tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Dark Side of Philly's Kim Delaney

The Dark Side of Philly's Kim Delaney


Kim Delaney was on the set of her ABC Television courtroom drama, "Philly", rehearsing her lines. A picture of pure professionalism, she worked and worked to make the lawyer character she played believable.

Nearby a stagehand described the work habits of the 39-year-old star.

"She's a total pro, a hard worker. She is demanding but not unrealistic," said the older man, nodding at the show's successful star. "She has a good sense of humor, and often breaks us up with her jokes."

An elder makeup specialist agreed with her co-worker. "Ms. Delaney is just a nice girl, she always asks about my family, and she always has a nice word to say about my work. I have worked with hundreds of stars," said the woman, "and I would say the majority are uppity and in their own world. But not Ms. Delaney, she's a special woman."

The Philadelphia born actress has graced the small and big screens for several decades. She played Jenny Gardner on the soap "All My Children" for three years before moving on to the big screen. She has appeared in more than 20 feature films, but in recent years has been earning critical acclaim in television.

She parlayed a guest spot on "LA Law" into a staring role in "Tour of Duty," then played alcoholic detective Diane Russe on "NYPD Blue". It was that New York-based show which earned her an Emmy Award as Best Supporting Actress.

Her time with "Blue" was critically acclaimed, as her character found creative ways to capture the bad guys while still finding time to be the sexy girlfriend of co-star Jimmy Smits. The two, in fact, had a steamy simulated sex scene in her first episode on the award-winning show.

As she rehearsed her lines, Delaney thought ahead to the weekend, when she would be visiting family in the Delaware Valley, hitting some of her old haunts, and relaxing. She was looking forward to the weekend, as she needed the rest and relaxation after several months of grueling filming. Early the next week she planned on a uneventful drive along the Atlantic City Expressway and then the Garden State Parkway to visit her old college girlfriend in Cape May.

"I can't wait," she thought, sipping coffee as she read her lines.

The little gremlin in the back of her mind nodded agreement, quietly sending a gentle warm feeling through the actresses mind.

* * *

Kim Delaney bit her family adieu, smiling as she slid into the driver's seat of her fiery red Corvette. The car was a gift from her television show's producers, but the outfit she wore was purely her own Fifth Avenue taste. Casual four-button fleece top from Nordstrom, a pleated flannel Italian skirt from Saks, and a classic leather-riding boots from Hermes. She looked adorable with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, practical given her penchant for driving with the 'Vette's convertible top down.

She began the drive down the tree-lined South Philadelphia street toward Delaware Avenue, then out of town and over the heavily traveled Walt Whitman Bridge. As she traversed the road high above the Delaware River she remembered back to her teenage years. Those days, when she wasn't hitting the books, she dated lots of different guys.

Many of them ended their dates by parking with the cute girl in the shadows of the river just off Penrose Avenue. In those years the many guys tried to get into her pants, but none was successful. Still she was a popular lass, as her handjobs were exquisite and satisfying. It wasn't until the summer after her graduation that she lost her virginity.

As she whisked down the North-South Freeway, Delaney's mind wondered back to her new television show. People kept telling her they liked the show, that she presented a great side of womanhood. Still, she was happy to have the first nine episodes in the can, and wondered how long she could continue enjoying the time off. As the wind pelleted her face, she thought of how most of her vacations were cut short when her Type A personality almost forced her to get back into the work mode early.

"I must force myself to have some fun," she thought, switching from an easy listening station on the radio over to her CD. "What good is success if you can't enjoy it?"

Just before the entrance of the Atlantic City Expressway the actress made a quick decision to take the back roads down to the shore. There was no hurry, she enjoyed the scenery of the Garden State, and along the way she could pick up some excellent Jersey corn or other produce at one of the numerous roadside stands to bring as a gift to her friend Cindy's Cape May home.

* * *

The strong smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns struck the nostrils of Jack Dougherty as he entered the old diner off Route 553. Diners are to New Jersey as Delicatessens are to New York. A place to get decent food at a decent price, diners can be found at most of the circles that grace the state's roadways.

The 40-something man was tired from the long trip from North Carolina, where he had started her journey the day before. After dropping packages in Salisbury, Maryland, Dougherty drove into Delaware and took the Cape May-Lewes Ferry into New Jersey before finding and then sacking out in a fleabag motel.

This morning, after an invigorating, heart-awaking run and then soothing warm shower, he donned his denim shirt and faded blue jeans and hit the road. He drove northwest for about an hour before stopping at the Five Points Diner for a greasy spoon breakfast. Sitting at the counter, he attempted to strike up a conversation with a cute waitress, to no avail.

"I think she likes girls," said the tired looking man sitting a couple seats down after the woman entered the kitchen. "She doesn't even flirt with guys, which has to affect her tips."

Dougherty nodded his head in agreement at the regular's assessment of the waitress. "You have to work the crowd to be successful in this line of work," he replied, looking around the room. "It's not as if this place is packed. You'd think she would be working us for a bigger tip."

The two talked a little more about the waitress, especially her ample bosom and the length of her black skirt, before switching the conversation to football when the woman returned to the dining area. Football turned to hockey, which turned to politics and two more cups of coffee.

Their conversation was interrupted when a brunette opened the front door, entered the diner, and casually looked around. She was an attractive woman who looked somewhat familiar. The men watched as she sauntered over to a booth and sat down.

"She's a looker," said the guy whose name turned out to be Mike Sampson, a local maintenance mechanic. "I like her more than the waitress."

The truck driver agreed, adding, "She's not only a looker, but a classy looker as well. I could swear I've seen her somewhere before."

For the next half hour the two men traded glances at the woman with the ponytail. It wasn't until a commercial for the new show "Philly" came on the small television at the end of the counter that the two made a correlation.

"Heck," whispered Dougherty, "she's a dead ringer for the actress Kim Delaney plays on the TV show! Add a little makeup, a business suit and the right camera angle and that girl could be her double."

"You bet," agreed Mike. "Boy what I wouldn't give to do her!"

"Who, Delaney? Or the girl over there in the booth."

"Either!" he said, as Dougherty slipped off his stool and headed back to the men's room.

* * *

Kim Delaney had been watching the two men at the counter. They were hilarious, thinking she wouldn't know they kept slipping glances her way. Men, she thought, could be so dumb. But the rugged one in the denim shirt looked adorable in his own way. She caught his baby blues soaking her in as he spoke with his friend. The man had that real person, man of the earth, look about him. No air of royalty, no better than thou attitude.

She knew it was wrong, she knew it was dangerous and not very smart, but every so often the rich, attractive actress needed a real man to put out the special fire in her loins. And today, the pressures of work behind her but the horniness emerging from deep inside her raging red hot, she was looking for someone special to put out her fire.

She observed the man say something to his partner, then rise. At first she was afraid he was leaving, but sighed in relief when she saw him head toward the rear of the diner. Her mind told her to sit put, but the voice within told her to trail behind the man. She rose, threw a ten dollar bill on the table and took the same path through the diner toward the restrooms, and paused outside the men's room door.

As if drawn by a magnet, she slowly, cautiously, opened the door and peered inside. Looking back at the dining room, and seeing nobody around, she slid inside the men's room. There she watched the man in the denim shirt standing up against a urinal. The man finished his business, and started to turn when he saw the woman staring at him.

"I think you have the wrong room, miss," was all the startled Dougherty could muster.

The actress nodded. As their eyes met, she said, "Maybe...but I don't think so. I think you have something I need."

With that Kim Delaney took two steps forward and knelt before the shocked truck driver. As she unfastened his jeans she looked up into his eyes, then looked back toward his crotch. A semi-erect but growing by the second cock snapped before her face.

"I think I found it," she cooed, licking the tip. "I think this is what I was looking for."

Dougherty didn't know whether to slap his face to see if he was dreaming or do a back flip and thank his maker. He did neither, though, enjoying the feeling of his cock gradually sliding into the woman's hot, wet oral cavity. She slowly slipped his dick into her willing mouth, sucking on it as it slid slowly out. Her head began to bob on his now-hard manhood as moans came from deep within.

"Ummm," came the sound from her throat as she sucked his blossoming cock.

"Ahhh" came the sound from his mouth.

Kim Delaney's mind was ablaze with emotion. Through two marriages, through numerous relationships with rich, powerful and sexually stimulating men, nothing but nothing could top the satisfaction she received when she nabbed an unsuspecting common man. Her nipples expanded as wetness exploded in her pussy as she sucked the cock of a man whose name she didn't know. Sucked in on her knees on the dingy, sticky men's room floor.

The man put his hand on the back of Kim's head, pulling it toward his cock then held it as she recoiled. In and out of her mouth he thrust, eyes closed as he felt the tongue of the woman swirl around his burgeoning dick.

It had been more than two months since his wife had sucked his cock, but even when his wife did it felt nothing like the Kim Delaney look-alike's masterful mouth. This woman could suck like no other he had slipped his dick into, this woman was into the cocksucking. She was moaning, groaning and slobbering all over his throbbing dick. She slipped an Altoid into her mouth, sending warm sensations through the man's lengthening dick.

This was a woman who knew what she wanted, and then took it. She took control, and that control included his feeling like his cock was on fire.

The woman on her knees in the men's room took her mouth off Dougherty's cock, holding it inches from her face. She slowly jerked the dick off while asking him a question. "Am I doing this okay?"

"You gotta be kidding lady, you are an angel," Dougherty panted, rocking against her hand. "Please suck it more...please."

She smiled, licked her lips, then ovaled her mouth and reinserted the throbbing cock. It didn't take long to get him rocking into the wet, willing mouth.

Dougherty looked down at the woman as he pounded her mouth. He reached down, unbuttoning her top, and reached into her bra to fondle her 32Bs. They weren't the biggest tits he'd manhandled, but they were warm and firm to his touch. The girl moan as he caressed them, speeding up her sucking as her head bounced on his cock.

The women did not need to draw on her acting skills as she reached under her skirt and began to fondle her hardening clit. She rubbed it as the man rocked into her mouth. She felt his dick get harder, harder than she had felt in her mouth in ages, and she quickened her sucking actions.

The man felt the sperm begin to erupt from his dick, and he watched her face as he shot his copious, sticky load into her mouth. His lack of recent sex had allowed the cum to build up, and he shot several large spurts into the woman's hungry mouth. He continued to rock in and out of the woman's mouth as the men's room door opened.

A startled Sampson looked at first at Dougherty and then at the woman on her knees in front of him and let out a cry of amazement.

"Jjjjjesssuuusss, Holy Mother," Sampson cried out.

The woman turned her head --- as best as she could given Dougherty's dick remained fastened to her mouth --- and saw the man in the doorway. In one quick motion she reached back and grabbed at his pants, pulling him closer as sperm escaped from her mouth and dribbled down onto her heaving breasts.

As Dougherty's cock popped free of her mouth, Sampson was somehow inserting his. The woman wasted no time in feathering him to full erection and before sucking him like it was the last dick on earth. She fellated him with passion, causing the man to grimace as if in excruciating pain.

"Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God," cried Sampson, as the spent Dougherty leaned back against the wall to observe the cheap hussy attack his newfound friend's manhood.

If Dougherty had exploded quickly, Sampson was quicker, pistioning his dick in and out of the woman's mouth on all 16 cylinders. The fact that he'd never before been involved in such a tryst shot fireworks off in his mind, as his dick shot sticky sauce into her willing mouth.

The woman kept the softening cock in her mouth for a while, sucking it clean, and then cleaned Dougherty's dick as well. Kneeling before the two men she wiped some of the excess cum from her mouth on the back of her hand, then looked up and smiled.

"That was great guys, it was just the meal I needed," she said to the startled men. "You have a great day, you hear?"

Sampson and Dougherty stood, pants around their ankles, as the woman rose to her feet. She brushed some of the grime off her knees, then lifted on her toes and kissed each on the cheek before turning and exiting the men's room.

The men looked at each other, then reached down to pulled up their pants. Soon they exited the bathroom only to find the dining room empty save for the bored waitress reading the paper at the counter.

They heard a car roar to life in the parking lot, and quickly strode toward the door. Just as they emerged from the diner they saw the red Corvette with the "Philly" license plate wheeling away.

Dougherty looked at Sampson in shock.

"That's couldn't have been the real Kim Delaney, could it?"

"Nah, no fucking way."

The two re-entered the diner and sat back down at the counter.

"Hey hon, how about a couple coffees," said a smug Dougherty to the waitress.

He glanced at the style section of the newspaper and read the headline. "Philly a Hit". Beneath the headline was a story about a local girl making good, but what caught his eye was the picture of Kim Delaney standing outside a Philadelphia trinity house, polishing her red Corvette with the "Philly" license plate.

Dougherty couldn't talk, but managed to show the page to Sampson.

The two high fived each other and basked in the knowledge of their men's room rendezvous with the vivacious and highly talented mouth of none other than television and movie star Kim Delaney.

As Kim Delaney sped her Corvette away from the diner, a finger slowly slipped in and out of her soaking wet pussy. She had come once while stroking her pussy in the men's room, and felt another one coming now. She orgasmed on her finger, all the while attempting to keep her car on the proper side of the road.

"It's a good thing there isn't much traffic," thought the actress.

She smiled as she lifted her finger away from her hot spot and to her mouth. She licked her finger, and then sucked it. Her pussy juice mingled with the cum residue remaining in her mouth from the men.

She hummed a special song to herself, making up the words as she went along.

"Yummy, yummy, yummy, cummy for the tummy."

Kim Delaney smiled and revved up her car's engine.

"I wonder if I can suck my way out of a speeding ticket," she thought to herself as the speedometer hit 80.

Needless to say, she could...and 20 minutes later after a state trooper pulled her to the side of the road behind some trees on Route 55, she would do just that.

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