tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Dancing Concubine

The Dancing Concubine


The guards marched me into his bedchamber and left. I stood there, pale but not flinching. All I was wearing was a carelessly revealing purple silk dress, having not been allowed to put on underwear, and my hands were bound tightly behind me. The room I had been brought to was a large, luxurious space, with beautiful furniture and thick rugs on the floor, but all my eyes could look at was the four poster bed and the man sitting on it.


I approached the bed of the man who owned me. He was not as old as I had expected, with broad shoulders and his hair only slightly flecked with grey. His eyes flicked up and down my body briefly. I felt my nipples harden, and the sheer fabric of the clothing I had been given to wear betrayed me. I felt that the exotic make-up and perfume I'd been dressed with covered my body more effectively than the dress, which just drew attention to my rich, creamy curves.

He stood up, and walked over so he was right in front of me, and then he grabbed each of my very-visible nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

I gasped "I..."

He looked down coldly at me.

"Yes?" he enquired as he continued to play with my nipples. I looked down and said nothing more. He let go of my left nipple, and ran his finger down my neck.

"You're my plaything now, my slave. You only need to speak when you're spoken to." His eyes were a pale grey, so clear I had to look away. His hand moved again, cupping the whole of my breast through the flimsy fabric. A smile played across his lips. "This is a rather lush body you have. I think I'm going to enjoy using it tonight. Turn around and bend over" he instructed.

Wordlessly I obeyed. As I bent over, my bound hands going over my head, my flimsy dress lifted so that my master had a perfect view of my arse and pussy. He ran his hands up from the backs of my knees to the meat of my arse, and then slipped one hand between my legs. I realised that i was wet. His finger whispered over my clit, and then stopped touching me.

"Can you dance, girl?"

I remained bent over. "If you untie my hands," I replied.

"Will you be good at sucking my cock, girl?" he asked.

"I will do my utmost to please you, master."

"Stand up straight and face me." As I turned around, his hands slipped underneath my dress, and ran over my hip bones. He smiled. "I am feeling generous tonight. I'm going to let you suck my cock and if you do it really well I'll untie your hands, and you can dance for me. His hands reached round and grasped my buttocks. He was so close I could feel his chest against my stiff nipples.

"And if your dancing pleases me, I'll throw you onto my bed and fuck you senseless."

My mouth fell open. He let go of me and sat down on the rich maroon bedspread, leaning back on his arms and opening his legs.

"Come and kneel at your master's feet."

I walked clumsily over, finding it hard to balance whilst my hands were tied, and knelt down between his legs. He looked down, having such a perfect view of my breasts that I might as well have been naked. I looked up, and as I caught his eye for a split second he almost smiled. Then he undid his dressing robe, so that his cock was before me. I bent forward, and took one long lick from the base to the tip.

"Mmmm," I heard him respond approvingly. I took the tip in my mouth and ran my tongue over it. I felt his cock harden further, and I started to suck on it, taking more and more of it into my mouth as its pungent scent filled my nose, surprisingly myself with my enthusiasm and intent. It was now as hard as rock, jutting forward from his hips, and pointing sharply upwards. I wanted to grasp its hairy base with my hands, but all I could do was suck on as much as I could fit in my mouth, building my rhythm to his barely conscious movements.

Suddenly, I felt my hair being pulled back, and I reluctantly let his cock out of my mouth.

"Very good," My master drawled. "Let's give you your reward." He turned to one corner of the room. "Simon."

A guard stepped forward. A heavy blush crept up my neck and cheeks. A guard had been watching? The entire time? My master noticed and smiled at my discomfort. "I always have a guard in my rooms. You'll just get used to it -- if I decide to keep you."

The guard drew his sword. His hands brushed over my arse as he cut through my ties, and then he stepped back into the corner of the room. I looked up. "May I dance for you, master?"

"Yes. Tempt me to fuck you." His cock was still hard, and very visible, and I could not keep myself from flicking my eyes back to it. Background music suddenly started -- I could not tell where it came from, a mixture of some hand drums and an instrument that I did not recognise. Suddenly I felt more confident -- dancing was what I knew, and what I had always loved. I stretched up with my hands over my head, so that my breasts perked up. I wound my hips around to the music, proud of their fluid, provocative movement. I swept my arms round in the proud arcs that I knew, and as the rhythm changed, I switched to shaking my breasts. The silky slip bounded up and down as my body moved, revealing my pussy or arse for a split second each time. Then I bowed low, so that he could see right down to my round breasts. Standing back again, I spun with the music, gradually lifting the hem of my dress until the whole thing came over my head. Then I held it teasingly in front of my breasts and pussy, hiding myself from his eyes.

My master beckoned regally with his hand. "Come here, and dip your tits in my mouth."

I walked up to him, and bent over slowly. He grabbed the silk slip from me, and hurled it into the corner of the room, so that I was completely naked. His lips grabbed hungrily at my right breast and sucked hard. I couldn't stop myself from shuddering. I did not know how I could be enjoying this, but neither could I deny it. That afternoon as the servants had been washing and preparing my body, I had been dreading the idea that this man would take me, and now I was craving it. I bent over further, arching my back to give him better access to my breasts, and to my relief he grasped my left breast in one of his hands, squeezing the nipple so that an ache shivered through to my wrists. Then he grabbed my arse, and twisted, and before I knew it I was lying on my back on the bed, my legs forced apart by his knees. I could feel his hard cock against my thigh, its hairy base tickling my delicate skin, and his hands holding my shoulders down so I could not move. He bent his head down, this time nibbling at my left breast, and I arched my body out to meet him. My right nipple, still wet with his saliva, felt cold and abandoned by contrast.

Then he released my breast, buried his hands in my hair so that I could not move my head, and looked me in the eye. I was so turned on I could barely focus, and my lips were so dry I couldn't speak. There was something so powerful and knowing in his gaze.

"Do you think I can get any more pleasure from your body?" he enquired.

A groan escaped my lips, and without thinking I ground my hips up against his body, leaving a line of my wetness on his skin.

"Ah, but that is about your pleasure. And you only exist now to give me pleasure. Do you think I would get any pleasure from sticking my cock inside you?"

I desperately licked my lips. "Oh my master!" I begged, "My pussy will squeeze you so tight - I will give you all the pleasure in the world. Please try me, so you can choose whether or not to keep me."

My master stared into my eyes again, and there was a low growl in his throat. Without breaking eye contact, he moved one of his hands down, and ran his fingers down my clit and into my pussy. I felt him push his fingers inside, feeling how hot and wet I was, and I tried to spread my legs even further apart, aching for more. Then he pulled his finger out of me, and just as I raised my hips up, trying to keep a hold on his hand for longer, he drove his cock deep inside me. His heat and tense, heavy muscles covered the length of me, and as he bit down on my shoulder I knew my master was enjoying my body deeply. I heard myself make unintelligible noises as I wrapped my pussy and my limbs around his existence, squeezing and screaming myself into a ball of pleasure that exploded.

When my master had finished with me, a delicious ache filled my insides. I sat up, and completed my duties by slowly licking his soft cock clean. Then I lay back on the bed, happy to lie by his side until he dismissed me.

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