The Day I Took My Daughter Ch. 02


Anna pressed her mouth to mine with an urgency that only increased my incestuous hunger for her. She moaned into my mouth and wriggled between us as me and her brother fucked her as best we knew how. I finally lost it when Anna took her mouth from mine, gave me a mockingly chaste father-daughter kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear.

"I want you to cum inside me, daddy." she whispered.

On the word 'daddy' I was gone. I roared out my pleasure as I plunged my cock balls-deep inside my baby-girl's warm, wet little pussy and exploded a river of incestuous seed into her young womb. I felt Anna's pussy clamp down on my dick as she came yet again and I felt and heard Marty stiffen up as her asshole locked down on his prick. I grinned as my daughter moaned in pleasure, nibbling and kissing my lips as her brother's dick shot off a hot load of spunk into her bowels even as she felt her own father's hot sperm filling her womb.

As Marty slipped free and staggered away I laid my beautiful Annabelle down on the lounger planting little kisses all over her smiling face. Sliding my receding cock from my daughter's snatch I looked at Rita who had just finished dutifully cleaning her boyfriend's dick with her tongue. She licked her lips and grinned at us shakily.

"That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen." she told me honestly, "I know I should be appalled... should run call the cops or some shit... but... all I wanna say is I think you guys are awesome!" - at this point she actually came over and hugged me! If I hadn't been too exhausted to think -- I might have been shocked.

"Your dad is fuckin' hot!" Rita said to Anna who just smiled and nodded. I admit I'm not exactly modest, but this was unexpected and pretty flattering too for an aging fella like me.

"I'll tell you another thing..." Rita told Anna who was shaking her head over Marty (who'd already passed out again on the other sun lounger), "When my dad get's back from Japan next month, I'm so gonna let him get inside my panties like you did with your dad."

"It's more than that now..." I said catching Annabelle's eye as I reminded her of her mid-coital agreement , "You're my willing little sex-slave right, honey-bear?"

"Right daddy" she whispered. The mingling of arousal and fear in her eyes nearly stiffened my dick again, but for one night -- this was enough. Rita shrugged and started to gather up her discarded clothes.

"Whatever." she said, "Incest is incest -- I don't know if I wanna get dominated like that but I'll definitely be fucking my dad as soon as possible. I've always fantasized about it -- but never thought people really did shit like this."

"Lucky you met us then!" I said, "Lucky for your dad too -- he should send me a thank you card!"

"I'll make sure he does." laughed Rita. She poked Marty in the ribs and he came awake with a start. I watched Rita drag my son off to bed to get some sleep and I turned back to Anna with a fond smile. She had curled up on her side and was gently snoring away. Careful not to wake her I lifted her and carried her to her own bed. I watched her sleeping for a while, then just as I was about to go to my own bed an idea struck me.

Returning to the downstairs utility room I hunted around in the lower draws by the work-bench I never use. I grinned in the gloom as my fingers found a smooth length of leather with a buckle at one end and holes at the other. I pulled out the old dog-collar and nodded with satisfaction. I'd have a new metal name-tag made for her tomorrow.

Stopping off in her room I slipped the collar around my daughter's neck and fastened it firmly but not tightly. Mine, I thought with a pleased grin. My daughter. My slave. My slut. Closing her bedroom door quietly behind me I went to the room I'd shared with my wife for thirty years, and went to sleep, alone, but satisfied.

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