tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 08

The Designer Ch. 08


Author's Note: Thank you for your votes and comments. Editing props again go out to sportychica334 who continues to be a great encouragement. This chapter continues the two different perspectives from the previous chapters, as Jeremiah and Carmen continue to try and figure out how to help Kelly and Lexi.

This is a work of fiction, all characters are over the age of 18.



I didn't let doubt creep into my mind again.

Well, until the morning. I woke up with my arms around Alyssa, her back against my torso. I was supremely happy, and had no doubts about the sudden turn in our relationship. I was troubled about Kelly and Lexi. I had changed them so drastically I couldn't let my mind rest. I disengaged myself from Alyssa, not wanting to disturb her slumber. I sat in my office chair and flipped on my computer. While it was booting, I swiveled around to look at Alyssa slumbering in my bed.

She was beautiful, angelic. Part of me wondered if I had been altered, so drastic were the changes in my feelings for her. Her face was always cute, now I saw only deep beauty. I wanted nothing more than to spend hours counting each light freckle dusted across her nose, her breathing slow, steady, and erotic. I felt myself stir, and would have given up my quest if not for the loud beep of my computer finally booting to a command prompt.

I resigned myself to my fate and turned to my screen, logging into my campus email account and read Carmen's latest email.


From: Carmen

To: Jeremiah

Subject: HELP

Jeremiah, I can't do this much longer. I need you to fix them, or fix me. I can't help myself. I try to be strong, but I end up just facilitating their sexual desires. They have barely eaten. They haven't gone to any of their classes. They almost killed another poor girl while I left them for class. She's alright, but I can't leave them alone anymore.

What can we do?!



I felt so much remorse. Carmen didn't ask for this, what could I do? The past few days I had learned a lot about my talent and even demonstrated some fine control with Alyssa in making delicate adjustments to her profile. I was a thousand miles away from Kelly, Lexi and Carmen; I could not do anything here.

"What's the matter, lover?" asked Alyssa, sitting up in bed.

"It's getting worse with the girls, and I can't figure out what to do." I complained to Alyssa.

She thought for a moment, then mused, "Let's go on a road trip, I'm done with classes this week, and you can blow off your P.E. class."

"We cannot drive a thousand miles!" I complained.

"Have them meet us halfway," Alyssa countered, "It might be good to get them away from their school, before they create much more of a stir."

"Not a bad idea," I agreed, reaching for my road atlas.

We poured over the maps, and found a town that was roughly halfway. We called a chain hotel that was in the area, and discovered the rates were within our combined budget. Alyssa was fairly well off, and so was doing alright. I'd be doing better in a month when I turned 21 and gained access to a trust fund from my grandfather.

I picked up my phone and called Carmen, with Alyssa listening.

Carmen: Halo, why are you calling so fucking early, J?

Jeremiah: Up for a road trip?

Carmen: What? Gimme a second.

I heard the phone drop to the ground, and heard footsteps, then the faint sound of a toilet flush, followed by returning footsteps. The phone rattled and I heard Carmen's voice again.

Carmen: Did you say road trip? Like in a car?

Jeremiah: Yeah, I know I can fix the girls, or at least make them better than they are now, but I can't drive all the way to where you are. I thought we could meet in the middle.

Carmen: Good thought, Romeo, if I had a car. I walk or ride my bike everywhere.

Jeremiah: Does Kelly or Lexi have a car.

Carmen: Let me check.

Again the phone dropped on the floor, and we heard fading footsteps. Then some muffled voices. More footsteps returned accompanied with excited voices, and giggles.

Carmen: You still there?

Jeremiah: Yeah, sounds like you have company.

Carmen: Yeah, it seems Kelly has a new SUV that daddy bought her, and they'd love to go on a road trip.

We heard clapping and excited yells. After the ruckus died down, I told Carmen the name of the hotel we were to meet. We both decided to try and get on the road that morning, and would hopefully meet at the hotel for dinner.

Alyssa kissed me on the cheek, then left to pack her bag. I packed a quick overnight bag, a couple pairs of jeans, tee-shirt, sweatshirt, a few pairs of underwear and socks. I tossed in my shave kit, and then scratched my head wondering what else I needed to bring. I wondered if packing was as easy for Carmen and her charges.

-------------- Carmen -------------

Days kept getting crazier. Not only was I still trying to control the libido twins, but now I had to herd them into Kelly's car. Would Kelly drive? What if she got turned on, and forgot about which lane she was in, did I really want to drive over 500 miles with Kelly and Lexi unfettered. I looked at my toy box, and decided to at least pack it in the back; at least it had a couple of pair of handcuffs, fur-lined, should I need to use restraints.

The girls were happily packing their bags, tossing in clothes because I told them they each have to have three good outfits or I would not go. They seemed to behave better if I treated them like 8 year olds. Amazingly, they had slept last night after taking their showers. The smell of sex still lingered in our dorm rooms, but it had definitely abated.

Recalling last night, I had walked Jenn back to her dorm room. She had a shell shocked look in her eyes, but was smiling about it by the time we got to her dorm. I hoped she'd be okay, and more than anything I hoped she would stay quiet about how sex-crazed Lexi and Kelly had become. If all went well, and Jeremiah could pull off a miracle, things would be different when we got back to school.

I packed my clothes, and went to the bathroom to pack my overnight bag. Looking through the shelves I saw a bottle of Dramamine. Smiling I took the bottle and shook it; sounded like it had a few pills left. A good dose of the anti-motion sickness drug might knock the girls out long enough to get most of the way to the hotel. I slid the slim bottle into the pocket of my jeans and finished packing.

"We're ready, Carmen!" Kelly said as she and Lexi walked back into my room.

They looked actually decent, tight jeans and college sweatshirt covered their bodies. The full night of rest had refreshed their drawn faces. Clean and ready for an adventure, I couldn't help but smile at their restless enthusiasm.

"Did you bring your running shoes?" I asked Lexi, "Maybe we can get a run in on Saturday morning"

She nodded, and it made me glad that she still remembered much of her normal routine. Her sexual antics had precluded her normal training, and that worried me. I hoped whatever Jeremiah had planned would work.

"Then let's hit the road!" I said.

"Yippee!" they shouted.

"I think I should drive, Kelly," I offered, hoping she wouldn't mind.

"I'd like that, Carmen," Kelly said yawning, "I think I want to sleep a bit more."

So we went down and piled into Kelly's black SUV. I got the girls situated in the back, giving them both a motion-sickness pill and a thermos of water. They drank it down without question. We left the parking lot, stopped at a fast food place to grab greasy breakfast and were on the road before 9:30 a.m. without any incident.

------------- Jeremiah --------------

Alyssa met me in the hall that joined our two rooms. She was dressed in comfortable jeans and an oversized sweatshirt, perfect for a day long drive in the car. I greeted her with a hug, that she returned melting into my body.

"You sure you want to drive all day with me in the car?" I asked

"I can't think of a better person to spend the day with," she replied smiling up at me and giving me a soft kiss.

"We'd better get a move on, lots of road between here and there," I shared while grabbing her bag, "Want to grab breakfast?"

"Sure," she agreed, wrapping her fingers around my elbow as I carried both our bags down to her car.

I put the bags in the back and slipped into the passenger seat. We drove through a fast food place, grabbing coffee and food. Then I paid to fill up her tank with gas. We drove past the city limits sign just after 9AM and settled into our seats. I looked through my map book, and navigated as we wound through the nearby highways to the interstate.

I was also a little concerned. In a few hours I'd be sharing a hotel with four women who I had been intimate with in under a week. I looked over at Alyssa, who had her hair pulled into a loose bun, a pencil stabbed through the knot as she watched the road. I certainly didn't want to hurt her, but I also knew I had developed some protective feelings for Kelly and Alexis. I also maintained a bit of a crush on their sexy, unfiltered neighbor Carmen. I worried that the collision of all four of the females in one place would hurt someone's feelings.

"So," I started softly, "Um, isn't it a bit weird, that you and I are driving to meet up with my random hook-ups from last weekend?"

"Jeremiah," Alyssa replied with a comforting smile in my direction, "this whole situation is weird. Yesterday I was a lesbian. That I have a strong feeling to find a empty parking lot and have my way with you is weird all by itself."

"Do you think you'll be jealous of the other girls," I asked honestly, "Now that we're together? I don't want you to get hurt."

I reached over and held her hand that was resting on the gearshift between us. She lifted the back of my hand to her lips. She lightly kissed my hand, before return her hand to the gearshift.

"J, I trust you beyond words," Alyssa explained, "You are an honest, caring, sensitive man. You messed up, but you're willing to make things right. You've accepted responsibility for your mistake. That's all part of why I adore you."

"Okay, Aly," I blushed, "Thank you. What if I can't fix them? What if I need to spend more than just a weekend trying to sort out the damage I did. Would you start to resent the time I spent with them?"

Alyssa thought for a moment, before turning to look over at me; her eyes thoughtful and serious. I was filled with a sense of hope and dread. My thoughts were weird as I tried to process the different scenarios in my head.

"Jeremiah Jackson, I don't think you fully appreciate what you can do." Alyssa said quietly.

"What do you mean?" I asked, somewhat dreading her answer.

"You have shown me that I can enjoy bacon, you've changed me to fully embrace a heterosexual relationship with you, my best friend," Alyssa confessed, "Don't you see that you can overcome any emotional hang-ups that I might have, or Kelly, or Lexi, or Carmen?"

I was silent; the concept of being able to adjust people to be happy in their situation was mind-blowing. I wasn't at all comfortable with playing god with people's value systems. Especially someone I loved and cared about, like Alyssa. I also knew I wasn't really comfortable with adjusting people I hardly knew like the three girls on a collision course with us in about seven hours.

"Look," Alyssa continued, "I understand you are not comfortable with using your powers. That is why I trust you to use them wisely, now that you know you have them. I don't think you realize how conflicted I was about you, prior to your experiment last night."

"Conflicted?" I asked "We were best friends."

"We ARE best friends, silly," Alyssa smiled at me, "I also struggled with wanting more, but that was in conflict of who I thought I was, a lesbian. I couldn't see myself in a physical relationship with a man, even if emotionally I knew we made a great pair. I remember being torn over that; it was irreconcilable to try to make both desires possible. You, Jeremiah, fixed that struggle inside of me."

"What's the cost thought, Aly?" I stammered, "Are you still you? Or some perverted new you?"

"I feel like me, my emotions and desires don't feel any different than yesterday," Alyssa explained patiently, "The only thing that's missing is the under the surface conflict. I actually feel at peace, holding your hand. It feels normal to want to kiss your lips."

She checked the road ahead of us, and seeing it clear of traffic, leaned over to kiss me. Her tender kiss quieted my troubled soul. There was no doubting that she was fully involved in the kiss. As she pulled back, she looked at me steadily.

"You're fix was a blessing, Jeremiah," Alyssa said compassionately, "Don't ever doubt that."

"I hope you still feel that way after meeting my other experiments," I said with a smile.

I settled into my seat and leaned against the window. I watched the road fly past, lost in my thoughts, before I slipped off into dreamland.

--------------- Carmen -----------

I was lost in thought as I sped down the highway. The girls were slumped together, sleeping in a drug induced coma thanks to the drowsiness of the anti-motion sickness medicine. Kelly's SUV was an easy car to drive, as I effortlessly weaved through the sparse traffic along the highway. I finally had some quiet time to process my emotions from the last few turbulent days.

First I thought of Jeremiah. I don't quite know why I had such strong feelings for the guy. In our few short hours together, my emotions ran from unbridled lust, passionate anger, compassionate understanding and finally a willingness to help my roommates. The man was good in the sack, but that wasn't my only feelings towards him. Through emails and phone calls, I understood that he had a strong character. I knew he felt a loyalty to not only myself, but my favorite bitches in the backseat.

That was so different than most boys I dated. I call them boys because they lacked the character that Jeremiah showed. Jeremiah did a silly foolish thing, but he was man enough to admit his mistake and find a way to fix it. If he could fix it.

I looked in the rear-view mirror at the peaceful faces of Kelly and Lexi. Lexi had quickly been my friend. She accepted me as I was, didn't cast judgment and only wanted to be friends with me. I loved her before the changes Jeremiah inflicted on her. I loved her even more since, she was still Lexi, but sort of like Lexi unleashed. I was protective of her wanting her to stay innocent. I also understood that while I was uncomfortable with the drastic changes in her, she seemed totally happy with how she was.

Kelly was more of a mystery. I didn't like her the first time I met her, mostly because I felt a little guilty that my loud lovemaking was making her uncomfortable. She didn't judge me though, she only asked me to be more polite. I was the one judging my behavior. Even before the change, Kelly was a good person. After the change, I got a taste of my own medicine, listening to Kelly climax explosively and often in the days since Jeremiah left. I had a chance to understand how she might have felt about me. I also noticed that even though her behavior had radically changed, she was happy within her own skin. Something that I often had problems with, as I tried to reconcile my sexual desires with normal social living. The girls didn't seem to have any hang-ups about that. That worried me, and it also excited me.

Jeremiah told me he hadn't changed me. I trusted that he did not see the need. I willingly joined into the orgasmic tryst with the girls. I actively sought out another good fuck from him before he left. Deep inside me, however, I hoped that Jeremiah could help me. If I could be as seemingly happy as the two new nymphomaniacs, then I'd be fine with him using his powers on me.

--------------------- Jeremiah ----------------------

We had made good time, and stopped for lunch at a taco stand along the highway. Aly had vegetarian fajitas, while I enjoyed a steak chimichanga. After eating, we switched places; it was my turn to drive the rest of the way to the hotel.

I wondered what kind of progress the girls were making. I had some devilish thoughts as I remembered Kelly's voluptuous body, and Lexi's lithe, flexible frame. Thinking of the sinfully sexy Carmen, with her fiery temperament also had an effect on the way blood flowed through my body. The thought of Kelly and Lexi, trapped in a car for 6 hours, while being so free with their sexuality had naughty images flying through my brain as I drove down the highway.

Alyssa noticed the results of my imagination, reaching across the seat and settling her hand in my lap. Her fingers traced the outline of my hardening erection. She looked up at me, her eyes catching mine as she looked over the top of her glasses at me.

"What ARE you thinking about, Jeremiah?" Alyssa teased stroking my hard on.

"I was thinking about what Kelly and Lexi might be doing trapped in that car," I answered honestly, "If my dirty thoughts are close, I think they might drive Carmen crazy."

Alyssa bit her lip, as her fingers kept manipulating my organ through my jeans, "You think so?"

"From Carmen's emails," I explained, "it seems they can't help touching each other, in all the right places."

"I can understand the feeling," Alyssa snickered; her fingers moved and started popping the buttons of my fly open.

"What!" I stammered, not expecting her to be so bold, "I'm driving!"

Alyssa looked around, "There isn't anyone on the road, just drive straight, Jeremiah."

I gulped and nodded two hands on the wheel. I moaned as she pulled my fly open and slid her hand inside the fly of my boxers. Her fingers made contact with my shaft, and fished it through the cotton releasing it from the confines of my pants. She looked up at me, and leaned over. Her hand slid inside my fly and cupped my balls, as her mouth made contact with the head of my penis.

"Fuck," I breathed softly, "You can keep doing that, forever"

She giggled as she opened her mouth. Her tongue slid around the crown of my knob, coating it with her slippery saliva. Then she lowered her mouth over my cock, and started bobbing her head. Her fingertips drummed against my scrotum as she took me deep in her mouth. Her mouth sucked hard as she pulled up, an audible pop as she lost contact with my engorged head.

She rose up to kiss me on the lips. Her kiss was quick, shifting back in her seat unbuttoning her own jeans. She shoved her jeans and panties down to the floorboards. She looked over at me as she ran her fingers up and down her sex. Her eyes smoldering in passion as she shifted in her seat. She knelt on all fours in the cramped passenger seat. She extended sinuously, lowering her mouth back over my engorged cock. I could see her hips moving up and down as her fingers played with her pussy. Her mouth keeping time going up and down my cock.

"Wow," I said unsteadily, fixing my eyes on the road.

I concentrated on keeping the car straight, both hands on the wheel. though I had to lift my elbows to give my lover room to give me a blow job while we sped along at over 60 miles per hour. I pressed the button for cruise control, making sure our speed was not too excessive. With cruise control engaged, I swiveled slightly, spreading my legs to give Alyssa more access, while keeping one foot near the brake pedal.

My moans and groans were keeping time with Alyssa's slurps and grunts. My hips lifting into her deep sucking nods. Her hips moved faster, as she moaned her desire around my shaft. The reverberations of her sounds along my cock only heightened my arousal. Her fingers cupped my balls, and I'm sure she felt them tighten up against my pelvis. She pulled her head back, keeping my head inside her lips as she sucked.

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