the ropes beckoning her.

She had cut the rope up into varying lengths to use with the plan she had worked out for herself. Julie had never tied her breasts before, so she decided to start there, using a 20-foot piece of rope. She passed it around her, crossing the two ends just above her breasts, then pulled the rope taut behind her back. She now had two bands of 3/8-inch rope fitting snugly around her, filling in the area from the top of her breasts to the bottom of her armpits. She wrapped the remaining length of rope high up on her ribcage and pulled the bands up under her breasts. She then tied the loose ends together in a square knot behind her back. Julie looked down and smiled at the sight of her two breasts sticking out from between the wide bands of coarse rope. Next, she got out two pieces of 1/8-inch twine and put a cinch loop in one end of each length. The twine was made of jute, which also had a scratchy feel against the skin. She put one of the cinch loops around the base of her left breast and pulled the loop tight until it bulged out like a balloon. She then wrapped the rest of the twine round and round the base of her breast, knotting it tight when she got to the other end. In another minute, her right breast was tied the same way.

Julie wished she could see herself in a mirror. Although her breasts hurt some from the tight coils, they looked fantastic from her view. Like most women, she was never quite satisfied with her breast size. But now, with the aid of her ropes, she had a real set of what most men would describe as "jugs". The tightness also made her nipples stand out like bullets. She had never seen, or felt, her nipples so aroused. All Julie had to do now was to secure the larger breast ropes, so she took another piece of twine and pulled it under the bands on the outside of her left breast just under the armpit. She wound the twine around several times, pulling it tightly to draw the ropes above and below her breasts together before tying it off. She did the same to the right breast to balance and cinch on that side. Finally, she tied and cinched the ropes at the point between her breasts. This prevented the larger ropes from slipping, plus added even more tension to her bulging tits.

She then stood up and tied one free end of another rope to the middle of her breast ropes behind her back, and let it dangle down between her legs. Julie had tied two separate knots on this rope the night before, and carefully measured them with her body so they would achieve the effect she desired. She put a thick coat of the jelly on the 5 inch vibrator, then slowly inserted the whole length of it into her pussy. Holding it in with the fingers of one hand, she used the other hand to pull the rope up between her legs, making sure it passed over the base the dildo, and poked it through the middle of her breast ropes in front. She then pulled the rope taut, before tying it off. The dildo was now TIED in her with no way of slipping out. The 'crotch rope' ran down the front of her lower body, between her thighs and buttocks then up to her back, with the first knot positioned right below her clit, and the second pressed firmly against the opening around her asshole. She stood up and used a fairly long piece of rope to tie her waist snugly with about five loops. This kept the crotch rope secured against her body, yet still allowed it to slid up and down a little as she moved. So far, everything had gone as planned.

"Mmmmm, not bad for a rookie!" she thought.

Julie sat down on the rock and went to work on her legs next. She wrapped another length of rope around her ankles five times, using the last couple of feet to make cinch loops in between her ankles. This made the bands quite tight. She liked the feel of tightness. Before she started to bind the rest of her legs, she tied a short piece of rope to the back of the cinch loops on her ankle ropes and let the free end of this lay out to one side on the ground. She then tied wide bands of rope above and below her knees, pulling cinch loops through to tighten them like she had done on her ankles. She looped the free end of a real long piece of rope around her thighs next, pulling it tightly enough to sink the rope in her skin a little. The rest of the rope was then wrapped snug so that the bands were locked in place before cinching it off. Julie tried testing the ropes by moving her legs and found that she couldn't even wiggle them back and forth. She never had her legs tied this tight before. It almost made her come to the point of orgasm, and the vibrator hadn't even been turned on yet!

Julie thought she had better take care of the gag next, since that couldn't be done once she had tied her hands. She folded up a washcloth so it made a wad about two inches thick and two inches wide. This she put in the middle of the thin cotton scarf which was then folded over the wad several times to trap it. Julie knotted the scarf on both sides of the wad so it would be impossible to slip out. She opened her mouth wide and stuffed the wad between her lips. It really packed her mouth completely, so she had to shove it in hard to get the whole wad in. Satisfied that her mouth was now quite thoroughly stuffed, she passed the free ends of the scarf around the back of her head, pulled them as tight as she could, and then knotted it off. She decided to test her gag and yelled as loudly as she could, getting a thoroughly muffled "Mmmmmpppfff!" as the only sound that came out through her tightly packed mouth. She loved the really helpless feeling that being well gagged gave her -- having always used duct tape before and finding it too easy to get off just by licking it. This gag really worked and it was quite impossible to get out without using her hands.

Her next move was to turn on the dildo. She then shoved the battery pack underneath her thigh ropes so it would be totally out of reach. Moving quickly now, she got out two last pieces of rope, both about ten feet long. A slip loop had already been tied in the free end of both pieces, with one of the loops larger than the other. She made sure she could reach both of the ropes behind her by putting one just in back of her left hip, with the other one in back of the right hip. She put her arms in back of her and slipped the large loop up her arms until it was just above the elbows. She then pulled the slack out of the slip loop until her elbows were about three inches apart. She wrapped most of the rest of the rope around her arms above her elbows until there was about three feet of the rope left. She tossed the free end up and over her elbow loops, then repeated this twice more so that she now had three cinch loops over the elbow ropes before pulling the free end and yanking it several times. Julie was naturally flexible and didn't have much trouble making her elbows touch. She tossed it over one more time, letting that loop hang loose enough so that she was able to pass the free end through it. This she then yanked tight. The twisted weave in the rope took care of cinching it securely behind her.

Julie then made two discoveries. The first was that her bound elbows made her breasts jut out even more, making those ropes quite a bit tighter. Her second discovery was that there was no way she could reach the slipknot she had just made. Her elbows were now quite helplessly tied. She sat there for a moment and thought about what she was about to do. Once her wrists were tied, there would be no escape until she got to her knife sitting on the tree stump more than 20 yards away. Her well-planned adventure certainly had its risks, but Julie had put in too much effort in this to back down now. She took a deep breath, then put the slip loop from the last piece of rope over her wrists and pulled it tight. The little friend between her legs was already beginning to sway her attention, so she had to work quickly, using her fingers to loop the rest of the rope around her wrists. Julie had learned from the book, that by making a loop over the top of one wrist, then under the other wrist like an X, she could tie her wrists together quite nicely. Once she got to about two feet of rope left, she passed the free end in between her wrists, then over the ropes. She repeated this three times, pulling out all of the slack after each pass. She made another loop over her wrist ropes, leaving slack so she could pull the free end through. This was then yanked tight, locking the hemp rope into a non-slipping cinch loop. She did this one more time to insure that her wrists would be tied, cinched, and quite impossible to get loose. Julie knew that she was now quite thoroughly tied up, with no way out other than cutting herself loose. Now there was only one more thing to do to make her hogtie complete.

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