tagErotic PoetryThe Dance

The Dance

byElizabeth Chandler©

You come to me
Love and lust filling your eyes
You gently take my hand and lead me to the dance floor
You pull my body close
And my body goes weak with your touch
My hands travel to the back of your neck
Pulling your head down to mine
Your hands wrap around my hips
Your fingers resting on the small of my back
Pulling me closer to you
Our mouths meet and the electricity makes us jump
The power behind the kiss revealing our love and need
We meet again this time with more urgency
Our hands start to explore each other
Tentatively feeling our way
We look up and realize we're not alone
We look at each other and grin
Giggling like children
We take each other's hand and walk off together
Looking for a place to be alone and explore further

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