tagBDSMThe Dante Society (third draft)

The Dante Society (third draft)


Olivia sat, staring into her cup of tea. After a busy morning at the checkouts, she was glad to be away from the till and quietly stared around her. Across the restaurant, a young woman rustled her newspaper after placing her order with the waitress. Dressed in a navy blue trouser suit and sharp pointed heels, she oozed a raw sense of power and control. Olivia pictured her high up in the boardroom of one of the tall office blocks that jutted from the city, surrounded by her minions, being brought coffee as she twined the employees around her fingers in a game of office politics. Olivia could only imagine how it felt to have people at her command, with the power to influence world economics at her feet.

Behind her copy of the Times, Clarissa closed her eyes and breathed deeply. The morning had not gone well, and she had lost the company a lot of money in a gamble with the Belgians. Cringing inwardly and curling a strand of long red hair around her finger, she tried to push her work from her mind and concentrate on something more pleasant. Lunch was something that she liked to indulge in alone, and whenever she got the chance she would retreat into one of her favourite fantasies. Finding refuge in her thoughts, she began to imagine the scene.

Master had provided her with her attire as usual, and she had dressed accordingly. They had travelled in silence, the sounds of the London street muffled by the car, the only sound shared between them was the calm deep breaths of her chauffeur and her stifled, rapid heaving, the leather corset around her middle restricting each intake as it pinched at her skin. Her buttocks still stung from the barrage of strokes issued upon it after she had dared to enquire as to their destination this evening. She really should no better than to ask questions now, being inquisitive was not a trait which Master approved of. Obedience, trust and devotion were required by him, and she had made them her goals.

Now she sat on reddened cheeks, hidden beneath her tight pencil skirt. No knickers had been provided for her, but he had not neglected her nether regions, preferring instead to spread her anus wide with a butt plug of immense dimensions held in place by a harsh leather thong which reached up to clasp to her waspie corset. He nipples were left uncovered too, and they now rubbed teasingly on the fabric of her cotton blouse as she bounced along the road in the front seat of the merc. Trying to guess where they might be going was fruitless, Master knew so many people and had so many diverse pass-times that she had learned not to second guess him.

Pulling up outside a bar, the chauffeur exited the car and she heard him open the rear door, then the sound of Master climbing from the back. She had gotten used to riding with the staff rather than in the comfort of the back seat, and she waited quietly. Shortly after, the chauffeur opened her door and she slithered out, the corset only allowing for an ungainly slide from the seat and with each movement the leather bit between her legs. Only narrowly avoiding falling, she teetered on her stilettos to Master's side, and obediently followed him into the establishment. Nodding to the door staff, they were let into the premises and down a staircase hidden from the main bar by a curtain. Obviously this was a place that he had frequented more than once.

Carefully taking each stair at a time, she followed Master into the basement where a number of tables were bathed in an eerie blue half-light. Sofas and long padded benches were scattered between the tables. Her eyes adjusted and she took note of a number of well dressed ladies and gentlemen, each accompanied by a solemn-looking partner dressed in similar clothing to herself.

Master led her to a table and she sat down on the chair offered to her without a word. He went to the bar and ordered a large glass of wine, a slave then placed it in front of her, and she took a large gulp to calm her nerves. She had been training to be Master's slave for over two years now, and she was beginning to understand his ways and nuances. Very rarely did he speak to her now, and then only to disapprove or admonish her.

Clarissa recognised one or two of the other slaves sat at the adjacent tables, it was not uncommon for her to be taken out to a club such as this. To her right a young man-slave was sat uncomfortably rigid, and she wondered what kind of contraption he was being forced to wear under his plain black cotton trousers. The look in his eyes reminded her of a wild animal caught in the glare of the car headlights and she knew that he must be new to this underground world. Probably he had upset his mistress earlier and was being punished with an uncomfortably full rectum. Most likely he had a raging erection too, she thought, and her pussy moistened.

Sneaking a look to the bar, she saw Master engaged in animated conversation with another gentleman. She had met this master, Daniel was his name, many times before but he had previously had a female slave by his side. Tonight his slave was male and had already been stripped of his day clothes. Unusually he wore no harness or collar of any kind, the sign of a slave of five years service, one bound to his master so faithfully that no harness could hold stronger than the slave's will itself.

The rules of the society to which her Master was a member were well known to Clarissa now. The ideals and concepts were set out many years ago, and now there were around four hundred members across the globe. Joining the Dante Society as a Master was extremely difficult and the slaves did not know the exact details, but she knew that each applicant must have a large personal fortune and required recommendations from at least four existing members before initiation was begun. Master had been a member for fifteen years now and was well thought of amongst the group. Everyone involved had received a thorough schooling in one of the country's best academic institutions and had a great wealth of classical knowledge. Looking again at the unclad slave, she knew the other name for such a person was a "resident of Dis". Dante's Hell was a common reference for the society after which it was named, and Dis was the city at the centre of the five circles of Upper Hell. Each year of training involved another circle of initiation, and Clarissa had just completed her second, the circle of lustfulness.

She certainly was lustful now as her eyes wandered across the slave's rippled chest as he knelt at his master's side. Her Master was ignoring him, and her for that matter, as she sat gazing at the naked form. Her pussy clenched on itself and her butt plug squeezed through her vaginal wall onto her g-spot as she thought about the slave's cock becoming erect.

Clarissa had just managed to avert her eyes before Master turned around bringing with him a further two glasses of sparkling wine. Sipping hers gratefully, she flushed uncomfortably as the other master and the naked slave joined them at the table. The cotton of her skirt was rough against her clitoris and despite the biting leather cutting into her, she rubbed against the fabric with an almost imperceptible movement. Again her pussy clenched down unsatisfactorily, frustratingly empty compared to her arse, but the fabric sent shivers through her crotch and her nipples hardened under the blouse. Master would see if she didn't take care, she thought, and she bowed her head.

Almost an hour passed, and she sat drinking her wine and listening intently to the masters' conversation. She knew almost everything about her Master now, and she was expected to remember everything which occurred at social events. A slave was used as a tool as well as a toy, and she took particular notice of the conversation between her Master and Daniel.

Daniel talked to Richard, her Master, as if the slaves were invisible, and they reminisced about their school days together. Master had few close friends but he seemed very at ease with Daniel and she knew they had shared lovers between them during their university years. Last time Daniel had visited her Master's house, he had brought a female slave and they had both enjoyed her oral ministrations, while Clarissa had been made to serve tea and watch from the balcony, making her intently jealous of the other woman. Sulkily she had cleaned up after them as directed, and had been so miserable and envious that she failed to complete her tasks to standard which had earned her ten stripes across her buttocks with a cane and a night on the floor outside master's bedroom. She had masturbated frantically outside the door, thinking about Master ejaculating over the slave's tongue, and woken up freezing cold and stiff at four in the morning. She wondered what misery they had in store for her this evening and took another mouthful of wine.

Still listening to her Master's conversation, she picked up on the sounds of moaning and grunting behind her. It sounded like two of the slaves had been ordered to perform for their masters and turning her head just enough to see, she caught a glimpse of a female slave with her head buried in the lap of a male slave, while another female licked at the first slave's breasts encouragingly. Three masters, one female and two male, stood casually watching over their minion's activity critically. Clarissa's Master very rarely asked her to engage in such activities, preferring to take the higher opinion that common sluts could behave in such raunchy ways but that a truly obedient slave could restrain herself until required.

She had only seen Master engage in coupling in public once, with another master, a female called Delilah. Heat rushed between her legs. Returning her attention to her table, Clarissa saw through the glass table that her companion's cock remained flaccid. She dared another slight wriggle on her haunches, to be rewarded with a further thrill through her rapidly dampening pussy before correcting herself and sitting still again. Looking up to Daniel, she thought she saw a glimmer of a smile before he turned to Master.

"I think your charge is finding her clothing a little restrictive, Rich. She seems quite distracted" he smiled again, a warm and playful smile which made her clitoris ache despite her previous frustrations with Daniel and his female slave. Clarissa wanted to let Daniel know how much she would like to join in with the action behind her, but knew that any such wishes must remain unspoken and unknown if she was to make Master happy. Only with his permission was she to do anything, even thinking lustful thoughts was meant to be restricted to when he permitted. Master spoke.

"You always did like Clarissa, didn't you Daniel. Well, be my guest, you can have a good look at her. Clarissa, get undressed. And don't think I can't tell how aroused you are either, slave, I can smell your juices from here. You did well to stay quiet though."

Clarissa smiled broadly, praise from Master was rare and she felt proud to have been noticed. Unbuttoning her blouse she let the silk fall away from her torso, displaying her breasts for Master. She faced him straight on, not Daniel, and stepped out of the skirt as elegantly as she could to display the lurid blue plastic bulging from her anus, the thong of leather cutting up her front and cleaving her dew-covered mound into two. Wanting to make Master proud, she stood tall, desperately trying to remain calm and not betray her nerves or her embarrassment. She could feel her anus pouting behind her and thought about the other slaves and masters eyeing her intimate areas.

"Paul, take her shoes off will you? Before she topples like the tower of Pisa. Make sure her feet are comfortable" Daniel ordered his nude slave to tend to her. Sitting down on the sofa next to their table, Clarissa extended a foot as Paul stood, cock still limp and head bowed, and then bent to take off her stilettos. Unbuckling the ankle straps, he slid off her right shoe and bent to kiss and massage her foot. His breath was warm and comforting on her aching ankles, and his thumb pressed into the flesh of her calf. Ripples of excitement passed over her skin as he did the same with her other foot, releasing it and massaging her lower leg. His task completed, he remained crouched, eyes still averted, cradling her foot. Clarissa was aware of her aching desire, pulsing through her engorged clit, and also of a nagging fullness in her bladder. She wished now that she had not taken so much wine. Master was the one who spoke next.

"Clarissa, Paul is a prized slave amongst this society, there are few who are as loyal and unbendingly obedient as him. It may surprise you to hear that before he entered into the service of Daniel, it was I who trained him until he passed into the fifth circle. It would be interesting to see if the pair of you get along, I see many of his qualities in you."

"Well said, Richard, but I am not so polite as you," interrupted Daniel. " I for one would like to see less of his qualities in her and more of his cock instead. Do you object?" his question was aimed for neither Clarissa nor Paul, but to Richard.

"Sounds like an interesting suggestion. Do you want to give commands or shall we let them just get on with it?" Master didn't directly answer this question, choosing merely to bark his command to Paul. "Fuck her."

Clarissa watched in awe as the slave metamorphosed. Before the order was given he crouched, still cradling her foot and hanging his head. Upon the order to act, he stood tall, shoulders back, muscles standing to attention as he flexed his shoulders. He brought his head up and gazed at her hungrily. His eyes were ice-blue and openly took in the sight of her body from protruding breasts to glistening labia. A look of devious appreciation crossed his face, and Clarissa's body reacted in its entirety, her nipples tensing as her stomach flipped. Before her, sat on the couch and eyes at cock-level, he began to grow from a classically-pleasing statuesque male to a fully erect Adonis, the veins on his cock throbbing and growing, roping along his length and glowing violet. It was as if a caged animal had been released, and she was his prey.

"Clarissa, show Daniel how you can please Paul with your mouth." Master gave his orders and Clarissa longed to obey. Her Master continued, "How long has it been since he was allowed to mate?" His voice was clinical. Paul had now reached full tumescence and he took a step towards Clarissa who gripped his cock firmly and determinedly.

"It's been about six months," replied Daniel, "since I allowed him any physical pleasure whatsoever. I think it's always good to make your slave work hard for his reward, don't you? The last time he had seven female slaves and only himself to meet their needs, it really was a great show. Such stamina is a wonder to behold. But after that performance I felt it necessary to rest him for a period of time. Especially since I took on the last female, she has taken an awful lot of my time."

"She needs a lot of time, if her lack of skill with her tongue is anything to go by, Dan. Clarissa here had more talent the day she came into my power than your latest acquisition had after three months of your training."

Clarissa would have been brimming with pride had she been given to time to dwell upon her Master's comments, but her attention had been overwhelmed by the monstrous member now given for her pleasure. Her fingers barely encompassed its full throbbing width and she began by drawing her fingers along the length, her perfect pearlescent fingernails glowing seductively under the blue light as they traced along each bulging vein. She flicked her emerald green eyes upwards to meet Paul's gaze with excitement sizzling from both dazzling orbs, and the male slave watched intently as her lips opened to receive him.

Flicking her tongue out like a snake tasting an approaching meal, she left a shimmering trail across his bulbous head. The three copulating slaves behind their table had stopped to watch as their master's attention was also captured by the actions of two of the Dante Society's most highly esteemed members' slaves.

Paul's icy stare remained on Clarissa as the slave repeated the motion, the barest tip of her tongue tickling his head and teasing open the slit of his glans. Gripping his base she proceeded to open her lips wide, the glossy gateway of her mouth welcoming in the colossal cock with seductive glee. Inch by inch it disappeared into her before her lips met her knuckles and she closed down upon him, the warm cavernous depth of her throat accepting the soft flesh willingly.

Relying on the wealth of experience she had gathered over her years of training Clarissa slowed her breathing and allowed the flesh of Paul's cock to swell in her throat, gagging her on deliciously scented man-meat. The taste alone had stimulated a torrent of lubrication to flow from her, and a trail of sweet juices began to trickle along her labia and gathered on the leather of her harness. Squeezing her buttocks resulted in a painful jolt from her tortured anus which joined with a rough thrill from the leather thong slipping along her clitoris, exciting her further.

Gently she released Paul from her throat and allowed his length to flow over her smooth tongue, the underside of his shaft being teased by the sensations and resulting in an involuntary thrust towards her. Reassured that Paul was enjoying himself, she set up a steady rhythm and began to let him fuck her mouth, meeting his thrusts with the skill of a practised pleasure slave. Only after five minutes of this treatment did she allow Paul to withdraw, never once gagging or showing signs of anything but sheer enjoyment.

Allowing herself to peer round, she found that both master's cocks were hard behind their expensive suit trousers and she permitted herself a brief moment of self-appreciation, she had seen many slaves try to arouse her Master without so much as a stirring in his pants for their efforts.

Using her lips now to apply pressure to Paul's cock again, she bobbed her head rapidly, and he twitched between them, obviously appreciating her technique. The only sound now in the room was the slapping of cock against damp face and eager sucking from Clarissa. Looking him in the eyes again she pulled back to smile at him, and a strand of saliva beaded from cock-tip to bottom lip. Shining in the light like a string of diamonds, she was about to lap it up when Richard's voice disrupted the atmosphere of anticipation.

"Clarissa, come here and suck on Daniel while Paul, I want you to make Clarissa orgasm. Do her from behind."

Clarissa released Paul and shivering slightly with excitement, she crawled off the sofa and faced Daniel's cock. He had already allowed it to be freed from its clothing prison, and it surged in front of him.

Gripping him tightly, Clarissa began to treat the master to the same pleasure as Paul had just received, trying hard to ignore the slave behind her lest it put her off her task. She felt Paul's hands unclasp the leather holding-mechanism from her corset, and fresh pussy juice leaked out as her labia relaxed. The butt plug remained in, still straining her ring, and she felt Paul's thighs brush hers as he took his place.

Using her previously-memorised bank of knowledge, she remembered back to the female slave pleasuring Daniel at Master's house, and made a mental list of the things that he had responded to the strongest. Circling her tongue around his cock-head she was gratified as he began to quicken his breathing, flickering her eyes upwards she saw a bead of sweat on his forehead which told her that she was in control of this master' sexual desires.

Behind her Paul moved his cock into the valley of her pussy and gently lubricated himself with her moisture. Clarissa took Daniel's full length into her mouth just as she was speared by Paul's godly member and it took her all her skill not to moan out. A single stroke later and she teetered on the road to orgasm, the final pleasure of being fucked almost too much.

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