The Deal


Nina: So, did you like it?

Jake: Ummm. Yes.

N: Hey! I didn't tell you to stop stroking. You can talk and stroke at the same time.

J: Gasp. Ok. Are you sure you locked my office door?

N: Yes, boss. No one will disturb us. Have I ever let you down?

J: Sigh. No, you are the best secretary ever. Yes, I liked watching you last night. I liked watching that a lot.

N: Hehe. I can tell by how hard you are. Keep rubbing your cock up and down.

J: Ok. Do you like sitting in my chair?

N: Yes, it's much more comfy than mine. You should get me one. And there's a nice view of you from here. For now, just keep touching your cock for me. That's our deal.

J: Ohhhh, man. I am so turned on. How come we never did anything before?

N: Haha. Because of your rules. You are married. And you keep saying you don't mix business with pleasure. But a deal is a deal.

J: Yes. I know. You really like watching me jerk off?

N: Mmmm. Yes. I've wanted to see you do this for a long time. But remember not to cum until I am ready. I really want to savor this.

J: Chuckle. I am enjoying this, too. But I can't make any promises about holding back.

N: Just try. Just keep thinking about how much you liked watching me with that girl last night.

J: Oh....I am....

N: Is that why your eyes are closed? Sexy.... I wonder what the people outside that door would say if they knew what you were doing in here.

J: Well, you kept up your end of the promise.

N: Haha. You really do look sexy with your pants down to your ankles, just standing there in your shirt and necktie, and touching yourself for me. Is that the way you always masturbate?

J: Uhhh. No... that would be really weird.

N: I thought you said you liked weird things. It was kind of weird for me to kiss another girl for the first time, but you clearly enjoyed it. It's your fantasy, not mine, to watch girls kiss each other.

J: Oh, I did enjoy that. I just never thought you would actually agree to try to meet a girl and kiss her in a bar, let alone do all that other stuff. Do you want me stroke my cock faster or slower?

N: Faster. Well, boss, I did promise to try. And, giggle, last night turned me on too.

J: It did?

N: Obviously! You saw my reaction at the bar. Oh, you would be shocked at how wet I am right now between thinking about last night, and now watching you jerk yourself. Whoa, don't stroke that fast; I don't want you to cum too quickly!

J: Ok, ok...but don't make me wait too long. Can you show me your tits or something?

N: No. I'm not undressing. That's not the deal. My show was last night. Today is your turn.

J: Damn. Alright. I'm just extremely horny right now.

N: I can tell. She was a really good kisser. I guess I got lucky when she sat next to me at the bar.

J: A better kisser than your boyfriend?

N: Ummm. Different. I think girls must just kiss differently.

J: Different as in better?

N: Haha. Why? Do you think my boyfriend would be jealous? No, just different. But she was good. I'm glad she was both sexy and a good kisser. My first lesbian experience! Wow, your cock is so engorged!

J: Oh, this feels very good. Fuck. I love the look on your face right now.

N: I didn't know your cock would look so...nice. That girl must have been with a lot of women. She knew just what to do.

J: Oh yeah, the way you two were talking and flirting at first, I couldn't tell who was seducing whom.

N: Oooh, look. Pre-cum! Yum. I like it when a guy's cock gets that excited. Yeah, I thought I was the one who was going to have to approach a girl.

J: Haha. I know. But you looked really sexy in that short skirt and that lacy blouse. I was worried that some guy might hit on you first.

N: I did look kind of slutty. Hehe. But you were in that booth watching, so you would have shooed a guy away. That was the plan, remember? Does it feel good to jerk off for me? Could you hold it a little firmer?

J: Yes. Oh this feels so good. But I'd rather have your help. Can't you touch me or something, just a little?

N: No, boss! I said that isn't our deal. I want to just watch you jerk off and shoot your cum. I did stuff with a girl for you. Now it's your turn to show me and let me sit back just enjoy.

J: Ok, ok. But damn it! It would feel so much better if this were your hand.

N: Your wife wouldn't like that. For now, just stand up straight and keep stroking. Stroke your cock for me like you promised.

J: Oh, man oh man. Did you get her number?

N: No, but she took mine. Haha. I forgot to ask her.

J: Well, she did seem more aggressive than you. My cock is twitching at the memories.

N: Can you stroke it slower now? That's good. I was glad I didn't have to initiate anything with her. And you know, it was kind of sexy the way she flirted and got close to me, whispering, and touching me on the arms and shoulders. And when she licked my ear! Crazy!!

J: Do you have an ear fetish?

N: Maybe. She made me melt. She leaned in and whispered something. I forget what because I was so turned on. Then she licked my ear and my body shivered. I guess she knew somehow that I would like it. She kept doing it soooo right.

J: And then she kissed you! Uh oh, Nina, I am getting so close to cumming.

N: Already? Just hold on for a while longer, pretty please, boss. Can you use both hands now? It was such a soft kiss. Her lips actually tasted sweet.

J: Both hands like this? I liked it when you guys started to really make out. Boy, talk about deep kisses.

N: It just seemed so natural that I forgot we were at a bar. I would have let her do almost anything at that point.

J: You two were at it for awhile. Whose idea was it to move to the booth?

N: Hers. Do you play with your balls when you masturbate?

J: No, not normally. Why, do you want me to?

N: Not really, just curious.

J: Well, normally I don't jerk off at the office with just my pants down like this either. And I am normally not standing up at attention for a viewer's benefit.

N: Haha. You can undress totally if you want.

J: Will you? Undress a little?

N: No, I told you. I just want to watch you.

J: Actually, it's kind of hot that we are both clothed while I am doing this. Well, except for my pants. I feel a little weird to be talking while jacking off though.

N: The talk isn't turning you on, boss?

J: It is! It is! But I've never jerked off for someone before.

N: Well, you can think about me and that girl whenever you stroke yourself in the future. But yes, I was glad and surprised when she asked me to move to a booth.

J: And the booth was just across from my booth.

N: Haha. That was my idea. I didn't want you to miss the show.

J: You know I could see under the table.

N: Exactly. Hehe. As horny as she made me, I was still a little nervous.

J: Really? I couldn't tell. That you were nervous I mean. I could definitely tell you were horny.

N: Well, she kept kissing me and licking my ear! Wow. Did you just spit on your cock? That was so naughty. Keep stroking it now. I've always imagined you playing with yourself, but I didn't know that I would like watching it this much.

J: Damn, my balls are ready to explode. Are you glad you weren't wearing a bra last night? Maybe you should start going braless in the office. Fuck, you look so sexy right now.

N: That wouldn't be appropriate office attire! Giggle. Not that what we're doing now is appropriate either. I thought some girl might touch on the outside of my blouse. A little groping, you know? I didn't think someone would do more.

J: It was so sexy the way she caressed your tits through the blouse, and then stuck a finger in between the buttons to stroke your bare nipples.

N: My nipples were ultra sensitive at that point. She kept flicking her finger back and forth, until they got really hard.

J: I could tell. Your nipples were visible through the blouse, even from where I was sitting. Ohhh, Nina. Can I cum now? Just thinking about all that is getting to be too much. Fuck, I don't think my cock has ever been this hard.

N: Noooooo! You have to wait until I say!

J: Arrrgh. You are being mean.

N: No, if I were mean, I wouldn't have let her unbutton my blouse so you could watch. This was your fantasy, remember?

J: I really didn't think she would do that. Or lick your nipples.

N: Sucked.

J: Huh?

N: She sucked on my nipples. She didn't lick them. She sucked them. And bit them lightly. Ohhhh. She knew what she was doing. I almost came right then and there.

J: Really?

N: Yes. I also saw you rubbing yourself through your pants when she started doing that.

J: You did?

N: Yes. So I got a preview for what you're doing now. But it's much better for me to see your cock actually out. Just stroke it really, really, really slow now. Like in slow motion. Yeah, just like that. A little slower still. Ohhh, so hot.

J: This is becoming torture. Fuck. I was tempted to take my cock out last night, but thought better of it.

N: I know; you were saving that for now. Oooh, that is a LOT of pre-cum leaking out of you. Here, let me help just a little. Let me use my fingers to rub that pre-cum all over your cock. Make it nice and shiny.

J: Ohhhhh.

N: Stand still! I'm not really doing anything. Just rubbing in your pre-cum so it doesn't get wasted. Hmmm. My fingers taste so yummy now.

J: Damn damn damn. Damn you.

N: Hehe. Can you stand up straighter? Ok, good. Thanks, boss.

J: You are evil!!! How come you didn't touch her by the way?

N: Oh. To be honest, I was too far gone and couldn't think.

J: Yes, it was a huge turn on to see her go to work on you.

N: When she started to stroke my inner thighs while sucking on my nipples, I lost track of everything.

J: You did keep spreading your legs wider.

N: That was involuntary.

J: I could see your panties. They were soaked.

N: I know. I think I left a puddle on the seat. Hehe. I think I am making a big puddle right now on your chair.

J: Why did you push her hand away when she tried to touch your pussy?

N: Oh...because I was close.

J: Close to cumming?

N: Yes.

J: Oh geez...I am so close myself right now. Look, my cock's all red. So damn stiff and angry and pulsing.

N: Ohhh, your poor cock. Don't worry. I won't make you wait much longer. Keep jerking off.

J: Groan. Ok. But please hurry. That girl was persistent. What was her name?

N: Kira. Yes, she didn't give up. Thank God. Because it made me crazy when I finally let her play with my clit.

J: I could tell. You were gripping the table tightly with both hands and you were making all these squishy faces.

N: What?

J: No, no. It was sexy! But your eyes were shut really tight, and your face was contorted with pleasure.

N: Oh, ok I guess. But I came very quickly. I think it surprised her. She really knew how to play with my clit and pussy. Magic fingers.

J: Did you squirt?

N: Noooooooo! I don't do that.

J: Just asking.

N: But it looks like your cock about to squirt. Shouldn't you do it slower so you don't cum too fast?

J: I don't know if I can slow down. My heart is beating like a jack hammer. Oh, babe. Please let me cum.

N: Why?

J: Thinking about how that girl made you cum, right there, in the booth, is making me nuts. And having you watch me like this...fuck, this is hot, too.

N: Are you really ready to cum?

J: Yes!!!!

N: You're going to make a mess everywhere.

J: I don't care. Oh, damn this feels so good. Please help me....

N: Beg for it.

J: Please Nina. Please. Please. Please let me cum.

N: You are going to cum all over your office?

J: I don't fucking care. Please please. Can I shoot my load now?

N: Nope. But I won't make you wait that much longer. I'm going to get closer to get a better look.

J: Why are you on your knees?

N: Just pretend I am giving you a blow job. I know how much you would like that.

J: Damn you!

N: Mmmm. I want to take you in my mouth.

J: Do it! Do it!

N: Mmmmm. Wow. You are super leaking! Like a drippy faucet. You aren't cumming already are you? Your cock is making me lick my lips.

J: No! Stop talking! Please just take him in your mouth.

N: No...I can't do that for real. You know that. I'm just playing. Why are you stroking yourself so fast? It looks so sexy. Oh, you are sweating too!! Look at your face.

J: Oh, Nina. Please. I'm about to explode. Either take him in your mouth or move back.

N: No, its OK, I want a front row seat.

J: I'm going to shoot any second.

N: No, you have to wait a bit. Until I say you can. That's the deal.

J: Ohhhhhhhhh. Fuck!

N: Ok, I am going to move back just a little bit. See? I am about three feet away.

J: Oh babe. Please. I am begging you. I'm crying. Let me cum.....

N: This is a nice distance. Now I can see everything.

J: I am dying!!!!

N: I will make another deal with you. I don't know how far you can shoot. So I am going to give you a little extra incentive to make a nice show for me.

J: Just tell me it's ok to go!!

N: Oh, poor you. Your face is so drenched in sweat. Ok, when I say "now" you can cum. And I will watch from here. I will keep open my mouth. If you can make any of your hot seed reach me, I will be so happy to swallow.

J: You are so fucking evil. Ohhhhhh dammmmn.

N: Haha. Wow, I am so wet. I think I can cum, too, just watching you. Ok, try to give me some of your sperm so I can taste it. I think your cum will be yummy. Are you ready, boss?

J: I have been ready!!!

N: Ok, get ready....get set....

J: Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

N: NOW!! Cum for me. Let me see!

J: OMG!!!! Here it comes!! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Arrrrrrghhhhhhhh!!!!! Damn it I am CUMMING!!! Oh fuck!!!!!!!!!!!


J: I can't stop. FUCKKKKKKK!!! ... Oh man. FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

N: Wow!

J: Whew.

N: Double wow.

J: Damn that was good.

N: Mmmmmm. You hit me. You actually squirted this far with most of your seed!

J: Did I? Oh, I did! Oh, sorry. It's all over you. Oh damn, on your skirt, too.

N: Mmmm. I don't mind. It's just a lot more than I expected. I already swallowed some while you were cumming. Wow that was so sexy, boss.

J: Damn straight! Man, that was the best cum I have ever had.

N: So tasty. Oooh, there's some still on my lips. Yum.

J: You look hot right now by the way. With my cum still on you.

N: I do?

J: Yes. Really fucking hot. But I don't what you to wipe it off. Can you just wait and let it dry on you? That way, I will know my cum is on you all day?

N: You want me to work the rest of the day knowing your dry seed is on me?

J: Yes.

N: Is this one of your other fantasies?

J: I guess so.

N: Ok.

J: Ok?

N: But if I do that, you have to act out one of MY other fantasies tonight, too. Ok?

J: Umm. Alright. You got a deal.


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