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The Cunnilinguist


I have always loved women. There is just something delightful about femininity and female-ness that has always resonated with me. Even as a child, I found it easier to make friends with girls than with boys. Oh, sure, I played on the sports teams, and engaged in the same kind of rough-and-tumble as the other boys, but females seemed to draw something deeper out of me, something thoughtful, and deeper than just scoring touchdowns, or hitting home runs.

As I got older, I came to appreciate women's physical and sexual charms, as well. I loved the shape of female bodies, with the lovely curves of their breasts and butts and flared hips.

Most of all, though, I love their vaginas. Cunts, pussies, twats – whatever you want to call them, I love 'em. I love the furry triangle between a woman's legs, and the sultry slit nestled amidst her pubic fur. I love the smooth, wet warmth of her vaginal walls, and the snug, silky feeling when they're wrapped around the shaft of my cock, especially when she clenches her pelvic muscles around me. I love the tangy taste and musky scent of an aroused vagina, and the rich sexual fluids that emanate from her. I love the responsiveness of her clitoris when I lick and suck on it, and the way my woman can have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, without having to recover in between. God, how I love it!

The woman who took my virginity was a young widow in her early 30s named Kay, who lived next-door to my parents when I was 18. Not the first time we fucked, but it wasn't long after that, she had me go down on her. At first, I was sort-of grossed out – there were weird bodily fluids down there, and that's where she peed. But she insisted, and I, perhaps wiser than I knew, deferred to her greater sexual experience. Even novice that I was, I ended up eating her to a long string of multiple orgasms. Ever since then, I've been utterly hooked on cunnilingus.

After we finally fucked that day, and she had two more orgasms on my cock, Kay said to me, "Mikey-boy, if you will cultivate the art of giving great head to a woman – if you will let her know that her pussy is the most wonderful place in the world, that she smells better than roses, and tastes sweeter than fine wine – you will never lack for women wanting to have sex with you, and once you find the one you want to hang onto, she'll never let you go."

I took her words to heart, and they have never steered me wrong.


In my college years, Kay's words to me were utterly prophetic. It was about two weeks into the fall semester that I found myself in the dorm room of a young woman named Cindy on a Friday night, her roommate having left for the weekend. It wasn't long before we were rolling around naked in each other's arms, and she was urging me to put my cock inside her.

But with Kay's advice still fresh in my brain, I had other plans, at least at first. I slid down between her legs and inhaled deeply of the aroma of her arousal. She was nervous at first – "You're not gonna. . ." – but once I commenced nibbling and nuzzling the soft flesh of her inner thighs, playfully tugging on her pubic hair with my lips, then probing my tongue inside her, and gently sucking on her clit before I began lapping at it with broad, ice-cream licks, she forgot all about how 'gross' it was. She bucked and writhed and squirmed to orgasm after orgasm, groaning and crying out with the intense waves of pleasure wracking her body. It almost seemed anticlimactic when she finally pulled me on top of herself and guided my erect cock inside herself. When I had finally come, discharging my balls into her, we lay together for a long time afterward before either of us said anything.

"That was incredible," she breathed. "I had no idea. . ."

I could only lay there, humming contentedly in my own post-orgasmic bliss.

I ended up spending the entire weekend in Cindy's room, and we made love again and again and again. We probably fucked each other a dozen times, but I ate her out almost constantly, and she was in a near-perpetual state of orgasm. At least, that's how it seemed.

We finally put our clothes back on just before her roommate, Rachel, returned Sunday evening. When Rachel arrived, I kissed Cindy and thanked her for an unbelievable weekend, and left. Outside Cindy's door, I briefly flopped against the wall, savoring the weekend one more time, rolling it around in my mind, wondering how such amazing good fortune had come my way. From the other side of the door, I heard Cindy shriek, "Ohmigod, Rachel, you wouldn't believe it!"

Some mumbled words followed, that I couldn't make out, then I heard Rachel shout, "No way! He licked your. . ."


"Ohmigod! How was it?"

"God, it was incredible! You wouldn't believe it!"

"I don't believe it!"

"Believe it!"

I smiled to myself, and silently thanked Kay as I walked slowly back to my own room.


The following weekend found me back in Cindy's and Rachel's room. Rachel didn't go home that weekend. The two women took turns on my tongue, which was rapidly becoming more talented and experienced. Rachel seemed to enjoy herself almost as much as Cindy.

After that, Cindy and Rachel would bring their friends along on Friday nights, to sample my cunnilingual skills. I got to taste and smell a whole wide variety of women and their vaginas – skinny ones, chubby ones, dark and furry ones, some with barely any pubic hair at all. Some of the women had tiny little clits, some of them were almost like miniature penises. And every single one of them was wonderful. I never thought I would be in a position to turn women away, who wanted to have sex with me, but it almost seemed that way, sometimes.

Cindy and Rachel roomed together again during sophomore year, and we continued our weekend threesomes. Or foursomes, or fivesomes, depending on how many friends Cindy and Rachel brought along. At the end of sophomore year, though, Rachel decided to transfer to a different school, so Cindy and I moved in together off-campus for our last two years of college. She would still bring friends home once in a while, but not as much as when the three of us lived in the dorm together.

As graduation neared, Cindy and I looked at each other, and had some serious conversations together about our future, and what we both wanted from our lives. We both decided that we couldn't imagine living without the other, and we decided to throw our lives in together, and get married. Once we left the college environment, that was the end of our sexual 'sharing'. I settled into my career, we started having kids (we have three now: boy-girl-boy), Cindy settled into motherhood and charitable volunteer work. And, honestly, we've never looked back.


Cindy and I have been married for just over 10 years, now. We're both grateful that my job allows Cindy to devote most of her time and energy to our kids, and her volunteer work. My job allows me to work from home a lot of the time, and I have a home-office in the back of the house, where I can be fairly isolated from the day-to-day busy-ness of Cindy and the kids, but still accessible to them. It's a really happy arrangement.

A few weeks ago, Cindy and I had a really wonderful time in bed. I went down on her, and she came, over and over. Then I pulled her on top of myself, and she slid her pussy, still buzzing and pulsating from multiple oral orgasms, onto my stiff organ. Almost instantly, she came again. Our mating was relaxed and leisurely, but Cindy came twice more on my cock, before I surrendered to my own release, sending spurts of my thick, white cum shooting into her. She fell on top of me, and we stroked and caressed each other through a long, grateful afterglow.

The next morning was Cindy's weekly bridge group, and that day, it was Cindy's turn to host the group at our house. Besides Cindy, there are three other women in the group – Arlene, Barbara and Denise. Arlene is cute, dark, and voluptuously curvy. Her hair is somewhere between ultra-dark brown and simply black, and her skin is a lovely bronze color. She carries maybe fifteen or twenty pounds more than her doctor might prefer, but as far as I'm concerned, it just enhances the delightful curves of her full, round breasts and butt. Barbara is tall, lean and athletic, the type who runs marathons for fun. Medium-brown hair flows around her pretty face; her body is tanned and fit. Her legs are long and lithe, her breasts are smallish, but still very nice, and her ass tight and firm. Denise is a shy, petite, almost delicate, blonde woman. I haven't gotten to know her as well as the others, because she's so shy, but when I've been able to coax it out of her, her smile is radiantly winsome.

I was working in my office, with the door open since the kids were at school. I was perusing columns of numbers on my computer screen, but I could hear bits and pieces of the women's conversation, since they were in the den, the closest room in the house to my office. At one point, their conversation took a definite sexual turn.

"Mike and I had a GREAT time in bed last night," I heard Cindy say. I smiled to myself, both with my own happy memories, and with a degree of pride that my wife would extol me to her friends.

The other women giggled, and I heard Arlene say, excitedly, "Do tell, Cindy!"

Cindy knew I was home, I was sure, but I didn't know if the other women did. I stopped what I was doing, and leaned back in my chair to listen more closely.

Cindy lowered her voice, and I heard her say, in conspiratorial tones, "Oh god. . . he ate my pussy for the longest time! I must have come ten times!"

"He ate your pussy?" I think it was Barbara.


Denise: "Oh, Cindy. . . how did that feel?"

"It felt incredible! Like I said, I must have come ten times! God, I just love it when Mike eats my pussy! There's nothing like it! Have you ever had your pussy eaten?"

Arlene again: "I wish! I think Ron would be afraid he'd catch something. . ."

Barbara said, "Walt ate my pussy a few times, before we were married, but he always made such a nasty face about it, that I finally decided it wasn't worth it to ask anymore. He doesn't think anything of hitting me up for a blow job, though. Is semen supposed to be less nasty than pussy juice?"

The women all laughed loudly, and I couldn't make out any of their comments at that point.

Then I heard Arlene say, wistfully, "God, I wish I had somebody like Mike to eat my pussy."

"Me, too," the others chimed in.

Suddenly, there was a long pause in the conversation. No one said anything for a solid minute or two. I could practically hear the women all thinking about what it would be like to have their pussies eaten, wishing it could happen as soon as possible.

When the silence had become utterly deafening, I barely heard Denise. "Cindy," she asked, "do you think. . . no, it's crazy. I couldn't even. . ."

"What?" Cindy said. "Come on, Denise; we're all friends here. What are you thinking?"

Another short silence ensued. Then suddenly, Cindy understood what was going on. She began to laugh.

"Mike?" she laughed. "You're all wondering about Mike? If he would eat your pussies? Like, right now? Today?"

I hadn't known that it was possible to actually HEAR three heads nodding together. Muffled words of agreement – "uh-huh". . . "sure". . . "do you think he would?" – followed.

After a short, thoughtful pause, Cindy spoke again. "Well. . ." she began, "I'd be willing to ask him."

"Oh, Cindy," I heard one of them say, "would you? Do you really think he would?"

"The man's biggest regret is that I've only got one vagina!" she laughed, even louder than before. Her voice got low again. "Ladies," I could just hear her say, "let me tell you about when Mike and I were in college. . ."

After that, I couldn't hear what Cindy was saying, though I was familiar enough with the story. However she told it, her telling was punctuated with shrieks of laughter and squeals of surprise, cries of "No way!" and "Oh, my god!"

At the end, or at least, what I assumed was the end, Cindy said, "Hang on. . ." A few seconds later, she was standing at my office door.

"I suppose that you've been listening to our conversation," she began.

"Uh, no," I lied, trying to seem casual. "Not really."

"Uh-huh," she nodded, with a smirk. "That's why your computer has gone to screen-saver, I suppose. . ."

I grinned, sheepishly. "OK, you caught me. Yeah, I heard."

"So?" she asked, with a demanding, expectant tone.

"So, what?"

"So – do you want to eat my friends' pussies?"

I swallowed at her candid directness. That's my Cindy; no bullshit with that girl. "Of course I want to!" I responded. "I'm just not sure that I should."

"Mike, these girls just want to know what it's like to have a man lick their pussy, and to have a sexual experience no-one else has ever given them. You know how much I love it when you go down on me, and you remember all those women you gave head to in college – that I brought to you?" I nodded; happy memories, those. "Are you gonna deprive my friends of that? Anyway, I'm pretty sure you can trust them not to tell their husbands."

I thought for several long seconds, recalling those amazing college days, and all the many and varied pussies I'd eaten then. I assumed that Cindy was only asking me about a one-time event, with these three women, today, and not a resumption of those wild and crazy days. But still, if they wanted to. . .

"OK," I finally said, "It'll be a sacrifice, but I'll do it. Now, how do we go about this? Should I be naked, or clothed?"

"I'm fine if you let them decide."

"OK. What about limits? What if they want me to feel their tits?"

"I'd be fine with that. Mike, you're eating their pussies."

"Well, what if they want me to fuck them?"

Cindy paused in thought over that one, rolling it around in her brain for a long time. "I'd be OK if they want to play with your cock. Even blow you. But I think it would be best if you kept your cock out of their pussies."

"OK," I said, "I can go along with that."

"Except," Cindy added, a note almost of pity creeping into her voice, "unless Denise wants you to fuck her. That poor girl has almost no sex life at all. It's too complicated to explain right now, but it would be an act of kindness to let her have your cock, if she wants it." She paused, then thought of one more thing. "I don't want you to initiate it, but if she asks, go ahead and fuck her. OK?"

"Got it!" I agreed. "Now. . . where?"

"Guest bedroom?"

"That works. I'll go there now. Have them come in, one at a time, whenever they're ready."


I walked out of my office, and down the hall to the guest bedroom, walking past the den, where the three ladies were sitting. They watched me walk past with looks on their faces somewhere between utter lustful anticipation and 'oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-this-is-really-happening'.

I entered the guest room, closing the door behind me, and sat on the edge of the bed, wondering who my first 'client' would be. On the other side of the door, I heard muffled female voices, then laughter, and then a loud cheer. Seconds later, I heard the doorknob turn.

Arlene entered the room, and I stood to greet her. She was dressed in a light, billowy red skirt that hung around mid-calf, with a gauzy white top, through which I could just make out the outline of her bra, which was filled to capacity by her large, heavy breasts. She closed the door behind herself, then, exhaling heavily, turned to face me, with a nervous grin on her face. I walked over to her, and wrapped her in a warm embrace. She stiffened, then quickly relaxed.

"We're both gonna really enjoy this," I whispered.

"I know," she responded, her voice trembling.

I had her sit on the edge of the bed. "How would you like to start?" I asked. "Do you want to be naked, or leave your clothes on? Do you want me to be naked, or leave my clothes on?"

She didn't say a word in reply. Raising her flowing skirt to her waist, she tugged at the waistband of her plain white cotton panties, then slowly peeled them down over her lower belly, exposing her thick, dark, furry bush. Her opening was a bright pink slit, the folds of her inner labia peeking eagerly out between her outer pussy-lips, which were already engorged and puffy. I helped her slide them down over her thighs, then off her ankles.

She sat reclined on the bed, propping herself up on her elbows, her legs spread wide in tacit invitation.

"Your pussy is wonderful," I assured her. "I can't wait to taste you. Do you still want me to?"

"Oh, god yes!" she breathed. "Please. . . eat my pussy?"

I leaned in close, inhaling deeply, appreciatively, of her aroused feminine scent, so rich and musky. "Wonderful," I murmured. Then I lightly kissed the inside of her left thigh. She jumped at the first touch of my lips against her tender flesh. Slowly, I moved my mouth in a circle around her fragrant opening, playfully tugging on her pubic hair with my lips, and nuzzling my face in her luxuriant pubic bush.

Arlene was moaning in both pleasure and anticipation, as I slowly, teasingly homed in on her center. When I nuzzled my pursed lips against her cunt-lips, she jumped again. Opening my mouth, I sent a soft, warm breath across her labia, which drew an aroused, 'Oooooohhhhh' from her throat, as she tossed her skirt over my head and laid back on the bed. I was really enjoying this. It had been years since I'd had the opportunity to give a woman her very first head.

It was time to start pleasuring dear Arlene in earnest. I ran the tip of my tongue lightly along the length of her slit, gently parting her inner lips, and getting my first taste of her inner juices. Again, I licked along her slit, more firmly, probing deeper into her, and parting her labia even further. Arlene groaned loudly, and squirmed from side to side at the sensations from my tongue.

Then, I probed my tongue deeply into her moist opening, dragging it along her smooth inner walls, savoring the full richness of her unique taste. Arlene was moaning and writhing almost continuously now, so I finally moved onto her clit. At first, I simply puckered my lips over her throbbing nubbin, but that first delicate contact with her love-button instantly set her off on her first orgasm.

"Oh god!" she cried. "Oh god! Mike. . . Oh god. . . I'm coming. . . Oooohhhh. . ."

I smiled inwardly as I continued to suck lightly on her erect clit. She had really been ready for this. And she was abandoning herself to the sensations so wonderfully freely.

As she came down from her first orgasm, she was panting heavily. "Oh god, Mike. . . that was incredible! Thank you so much!" She propped herself up on her elbows again, as if she expected to be finished, but I flicked my tongue over her nubbin once more. She twitched sharply at the renewed stimulation, and looked at me with wide eyes. "Huh?" she gasped, "what are you doing?"

"Just relax," I told her. "We're just getting started. You didn't think I was only gonna let you come once, did you?"

"Oh god. . ." she said, in a wavering voice, as I resumed sucking gently on her clit. Soon, she was swirling upward once again, to her second orgasm. At that point, I switched to making slow, broad ice-cream licks, dragging my tongue along her dripping labia and across her clit, continuously, without stopping.

Arlene soared and spiraled through orgasm after orgasm, squirming around so much that I had difficulty keeping my mouth engaged with her pussy. But I persisted, and she came and came and came, groaning and squealing with pleasure, rolling and writhing on the bed, until at last, she pulled her skirt back over my head and drew me upward, away from her core.

I saw that she had removed her top and her bra, and was running her hands sensuously across her own full, awesome tits. They were incredible – probably the biggest tits I'd ever seen live and in-person. They were a rich bronze color, with chocolate-brown nipples, soft and round.

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