tagErotic PoetryThe Day They Meet

The Day They Meet


The day they meet

When I think of you, I begin to smile
It usually lingers, lasts quite a while
Your sexy stroll, handsome face, a sight to behold
Makes a girl lose all self control
You make me think of putting fingers to pussy
You make me hot, wet and oh so horny
You say words that cause my soul to grin
Wet pussy achieved, when you touch my skin
Your touch, your smell, fragrant breath so sweet
To hold you to touch you, don't want to be discreet
To fuck you would bring me great pleasure indeed
With tenderness, sweetness, satisfying every need
Luscious, pleasing and delightful flirting
Makes me want to fuck you, can't fight this feeling
To taste your mouth, touch your body just thrills me
Penned up beast inside yearning to be free
To have all of you, no online affair
To fuck you and kiss you and hold you near
I yearn for that satisfaction of actually feeling your cock
Probe deep inside me, while we fuck and rock
To cum on your cock makes me tingle with delight
Feelings of excitement, but never of fright
You stir emotions within me that rocks my soul
My sentiments, that exactly is your role
Hot moist pot, perfect and sweet
Looking forward to the day, pussy and cock meet

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