tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Dark Face of the Past Ch. 3

The Dark Face of the Past Ch. 3


"You're too slow, brother!" Castor roared in victory as his sword crashed down upon his twin brothers in a hard blow.

"Speak for yourself, butter ball." Pollux answer as he spun crouched around, bringing his foot in a sweep to the back of his twin brothers legs bringing him down to the floor.

"Damn it!" Castor swore as his whole body shook the ground.

The Heavenly Twins often had their short little practice battles and of course, enjoyed them immensely. Both Castor and Pollux would choose an event of sport other than the ones they were the best at… such as Castor was a champion Boxer, Pollux himself was a champion wrestler. They had even taken to the enjoyment of creating the first ever professional wrestling campaign. No one had ever seen anything like it before… men who would decide the winner and loser before hand. Practice what they plan to do inside of the match, before carrying on into a form of acting to where best friends would play rivals. The brothers even gave their campaign a name, "Olympic Wrestling Alliance."

They often took to the enjoyment of the ladies that came to bed them after a long hard night of sportsmanship.

Sitting in the far corner of the Garden to the home Castor had built for himself and his wife when they decided to no longer reign on Olympus, were Castor's and Pollux's wives. One a former Amazon whom gained immortality when she met Castor and became his wife, Gwena.

Pollux's wife Rhea, an Asian born woman sat beside her sister in law as the twins battled to their extreme.

They were on the brink of deciding a champion when a messenger friend of theirs who served their even greater friend Ace came running to them. They were filled with joy to see their friend until they found him bleeding and scarred as he came running to his near death just to reach them with whatever message Ace had sent.

* * * * *

"Ooooh Gods!" Alissa groaned as she wrapped her legs around the guard who once served Livia, Empress to Rome.

Ace was between her legs, with his prick buried deep inside of her as their bodies slowly and gently gyrated together.

"Mmmmmm." She moaned quietly…

He held her breasts in his hands as he fed her lust deeper and deeper in strokes. Diving between her open thighs with slow wanton vigor. His hands began roaming down her naked body, feeling her flesh with his fingers. Falling into that deep desire for her that he had developed years ago when Livia had dominated her.

"OH YESS!" She hissed loudly. "Oh, yes… she's gonna pay!"

"Wha… what?" He was panting.

"Livia! That Bitch of Rome!!!" Alissa roared.

"What do you mean?" Ace stopped what he was doing and looked down at the beautiful blonde below him.

"I mean, Khaymen's spy found her and tonight, we will march onto her and finally let that whore pay for the evil she has done." Alissa was already going wild inside with the memories of the sexual play they had together, and with her lustful hate boiling over, and her lovers cock inside of her pussy, she was far too inside to let go.

"He actually found her?" Ace asked.

"OH YES!!!!!!" Alissa cried out as her orgasm shot through her. "YESSSSS!!!"

Convulsing up at her lovers prick she held tightly against him, as her cum shook her body into a frantic shiver. Panting heavily against him as her pussy squeezed at him hard like a vice, holding on for dear life.

* * * * *

"Yes…" she sighed. "He found her, and now… she's gonna pay for what she's done." Alissa murmured to herself. "What she's done… to me."

* * * * *


Eve's voice weak. She knew he was telling the truth inside, but on the surface, she wanted to believe that this man was lying to her. That he was feeding her nothing but simple lies about her older brother, whom died years before her own birth.

"It can't be." She said. "Not you… of all people… not my… my brother?"

"Oh yes." He said. "Your own brother. The one who named you. The one who watched as Dahak played the strings on our mother and impregnated her with you. His second daughter, his third child of darkness. You had become a disappointment to him when you tried to turn to the way of GOODNESS."

Solan stood from his throne and walked towards the window of his palace and let his eyes trail to the outside world behind his unholy walls. The walls were his evil was kept in place by his master of darkness.

"When I found Alissa, I almost ended her life, you know." He placed his hands upon the window sill. "Then I found her heart was in hatred towards you. I knew I had to take advantage of that. Can you blame me? She was a beautiful, broken, hate filled, young girl. Who would become commander of my army, ruler of a third of my kingdom promised by Dahak. In future time, she will also become mother to my child… yes… MOTHER to my CHILD."

Eve focused on her brother. Questioning every part of him. He was much too young to be her older brother. He looked not any older than a young man of eighteen years. He was young, smooth, firm, with that innocence in his form.

"You look at me as if something is not quite right with me." He said. "Is it that fact that I'm too perfect in appearance?"

Eve gave a questioning glance at him.

"Yes…" he laughed. "Yes… I can just barely hear your thoughts at times. I've heard those thoughts and there is a simple answer to the entire thing if you want it."

"Yes. I want it." Eve responded.

"I am a Saint of Hell." He answered her.

"Those such as I am. Saints of Hell, are much like the Olympians. Very powerful, very strong. Hard to kill, but easy to find. We unlike the Gjinn, do not hide behind the mask of goodness and love to do our evil. We, the ultimate evil stand right up front and give it all."

Gabrielle had told her stories about Najara and her Gjinn, but never thought about them much until this very moment.

"Everything connects Eve. Everything. Weather we know it or not, it does." Solan spoke as he turned his head towards her. His almost glowing blue eyes staring into his half sisters. "Just like the children of the Genesis. Adam and Eve… their many children bore children together, and together, until the tree made many seeds to be planted elsewhere for many others lines to connect to themselves, separating our blood and lives, but all the same, making us all world wide, family in a sense, you might say."

He walked slowly towards Eve. "Everyone we've known, or our mother, grandmother, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends… everyone and everything they've known connects to us and this very day, Eve. All because Dahak wanted his revenge."

"On our mother?" Eve asked.

Solan let out a roaring laugh that seem to shake the great palace walls. His head tilting backwards as his voice rose on through the night sky.

"No." he calmed. "His revenge upon light and good. You wouldn't understand it because you've never known true betrayal like our mother, my father, myself have felt. Or Alissa for that matter. You turned on all goodness and became a ruthless bitch without any inspiration, so it seems. You just wanted to have fun."

As if on cue, four soldiers, armed to the teeth came into the great room of the palace. Their swords drawn on Eve as they came closer.

"Now… if you desire to live. Face them, kill them, win." Solan told her.

"No…" Eve said. "I am a child of Eli…" She cut herself off.

"Oh…" Solan mocked her. "A child of Eli. Hmmm, a child of my masters creation."

Eve began feeling her blood rush hot through her body as her brother spoke. No longer knowing who or what was real. She simply glared off at the soldiers and crouched down in a squat before leaping high in the air, brining herself into a flying front, one legged drop kick into one of her brothers soldiers.

The soldier sprawled down hard losing his sword to the ground. Where Eve could reach for it and take her weapon into hand.

She then thrust her sword in a round slice back behind her as the second soldier came up to her. His sword and hers both colliding with a loud clang and spark. She reached for the dagger in his belt and hurled it at the third soldier coming for them. The dagger imbedded itself in the man's chest, throwing him back first to the floor, to be left dead.

The first soldier reached for a battle ax and he and the fourth both came on charge towards Eve. In a quick movement, she thrust her foot into the second soldiers gut, pumping him back, so that she can have room to throw herself into the air and behind the two soldiers in a back flip.

Landing right behind them, one came around with his sword, but Eve jumped high over it bringing her sword down into the back of the fourth soldier, rendering him dead.

As she pulled her sword from the dead soldiers back, she whirled around quickly, slicing the blade across the chest of the first soldier. Dropping him lifeless to the ground…

The second soldier came head on to her. Their swords clanging hard with sparks flying from the steal blades.

They parried and thrust at one another from all directions before Eve managed to drop her sword and wrap his arm with hers, pulling it clean out of the socket before grasping him by the neck and in a quick rabid motion, breaking it with a loud snap. There by killing the final soldier in the pack that came after her.

Her brothers clapping drawn out in the hall as she stared down at the dead she had produced. Knowing then that she had taken back her way as a warrior. All on account of her half brother, Solan. The Dark Khaymen.

"Guards." He called, and eight of them entered the room. "Escort this woman back to her prison with Nemesis."

Eve allowed herself to be taken… she secretly craved to be alone, even if with Nemesis. She needed something to block the pain of these last few hours from her mind. Who better than the woman she had seduced earlier this night.

"EVE!" Nemesis cried out in joy. "You're alive!"

Weakly, the Goddess of Justice came closer to her new friend, in an almost failed effort to take Eve in her arms.

Eve reached down and excepted the woman into her arms. Warmer than before, she realized that she had left Nemesis alone with her passion burning up to the point that the poor woman had to satisfy herself.

"Here." Eve said sweetly. "Let me."

Nemesis lay back as Eve rested her head between the Goddesses legs. Letting silent tears stream from her eyes, at the events which passed.

Her tongue extending into the folds of this beautiful woman's lower lips. Tasting the juices that seeped from her opening over the time Eve had been gone from the room, after bringing the poor girl near an orgasm.

Nemesis arched her back, then pushed her sex into Eve's mouth, letting the new warrior princess take charge of her lust.

Eve sighed inside of Nemesis, her hot breath sending a shiver through the Goddesses body. Her moans coming louder and louder in the chamber, as Eve ate away at her hot warm pussy… her silent sobs unheard as she let her mind rest on her brother, Alissa, and what was to come.

She kept them silent so that she may at least allow one last night of enjoyment and passion course through and through before what could possibly be her last.

* * * * *

"Ace." Solan spoke as his number one guard came marching into the royal room as ordered by his master.

"Your command, Lord Khaymen." Ace spoke.

"My Infinity Watch has found your messenger." He said.

"Lord Khaymen?"

"They found him with a message in his pocket for the twins, Castor and Pollux." Solan walked smoothly towards Ace. "Does this little message belong to you.?"

Solan held up a scroll that had Ace's seal upon it, rising it above a candle flame, where it would catch fire and begin to slowly burn up.

"Choose your words wisely, ACE." He mocked him. "For I've read the note and know all you've been planning to do."

"My lord, I…" Ace stammered.

"You dared yourself to betray me…" Solan said.

The great doors came open as Alissa stepped inside. Her lover stood before Solan, his face white and pale with fear.

"Lord Khaymen, you…" she began.

"Yes…" He stopped her. "I called for you… please… be seated." He held his hand towards a chair beside the throne. "This will only be a moment."

"Lord Khaymen… I don't… I mean I…" Ace was unable to speak words to this fiend for he knew his time was up.

"YOU betrayed ME…" Solan growled.

In that instant, Ace felt a blade penetrate his gut and looked below. Finding his master driving his long bastard sword through him. The dark evil design of a handle coming closer as the blade went further inside.

Alissa mind screaming out, she could only in the future thank the Gods that she could block her thoughts from Khaymen. She watched in horror as her lover was run through by the dark force that commanded her. The man she had shared these last years of her life with, and now his life was coming slowly to an end.

Castor… Pollux… Ace's mind called out. Do it! Then his world was black and no more as his body fell to the floor by Khaymen's blade pulling away from it.

"Alissa!" Solan spoke.

"Ye…yes!" she stammered.

"Make the preparations for MUSE." He said.

"MUSE, Lord Khaymen?"

"Yes… I will personally face an opponent tomorrow in the great circle." He wiped the blood from his blade and then with a fierce cry from the steel it was re-sheathed.

"And…" Alissa cleared her throat to keep from crying out. "Who will be your opponent my Lord and Dark Savior?"

Solan always laughed when he heard those words from his Amazon beauty… Lord and Dark Savior… the name rang in his ears over and over.


* * * * *

Alissa walked through the great hall, holding herself as her tears fell hot and heavy from her face… though she had not grown to love the man like she had Livia… she still did love him and it drove her mind mad with grief, grief she had to hide.

It's all her fault! That Bitch. Her mind yelled.

Ace was dead, and Livia had broken him too. It was all her fault… but still. She'd rather now that Khaymen died before Livia. He had become cruel and murdered her lover and friend. But all in all, that was something she could not do…

Her mind wondered into a memory.

* * * * *

"Oooooh Livia!!!" She squealed as her mistress held her head between her legs. She watched as Livia's tongue ran firmly in and out of her pussy. Livia's hot breath ragged and in grunts as Ace stood behind her, with his cock wedged firmly in her pussy.

"Fuck her, Ace… fuck her good!" Alissa was grunting hard in delight as the three lovers consummated their fiendish union together.

She had earlier taken Ace's cock in her pussy with a hard long pounding that drove her wild… and as much as she loved it, she also loved having Livia between her legs, abusing her poor little pussy with her fingers and her tongue.

Livia was grunting hard with every fierce pounding from Ace's cock driving deep and hard into her pussy from behind. The feeling of the big hard tube of man meat fucking her senselessly.

Alissa laughing… looked at the picture of her lovers fucking. "We are so depraved."

"Mmmmm yeah! And I LOVE IT!!!" Livia Roared… "Oh Gods! Fuck me harder!!!" She screamed back at the dark haired guard fucking her from behind.

"Mmmmm Livia… his cock looks sooo good going in and out of. I wanna taste it with your juices… I wanna taste it sooo bad!"

Giving into the pleading of Alissa, Livia had Ace pull his cock from her pussy and the two woman stood before him. Their mouths in unison, working over his long hard shaft. Milking him as they enjoyed the dirty, sexy, wet taste of Livia's juices on his prick.

At the head of his cock, Livia and Alissa would attempt to kiss and thrust their tongues at each others mouths while his prick stayed in their mouths, before moving down the length again. Double sucking their well hung guard for all he was worth… enjoying the nasty things they would do to each other and other people…

"Oh Gods!" Ace moaned. "I'm gonna cum!"

Both woman frantically moved faster in their suckling, trying desperately to milk that cum from his balls. Both craving the taste of his cum… Squealing as it shoot out, hot and sticky over their faces…

* * * * *

"Mmmmm" They both moaned together… licking his cum off of each others lips and faces before engaging in a passionate embrace with their lips… savoring his juices and their own.

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