tagBDSMThe Desert Ch. 06

The Desert Ch. 06


Before you start reading this, I would like to extend my gratitude to the person who helped me with editing and making this story readable. So let's all give a big hand to AVixenLiterally here on Literotica. Oh, and she's also an amazing writer, so be sure to check out her stuff!


A few days later Jackie awoke in the middle of the night with an eerie feeling. She couldn't say why but something just wasn't right. Try as she might she couldn't shake the feeling, so she got out of bed and decided to do an interior perimeter sweep. It was something Joe always did before he went to bed and again when he woke up. She figured since she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep anyway, she might just as well do it. She grabbed her crossbow and a couple of bolts she'd manufactured from some wheel spokes and nails, and set to it.

The sweep revealed nothing out of the ordinary. Everything seemed to be just as they had left it the night before, and she couldn't find any signs that anyone had tried to break in through either of the two doors. She gave a frustrated growl as she made her way back to the bedroom. She had almost hoped she would find something wrong to explain the feeling she had. If it didn't go away through the day she would have to talk to Joe about it. He always told her to trust her instincts and right now her gut told her that something just wasn't right.

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark," she muttered to herself as she walked through the dark on her way back to her lover.

"Quoting Shakespeare now, are we?"

The sound of Joe's voice in the dark made her jump; she almost gave out a loud shriek. Before she fully understood what happened and who the owner of the voice was, she had loaded and cocked the crossbow and was searching for a viable target. When she saw that it was Joe she gave him an angry glare and, just for a second, thought about shooting him just on general principal.

"You do not sneak up on people like that!" Her voice was still hushed, but the hissing tone let no mistake be made as to how much she had not appreciated his sneakiness. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?!"

Joe found it hard to suppress a smile but forced himself to. "Wow! Calm down honey, it's just me. Who did you think it was?"

"I don't know!" She was still seething but at least her heart wasn't bunched up in her throat anymore. "I thought someone might have snuck in here. I guess I wasn't all wrong though." She gave him another glare and a harsh elbow to the ribs as she walked by. "Get in the bedroom. We need to talk."

Joe was more than a little surprised at the command and the tone in which it was given and he silently complied. As he strode into the bedroom and closed the door behind him he saw Jackie sitting on the bed, her knees pulled up to her chin. It was obvious something was bothering her and he hoped she would tell him what.

"Something's wrong, Joe." Her voice was low and there was a hint of fear in there somewhere. "I don't know what it is or why. But something is definitely not right."

As she spoke she continuously let her eyes sweep across the room as if she was anticipating something jumping out at her at any moment. But that wasn't what she really felt she reminded herself. It wasn't a feeling of being watched or even of being in imminent danger but rather of some sort of future predicament maybe. She didn't know and it was driving her insane.

"I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little jumpy tonight for some reason. It's probably nothing." She tried to sound as dismissive as she could but it was clear that neither of them were buying it. "Let's just go to bed again okay?"

"If something's bothering you then you need to take it seriously." Joe wasn't about to let it go. He knew better than to dismiss ones instincts, and if Jackie was this upset it must be for good reason. "But I'm guessing there's nothing we can do about it tonight. So let's try to get some sleep and we'll talk about it when the sun is up. It will be easier then."

Jackie really didn't want to go back to sleep and she doubted she could even if she tried. She was way too fired up about this now to relax enough, but she moved over and lay down anyway, making sure that her crossbow was well within her reach. Joe lay down next to her, dragging her to him and holding her close. In spite of all her anxiety and fear she was soon sleeping in his arms.

The entire following day was just more of the same old routines as always. Jackie had all but forgotten about her nightly escapades and concerns. She had kept herself busy working on getting the purifier up and running again. She hadn't done much about it until recently but with their ever decreasing water storage she was more or less forced to try and get it done. It would be a lot easier now that she could just power it through the generator, but the purification process itself was still a little short of her standards.

Then, suddenly it hit her again, like a good wallop from a sledge hammer. She couldn't move, couldn't breathe and all she could feel was an overwhelming panic in the total conviction that something incredibly wrong was happening - or about to happen. She tried calling out to Joe but the only sound that came out was a low wheezing. Luckily she could see him on the other side of the store and, desperate and frustrated, she picked up a hammer and threw it at him.

"What the hell?!" The hammer had barely missed his head and slammed into the wall in front of him. "Are you trying to kill me woman?"

He wasn't really mad as much as shocked and surprised. Of all the ways he had imagined he might get killed in this sad excuse for a world they were living in, having a hammer thrown at him by the woman who claimed to love him was not one of them. But then again, he supposed anything was possible these days.

When he turned around and saw the state Jackie was in, he dropped what he had in his hands and ran to her. He took her in his arms and held her close, but not so close it would further impede her breathing, which was shallow and clearly troubled. He tried to get her to tell him what was wrong but any attempt she made to respond ended up in the same squeaking and wheezing noises. Now he was really scared.

Try as he might he couldn't figure out how to deal with the situation. The only thing he could think of was to keep trying to get her to get her breathing under control. He kept telling her to calm down, gave her a steady rhythm to breathe with by breathing slowly himself, keeping her in rhythm with his own breathing. It seemed to work and slowly she started to get herself back to some sort of a normal state.

"I didn't mean to try to kill you," she stated when she had gotten a hold of herself to speak.

Joe was relieved that whatever it was that had had her so riled up hadn't killed her sense of humor. He hugged her and kissed her gently.

"It would take more than a little hammer to the skull to keep me down, sweetie. You know that." He smiled at her but it was clear that he was still worried. "Besides, I appreciate you keeping me on my toes."

She tried a small smile, and when that actually worked she did feel a little better. The feeling that had so overwhelmed her was still present, but now that she had gotten hold of herself it seemed a little less ominous. Sure, she was still convinced that something very, very bad was going to happen, but the feeling was no longer so paralyzing that she couldn't function. She shook her head violently to try and get rid of the remnants of impending doom from her brain.

"What is it?" Joe's concern was clear in his voice. "And don't tell me it's nothing. Even I can tell something is upsetting you."

She desperately tried to give words to her fears but she didn't even know exactly what it was she was afraid of. So instead she just looked up at him with a helpless look on her face which made him cringe. He had never before seen her like this. He was used to her being a mostly strong and quite self assured woman, in spite of everything she'd been through. Seeing her like this was just breaking his heart.

"You're afraid of something. Is that it?"

His voice was as calm as he could make it and there was genuine concern in it. She nodded somewhat reluctantly, as if she wasn't really sure. She was scared, she just didn't know of what.

"You know that feeling I told you about when we woke up last night?" Her voice was nothing more than a strained whisper. "It's back, but it was much stronger this time."

He listened and when she was done he nodded thoughtfully. This was a troubling turn of events. Last night he had just written off her worries as remnants of bad dreams or memories of the past, but now he wasn't so sure anymore. He was usually the first one to tell anyone to trust their instincts, and it was obvious that Jackie's were telling her something was wrong. His own gut told him to listen to her, and he decided it was about time he learned to let someone else take the lead for once; and who better than the woman he thought of as his companion.

"What do we need to do?" His question was surprisingly matter of fact, even to himself, but there was real concern in his voice. "Just... what does your gut tell you?"

She thought about that for a moment, her face going blank with a distant look in the eyes. When she came back to reality her mind was made up. Joe was right and she would take this matter seriously -- if nothing else it would hopefully calm her down and make her feel better. She looked up at Joe, her eyes now focused and determined, and kissed him squarely on the lips before she stood up.

"Don't just sit there like a slouch. We have work to do!" She winked at him and a sly smile came across her lips. It was there and, as quickly as it had come, it was gone.

Joe smiled and shook his head. This woman never ceased to amaze him and he truly hoped that would never change. As much as he loved her submissive side, this strong, decisive side was appealing in a completely different way. This side of her would take no shit and would be both a delight and a pain to be around. He was sure it wouldn't all be fun and games but that wasn't really important. There was bound to be some butting of heads when survival was at stake, but he was getting more certain by the minute that Jackie was the one who was going to see to it that their lives kept on going in the end, not him.

As Jackie set off through the store, Joe did his best to keep up. She went almost flying through the place like a whirlwind, checking windows and doors, testing the locks and making sure everything that needed to be nailed down was. Joe didn't really understand what she was doing, but he kept up as best he could and made small notes as she muttered some improvements she wanted to make to things. When she finally stopped her breathing was ragged and heavy, and she had to brace herself on a shelf for a moment, composing herself.

"Okay, we need to make some adjustments." She was still a bit out of breath, but no longer as frantic as she had been. "We're going to have sex first then we get to work."

Joe was both amused and surprised by the obvious way she had made her statement, but found no reason to disagree with her. Sex sounded like a splendid idea, and as he watched her delicious ass wiggling in front of him as they made their way to the bedroom, he felt a certain part of his anatomy rise to the occasion. She always seemed to have that effect on him, and when she really put her mind to it there was just no way he could refuse her anything. He wasn't really sure that was a good thing but he opted not to dwell on the matter.

Upon reaching the bedroom, Jackie stopped and spun around. She locked eyes with Joe and he could see the fires of desire burning behind her deep, dark orbs. She smiled at him and hungrily licked her lips as she dropped to her knees and beckoned him to come to her. He complied willingly and as he reached her she had him freed within seconds and wasted no time in taking him in her mouth.

Joe uttered a long, guttural groan. The oral skills of this gorgeous woman would surely go down in the books as the greatest in the world, he was sure of it. And as she was now clearly on a mission, a mission to suck him dry, Joe was totally and utterly defenseless. It took no more than a few minutes before he felt himself explode in her mouth. She greedily swallowed everything she could, but the sheer volume of the load made it impossible to get it all. When Joe was done, she had streams of his sticky, white goodness running down her mouth and chin, dripping to the floor and making a small puddle between her knees.

"Jesus woman..." Joe was panting and hard of breath. "That mouth of yours. I must have done something good in a previous life. Though I can't imagine what that might have been to deserve such a treasure."

Jackie blushed at the compliment and gave him a big, happy smile. She seductively licked her mouth, trying to get to whatever of the remaining goo she could. Her smile never wavered as she then stood, took his hand and pulled him behind her towards the bed.

"I believe someone promised me a spanking." She grinned at the surprised look on Joe's face. "We can take care of that while your gun gets reloaded."

Not one to refuse such a request, Joe grinned and firmly grabbed Jackie's wrist and forcefully brought it up behind her back. She gave a surprised yelp, quickly followed by a short gasp and a moan. Joe bent her forward at the waist and gave her a couple of hard slaps with his free hand. She moaned loudly every time his hand made contact and she could feel the wetness between her legs increasing.

"Please, Sir, let me have your cock." The words came out as short gasps in between slaps.

Joe ignored her request but he did push her firmly down on the bed. Hopeful, she arched her back and pushed her butt out towards him, but he only reached around her waist and undid her pants before roughly pulling them off her. With this Jackie's hope of finally getting stuffed increased greatly, but instead of mounting her Joe again started to land slap after slap on her now bare flesh. Each slap stung like crazy and soon Jackie was sobbing and crying out when he brought his hand down on her, but she made no effort to avoid him and she never once asked him to stop. He did eventually stop, but not until she had a nice red glow all over her butt cheeks and a good way down her upper thighs.

"I think you're ready love." Joe's voice was tender but husky with desire. "Are you ready to receive me?"

Jackie sounded both exhausted and eager as she answered, "Yes! Oh God, please fuck me!"

Joe smiled and gave her one last, light slap on the ass before he pushed himself into her hot, wet, longing pussy. The feeling as her tight muscles squeezed around him as he thrust into her almost made him come on the first stroke. It took most of his concentration to hold off as he began to thrust violently in and out of his lovely girl. The sound emanating from her told him that she too was fast closing in on her climax. When he felt the telltale signs of her cramping, spasming muscles he again began spanking her, giving her one more push towards her bliss. That was all it took. Almost in perfect unison they both surrendered themselves to their bodies and let their orgasms flow through them. They screamed, moaned, grunted and cursed as their pleasure took them for a joyride before they collapsed on the bed in a shaking, panting pile.

"We're really quite good at that." Jackie found her voice eventually. She sounded perfectly content and happy. "Let's never stop doing this okay?"

"You'll hear no arguments from me." Joe too was panting frantically. "That mouth and pussy of yours are fucking amazing. And I'll never get enough of these tits either."

Joe was casually playing with her large, firm orbs, pinching and caressing the sensitive nipples. Jackie sighed happily and pressed herself closer to him. She couldn't imagine a better place to be than right there at that exact moment. She looked up at Joe and gave him a long, wet kiss. His hands never stopped playing with her body as he responded to her lips. He could feel her getting riled up again and he wanted to give her another round, but he just wasn't ready. It was a moot point though, as she gracefully slid on top of him, gave him another hot kiss and then slid to the floor, standing beside the bed looking at him with a happy smile on her face.

"If we don't get up now we'll be here forever." She would clearly have preferred to stay in bed but there would be time enough for that later, or at least she hoped there would be. "Come on now, up with you!"

She gave his thigh a light slap and held her hand out to him. He took it and let her drag him to his feet then he leaned in and kissed her, not wanting the wonderful moment to end. He knew that she was right though and reluctantly tucked himself back into his pants while she put hers back on. They looked at each other, lust and love shining bright in both their eyes, and walked hand in hand out in the store area, where Jackie started pointing out things they needed to improve or rebuild.

A good four hour later, four hours of sweating, cursing and trying to avoid killing each other, they were finally done. Jackie stepped down from her ladder and put her hammer down. She looked over at Joe, who was just finished putting up the last sheet of metal over the windows, and shot him a big, thankful smile. She couldn't believe he had put up with her ideas and her bossiness all this time, and she hoped he knew how much she appreciated it. In fact, she would make sure he knew. With a big smile on her face she strode across the floor to where Joe had just put down his tools and threw her arms around his neck.

"Thank you..." She kissed him and hugged him so tight he thought she might snap his neck.

"For what?" The sincerity in his voice made her sigh and giggle.

"For putting up with me, dummy!" She giggled and kissed him before she stood back and looked up at him. "I mean it, you know. Thank you. I don't know what's with me today and I'm annoying even to myself. The fact that you haven't killed me, yet, must mean you actually love me."

She winked at him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. All he could do was shake his head and give a short laugh. He did indeed love her and, even if she was indeed annoying at times, he wouldn't want her to change in any way. After all, she was a blast to be around most of the time. She was the smartest person and the best engineer he had ever had the privilege of knowing. And, more importantly, she could always make him laugh and was a complete animal in bed. All in all, Joe was convinced she was the perfect woman for him, and that didn't even count her submissive side which added yet another huge gold star in the side column.

They had barely finished hugging when they heard a low rumble somewhere in the distance. Jackie looked at Joe, silently asking him what he thought it was. He just shook his head dismissively as he didn't have any idea what so ever. It couldn't be thunder, he thought. There hadn't been any rain in these parts for at least three years now, and even dry thunder was a rare occurrence. An earthquake was a possibility, of course, but the lack of shaking spoke against that too. Apart from that, Joe really couldn't guess what it might be. What was quite disturbing though was that it was definitely getting closer and doing so quite fast too.

Jackie quickly parted herself from her man and hurried behind the counter, grabbing her crossbow and Joe's shotgun. When he turned towards her, she threw the gun to him and motioned towards the now covered windows. As Joe went to the huge metal plates and peered outside, Jackie ran and locked all possible entrances to the building. She didn't know what it was that was coming towards them, but whatever it was wasn't coming inside without a fight. Before she took her own position by the front door, she made sure to turn off the generator, killing all the electricity, including the pumps in the yard.

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