tagMatureThe Day After

The Day After

byMr James©

Mary woke early the next day, a night of restless dreams tormenting her. It had been the ultimate test of her self-control not to take Mark back to bed, instead of them both clearing the debris from her divorce party. Even now, almost a whole day later, there was a warm ache between her thighs and she could feel herself becoming moist at the thought of his trim body. He had revelled in her body, pleasuring and being pleasured by her, even though she was old enough to be his mother. She sat on the end of her bed, contemplating the limited choice of lingerie and sexy clothes. She had worn sexy, erotic, clothes at the beginning of her, now dissolved, marriage but since their split had thrown everything in the least bit sexy into a bag and sent them to the local charity shop. Now she wanted to be particularly alluring.

Sighing, she slipped her plain sundress over her old, greying bra and panties. Then she smiled to herself and, picking up her purse, almost skipped downstairs to her garage. She drove her sensible saloon into town with her usual care, parking in her usual slot, outside the mall. At he very far end of the mall, she knew, were one or two shops specialising in lingerie and these were her target today.

Mary started right at the back of the mall, at a shop called simply ‘Eve’. The shop was well lit with a single mannequin in each of the windows on both sides pf the door. One mannequin was posed, bent over a table, in bra, garter belt, panties and stockings. The arms were stretched along the table, the hands hidden by a cascade of ringlets the colour of October leaves. The other was on a corset coloured midnight blue. The mannequin was stood, legs slightly spread and hands on hips. The window dressers had left her naked below the waist, carefully applying a smudge of colour to hint at hair.

Mary pushed the door and stepped inside the coolness of the shop. The sales assistant was rather matronly and waddled a little as she approached.

“Yes, Madam?”

“I need to buy a few things.”

“Such as?”

“Corset, stockings, a robe”

“Certainly, please step into the fitting room and undress madam.”

Mary blushed, but followed the assistant’s instructions. Swiftly she shucked the dress, peeled off her panties, her eyes becoming rounder as she realised that they were already damp, and finally unhooking her bra to let her breasts swing free. The assistant pulled the curtain closed and began taking measurements, Her fingertips were gentle and Mary could not help becoming aroused again. The assistant passed the tape over Mary’s bosom, her fingers lingering to caress the base of Mary’s nipples. Mary could feel herself flooding in her loins and was sure that the assistant had caught the sharp tang of her juices, perfuming the air.

The assistant left the cubicle and returned a moment later with a corset that matched the one in the shop window She wrapped the boned silk around Mary’s belly and tightened the laces, making sure that the cups of the corset were firmly fastened over the underside of her breasts Stepping back she admired her handiwork and then uncovered the large mirror. Mary looked at her reflection and just nodded. The assistant unlaced the corset and placed it, carefully, in a white box. She added a pair of barely black stockings and then picked up a robe, made of silk, in a matching colour to the corset. Mary nodded and the assistant packed the robe again.

Mary carried the boxes back to her car and locked them in the trunk. Then she walked slowly through the mall to a very discreet beauty parlour. The young beautician greeted her at the door and ushered her into a small room with a couch.

“What can we do for you?”

“Do you remove bodily hair – down there, you know.”

“We specialise in such procedures madam.”

“Good, I want you to make me bald and smooth”

“Not a problem. If you would undress and lie on the couch?”

Mary pushed her panties down and stepped out of them, then climbed onto the leather couch. The beautician gently spread Mary’s legs and, positioning her stool at the end of the table, began to snip away the longer strands of hair. Then she spread a warm wax over the remaining fuzz, before pressing a strip of linen into the wax. Holding the skin taut, she ripped away the strip of cloth, leaving the skin almost completely bare. Mary bit down hard upon her lip to keep from shrieking out in pain and then realised, to her cringing embarrassment, that she was becoming wet. The young girl was leaning forward to tease out any stray hairs that the wax had missed and Mary was sure that the girl would be able to smell the tang of her juices, as they welled in her pussy. Mary could feel the girl’s breath on her skin and the tugging of the tweezers as she deftly plucked out the remaining strands. The girl dribbled a little soothing lotion onto Mary’s smooth skin, working it in with her fingertips until the skin was softened and smooth.

“There you are, Madam. Now if you will turn over I’ll finish you off.”

Mary frowned, but turned onto her belly as she was told. The Beautician pushed buttons on a control unit and the couch under her hips rose, while the head and foot lowered, raising her bare bottom. The girl pulled on rubber gloves and gently wiped the cleft between her cheeks with a soothing cloth. The she poured a stream of wax, cooler than before, along the length of her cleft. She pressed another narrow strip of linen into the wax and, pausing for a breath, ripped the strip away. Mary cried out at the pain and the unexpected spark from deep in her pussy but the girl just placed the linen strip in the waste and leaned forward with her tweezers. Mary could feel the tugs, as the girl plucked the few straggly hairs that were left. The tugs were painful but Mary could still feel herself getting wetter and she hoped that her excitement was not too obvious. The girl dropped the tweezers into a dish with a loud clang and poured a little of the lotion along the cleft of Mary’s bottom, working it into the pink skin with her fingertips until the redness faded and her bottom was smooth again. A touch on the controls and the couch returned to its normal position. The girl left while Mary dressed, the air cool on her freshly bared skin. She could barely stay still as the girl swiped her credit card through the cash register and handed her the slip to sign.

On the way back to her car she almost passed one very discreet doorway, between two windows blanked out with mirror film. Stopping for a moment, she turned, read the sign that said ‘VIdeoXXX, all tastes catered for’ and pushed the door open. Inside were row upon row of video tapes covering every form of sexual activity Mary had imagined and a few that were totally beyond her conception Fortunately, the covers were plainly illustrated, some only bearing a title. She found the category she was looking for and chose a tape, almost without looking at the title. She avoided meeting the counter assistant’s eye as she handed over her cash and took the paper bag in exchange.

Mary practically ran back to her car, desperate to get home and bathe, touching herself as she day-dreamed about Mark and what she would allow, no encourage, him to do with her. Another part of her wanted to get away from the mall before she ran into somebody she might know. She slid behind the wheel and buckled her seatbelt, barely aware of what she was doing. With less than half her thoughts on her driving, Mary managed to drive home without mishap, only by good fortune. She carried her purchases quickly up to her bedroom and laid them out on the bed. Then she went downstairs and carried her VCR into the bedroom, followed by the TV from the study. A few moments with the connectors and she was ready for a very private video showing.

Mary went into the bathroom and ran hot water, splashing expensively scented bath oil into the tub. Stripping out of her dress, bra and panties, she looked at her watch before kicking off her shoes and slipping into the warm scented water. Slowly she relaxed, the warm water caressing her bare mound and buoying her tender breasts as she smoothed the water over her body.

Mark’s day had been almost as full. He too had slept fitfully, dreams mingling with memories of Mary touching him and guiding him as she took his virginity. He had woken, hard and erect from his dreaming and headed for the shower. Soaping himself, he remembered the slick caress of Mary’s hands and the feel of her breasts squeezed around his erect cock. There had been nothing he could do but take his cock in his hand and stroke it until his cum exploded against the glass of the shower door.

Drying himself after the shower, Mark found his thoughts drifting to Mary again and he could feel the pulse in his cock strengthening as he hardened and became more erect. Gritting his teeth, he finished drying himself and quickly donned a pair of tight briefs and jeans. Pulling his t-shirt and sneakers on, he clattered downstairs and out of the front door.

At last, it was time for Mark to knock on Mary’s door. He tapped gently and waited. Mary’s voice drifted through the quiet of her house.

“Come in Mark, and shut the door, then come upstairs.”

Mark closed the door, listening to the click of the latch, then walked through the lounge and climbed the stairs to Mary’s bedroom. He paused with his hand on the door, hearing music and voices from inside. Pushing gently, he swung the door open. At the end of the bed Mark could see the television, playing a video where an older woman was bent over a the end of a sofa and a younger man was slowly pushing his swollen cock into her. Mark looked around and, in the mirror saw Mary lounging on her bed, a robe, loosely belted, covering her. Mary patted the bed and Mark stepped closer, kicking his shoes off and sinking onto the bed next to her.

Mary reached over and ran her hand over Mark’s jeans, kneading his thigh through the material. Mark groaned softly when her hand brushed over the bulge in his jeans. On the screen the woman had her eyes closed and was grunting in time with the man’s thrusting. Mary had her hand underneath his t-shirt and her long fingernails were scratching gently at his erect nipples. Mark reached over an loosened the belt of her robe, pushing the silky material back to reveal the corset and stockings that Mary had bought earlier that day. Mary’s hands drifted lower, until she could tug his belt undone and ease his fly open. Mark reached over again and slid his hands over the slippery silk to run his fingers over the curve of her breasts, squashed close together by the tight garment. Mary slid her hands inside her jeans, running her fingertips over the bulge in his straining briefs.

On the scream the woman was thrusting herself back and forth on her partner’s hugely erect cock and Mark could see her pussy stretched over the guy’s cock. The sight was exciting him and his cock was straining to escape from the constriction of his briefs. He almost screamed out when Mary slid her hand inside the silk of his briefs and gently pushed them down to free the swollen length of his cock. He slid his hand down her belly towards the soft mound of her pussy, fingertips seeking the edge of her bushy pubes. Only when he touched the puckered lips of her pussy, without meeting a single whisp of hair, did he realise that her pussy was bare tonight.

Before he could lift his head to look down at her, Mary had opened her mouth and taken the tip of his cock between her slick lips. Her tongue flicked across the tip of his helmet, pausing to tease the slit before caressing the thin strip if skin behind his glans. Slowly she drew him deeper and deeper into her mouth, gently swallowing to work him into the back of her throat. Pinning him to the bed with her hands on his hips, she began to bob her head gently. The edges of her teeth just grazed the rim of his helmet as she moved her mouth along his shaft. She could feel him swelling in her mouth, and the heat of his sperm bubbling through the narrow slit almost made her gag. Mark almost roared as he began to spurt into the back of her throat.

Mark was mortified that he had been unable to control his urge to spurt into Mary’s mouth and hung his head, not daring to meet her gaze. Mary, on the other hand, knew that he would be able to last much longer when she had coaxed him back to his full hardness. She pushed his t-shirt higher and higher, until he lifted his arms to let her slide the soft cotton over his head and along his arms. Then she pushed his jeans down his legs, Mark arching his back so that she could get them past his bottom. Mark kicked the denim away and let Mary ease his thighs apart. His tight briefs were bunched beneath the tight, wrinkled, sac holding his balls. Mary gently cradled them in her long, elegant fingers, hefting them to judge their weight and smiling as his cock twitched again. Slowly she eased the briefs all of the way down his legs, freeing Mark’s already hardening cock.

Mark reached for her again, wanting to unfasten the laces holding the corset tight against her skin, but she pushed him back onto the bed, covering his mouth with hers, and kissing him eagerly as she straddled his hips. Mark could feel his cock heating up and hardening as Mary’s tongue twined with his, teasing him. He could taste himself on her lips and in her mouth as they kissed. Mary took a little pity upon him and lifted her breasts from inside the corset, resting them on his chest, her hard nipples rubbing gently against his soft skin. The tip of his cock left a slippery trail from her belly to the hood covering her erect clit as she rubbed her swollen mound against the head of his cock, smearing the clear pre-cum mixed with the last drops of cum from her blow-job.

Mark was helpless beneath her and, whatever he did, Mary just pressed him back down onto the bed with her breasts or her belly. Now her nipples ached and the friction against Mark’s chest only made them more swollen and tender.

Still straddling him, Marry, pulled the pillows down the bed, making a firm mound about half-way down. In one smooth, planned movement, she swivelled round and lay on her belly across the pillows, with her bottom raised high. She spread her knees as wide as she could and Mark found himself gazing at Mary’s dripping pussy, and the tight rosebud of her anus. Reaching out he ran his fingers along the length of her pussy, wetting them with Mary’s slippery juices Then, daringly he stroked between the cheeks of Mary’s bottom, pressing gently but firmly as she opened up for him. The tip of his finger was pressed against the tight opening and Mary drew breath with a hiss as, for the first time in her life, a lover was caressing her rear entrance. Until now she had always thought of anal sex as forbidden and dirty, but she wanted to give Mark something special, that she had not even thought of with anyone else.

Mark moved between her legs and ran his hands over her bare bottom, caressing the smooth skin of her cheeks and reaching between her spread thighs. His fingers dipped into her pussy and he stroked back and forth with his hand, fingertips easing back the tiny fold of skin protecting her erect clit. The slightest touch was almost more than Mary could bear, but she bit her lip tightly as Mark slid his fingers over the baby smooth skin and spread her wetness all over, until she was wet and slippery.

Mark took the base of his erect cock in his hand and, teasing her pussy, rubbed the purple, bulbous head along the length. Positioning the tip just inside her passage, Mark began to lean forward, sliding himself deeper and deeper. The pressure of his hips against her buttocks rocked Marry forwards on her hands and knees, rubbing her hard sensitive nipples against the linen of the bedclothes. Moaning, she pushed back against him, rubbing her nipples harder against the cloth.. Reaching back between her spread thighs, Mary ran her fingertips over the hard nub of her clit, feeling the tight bud and, a little further back, the hard rod of Mark’s cock.

“Mark, not there, please.”

“What do you mean? What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck my other place”


“Mark I want you in my ass. But take it slow and easy, I’ve never done this before.”

Mark slid his swollen cock out of Mary’s pussy. Mary was literally dripping and her juices had spread over her bottom and soaked into the pillow. Even so, and despite his inexperience, Mark knew that he needed more lubrication if he was not to hurt Mary. He reached back for the body lotion that Mary had used the day before and poured a thin stream of the cool liquid into the cleft of her bottom. The white creamy liquid trickled between her cheeks and over the dark ring of muscle. Mary clenched and relaxed her bottom reflexively as the liquid seeped into her rear entrance. Mark pressed his finger against the rubbery flesh and watched as it sank slowly inside her bowel.. Mary thrust back, drawing his finger into her and rocking back and forth.

Mark eased back and took the base of his cock in one hand, while he used the other to spread Mary’s cheeks. He rested the swollen tip of his cock against the dark ring and leaned forward slowly and gently. He could see the tip if his cock pressed against Mary’s anus, stretching her slowly. She was panting now, partly with the pain of having her virgin anus slowly stretched by his cock and partly in pure lust at the thought of giving herself totally to this boy, young enough to be her son. The rim of his helmet was at her entrance, the skin stretched to p[paper thin tightness. Mark paused and Mary realised that he was afraid that he would hurt her. Looking back over her shoulder, Mary spoke in a half plea, half command.

“Mark, please don’t stop, please fuck me.”

“You’re too tight, I’ll hurt you.”

“I don’t care, I need you, fuck me , please.”

Mark pressed forward, feeling the pop as his cock head slipped into her bottom. He could feel the spasm as her muscles gripped him tightly as he popped into her rectum.

“OH MY GOD. Mark don’t stop! Fuck Me! FUCK ME!”

Mark pressed forward slowly, feeling his hard cock sinking deeper and deeper into this glorious woman. Reaching around her, he pulled her back onto his cock, crushing his balls hard against her buttocks and feeling the ends of the corset stays jabbing at his loins. Slowly, but faster and more vigorously with each movement, he pulled her back to meet his hard thrusts. Each stroke sank deeper into her belly and soon the sting and the burning subsided to a heat in her anus and loins. His cock swelled and hardened inside her and his fingers on her clit beat an insistent tattoo against the hardness of the tiny bud.

Mary was grunting incoherently now, thrusting her bottom against Mark’s thighs and dragging his cock deep into her ass. He was swelling inside her filling her with his meat and building towards a shattering climax.?With a last thrust, forcing her hard onto the bed Mark rammed deep inside her and pinned her to the bed as his cock began to spurt thick ropes of seed into her bowel. Mark and Mary arched their backs and howled in unison as her pussy and ass rippled against the hard cock buried inside her. It seemed as though they came together forever, and between their heartbeats, time stopped.

At last, his cock began to soften and slipped out of Mary’s ass, while she lay there, spent and exhausted, thick sticky cum oozing between the cheeks of her ass and the juice from her pussy staining the mound of pillows beneath her.

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