tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 10

The Designer Ch. 10


Alyssa met me at the door of the restaurant, embracing me with a hug.

"It's your favorite, J," she smiled, "breakfast served 24 hours a day, including bacon."

I laughed and hugged her. Enjoying a close hug with just Alyssa. I was still pleasantly surprised how well we worked together to help Carmen.

"Where are the others?" I asked.

"They went with the waitress to our table. I volunteered to wait for you," Alyssa explained, "I wanted to ask you a question."

"Ask away," I smiled.

"I really enjoyed helping Carmen," Alyssa explained, "I wanted to make sure you were okay with my help."

"Of course!" I said, "Aly, I would be lost in all this without you. Your theories of what I can do help me to understand it better. You know all this head shrinking stuff, I'm just a programmer. Logic I understand. Brains, especially female brains, get me confused."

"I think you know us better than you think," Alyssa said, rising up to kiss me on the lips.

I kissed her back, but felt my stomach rumble.

"Let's go order." I said.

"Okay, but I think we should concentrate on Lexi next," Alyssa said, as she led me through the diner.

"Can't it wait until after dinner?" I whined, a bit tired and drained.

"Dessert is for after dinner," Alyssa said with a wink, "We need to make some progress before playtime, make some adjustments and see how Lexi is in the morning."

"She and Carmen are close friends," I mused, "They usually go running on Saturdays according to Carmen's email, maybe they'll resume that routine in the morning."

"That's a good goal," Alyssa said conspiratorially as we arrived at the table.

The Carmen was sitting between Kelly and Alexis on one side of a round table. Alyssa sat next to Lexi, and I slipped into my seat between Alyssa and Kelly. I picked up the menu to look at it, and immediately felt two hands move up and down my thigh. One belonged to Kelly, and was a bit more aggressive than Alyssa's more comforting caresses. I must have shown a bit of concern, because Carmen started laughing.

"See J?" Carmen teased, "See what I've had to put up with for the last week."

I smiled at her and noticed that Kelly's other hand wasn't on the table either, but spread out towards Carmen's lap. Lexi's hands were making similar motions with Carmen and Alyssa.

"Okay, this is a bit out of hand," I mumbled.

I slid my hand under the table and held Kelly's hand, touching it gently. Then I concentrated my will on her sexual section, and pulled it up from the very low setting to a more normal healthy level. Kelly smiled at me, as she slid her hand into mine.

"I'm glad you're here, Jay," she said, then let go of my hand and used two hands to pick up the menu.

I saw Carmen squirm a bit, and noticed Alyssa blush as she wriggled next to me. I reached across Alyssa's lap, and touched Lexi's hand. I adjusted her sexual graph as I pulled her hand from between Alyssa's lega. She lifted her head up and smiled up at me.

"I'm glad to be here with all four of you lovely ladies," I said as I looked at each of my partners.

With their libidos reset to a more normal range we all read through our menus without disturbance. It would be interesting to see what they ordered. If Alyssa was right about the girls, they'd order sweet and fatty items, seeking the easy, tasty treat. Sure enough, Kelly and Lexi ordered sugary pancakes and waffles, while Alyssa ordered a salad, and Carmen ordered a burger. I ordered steak and eggs, with a side of bacon. I caught Alyssa's eyes as I ordered the bacon, and winked at her. She blushed and just shook her head.

While we were waiting for our orders to arrive, Alyssa started to question Lexi. I listened carefully, while I scanned across Lexi's moral profile.

"So, Alexis," Alyssa started, "What did you do in high school?"

"Oh, please, call me Lexi," Alexis replied, "It's odd for my friends to use my full name. I ran cross-country and track, mostly longer distances. I loved mathematics and science classes too."

"I'm a big science nerd," Alyssa confessed, "but I'm no runner. How much do you run?"

"I usually run about 20-25 miles a week," Lexi stated, "seven or eight miles every other day. This last week I've hardly ran. I've, uh, been busy with other activities."

Lexi blushed as she raised her eyes to Kelly and Carmen, who only returned their own bashful smiles. She caught my eye as well, and her dazzling smile made me smile in return.

"Well, you probably deserved the rest," Alyssa comforted, "I can't imagine running a mile, let alone seven!"

"I need to get back at it," Lexi confessed, "Carmen told me to bring my running gear, so maybe we can go for a run in the morning Carmen?"

"I'd love to Lexi," Carmen said, "I need to burn off some excess energy."

"Lexi's going to try to walk onto the college cross-country team in the fall," Carmen bragged to Alyssa.

"That's a great goal," Alyssa said.

I noticed where the activity along Lexi's moral profile was happening. I felt Alyssa squeeze my thigh. Understanding without words, I modified Lexi's running section. Our experiments had a few questions focused on physical fitness, and I remembered roughly the way the more athletic subjects moral profiles were shaped. I pushed hard from across the table, but the moral shape was only changing slowly. I reached my hand out to Alexis.

"I hope you make the team," I said, "I used to love cross-country in high school."

"Actually your school has a great cross-country team," Lexi offered taking my hand, "I've considered before looking to transfer to be a part of a better team."

I pushed and her walls responded much easier with our physical touch. She smiled at me while I made the adjustment, almost faithfully accepting that I was fixing her waning dedication to her sport.

"Really," I asked, "you'd transfer to my school?"

"Seems I have a good reason to," Lexi flirted, then smiled at Alyssa, "Now that I have friends there."

I was a bit uncertain about having Lexi so close, but I was also enjoyed toying with the idea. She was a fun person to be around. I'd only known the Lexi I had modified, but Carmen's emails showed her to be a good honest and loyal friend.

"Well as an ambassador for our school," I spoke playfully, "and for the good of our cross-country team, I encourage you to transfer."

"I'd like that too," Alyssa said brightly, which took me a bit by surprise.

Carmen looked across at me, "You know, your school has great connections to the dance studios in Portland."

"Oh, that's right," Alyssa parried, "You are a dance major, what type of dance are you interested in?"

"Modern mostly," Carmen started, "Though I love all types, from ballet to hip-hop, I love to be on the stage."

"Yeah, I can see that!" I laughed.

Kelly slid over next to me, and slid her hand into mine. I accepted her hand, and looked over at her. She looked up at me her blue eyes a bit saddened and brimmed with tears.

"What's the matter, Kelly?" I asked.

"It's sounding like you are stealing my best friends," Kelly stammered, "After I have started to love them so much."

She bent her head, and started to sob. Carmen looked at me shocked, it was the first time any of us had seen either of the girls show anything more than happiness. I scanned her moral curve, and saw a section bustling with activity. It was near the relationship section which, for Kelly had grown a bit since my first adjustment. She must have developed strong feelings for both Lexi and Carmen. I could understand why she felt sad about the talk of moving schools.

"Oh, Kel, I wouldn't move to State, without you!" Lexi soothed, moving behind Kelly and hugging her close.

"What are you studying," I asked, "I'm sure State has something for you."

I realized I hardly knew anything about Kelly. She was stunningly beautiful, and thanks to my adjustments a wonderful sex partner. I didn't know any of her interests. Carmen's emails focused more on Lexi.Kelly and Carmen's relationship was cooler before last weekend, because of Carmen's overly sexual persona was a conflict with Kelly. My adjustment tore that wall down, but what Kelly was really like, I didn't know.

"She's studying Business," Lexi offered.

"What type of business?" I asked, trying to be helpful.

Kelly sniffled, and lifted her head to look at me, "I'd really like to get into the hospitality business, hotels, restaurants, you know."

"Oh, State has a great hotel and restaurant management program," Alyssa offered, "I'm sure you could transfer without any problems."

I was a bit shocked. I started this weekend with the idea that this would be the last time I'd see Kelly, Lexi and Carmen. Suddenly, my new (previously lesbian) girlfriend was inviting the three beautiful coeds to transfer schools to be with me. I really didn't even know what to think. Luckily the waitress arrived with our food. We all started eating, and the conversation died down. I was lost in thought as the conversation started back up. The four girls started talking, and making plans like they were old friends.

I forced myself to relax, and scanned the four girls. I noticed they were all active in the same area of their graph.

"This must be where the female bonding thing happens," I thought to myself.

As the spoke, and learned more about each other, their moral profiles began to construct a healthy boundary in the relationship area of the graph. I wondered to myself what my moral profile looked like, was I also building my relationship graph, and attaching myself to all of these women? I listened as they talked, discovering more about each woman.

Kelly's family owned a small but exclusive Bed & Breakfast on the coast, her parents were also very successful business professionals. They treated their property as a hobby, and wanted their only daughter to pursue a similar career. Kelly understood business, and had a keen easy charisma and personality. She wanted to use her natural ability to make people feel welcome, but her parents resisted a career solely in hospitality.

Lexi loved being active, and running was one of several athletic activities she enjoyed. She loved being outdoors, and enjoyed rock climbing, canoeing, and a host of aquatic sports. She was studying general science, but was interested in biology, and thought she might try to make a career as a physical therapist. She thought that would be the best mix of her passions.

Carmen really very serious about dance. She loved all types and styles. I knew her body flowed in such a smooth natural rhythm. I could see her becoming a very good dancer. I remembered our quick sexual encounter in the hotel room, as she laughed loudly and started to get aroused again. Her whole being was brimming with sexual energy, and the thought of seeing her on stage... I knew she would be a star.

Alyssa, whose story and background I was already familiar with, appeared to be so happy learning about these girls. She easily related to each of them, and because she was a few years older than each of them, she took on a mentoring role in the conversation. I knew she was applying her knowledge of psychology to the puzzles of the girls, but her interactions were so natural, I could see her being a wonderful counselor. She was always willing to help people.

I leaned back and stretched smiling. I found myself becoming more enamoured with the group of girls. Three of them so randomly thrust into my life but seemingly so comfortable being together with me included. Though I was quiet, they continued to engage with me. Their eyes seeking mine, hands touching mine. Smiling at me, laughing with me, I felt very much at home. After dinner had been cleared, Alyssa took my hand and gave it a squeeze and leaned towards me.

"Pay attention now," She whispered, "A few little adjustments might be needed with Lexi."

I nodded in return, understanding her intention. Alyssa redirected the conversation towards Alyssa, while I started scanning. She used the same type of questions that she developed for our experiments, to discover how Lexi processed some of the moral quandaries that we had quizzed our subjects on. I scanned Lexi's profile and made small adjustments to raise the parts of the graph that I'd destroyed in our first meeting. I was impressed with how well Alyssa led the discussion, though part of me was uneasy that I was meddling too much. Outwardly, Lexi didn't show much change. Her engaging personality shone through all the questions.

The whole process took about 15 minutes, and Kelly and Carmen listened carefully. As the conversation continued to focus on Lexi, Kelly become more distracted and her hand returned to my thigh. When I glanced in her direction I saw Carmen was leaning against Kelly's neck whispering in her ear. Kelly was blushing and her hand moved up my thigh. I tried to split my attention between Lexi and the two beautiful flirty women on my left, but it was a fools game. I was getting too aroused to be much more help to Lexi.

"I think we should head back to our room," I said when a break in the conversation ebbed.

"Me too," said Carmen as she turned towards Kelly one of her hands under the table.

"Yesss, please," cooed Kelly as she squirmed next to me.

I wondered what Carmen was doing to Kelly under the table.

Alyssa smiled at me, and turned and squeezed Lexi's hand.

"I think that's a great idea," Aly said standing up.

I had already settled the check, so there was nothing left to do but leave the restaurant and head back to the hotel. We all linked arms as we walked across the parking lot. I felt better than I had in weeks, finally putting aside my worried remorse over what had happened last weekend. I was looking forward to exploring more of our budding relationship in our suites.

I entered the lobby and noticed Becky at the front desk, with a new person I hadn't seen before. I decided to swing by and greet Becky, and see if she was still as curious as she was earlier in the day. Carmen grasped my arm and walked with me as I headed to greet the charming hostess.

"Jeremiah," she warned, "what are you doing, you crazy man?"

Alyssa linked arms with Lexi and Kelly and headed to the elevators.

"I'm just saying, 'Hello,' Carmen, don't worry," I said, then to Alyssa, "Hold the elevator! I'll just be a minute."

I looked at she nodded to me with a trusting smile. I looked to the front desk, and Becky smiled as she looked up at me and Carmen. The younger man beside her was busy at the check-in computer system, so Becky waved us over to the counter a few steps away.

"Becky, I want you to meet Carmen," I said smiling.

"Hello, Becky," Carmen said flirtily, "I'm sorry I was such a bitch earlier."

"Oh, please!" Becky said eyes gleaming with a bright smile, "Traveling can make us all a bit off."

I absently scanned Becky, just for practice, and noticed that her sexual graph was sparking with activity as she spoke with Carmen.

"Maybe there is something Carmen can do to make it up to you," I offered casually.

Carmen looked at me oddly, and I winked at her.

"Actually, I'm just getting off shift in a few minutes," Becky began, "What did you have in mind?"

"Well if you can stop by our suites," I flirted, "I'm sure Carmen will figure something out."

Becky's eyes met Carmen's and I could see her pupils dilate in attraction. Carmen squirmed slightly as she let her eyes drop a bit and really examine Becky's attractive body. Carmen reached behind me and pinched my ass.

"I think I'd love to make it up to you," Carmen agreed, winking.

Becky was left speechless, and Carmen grabbed me by my elbow and steered me to the waiting elevator.

"I'll, uh ... okay!" Becky finally stammered as we left the front desk area.

"Jeremiah," Carmen whispered to me, "did you do anything to that poor girl?"

"No, Carmen, I only observed that she was more interested in you, than in me," I reported.

"Oh, thank god!" Carmen smiled, squeezing my arm.

"I thought you'd like a little gift, for all your hard work," I laughed as we joined the other three in the elevator.

"What's that?" Alyssa asked.

"Oh, remember Becky at the front desk?" I said, "She's coming up in a few to visit with Carmen."

"Really?" Alyssa breathed, "She was very attractive."

Lexi and Kelly were too busy kissing in the corner of the elevator to take part in the conversation. Carmen and Alyssa grinned at each other, while I took Alyssa's hand in mine. We waited together as the elevator rose, and I could feel the sexual tension start to rise as we passed each floor. Kelly was busy trying to get Lexi's sweatshirt off when the elevator stopped and we all exited onto our floor.

I opened the door to Carmen's room, and watched as the stream of horny women walked inside. I walked in, and flipped the door lock to keep the door from closing all the way. I was betting we would have a sixth body in a few minutes. While Lexi and Kelly undressed each other, I understood they still shared a strong sexual bond. Carmen wrapped Alyssa in a close hug.

"I never said I was sorry," Carmen said softly.

"For what?" Alyssa asked, leaning back and combing a stray lock of Carmen's hair behind her ear.

"For stealing away your boyfriend for a quick fuck," Carmen smiled.

"Think nothing of it," Alyssa answered leaning forward to kiss Carmen's lips, "He's a pretty good lay."

I laughed, and enjoyed the view. Lexi laid Kelly on the bed, then knelt between her splayed legs and kissed her pussy lips. Alyssa started to pull Carmen's clothes off, and Carmen was pushing down Alyssa's traveling yoga pants. I stayed fully dressed, and decided to watch and save my strength, the night was still young.

Watching Alyssa undress Carmen was so erotic. Alyssa allowed Carmen to peel off her yoga pants. Then as she stepped out of them, she stood in front of Carmen with just her panties on and held her fingers to Carmen's lips.

"Hold still, Carmen," Alyssa instructed, "let me undress you."

Carmen's eyes widened, and she suddenly was very self-conscious. I could see a faint blush color her skin dusky skin. Alyssa lowered herself to her knees and lifted her hands to Carmen's waist. Looking up at the squirming Latina, she leaned in, lifted Carmen's shirt, and planted a soft kiss on Carmen's flat stomach. Her fingers pulled open the button at the top of Carmen's jeans, and slowly lowered the zipper. Alyssa slowly kissed each new section of skin that was exposed, then slowly lowered the loose denim to the floor. Carmen stepped out of the jeans and exhaled softly, closing her eyes to hold off her impatience.

I heard a soft knock on the door, and stood to open it. Becky was outside, and she smiled up at me. Her eyes looked me up and down, and tried to look past me into the room. I leaned against the frame and smiled back at her.

"Are you sure you want to come in?" I asked seriously.

"Yes, J," she affirmed, "ever since I saw all those beautiful sexy girls smiling with you, I've been curious what is your secret.

"You won't get in trouble with the hotel?" I asked again, not wanting to get Becky in trouble.

"Jerry is cool, I've covered for him before," Becky assured me.

I opened the door and let her walk past me. She stopped a few steps into the suite, and I closed the door behind her, this time putting out the Do Not Disturb sign, and locking the latch. I stepped up behind Becky, as she stood watching Alyssa slowly pulling Carmen's shirt up, drawing it out with small kisses of Carmen's caramel colored skin.

"She's unwrapping your present," I whispered in Becky's ear, "Can I unwrap you for her?"

"Oh, yes..." she uttered captivated.

I stood behind her, and unzipped the side of her uniform skirt, pushing it down to pool at her feet. Becky took a step forward out of the bundle, and I reached around her an unbuttoned her blouse. I could feel the heat of her body as I undid each button. I felt her nipples harden under my forearms as I undid the middle buttons. I left the bottom button secured and pulled the top back over her shoulders and down over her body. When the blouse settled against her bare toes, Becky took another step forward.

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