tagInterracial LoveThe Cuckold Vacation Company Ch. 01

The Cuckold Vacation Company Ch. 01


"It's important to me that my wife doesn't know I set the whole thing up."

David was sitting in the back room of an elegant office in a suburban mall. From the front it looked much like any other high-end travel agency. In truth, this office catered to arranging erotic vacations with a very special theme. David was here because he followed up on a few rumors on a few of the cuckold-themed online message boards he frequented.

"Of course." He was talking with a tall, curly-haired brunette named Ellen. "Nothing will point to your role in any of this. If you ever choose to reveal everything to your wife, it will be entirely up to you."

"Okay. Can you tell me how the whole thing is going to happen?"

"Well, it differs from couple to couple of course. We have a few standard methods though. When you arrive at your hotel in the Caribbean we will make sure to put certain things in place. The art in the hotel will feature tasteful but mostly nude paintings, many of them involving white women and black men. The television will have only a few channels, one of which will be a porn channel showing non-stop interracial sex, usually with a cheating wife motif. We will make sure your personal concierge at the hotel is attractive, fit, and instructed to flirt with your wife."

"How does the sex actually happen for the first time?

"Well, the first thing we try is the massage. Basically, you and your wife will sign up for a couples massage; when you get there, you will discover that your masseuse is a good-looking black woman while hers is a handsome, well-chiseled black man. Both of you will be asked to undress fully for the massage. If your wife balks at the thought of being naked in front of another man, your presence is there to reassure her - try to talk her into it.

If you succeed, we proceed to the next stage. The massages will begin innocently enough, but will get more sensual over time. Let me show you how this can go."

Ellen turned her chair sideways, punched a code into a remote on her desk, and the television behind her turned on. David saw an attractive blonde woman, chatting in German with her husband while getting undressed. "Her name is Heike. Her husband was a client of ours a few years ago." Heike had a beautiful hourglass body with lovely big tits. David couldn't look at her without fantasizing about playing with them.

"Heike did not need much convincing to get naked for the massage - nudity is not considered as big of a deal in her culture." Ellen fast forwarded and David saw the husband and wife lying nude on two massage beds side-by-side, holding hands while a pair of black hands moved over each body. Occasionally, the masseuses themselves had wandered into view of the camera. Heike was being massaged by a very tall, muscular man with dreadlocks, while her husband had a slim, petite black girl rubbing him.

Ellen fast forwarded more. "The masseuses are trained to slowly get bolder and bolder with time. Here is the key moment." David saw the male hands, which had been skirting Heike's nether regions as she lied face down on the bed, confidently move to her clit and stroke it. Heike groaned in dismay and made a motion to turn around, when she saw that her husband was getting a handjob from his pretty masseuse. Her eyes initially opened in shock, but the black man's hands continued moving deftly over her clit. She closed her eyes and said nothing, her body shaking slightly.

The husband said something to her in German. "The key is to make sure the wives are horny," Ellen said. "You see Heike giving in to her feelings of pleasure now. She had no clue wuat was in store at the beginning of the massage. At the moment you see now, being stroked by a masseuese just like her husband, she probably didn't think anything was going to happen beyond touching. But the masseuses are trained to get the wives hornier and hornier and keep stepping things up a notch."

She fast forwarded again, and David saw the scene a half an hour later. Heike was getting fucked by the masseuse with dreadlocks - his cock seemed to be splitting her wide open - while her husband was sitting on the adjacent massage bed, holding her hand and stroking his cock watching. The female masseuse seems to have left.

"This was a major success of ours," Ellen continued. "Isn't this a very loving scene? A beautiful white couple, holding hands, while the wife gets fucked by a a very hung black man."

"Now rest-assured," Ellen went on, "that all the men in question have been thoroughly tested for STDs. Moreover, all of them have had their tubes tied so that there is no chance of your wife getting pregnant."

"I take it everything will be filmed?" David was quite hard from watching the scene, but he tried hard to concentrate on the things he needed to still clear up.

"Yes," Ellen replied, "we will have high-quality hidden cameras throughout which will capture the whole experience. We will give you the footage when you return, edited into a movie for you to enjoy. There is one caveat, however. You must consent to this footage being shared with the prospective clients of our company."

"Eh," David hesitated, "I'm not too keen on that. Can we opt out?"

"I'm afraid not. These videos are crucial for us to expand our customer base. However, you will have our assurance that they will only be shared with customers who have physically walked in the door, and whose background check information is consistent with their interest in buying our services. Much like you are able to see Heike's videos now."

"Still," David insisted, "Somebody who knows me and my wife could come in."

"It could happen," Ellen acknowledged, "but it isn't terribly likely. In addition, many of our clients find the small chance that others they know will learn about their cuckolding adventures a little exciting. Anyway, I'm afraid this part of our services is non-negotiable. Let me tell you instead about the other plans we make for these trips."

"As I alluded earlier, the massage does not always work. Sometimes the wives get skittish before they get horny. In that case, our next go-to option is our own private beach on the island, which we make sure is advertised to the couple. Once you show up, however, you will see it is a clothing-optional beach."

"It is the husband's job to persuade the wife to stay - perhaps with her clothes on, it makes no difference. We will make sure there will be lots of black men with enormous erect cocks parading back and forth. Some of them will make conversation with you, either asking for directions, trying to sell you drinks, or just random chit-chat."

"The beach will be a short walk from your hotel room. After an hour or two on the beach, we suggest the husband take the wife back to the hotel to start getting amorous. A little dirty talking is good to get the wife to think about the black cocks we've been priming at her.

Ellen paused.

"In fact," she continued, "this is how my husband got me into it."

David took a sharp breath as his already hard cock stiffened further. "Really?"

"Yes," Ellen continued. "If it is all right with you, I'd like to show you now a special video from our archives - my video. Would you feel comfortable with that?"

Needless to say, David wanted nothing more that to see the pretty sales agent in front of him fucked. He nodded, a little afraid of betraying how much he wanted to see it.

"Great," she said and punched in another code. The TV showed a tropical hotel room full of daylight. Ellen walked in with a slightly older man, maybe a decade and a half older, that David surmised was her husband. She had a slightly different haircut, but otherwise looked much the same as she did now. She was dressed rather conservatively for the weather, with a below-the-knee skirt and a top that didn't show a hint of cleavage. They were being led in by a very athletic looking and young black man - he must have been twenty or so - who was hauling his their luggage.

"This was when I arrived on the island with my husband Alan. At the time I had no clue that he arranged the whole thing."

On screen, the husband was trying to give the black man a tip, who was waving it way. "A pleasure to serve on such a beautiful woman," he said turning to Ellen in the video. He took her hand and kissed it before leaving.

"As I mentioned, your personal concierge is told walk around topless and flirt with the wives. At the time I was a little shocked by this boy's behavior - he was about a decade younger than me! but I figured this is how men in the Caribbean act."

Ellen pressed a few more buttons on her remote. "It turned out I didn't go for the massage - once I found out I had to undress in front of a man who was not my husband, I immediately refused. But watching all those hard cocks on the beach got my very horny nonetheless."

On screen now, Ellen was on the bed in the same tropical room, wearing just bikini top while her husband had his head between her legs. "He brought me to the stage when I was close to orgasm," Ellen continued, "until I started shaking just a little bit." On screen, her husband suddenly got up and reached for the TV.

"I want to turn on the sex channel," he said, pressing a few buttons, and then sitting down and putting his head back between Ellen's legs. "Those black guys have some huge cocks," he muttered in between licks. "Its so hot to think of a pretty white girl being fucked by one of those monsters."

Ellen only groaned in response.

"Dont you think so, honey? Wouldn't it be hot to get fucked by one of those men on the beach?"

"Oh yes," Ellen gasped. "Fuck, God, yes."

"Tell it to me, sweetie. I want to hear you say it."

"Uhhh...their dicks are huge."

"Do you want one inside of you?"

Ellen didn't say anything.

"It would be so hot to watch you take a big black cock. Do you want to fuck one of them?"

Ellen moaned a little not.

"Oooh - I'm so sorry sweetie, but yes, I do, I really want to get fucked by one of those guys on the beach!"

With a loud gasp, she came. Her legs wound tightly around her husbands face and she started spasming. Her orgasm seemed to last minutes. After it was over, the two of them started to cuddle on the bed, neither making a comment on what just transpired.

Back in the office, Ellen turned off the video. David's cock was painfully erect now. He cleared his throat. "So what happens after the dirty talking?"

"Again, it depends on the couple; we usually like to play it by ear. I can tell you what happend with me. One of the services we offer is an apparently chance meeting with one of our repeat clients. In this case, at dinner the same day the hotel seated us at the same table as Heike and Klaus - the couple whose video I first showed you. My husband signed up two years after Klaus did, and by the time of this video Heike and Klaus were repeat customers. Of course, I didn't know that at the time. "

"At dinner, the four of us got along grandly and later on in the evening, we all went out for drinks. While the boys occupied themselves with a game of pool nearby, I had a very frank conversation with Heike. Let me show you - this was also caught on tape."

The screen behind Ellen now showed footage of Ellen and Heike sitting together on high chairs at what looked like the a hotel bar.

"An open relationship?" Ellen said onscreen.

"Well," Heike paused. David thought she looked stunning in her sundress, her long blonde hair falling to her shoulders. "Open on my end mainly. Klaus enjoys it when I stray as long as he can watch."

"He watches?" Ellen's eyes opened wide.

"He loves to watch. Its why we like coming here so much."


"This island." Heike had a lovely accent in English, with only a very soft trace of her native German. "I don't like to play around in at home. Too much potential for awkwardness. But we enjoy coming here, where I can get fucked as much as I want to. The local men never seemto mind letting Klaus watch. In fact, they seem to get a peculiar pleasure from fucking a white woman while her husband watched. And my God, have you seen the size of their cocks?"

Ellen giggled a little. She seemed to be a little drunk. "Yes, they are quite enormous."

"They sure are. I can assure you it feels amazing to have one inside of you."

"And Klaus really doesn't mind?"

"On the contrary. He gets great orgasms stroking himself while watching me get taken hard."

"Doesn't the size of their cocks make him feel a little inadequate?"

"I think that is a part of what makes it so hot for him. I tease him occasionally about how his cock can't compare to the black monsters here, and as long as I don't overdo it, he enjoys it very much. "

"Doesn't it affect your relationship?"

"Not when we are back in Germany - this here is our little holiday, when all rules are off. When we come back home, we get back to our regular life. "

"You know," Heike continued, "Its a pretty common fantasy. White men who come to this island and see the size of the natives' cocks frequently begin to fantasize about their wives being taken. Have you ever asked your husband whether he'd be turned on by this?"

"To be honest," Ellen giggled drunkenly again, "I think he might. We talked dirty about it as he ate me out earlier today. I couldn't stop thinking about some of the giant cocks I saw on the beach today."

"But I really don't think I could go as far you as have with your husband," Ellen continued, "honestly it is such a big step, isn't it? Even though we were both clearly turned on by the thought today."

Back in the office, Ellen paused the video. "That gave me a lot to think about. It was the following night when I finally went through with it." She turned to look David straight in the eye. "Would you like to see that, David? Would you like to watch a video of me getting fucked by a hung black man?"

David blushed. She seemed to be very good at pushing his buttons. "Yes, I would like to see that very much."

"Good. Then you must realize how selfish it would be of you to hoard a video of your wife cheating on you for the very first time. I saw the pictures of your wife David, and she is very beautiful. Don't you think you should share your cuckolding with others?

"Maybe." David was too horny to think straight. "I'll think about it. Can I see your video?"

"Yes," Ellen said firmly. "I want you to see it."

She called up the scene. "This was the very next day, when I was relaxing in the jacuzzi together with Heike and our husbands. We were chatting pleasantly when Heike called someone over." The video showed the four of them making room for two black men to get in. "Their names were Henry and Tyrone. Heike introduced them as friends she made on the beach the other day." The screen showed the two black men get after removing all their clothes. In the video Ellen looks faintly shocked but the other three white people just smile.

"It is the native way," Klaus remarks. "Shall we join them?"

"Why not," Alan answers and throws his trunks out of the jacuzzi. Klaus and Heike undress as well, Heike's shapely breasts floating over the water. The black men stare very blatantly at her tits and Heike returns a smile. Only Ellen has her clothes on.

"Come on, honey" Alan says, "Let's get into the native spirit." When she makes no reply he moves towards her and unclasps her bikini, throwing it on the ground nearby.

Ellen makes a motion to cover up her breasts with her hands, but stops. Her tits are firm and shapely; not nearly as big as as Heike's but more elegant, a C-cup. When the black men gawk at her, she looks away awkwardly.

A few champaigne glasses are passed around until everyone seems tipsy. Eventually, one of the black men gets out of the water and sits on the end of jacuzzi.

His cock is erect.

It is enormous.

There is an awkward silence, broken by Heike's giggling.

"You have quite a cock Henry. I noticed that about you on the beach the other day too."

"Thank you my dear," Henry replies with a Caribbean accent.

"Yours isn't nearly as big, is it Klaus?" Her husband grins and sits on the edge of the jacuzzi as well. He has a decently sized cock, but nothing like Henry's. It might be half the size.

"I've got a pretty big one as well," Tyrone replies, clearly not wanting to be left out of the action. Sitting up on the side of the jacuzzi, he is indeed almost as big as Henry's.

"Rubbish," Henry says, "when I'm hard I'm much bigger than you."

"You're hard now man."

"With all due respect to these beautiful ladies" - Henry makes a motion towards Heike and Ellen - "who have some wonderful tits, I'm not hard yet. I get much bigger than this."

Heike giggles and looks at her husband, who winks at her and says "Only one way to find out." Heike coasts towards Henry and Tyrone and began slowly stroking their cocks, one with each hand.

Ellen, meanwhile, looks completely shocked. She is not moving though. Might she be getting turned on by these big dicks, in spite of her shock? Alan has his hands under her; he must be fingering her. After a little while, Heike turns to her and says smilingly, "Why don't you come here and help me out dear?"

Ellen closes her eyes, trying to will some resistance, but Alan gently nudges her towards the two black men. "Its allright, honey," he says, "this is very hot." Ellen gives him a long look. She then makes a decision and slowly makes her way towards Tyrone.

She puts her hands around his cock at first, seemingly in disbelief how long and thick it is.

She opens her mouth and takes Tyrone's coal-black cock into it.

Heike, meanwhile, is giving Henry a blow job as well. The two white husbands are stroking themselves watching.

After a while Heike waves Alan over and whispers into his ear. He draws Ellen's mouth away from the black cock and takes her in his hands. He pulls her out of the water and lays her on her side beside the jacuzzi. He motions for Tyrone to get between her legs.

He looks into Ellen's eyes and holds her hand as Tyrone slides his cock into her.

Tyrone begins thrusting into Ellen, first slowly, then speeding up a little. Her moans turn to grunts and then to screams. It doesn't take her long to reach orgasm, and as she begins to come Alan presses his lips to her.

Back in the office, Ellen freezes the frame.

"It has been a couple of years, but Alan and I still enjoy watching this video. This was the perfect way for this to happen. "

She pauses.

"So, David, do you think you are ready to sign our contract?"

David is ready. This company's services are very pricey, but he'll figure out how to make it happen later. "Yes, I'll sign. Only - could I watch more of the video?"

Ellen smiles.

"Yes. You get to see me and Heike get passed around by Henry and Tyrone as our husbands jerk themselves. There are more videos of me at the resort - for example, there is one one of me being taken by the young concierge you saw lead us into our room at the beginning."

She gets up.

"There's a box of tissues over there. I'll come back in an hour; will that be sufficient time for you?"

He nods.

"I look forward to seeing videos of your wife at the resort David." She gives him a peck on the cheek on the way out the door as he pulls out his cock and presses the play button.

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