tagIncest/TabooThe Deal Ch. 24

The Deal Ch. 24


Chapter 24: Another Fun Night at the Hughes

Matt smiled as he watched the familiar car pull up to the curb. He turned and spoke to Chip and Craig who both turned to wave at Cindy.

All three walked toward the idling car. Cindy rolled her window down, "Can I give you boys a ride?"

Matt leaned into the open window and kissed his smiling girlfriend. "That'd be great! We're all heading to our place to play Magic to start our weekend. Why aren't you working?"

Cindy looked up at her boyfriend, "I worked the lunch shift today and got the night off as I have the late shift tomorrow and all day Sunday."

The three piled into the car, and Cindy looked all around before pulling out and headed home.

Soon the three boys were setting their decks up on the kitchen table while Cindy went into her room.

Craig looked over at the other two shuffling their cards, "So what did you think of my mom's idea of a private graduation party just with the three of us and our parents in our backyard. Mom said she would talk to both of your moms and have it be just like last weekend at Chip's place but with all three moms nude and completely available for us as a graduation present."

Matt spoke up, "Shoot, I've been meaning to talk to Cindy about that idea to see if she wants to be there as well or not. Knowing her, I think she would like to be in on that if you don't mind."

Chip laughed, "Are you kidding, the more naked women, the better."

Craig smiled, "Okay, so you talk to Cindy and I'll have my mom talk to your moms. It's a deal."

Matt grinned, "speaking of that, let's get this game going before it gets too late."

The three focused on their cards and prepared to duel.

Matt and Craig laughed when Chip's eyes practically popped out of his sockets when a nude Cindy came back into the kitchen minutes later.

Chip glanced at the two laughing boys, "What are you laughing at me for?"

Craig answered his friend, "I'm sorry but you should see your face."

Cindy came up behind Matt and wrapped her arms around his neck, snuggling her head onto his left shoulder.

Craig looked at the two, "Did I look like that the other day?"

Both Cindy and Matt grinned and nodded their heads vigorously.

"Other day?" Chip questioned.

"Craig came over to study with me on Monday when you were getting math help." Matt explained.

"And Cindy was nude then too I take it?" Chip asked.

Cindy nodded before speaking, "I usually don't wear any clothes in the house anymore; I did only when you two were over. Like I told Craig that day, after last weekend's strip show I really don't see the point. There isn't anything you haven't seen already. I like to be nude."

Chip nodded, "I have got to get my grades up. I would love to have my mom strolling around just like that. Can I ask a question?"

Cindy smiled, "Sure, but first do any of you want anything to eat or drink?"

While serving the boys' requests Cindy smiled at Chip, "So what's your question?"

Chip blushed slightly, "Now my mom has offered nudity and sex with her deal. If you don't mind my asking, I'm curious, are you just nude or do you three do stuff all the time like the other night?"

Cindy grinned, "Usually, I'm just nude. Believe it or not technically I'm still a virgin."

She laughed at the stunned faces on the two visitors. "I'm serious. Sure, I've done some things with both Matt and his mom, but Matt and I haven't done it yet, and he is my first boyfriend. Never been even remotely with someone before this."

It took the boys awhile before they were able to take their eyes off of Cindy and back to the cards on the table.

"Matt? Can I borrow you for a moment?" Cindy asked before heading back to her room.

Matt smiled at his two friends, "Be right back."

Chip and Craig watched grinning as he ran down the hall. Craig turned to Chip, "Should we play a duel ourselves or wait for him?"

Chip shook his head, "Let's wait a minute first then go on."

In about a minute a grinning Matt came back rubbing his hands together, "Alright, let's duel."

After several rounds Craig groaned, "Can't I get any Land at all? You guys are killing me, and I have nothing on the table,"

"That's too bad because I have a surprise for the winner," Cindy told them as she walked back into the room.

Even Craig's mouth opened this time at the sight of the still nude Cindy with an added chain suspended from clamps hooked to her nipples.

"Wow," Chip said.

Cindy twirled the chain around her index finger as she leaned into Matt's side. "Do you like it? I just got it this week at Dreamland."

Craig answered, "That is incredibly sexy. Does it hurt, hanging from your nipples?"

Cindy pulled the chain out which caused her nipples to extend out, "Not this kind. These give me a pleasant achy feeling. When I take them off that can hurt a bit especially the longer I keep them on. I'm not one for pain so I don't wear them all the time or for that long either."

Craig looked at Cindy and then at Matt and back to Cindy again, "Would you mind if I got a close look at that chain? That is so sexy."

Cindy looked down at Matt before walking over to Craig. She leaned down towards the seating boy. The chain swung out from her body towards Craig who reached out and caught it. He let his fingers slide up and down its length. He let it slip into his fingers and then pulled it slightly out from Cindy causing her nipples to pull out from her breasts.

"Oohhh, that feels nice," Cindy moaned.

"Thanks, Cindy; that is so sexy on you." Craig looked over at Chip.

Chip smiled, "Cool, Uh that's a great surprise."

Cindy smiled broader, "Uh no, the clamps are to get me all worked up. I checked with Matt, and he's fine with me sucking off the winner."

Craig's mouth dropped even more, "Are you kidding me?"

Matt had his usual huge Chesire cat grin on his face, "I've been doing anything and everything with all three of our moms just like you two have been as well; why shouldn't Cindy be able to have any fun that she wants as well."

Cindy smiled at Matt and then at the other two grinning boys, "Now this is not going to be a free-for-all orgy like you might be used to; I want to ease in slowly. Blow jobs only today I'm afraid, but you can expect I'll probably be nude whenever you are around in the future, and I may or may not want to be play. Just ask me and Matt. I'll never do anything behind Matt's back, but as long as he's okay with things I want to have fun. So are you guys going to finish your game so I have a winner to treat or not?"

"Come on guys, let's get back to the game, I've got a great chance on this one." The other three laughed and the duel continued.

Sure enough Chip came up with the victory first taking out Craig who continued to have a problem drawing land and then knocking Matt out with a well played spell followed by creature attack.

Cindy looked at the three smirking boys, "Go ahead, don't mind me; keep playing." She dropped down on her hands and knees and crawled under the table.

As the three pulled their cards together and shuffled them they could hear a faint zipping sound and some rustling before Chip shifted in his seat and groaned.

Craig and Matt chuckled before Craig spoke, "Any bets Chip won't be able to concentrate and win this round?"

Matt laughed, "Even if you don't get any land again this time."

Beneath the table Cindy pulled off of Chip's exposed flesh. She turned her head and reached out to rub Craig's obvious bulge in his pants. As she pressed down hard on Craig's groin she leaned back down closing her lips over the head of Chips' cock and let her mouth glide down the length of his stalk.

Craig squirmed in his chair."Hey not that I'm complaining, but I think Cindy is helping you to win."

Matt leaned over and looked under the table to see his girlfriend bobbing up and down on Chip while rubbing Craig. He smirked at the sight before getting back up to concentrate on out dueling his distracted friends.

Cindy felt Chip shift and start to push himself into her mouth harder and slowly picked up speed. The boys could hear the wet sounds from Cindy's sucking and the increasing volume of Chip's groans. Cards forgotten, Chip brought his hands down to hold Cindy's head and guide her on his cock faster until he quivered and came in her mouth. Cindy took her hand from Craig's lap and used both to hold onto Chip's thighs as he came. When he stopped, she licked around the wet flesh before tucking him back in and zipping his pants back up.

She crawled back up from under the table and looked around at the three boys with a grin on her face. She walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a soda. As she held the door open she looked back at the three boys staring at her, "Anyone want a drink?"

After all three shook their heads, Cindy closed the door, popped her soda open and took a swig. She walked over to Matt and kissed him. "Are you winning?"

Matt chuckled, "Looks like it."

"Okay, well you can collect your prize later. Call me if somebody else wins." She kissed Matt again and padded down the hall to her room.

After the round that Matt did end up winning, the boys collected up their cards and went into Matt's room to grab their bags and coats.

The three stood outside of Cindy's closed door and knocked. After a moment a flushed Cindy opened the door to peer out at the three.

Chip spoke first, "I wanted to say thank you and good bye."

Cindy leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, "You are very welcome. It was my pleasure."

She stepped out of the room and hooked her arm around Matt's. The four turned back toward the front door.

Cindy stayed by Matt's side and waved as Craig and Chip headed down the sidewalk and the street to their own houses.

Matt turned to Cindy, "Did you get to finish what you were...ah...doing?" he smirked.

Cindy punched him in the arm, "Not yet; care to join me?" Matt laughed, held her hand and followed her as she pranced down the hall.

Matt laughed even louder at the sight of the wet rubber dildo lying on the middle of her bed. Cindy punched him in the arm again and climbed on the bed on her hands and knees. Her back legs hung off the bed as she picked the dildo up and brought it back to her sex and pushed it into herself. She let her hand guide the fake cock back and forth a bit before she swung her head around and stared at Matt. "Feel free to use your fingers on my ass. After all, I assume you won the last game, so you deserve a prize."

Matt grinned and sat next to the rocking girl. He put his hands on the smooth flesh of her hips and ran them over her skin. He leaned forward and licked the skin on the crease of her back that led to her ass. He let his tongue run through the groove down to her ass. He alternated between licking and kissing her flesh.

"Oh fuck that feels good," Cindy groaned before gasping as Matt slid his finger over her puckered flesh before pushing it into her. She held still as he slowly sank his finger into her. As he started to push back and forth she began her thrusts with the dildo again. The two matched their rhythm over and over and then faster until Cindy shook and yelled as she had her orgasm.

As she fell forward Matt's finger slid from her. Matt crawled up and laid next to the sweaty girl cuddling her. They kissed softly.

After laying for awhile in each others' arms, Cindy looked into Matt's eyes, "Still want to attack your mom tonight?"

Matt laughed and kissed his grinning girlfriend again, "God, I love you."

Diana locked the door on the last of the four banks she had to close that night. She waved to the two tellers as they strolled off to their cars. Diana went over to her car and flipped open her phone.

She smiled when she heard Matt's voice, "Hi sweetie. You and Cindy up for Chinese take out tonight? I just finished so I'll be home in just a bit." She called and ordered the Chinese, snapped her phone shut and got into her car.

Soon she was staring at the large orange goldfish swimming in the hundred gallon tank near the counter of the Chinese restaurant waiting for her food.

"Excuse me, you're Mrs. Hughes, aren't you?"

Di turned to see two women standing near her, one with her back to them, leaning over the counter signing a credit card receipt. The other woman, a smiling, statuesque blonde took a step forward and held out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Stephanie," the woman spoke as the two shook hands.

The other woman finished her transaction and turned back toward the two women. She put one hand on the shoulder of the blonde and held her hand out, "I'm Gwen."

Diana looked at the two middle aged women, "Hi Gwen and Stephanie; Please call me Diana. I'm sorry, but do I know you?"

Stephanie shook her head causing her medium length hair to swirl around her face and shoulders, "I'd be surprised if you did. We don't get out too much, and we only just moved in the neighborhood back in October. I just knew your name from your mailbox."

Diana smiled, "Oh jeez, what kind of a neighbor am I! Of course, you are the two sisters that moved into the old Hollister place."

Gwen nodded, "Still Hollister place, just hopefully not so old anymore."

Stephanie laughed, "James Hollister was our uncle. He left the place to us in his will. It just took us awhile before we could leave Philadelphia."

Gwen continued, "Perfect timing I know, we settle in just as everybody hibernates."

Diana nodded, "I'm definitely a sun bunny at heart, so yeah I pretty much hibernate all winter. But it's nice to finally meet you."

Stephanie smirked, "Well, the neighborhood has certainly been coming awake lately. I've been seeing a lot of you and your two kids as well as a couple of the other families in the neighborhood."

Diana nodded, "That's my son Matt and his girlfriend, Cindy."

Gwen added, "They seem like very fun kids."

Diana nodded again, "They're great."

As the woman at the counter returned with a couple of white plastic bags, Gwen looked at her sister, "Looks like Diana's food is here. It's late; you must be starving, we should let you go and eat."

Diana stepped toward the counter but put her hand on Stephanie's elbow, "I'm so glad you introduced yourselves. Please stop by some time."

The two women waved and walked out of the restaurant holding hands.

Diana watched them go then turned to get her own food.

Soon Diana was walking into the house through the garage door. She smiled at the sound of loud music coming from down the hall. She put the bags on the kitchen counter and walked to the open door to Matt's room. She saw him sitting at his desk playing a computer game while Cindy was on the bed reading.

"Hey kids! Food's here." Diana's smile got broader as Cindy closed her book and jumped up to hug her. Matt turned his head and smiled, "Hey mom. I'll be out in a couple of minutes. Let me finish up here and say goodbye to Craig, Chip and the others."

Diana looked at her son over Cindy's bare shoulder as she returned the young girl's squeeze.

"Take your time. I need to get undressed and washed up first anyways."

Cindy pulled back, "I'll go and get everything ready in the kitchen."

Diana watched the naked girl scamper into the kitchen before she headed into her own bedroom. After about ten minutes a naked Diana emerged from her bedroom and stopped at Matt's room, "Ready?"

Matt was just getting up from his computer, "All set." He reached out and held her hand as they walked towards the kitchen. Diana looked down at their hands and remembered seeing the Hollister sisters earlier. She squeezed his hand bringing a smile to his face. They entered the kitchen to find Cindy seated at the table.

Diana took her spot and held up the glass of red wine, "Wine? Trying to get me drunk?"

Cindy giggled, "and take advantage of you. It's Friday; time to play."

Diana laughed, "Well, let's get to eating, shall we. I could use being taken advantage of tonight."

Later the three sat back stuffed from all the food. Matt was the first to move, "Let me get the dishes tonight since you bought it and Cindy set everything up."

Diana smiled up at her son, "No argument from me."

Cindy swirled the wine in her glass while her other hand rubbed against her right nipple.

Diana leaned forward rested her elbows on the table with her chin cupped in her entwined hands, "I love watching you play with your breasts."

Cindy looked down at her hand and giggled, "Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it."

Matt and Diana laughed.

Diana continued as she watched, "So where's your gorgeous chain?"

Cindy smiled, "I don't like to wear it for too much time. It hurts more when you take it off after longer periods of time. I was wearing it earlier when Chip and Craig were here."

Diana's eyes sparkled, "Craig and Chip, huh? I bet they enjoyed that little accessory on you. Don't forget you promised to take me to that store and buy one for me."

Cindy laughed, "Matt will certainly enjoy the trip; they have a whole big aisle filled with anal products."

Diana laughed back, "Don't encourage him until you're ready to put your ass on the line with mine."

Matt turned from the sink, his arms covered in suds, "Like you ever really complain."

"Hey! Until you know what it feels like don't go judging," Diana answered as Cindy burst into a loud roar of laughter.

Diana got up from the table smiling and went over to her son kissing him on the cheek, "Don't worry, spoil me with complaint free dishwashing and gladly my ass is yours."

Matt smirked, "Great because I bought lotion from that aisle in the store."

Diana chuckled and swatted his arm, "You are an anal monster. Well, let me go freshen up for the evening debauchery. I'll see you two in my room when you're ready."

Matt and Cindy appreciated the extra wiggle Diana deliberately put into her ass as she walked out of the room fully aware of where the pair's eyes were staring.

Cindy got up from the table and went over to help Matt finish up with the dishes. Working together, the two made short work of the small stack.

Cindy turned to kiss Matt, "I'll get my new toy that I want to try on mom, and you get your lotion."

As she got to the doorway to the hall, she stopped to look back at Matt, "Who knows, maybe I'll let you use that lotion on me too. After all, this ass belongs to you as well" And with a saucy wiggle of said ass, she giggled and pranced down the hall into her room.

Matt shook his head smiling and finished putting the dry dishes away. Looking around to make sure everything was tidy, he hung the hand towel over the handle of the oven and strolled into his own room.

He reached across his messy desk and grabbed the bottle. As he stepped back out into the hall he stopped short as Cindy came out of the hall bathroom. What looked like a series of black leather straps around her waist with a pale, hard, wet plastic penis poking out from a hole in the middle of the straps. The chain was back in place suspended between her breasts from the clamps attached to her nipples.

Matt whispered to her, "That looks so weird."

Cindy looked down at her waist and shook her hips causing the penis to wiggle a bit. "It feels so strange," she whispered back in a giggle.

As the two entered Diana's bedroom, they found her sprawled on her bed. She sat up quickly at the sight of Cindy.

"Oh my," Diana spluttered, "I don't know if I'm turned on or I want to giggle."

Cindy laughed, "I thought of you when I saw it, and I had to buy it. Now Matt and I can both fuck you."

Diana grinned broadly, "Okay, definitely turned on now. I like the sound of that. I see you have your lotion in hand, Matt. Good, you can both do me at the same time."

As Cindy climbed onto the bed Di reached out to stroke the rubber cock. "You definitely have to take me shopping with you next time."

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