tagErotic PoetryThe Dance

The Dance


The Orgasm The Dance The Song

The comfort I feel in a single caress...The tug I feel as you pull me to you...

The quiet elegance of our existence ..The savage passion of our love I am powerless in your hands...You call to the animal in me...writhing twisting and arching to you...my eyes close and my body feels pure sensation pure passion... You work our bodies like a maestro and I like the musician play my heart out for you ... I scream for release you nod pure feeling the connection unbreakable.

I am no longer conscious of anything but exquisite desire ebbing ~~~flowing ~~~rolling~~~ oh goddddddddddddd. The crescendo approaches blinding , blazing, colors exploding. My hips reaching, go ridged my body held in the air by its own volition.

My body convulsing... I hear whispers of give it all to me angel give me what is mine... oh gawdddddddddd a long hoarse cry rips through us,is it your voice I hear or is it me it goes on forever... The cry of passion the symphony we are fills our world...

Sobbing shamelessly I lay in your arms, my head cradled to your chest the only sound our breathing... And The Dance Goes On

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