tagRomanceThe Day I Lost My True Virginity

The Day I Lost My True Virginity



I had graduated from a Famous University over a year ago and still didn't have a steady job in fact I didn't have a steady anything. Gary my ex and I suddenly saw life from different angles so we parted or shall I say he told me to hit the pike. Some of it I know was our sex life, to be honest I guess I really sucked at sucking on him, honestly down deep I guess he somehow just never really lit my fire. All that aside one day my Mom asked me if I'd like $400.00 in cold hard cash. Having no job all I was wondering who I would have to assassinate for a cash prize like that.

"I sure would mom but what do you want me to do for that much?"

When mom got done laughing she said, "John, next door is going to have his kids all next week and he was wondering if you'd watch them Monday thru Friday during the day while he's at work. His ex is going away with that home-wrecker boyfriend she's moved in with and he has the kids." Obviously John was well liked and her cheating didn't fly well with my mom or many other neighbors.

Well this as they say was a no brainer so it was settled in no time at all. All I had to do each morning was sneak through the back gate that separated our back yards and tried to avoid Nitro their lab and a bundle of energy that always wanted to play. Nitro loved for some reason to chase me around the yard whenever he could and first thing was not my best time of day. But John, he was a real peach, a handsome stud of a guy in his mid to late thirties and his ex-wife a few years younger was a real looker as well. But I think John being a freelance photographer for magazines and always around and shooting beautiful sexy women and I think Alice, his ex, was so jealous so she took up with one of her old boyfriends.

The kids were Johnnie, eight and Mark at almost six and so well behaved that everything went super without a hitch Monday through Wednesday. Each morning after he left I took care of the kids and even prepared a little dinner for them before he got home leaving after dinner. It was Thursday when he asked me a favor before he left even offering me a few extra dollars if I would vacuum the first floor and do the kids laundry, I of course agreed. So after breakfast I ushered Nitro out to his back yard paradise before getting the kids settled down in front of their favorite TV shows then onto vacuuming the first floor eventually venturing into his office room.

As I vacuumed my eyes wandered the shelves of nick-knacks then were drawn to the sheets of photo proofs that lay spread across his desk. I couldn't help but look and there before my eye were proofs of a photo shoot with an extremely beautiful and sexy young girl in any array of poses. What really caught my eyes were the gorgeous designer clothes then onto her in various stages of undress.

In the first series she was photographed in four different dresses that had me drooling with envy, I could only imagine how much they cost and the shoes she wore, without guilt I'd easily killed for. Then she was in a couple of bathing suits that obviously designer quality as well but one so tiny I don't think, in fact I know I'd never go out in public with that on, In fact I actually sad aloud, "holy shit you'd never see me on a beach in that tiny thing."

As the words left my lips I almost fainted when surprisingly and frighteningly shocked as I heard John say, "Why not Angel?"

I dropped the proof sheet onto the floor and stood frozen in fear and guilt as John laughed aloud as he bent to pick up the sheets I dropped and continued as he said. "Don't be ashamed that you were looking at the proofs, hell that's my work and I'm proud of it, she's beautiful isn't she?"

John walked over to me put his arm around my shoulder and said "she is beautiful and has a perfect body you'll see later when you go through the rest of the series but you have an innocent charm and beauty that she'll never have or put on film. Maybe someday you'll let me capture all that on film."

While still hugging me to him he opened his draw took out a clear plastic box filled with flash disc's and almost fatherly kissed the top of my head before running out the door yelling he was late and then passed through the den saying his good-byes to the kids again. As he left I sort of collapsed into his overstuffed desk chair to keep from collapsing to the floor while off in the distance as he left I heard him yell "let me know what you think of my pictures." Then bolted to his car and was gone. As I heard the car back out of the driveway I slid myself and his chair and under the desk and now with his permission I decided to really look without guilt as I began again to study his photos again.

In her first series with the dresses there were a couple of photos of her in one dress that seemed to make her even sexier than the mini-bikini. She stood atop a large group of boulders in an obviously thin summer dress that seemed to flow freely in the breeze. As john continued the shoot the breeze appeared to increase in intensity and he continued t move closer and closer showing more and more of her beautiful legs right up to the lacy fringe of her tiny panties.

I couldn't help but once again to melt into envy as I went from sheet after sheet of this girl, she seemed to have it all, her breath taking shape and on top of it all this girl had a beautiful face. Ah then there is me; a mongrel, half Japanese half Italian-American, my Dad was a serviceman stationed in Japan who met my mom and produced me. The girl in the photos had long straight blonde hair and mine although silky, my black hair had Italian waves that made me crazy by with a mind of their own waving wherever they wanted to go on any particular day. Another feature was that alabaster skin that just stood out over each and every picture of her it looked so smooth and me I had a mix of Asian yellow and Italian olive oil. Oh and then there were her breasts, easily a C with cleavage of her awesome skin. Being Asian my frame was small, petite is the nice way to say it with breasts that barely filled a B-cup but it just went on with that the jewel in the photos she had it all including an awesome shaped ass that was so pronounced in the bikini photos.

Under the proofs was an envelope that maybe I shouldn't have peaked in but was inside were the finished photos of that same photo shoot, but with paperwork preparing it to be sent to a prominent men's magazine, so I put it down storing my jealousy in my envious heart and completed my chores.

Chapter I:

It was about three-thirty that afternoon as I relaxed on the sofa and the kids napped I heard banging on the back yard slider so when I went to investigate there stood my mom with a big bag and Nitro's investigating what mom had might have had in the bag.

"You know," she said as I opened the door, "when Alice and John would come over for supper you know how much he loved my beef teriyaki with my stir-fried carrots, broccoli, and onions and you know how to do it so I brought you everything you need, it will be a great surprise for him."

Then as she left the bag and slid back out the back door she added, "maybe then he'll ask you to marry him and I might get some grandchildren before my hundredth birthday."

My mother like a lot of mothers constantly badgered me about being single, I guess she thought that being twenty-three and having no husband meant I was going to die a spinster and she was going to die without grandchildren. Mom always found little ways to remind me she hated my previous boyfriends I think she really didn't mean for me to think about John but for the whole week she kept telling me this was basic training for me to find the right guy. Then she would add that way I could be babysitting my own kids in my own home and she would only have to go next door to visit her grandchildren and she wouldn't wonder where I was when I went out at night.

Well I don't know about her but I sure enjoyed the accolades that were bestowed on me by John the second he came through the front door. I had timed it perfectly, I had called his cell and asked what time to expect him home and after faking the answer when he asked why I need to know, he finally said five. At five he didn't make if five feet past the front door hugged me and kissed my head again as he recognized the smells and literally pushed me toward the kitchen where there before him on the table lay a large bed of rice covered with Teriyaki Beef, Stir Fried Veggies and a side of extra sauce.

This time he kissed me again and right on the lips before saying a quick hello to his children and pulling up a chair as he smiled at me then he and the kids I might add ignored me except to ask for more at once. Not only did he ignore me he began digging in like a man who hadn't eaten in months the kids they seemed to enjoy dinner themselves but then headed for the den and their TV.

Me, I ate in silence but must admit as I ate I was enjoying John's moans and groans of enjoyment, not to mention the endless array of complementary comments that flowed freely from his mouth. "Thank you mom," kept flowing over and over in my mind as I watched him stuff his face while his eyes looked over his fork at me with smiles that melted my heart. As I enjoyed John's many ways of saying thanks I thought how in the past I had done my best to please the men in my life but none had ever made me feel so special. I can't help it but he melted me with his eyes as he devoured his third dish before dragging me into the den and pulling at his side on the couch pouring us both a glass of cognac. I'd never drank of anything like that before but he just pulled me close to his side handing me the snifter and showed me how to slosh it about in the glass first then properly inhale and its aroma before slowly sipping and enjoying its exquisite flavor which I really learned to do.

My friends know me as a cheap drunk, one beer and I'm well on my way to passing out. But now with his high with quality booze and being such a novice and by the second glass I was more than buzzing but also still quite aware this was not the best to go home and greet mom, so over John's protest I headed to the kitchen for clean-up and encouraged him to enjoy the kids.

I got control of myself as I cleaned the kitchen in fact even became envious of what his selfish ex tossed aside and couldn't appreciate. Hearing him playing with the kids as I cleaned the dishes for a moment made me want a husband like John and kids as nice as his. But still feeling a tiny bit woozy and wanting to enjoy playing mom and wife a little longer I called my mother to get myself a little more time before she expected me home. "Hi mom, your idea was a hit with John and the kids too so I am going to clean the kitchen a little and help John get the kids down then I'll be home.

Mom Laughed and said, "good idea maybe with a little luck he might ask you to marry him, that way I get some grandchildren because if I wait for you and you brother I'll be ninety-two."

"Very funny Ma, I doubt he's interested in me."

"Hey sweetie, he may be a little older but he's got money."

"Gee thanks, mom now its money you want?"

"If you're not going to give grandchildren to take care of me in my old age I'll take the cash."

I wanted to say something smart-assed in return but she wouldn't have heard me anyway over her own laughter and her yelling back, "beside it gives me time to dinner for tomorrow."

As she hung up and put the phone away I called her a wise-ass to myself and finished the kitchen before heading for the den only arrive finding no one. Then I heard laughter coming from the kid's bedroom; he had already started to get them down for the night.

I waited his return I sat on the couch taking the last few little sips of my drink when I heard, "Bring your glass with you and come to my office I want to show you something."

I sort of jumped in shock not knowing he was standing in the den's large archway but I did as I was told I followed him into his office and as I entered the room he took my arm leading to sit in his office chair. When I protested saying it was his seat he laughed and pulled another beside me and began rummaging in his file draws finally sitting as he pulled out an old well worn folder.

Then putting his arm around my shoulders he pulled me facing downward toward the photos of a young Asian girl around late teens he spread across the desk. She was standing on a little wooden bridge with a brook below and a beautiful scene behind her. Just like the beauty I saw earlier today she too may have been four or five feet off the ground with her designer dresses hem blowing freely in the breeze, which I later learned was little more than an inside backdrop and fan.

"What do you think of her?" John asked.

"She's quite pretty."

"What do you think of her figure?"

"That's pretty too."

"Well do remember what I heard you say this morning when you didn't realize I was there?"

I just shrugged my shoulders not remembering exactly what I said as John handed me another photo of the Asian girl that jogged my memory as she was wearing almost the same skimpy suit.

"Look closely Angel, you will see she is not a shapely as you."

"No, no," I said, "she's much nicer."

"That my dear is only because I polished that photograph and I guarantee if you were posed like that I could make you look twice as beautiful as her because I think you are sexier than her.

"Thank you for the complement but she's much better looking

"Angel I know what I'm talking about besides I've seen you in a bathing in many different style bathing suits right from my window while you lounged at your backyard pool."

"You have?"

"Don't take this the wrong way Angel, but I am first of all a man who appreciates a good looking woman and you are one besides I have my professional eye to rely on and I would love to have an opportunity to create a portfolio of you. I think I could sell photos of you and wish you'd give me an opportunity."

"You're kidding of course."

"First of all Angel, I don't kid about my work and secondly how much money have you made working at your profession since graduation?"

"John, that's not fair you know no one, is hiring and I have only had occasional part-time work."

"Look, think about it, I'm sure you're pretty enough that I could get you a contract if you trust me, just think about it."

For the next hour or so he showed me photos of that Asian girl in the photo then he blew my mind when he showed me the last photo in the folder. There was that same girl in the photos but standing with three major stars for a magazine advertisement. But not any advertisement, it was for a movie I had seen quite a few times and it was then that I remembered her face. Earlier what I thought of as basic generic Asian face was now the face of a minor movie star and his photos had been what set her on that path to success.

"Think about Angel, I know you'd be perfect," John said as he led me to the door.


That night I tossed, turned and dreamt about being a famous movie star but then my mind would become filled with that Chinese star and being photographed not only in lingerie but totally nude and laid on page after page of a men's magazine. I thought about the naked body that I saw each day in my bedroom mirror, it was too skinny, and the tits were too small and my little round bump was no J-Lo Ass and that was only a little of the multitude of other things wrong about me. And I couldn't help but licking my lips as I thought about the kiss he placed there before ushering me out.

Worse yet, I had to laugh at the idea of telling my Japanese mother and Italian father I was going to pose nude for John and he was going to put it all in a magazine., With me coming from Boston with an Italian father, as they say in the North End, "he'd be swimming with the fishes."

Thursday went well and at mom's suggestion of making my personal best, American Chop Suey was a major hit and as before the night ended with another kiss that had me melting. Then came Friday my last day with the kids but dinner he insisted at a nice family style Italian Restaurant. As we dined I felt people were looking at us as the perfect young family, I couldn't help it but I was beginning to like this fantasy. Once back at home, I was wishing it was home, I got really sloshed and mellow when he broke out the aged Courvoisier it put me in such a happy state that with little effort he convinced me to pose a little for him.

At first it wasn't anything special he had me take different poses making me feel comfortable with what was going on. Once I was completely comfortable he went out to his car and brought in some clothing he was going to use on another shoot with that stunning blonde I hated because she was so hot. But he made me a bet that if he couldn't make me look as good as that blond he would take me out to dinner and drinks at Marcello's and in that same $1,000.00 dress.

That was a deal much too good to pass up and besides I was going to wear that designer dress before that blonde bitch so off to the bathroom I went. In a few minutes I emerged sans my worn out jeans and sweatshirt. But before walking out the door I took one last look of me in that awesome dress and almost cried realizing I was going to have to give it back.

Entered the den I felt different when I saw him standing there camera in hand and looking quite professional, his demeanor made me feel like a real model. After saying how beautiful I looked he became that professional person again and somehow still very much his kind gentle self but busy moving me here and there shooting pictures so fast my head was swimming. Without realizing it I was a real model, I went with the flow just moving virtually professionally to his every command.

When he took me into the hallway positioning me on the stairway with my back against the railing of the forth step I just took the sultry poses he had me take straddling that step. When he turned on a fan he apparently positioned on the second step while I was changing the material felt so wonderful against my body that had only my panties and bra beneath. Instantly I felt flow of cool air against my warm body beneath the dress oddly enough making me feel even more comfortable. As I enjoyed the gentle breeze he had me repeat some of the sultry poses I had seen in his proofs. Over and over he directed me through those same poses occasionally adding new ones with the addition of some new facial expressions. As we repeated each series of poses and he increased the velocity of the fan eventually ending with it at full power causing me to instinctively fight to keep the dress down but I failed miserably when at full velocity the hem was up into my face.

As I fought the dress two things came to mind first was the famous image of Marylyn Monroe on standing over the subway vent which rather quickly made me realize that like her my panties would be fully exposed. My problem was that Marylyn's panties had at least three times the material of mine which were tiny even to today's standard. The other thing my mind could not avoid was the constant never stopping clicks of his camera recording each and every second.

Suddenly the fan stopped and he reached out his hand to me and guided me back to the bathroom to change on the way I swear I saw the outline of a hard on he was trying to hide. Once back in his den we paused for another few sips of his Courvoisier Cognac then he ushered my ass out the door, but only after another of his pussy tingling real full kiss that included a brief visit of his tongue.

I was so confused about what had just happened as I strolled slowly across our lawns he left me wondering why he made no attempt to get into the panties I'm sure he had plenty photos of. Oh my god, he has pictures of my ass in my tiny panties then I thought so what had he tried to get in them I'd have helped him.

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