tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 05

The Designer Ch. 05


I slept again on the hour long bus ride home from the airport after collecting my bag from baggage claim. I kept my thoughts to myself, listening and laughing to the jokes my friends made on our way through the terminal. Then I collapsed in the back of the bus, and zoned out. I missed a perfect opportunity to scan a collection of different moral profiles, but I was too wrapped up in my mounting distress to care.

We arrived at our home campus and I hiked back with a couple of my housemates to our six room group home. I walked up through the door and up a flight of stairs to my top-floor bedroom, passing the small shared kitchenette and my top floor housemate, Alyssa, on the way. Waving a tired hello, I went to my room and shut the door, allowing Alyssa to enjoy her bowl of noodles in peace.

I fired up my souped up 386 computer and plopped down in my desk chair as I waited for it to go through its boot cycle. As I waited, I replayed the events of the previous 12 hours through my mind.

The whole mess started out with me getting pleasantly drunk with my teammates. Then on the way back to a party, meeting Kelly, a curvaceous blonde, in a stairwell. Incredibly, I mentally pushed down her moral resistance to sexual intimacy when I kissed her impulsively. The effect on Kelly's willingness to copulate was instantaneous, and led to a torrid sexual encounter in her dorm room.

Midway through coitus number two, Kelly and I were interrupted by her roommate, Alexis. The slim athletic redhead preferred to be called Lexi. In the heat of the moment I also ransacked Lexi's moral restraints, and Lexi enthusiastically joined the Kelly and I in a mind-blowing ménage à trois.

Kelly and Lexi, quickly developing a voracious appetite for sexual pleasure, continued their sapphic tryst, while I took a timeout. While recovering, I determined that I should try to undo what damage I'd done to their moral profiles. I tried unsuccessfully to rebuilding their moral walls, save for a small adjustment that controlled an unknown moral preference.

Revived by the sights and sounds of the two freshmen frolicking, I rejoined. I had intercourse with first Lexi, then had switched to Kelly, when we discovered their nymphomaniac neighbor Carmen was observing. Carmen, a feisty dark haired Latina needed no moral adjustments, enthusiastically joined our threesome. In the end I deposited my seed between Carmen's beautiful tits after completing a hat-trick in the fucking follies.

Afterwards, Kelly tongue cleaned my spunk off of Carmen, while I took Lexi to the shower. I bathed and talked with Lexi for a few minutes discovering neither she, nor Kelly, had engaged in intercourse before I changed their moral boundaries. I was contemplating the consequences my reckless moral meddling had wrought when Carmen pulled me away from Lexi to interrogate me about the whole situation.

Carmen had noticed the drastic changes to her previously chaste friends, and angrily wanted to know what I'd done to them. Feeling guilty and dismayed, I confessed that I'd somehow messed up their moral equilibrium, and I didn't know how to fix what I'd broke. I promised her I would try to figure it out, and asked her if she might help me. She agreed to babysit my amoral amores, while I figured out how to unfuck the whole situation. I left her my college email address, hopped on a plane and come home.

Reviewing the whole scenario in my head, I almost thought I had gone completely mad. It sounded like an unbelievable alt.sex newsgroup story. Shaking my head, I turned to my computer, fired up my terminal emulator and logged into my computer science account.

*knock - knock*

"Come!" I called reflexively, as I logged into my mail program.

"Who pissed in your Cheerios?" quipped my flat mate Alyssa as she shut the door behind her.

"Huh, what do you mean?" I responded automatically scanning through my mail list.

I spied an email from carmartinez@wahzoo.edu with the subject, "Bitches need to wear clothes!" I inwardly groaned as I typed the command to read that message. I heard Alyssa sigh and move towards me to sit on my bed behind me.

"Jeremiah," she softly chided.

I ignored her as I focused my eyes on the screen.


From: Carmen M.
To: Jeremiah
Subject: Bitches need to wear clothes!
I don't know what the fuck you did Jeremiah whose name I needed to learn from Lexi as she was licking my pussy, the insatiable slut. But somehow K&L have developed some weird moral aversion to clothes! Mind blowing orgasm aside (they are both quick learners in cunnilingus, btw) I really need them to get dressed so we can hit the cafeteria to eat food.

any idea, genius?

xoxo Carmen --------

"Fuck me!" I said aloud, recalling my impromptu attempt to raise their moral blockade. I slumped in my chair and rubbing my face into my palm.

"I'd rather not, thank you," said the voice behind me.

I spun my chair around, remembering that Alyssa had come into my room, and looked over at her. Alyssa and I had been friends since a creative writing class our freshman year, two years ago. She moved into the house I shared with four of my teammates when we needed one more tennant to make rent.

Alyssa and I were close friends, and weren't romantically attached. Partly because she was a lesbian, but mostly because we acted like brother and sister when we were together. Alyssa's appearance is best described as normal, with one exception; her intensely blue eyes that were slightly magnified by the thick framed glasses perched on her cute nose. Her brown hair hung down off her shoulders, and she sat her entirely normal frame on the edge of my bed, leaning into listen to me.

"Oh, sorry, I know better, really!" I offered, "It's something else that happened this weekend. You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Well a girl does appreciate being asked a little nicer," Alyssa smirked, trying to lighten my dark mood.

"Yeah, right, as if that would work with you," I bantered back, and returned to my computer.

I heard a exasperated sigh, as she flopped dramatically back on my mattress, exclaiming "What does a damsel need to do to be ravished by a handsome man?!?"

If I didn't know she was teasing me, I would have freaked out that I my power had claimed another victim. Not wanting to continue the thread that was too on the nose for comfort, I went back to my email list. A new email had arrived from Carmen, and I opened that up and scanned the screen.

From: Carmen M.
To: Jeremiah
Subject: Incentive and rewards worked - off to dinner!

I used my powers of persuasion to entice the girls into a suitable set of clothes. Meaning that I promised them a strict tongue lashing if they put on clothes and ate dinner. Something I'm mostly looking forward too, since they'll most likely reciprocate, don't you think?

So now we are all dressed, scantily, and off to the cafeteria. Hope the bitches keep their clothes on and their hands to themselves. Because I'm famished, and dehydrated. Fuck.

This is some kinda wild shit, jefe.

xoxo Carmen
Breathing a sigh of relief, and being reminded that I was hungry, I logged off the server and swiveled back around to Alyssa.

"I'm starving, want to come with me to Bonanza?" I asked, referring to a nearby buffet.

"I just ate noodles!" Alyssa complained, lying on her side her head perched on her hand, "However, I do have a penchant for their banana pudding. So; It's a date!"

"I'm such a fuck-up, Aly," I confessed, as I looked over at her morosely.

"I know that, J," Alyssa comforted, "and you also know I don't care,"

She sat up on the bed carefully, feeling my inner pain, and leaned over and pulled me into a comforting hug. I let my head slump into the joint between her neck and shoulders, and for the first time let my emotions come to the surface and started to sob.

"Hey, hey... J, it's okay," she soothed softly in my ear, "it's not the end of the world,", as my body quivered as I cried my pain,frustration, and exhaustion.

"I don't know what to do, Aly," I croaked.

Alyssa pushed me back, and captured my eyes with her electric blues, "Whatever it is, we'll figure it out, Jeremiah. I promise. I won't let whatever happened ruin my best friend."

"I dunno, I seem to be really good at ruining stuff." I coughed, wiping my eyes, "I'll tell you everything on the way to Bonanza, maybe I'll gain perspective with some food."

"Good idea," Alyssa cheered, "Let's go I'll drive."

I confessed the whole scenario to Alyssa as we walked out of the house and to her car. I continued the story along the drive and Alyssa listened, and asked questions. She was studying psychology and wanted to be a counselor after school, so this behavioral adjustment superpower was right up her alley.

We fell silent as we entered the restaurant. We were both lost in thought as we went through the buffet line. Still panicked and feeling remorseful, I loaded up my plate with comfort food from the breakfast bar; sausage, biscuits and gravy, a pile of bacon, and scrambled eggs. I filled another plate with pancakes and waffles.

"Breakfast for dinner?" Alyssa asked, as I filled my tray.

"The last meal I ate was dinner Saturday night, before I started drinking," I confessed.

"Well after your night, I guess you need to replenish the protein," teased Alyssa.

"Har-har," I groaned, "I'm sore all over, to tell you the truth."

We finished with the line and paid for our meals. Alyssa had filled a large plate with salad from the salad bar, and a small plate of the banana pudding. Alyssa was a vegetarian, but wasn't a vocal evangelist for the lifestyle, though she did sniff her nose disapprovingly as I stuffed a slice of bacon in my mouth.

"Slow down, Jeremiah we aren't in any rush."

"That's true," I admitted.

Noticing her silent disdain for my choice of breakfast meats, I quickly scanned Alyssa's moral profile, noticing an area that rippled with activity, also with a cadre of willpower coming to attention. A mischievous thought passed through my mind.

"So, J, let me understand," Alyssa began, "You attended a party. Got drunk. Kissed a sexy blonde coed, and she took you to her room, fucked you senseless, introduced you to her roommate, whom you also fucked. Then as an encore they invited their sexy neighbor, whom you fucked as well."

"Yes," I admitted, chewing my bacon slowly, still monitoring.

"Why do you think it was your fault?" Alyssa asked, "Maybe they were just typical dorm sluts?"

"Well, for one thing Kelly was initially offended by me, before I kissed her and pushed down her moral wall." I offered.

While I was speaking, I slowly pushed the wall down in the area of Alyssa's active area that seemed to be offended by my delight of pork bellies. She nodded, and her eyes moved back to my pile of bacon slices, and sniffed again, this time enjoying the aroma.

"Okay, but maybe you're just a really good kisser?" Alyssa rationalized.

"Ha! I haven't had a steady girlfriend since high school! When did I practice enough to get good?" I admitted, still adjusting her moral section down.

"Beginner's luck, then?" She queried, and hand moving to my plate and touching a piece of bacon.

"Could be," I admitted, "but I still think it was something I did to them," her bacon wall was as low as the girls' entire graph by this time.

Alyssa inhaled again as she felt the greasy end of pork meat. She cocked her head, bit her bottom lip, then picked up the slice. With a fluid motion, she pulled the bacon off my plate, opened her mouth and took a bit off the end.

"Mmm, okay. I'm sorry but I just don't believe in this magical power!" She continued, as she savored the taste of the bacon, licking the grease off her lips.

"Then why are you eating my bacon?" I laughed.

"Because it tastes good!" she started, as I started pushing her bacon wall back up to its normal height.

Alyssa froze, then dropped the rest of the bacon to the table. Her dazzling blue eyes, widened then locked on mine with a sharp surprised look.

"Jeremiah James! You fix me right now!" she hissed lowly, looking around as if embarrassed to be caught eating bacon.

"Already adjusted, Aly," I confidently asserted, "I don't like to share my bacon."

Aly made a dramatic show of swishing a mouthful of water around in her mouth, before swallowing it. Then fixed me with a glare, which faded into astonishment, before sliding into fascinated interest.

"Oh wow, You DID do something to those girls," She admitted, "that is totally freaky!"

"I've figured out some control, I didn't change but a small part of your wall," I commented, analyzing my hasty experiment.

Alyssa looked at me, shock, sadness, then a rising anger passed through her dazzling blue eyes. Suddenly I felt like shit. I realized I'd done it again; played god with someone else's values, adjusting it as if it were a game. I blushed, lowered my head, and dropped the slice of bacon I was holding. I was suddenly not hungry at all.

"Oh, Aly, I'm so sorry!" I offered raising my eyes to hers. "That was wrong of me, I just wanted to prove my powers to you, but that was 100% the wrong way to do it."

Alyssa looked at me intensely, face red with anger. Seeing my obvious discomfort, and genuine concern in my eyes, her glare softened. She looked past me for a second, lost in thought. Then she opened her mouth, as if to say something. Then blinked as she worked on another thought and closed her mouth. The silence increased as she repeated the same motions a few times, as if solving a problem, starting to tell me, then realizing that wouldn't work, stopping and going back to the beginning.

Finally she looked at me, and said, "Yeah, you're fucked."

"Fuck me." I said softly, holding my head in my hands.

"I'd rather not, thank you," Alyssa replied.

I looked up at her as a smile was crossed her face, she caught my eye and winked.

"If I asked nicely?" I queried, the way a best friend would tease another.

"Jeremiah!" she gushed, in faux disgust, "You know I'm a lesbian!"

"I know that, Aly," I smiled, "and you also know I don't care," completing our familiar refrain.

She smiled back at me, reached over and grabbed my hands in hers. She leaned over the table and whispered in my ears.

"Don't worry, J, we'll figure something out, I've got your back, 100%"

I picked at what was left of my food, while Alyssa enjoyed her banana pudding. Each of use lost in our own thoughts. I was endlessly replaying the moments when I first kissed Kelly in the stairway, trying to understand what I was thinking. I really had no idea what I could do, and the results were disturbing. Physically, of course, part of me was amazed at the building orgy that resulted. However, each of the three girls left an imprint on me, and I wanted to make sure my hasty actions didn't ruin their lives. The problem was the girls I had met, really weren't the same as the girls I left. That confusing thought trapped me in the middle of a labyrinth of arousal, self-loathing, guilt, and fascination.


"Hello, earth to Jeremiah?" said Alyssa, waving her hand before my eyes, "We need to go home."

I snapped back to reality, and nodded, "Oh, right."

We stood and walked out to Alyssa's car. We got in and started driving back to our house both in our little bubbles. Suddenly Alyssa grabbed my hand.

"Super-Ego!" she said.

"Look," I responded, "I might be a little cocky, but I'm not overly egotistical."

"No. No." Allyssa answered, "The Super-Ego as in Frued!"

"Um. You lost me, Aly."

"It's like a little parent inside each of our brains, I think you've altered Kelly and..."

"Lexi," I helped.

"Yes, Lexi," Alyssa repeated, "You've altered their super-ego. I need to do some research to test my theory. Can you get any information about what they were like before you met them?"

"I can email Carmen," I started, then remembered, "Crap, I should have replied before we left. We've been gone a longer time than I expected."

"I'm sure she'll understand," Alyssa reassured me, as we pulled alongside our house.

"I'm not so sure," I remarked remembering the Latina's fiery disposition in the shower.

"Get out, I need to go to the library and check out some books," Alyssa explained, "Send Carmen an email to find out as much as you can about the last 48 hours their lives. It might help."

I got out, and was leaning down to say goodbye, when Alyssa put the car in gear and sped off to the library. I shook my head, and headed up to my room. I turned back on the computer, and logged into my campus email and saw the following list of unread items.

01. Sunday 19:03 From: carmart@...
Subj: Re: Asshole! + Fucker! + Creep! + Jerk!
02. Sunday 18:33 From: carmart@...
Subj: Re: Asshole! + Fucker! + Creep!
03. Sunday 17:58 From: carmart@...
Subj: Re: Asshole! + Fucker!
04. Sunday 17:24 From: carmart@...
Subj: Asshole!

I typed the command to read the latest one and inwardly cringed. I remembered Carmen's fierce eyes when she went into protective mode. I checked my watch as the screen updated, it was almost 7:30 p.m.

From: Carmen M.
To: Jeremiah
Subject: RE: Asshole! + Fucker! + Creep! + Jerk!

You sick fuck! I knew you'd fucking skip off. Are these emails even going anywhere? Nothing from you, Jeremiah! OR did you lie to Lexi when you told her your full name. I think J is short for JACKASS. You're nothing but a pool of crusty day old cum in the sodden front of white cotton underwear!

Fuck off and Die, with love Carmen. P.S. Kelly just squirted. Again. and ruined a THIRD set of sheets. I guess they'll sleep on mattresses. > Fucking hell! it's been an hour since I called you
> an asshole, and I've decided you really
> are some sick creeper that preys on young freshman.
> Fuck Damn Shit... you're a cunt J
> C
> P.S. Lexi's got the most fabulous tongue.
>Thank you for that much. Asshole.
>> Damn it, you fucking asshole, would it be too
>> much to have you answer a fucking email,
>> you devious jerkwad!
>> xo, Carmen.
>> P.S. love your cock, jerk
. >>> Hello? Asshole! Answer my email!
>>> I need some help with the pussy twins!
>>> xoxo Carmen.


I sighed, not sure whether to laugh or cry. I replied to the string of emails.

To: Carmen
From: Jeremiah
Subj: RE: Asshole! + Fucker! + Creep! + Jerk!

Chill out Carmen. I'm back, and I'm here.
What's up?

I typed the send commands, and went to pour myself a cup of coffee, figuring this might be a long night. I was bone tired, I still hadn't really slept since Friday night, and even then my team had to compete early that fateful Saturday morning. Then everything that happened in the last 24 hours had me on the brink of collapse.

I got back to my computer, and refreshed the email listing. Split between being relieved that Carmen replied and frightened to read the next screed. I hit the, 'R' key and read:

From: Carmen
To: Jeremiah
Subj: RE: Asshole! + Fucker! + Creep + Jerk! + Thank god!

Call me

She left her number in her email. It was long distance, but I hadn't been calling home that often, so I went out to the kitchen and used the phone that Alyssa and I shared to call Carmen.


Jeremiah: Carmen?

Carmen: Jeremiah?

Jeremiah: Yeah, what's up? Is everything okay?

Carmen: For the moment, yes. The Boinksey Twins are sleeping. Finally. I also wanted to make sure it was really you. I've kinda lost track of time since you left. Jeremiah: I'm sorry Carmen, I got your two emails, and saw that you had made it to the dining hall, so I left to eat dinner with a friend. I just got back.

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