tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 11

The Designer Ch. 11


I am not sure how long I dozed to the soft touches of Lexi and Alyssa. I do know I woke up to wonderful sensations centered on my phallus and my nipples. I shook my head to lose the cobwebs, and tilted my head down to see Alyssa's blue eyes looking up at me from my chest.

"There you are," Aly smiled, "Lexi and I were afraid you were out for the night."

"Just resting, love," I expressed.

"I hope you indulged in enough rest for one more round," Alyssa teased.

I looked past her to where Lexi was giving me a luscious blowjob. My cock seemed to be reviving again. Lexi looked up at me as she ran her small hand up and down my erection.

"I want to watch you fuck, Aly," Lexi said bawdily.

"Who am I to refuse two lovely ladies?" I asked and started to sit up.

"No," Aly said, pressing down on my chest, "Let us do the work this time."

I lay back on the bed, and tucked my hands behind my head. I tried to appear nonchalant about the situation, but inside I was still amazed. I recalled the erotic scenes that I had just engaged in. First fucking Lexi while she licked Alyssa to orgasm. Then I stumbled into our adjoining room and invited myself to the threesome of ladies frolicking. I fucked Becky, the desk clerk of the hotel we were staying at, while she licked Kelly, whilst Kelly was mouth fucking Carmen. Our orgasmic climax still echoed in my mind's eye.

My eyes flickered back to the present, as Alyssa rose to her knees and lifted one of her legs over my abdomen. She settled in over me and leaned down, kissing me deeply on the mouth. I felt her soft breasts pressing into my chest, her hard nipples like marbles rolling on my skin. The grip on my cock tightened, as Lexi moved my erection towards Alyssa's pert bottom. Alyssa rocked back, and I felt the knob of my cockhead nestle between her inflamed, slick lips. Lexi's fingers slid down my shaft and cupped my heavy balls as Alyssa slid herself down.

When she impaled herself on me completely, she pushed off my chest. Lifting her hands to her breasts, she cupped her tits, and wrapped a thumb under each hard nipple. Wrapping her fingers around the tips she pulled erotically. She wriggled her hips, seating my cock in her cunt, and then started a rippling slow ride.

As I looked up at Alyssa, I saw Lexi's red hair appear from behind her. She wrapped her arms around Alyssa's waist and leaning her mouth to the nape of Alyssa's neck, kissed her sensuously. Alyssa closed her eyes as her head rocked back in passion. Lexi lifted her eyes to mine as I watched her suck on Alyssa's exposed neck. I unconsciously licked my lips as I watched Alyssa turn her head, and kiss Lexi's cheek. Lexi turned her head and locked lips with Alyssa engaging in a deep soulful kiss. Alyssa's gyrations on my cock were like a velvety grip, rocking up and down, while small circles of her hips twisted my shaft in her molten tube.

Alyssa lowered her hands to my chest, supporting herself as she concentrated her movements into riding my cock. I lifted my hands to her heavy breasts, only to find I had to adjust to a second pair of hands. Lexi had her fingers pressed into the tender tit flesh. I grabbed Lexi's hand and pulled it away, then continued to pull. She twisted around Alyssa's undulating body and lay on the bed next to me. I kissed her mouth, sliding my tongue between her open mouth. She moaned softly as she slid her tongue into my mouth.

"I want to taste you again," I moaned into Lexi's ear when our lips parted.

She smiled, her green eyes wide with passion, and crawled up the side of me. Alyssa rose up still impaled on my cock, and licked her lips as she watched Lexi lift her leg over my head. I curled my hands around Lexi's thighs as she lowered her twat over my mouth. My tongue extended from my lips and lapped along Lexi's extended inner labia flush with excitement. I tasted the remnants of our earlier copulation; my spunk mixed with her tangy juice was delicious. I hungrily covered her mound with my lips and sucked deeply, extending my tongue deep into her slit.

From between Lexi's muscular thighs, my view from above was limited. In my mind I imagined Lexi leaning forward to kiss Alyssa as she rose and fell on my cock. I dreamed of watching their pillowy breast press together as they embraced above me. I lifted my hips, encouraging an increase in the speed of Aly's thrusts. I eagerly lapped and cleaned every crevice of Lexi's cleft. I used my hands to pull her pussy tight to my mouth and was rewarded with a delicious rubbing as she worked her pussy onto my face.

Lexi's sweet juices soon were flowing freely from her excited slit. Lapping her moisture like a kitten I swallowed small mouthfuls. Her moisture collected on my cheeks and chin as I my tongue found her hard button. She squealed as I lapped her clit my nose pressed between her heated lips. Alyssa lowered her hands to my hips supporting her as she rapidly rode my cock. I could feel my balls begin to tighten, and used my body to ride the wave of ecstasy and transfer the lusty passion to my bedmates.

Our bodies quivered and the voices of the girls above me rose loudly. Moaning as our ministrations reached a crescendo of passion. I felt Alyssa slam her pussy down on to me, then grip my cock hard. Vibrations from her orgasm rippled along my shaft, coaxing my own ejaculation. I lifted my hips as I poured ropes of cum deep into her womb. Lexi's hips went into overdrive, as I held my tongue to her hard clit, and with a final thrust, she stilled and a gush of her fluid poured down my face. I moved my mouth down to her flowing slit and drank from the lusty well.

Lexi fell to one side of me, then curled around snakelike to rest against my side. Alyssa rose off me, releasing my spent cock to flop against my belly and laid on my other side. Their breaths coming in gasps as they recovered, my chest rose and fell as if completing a marathon. I drunkenly rose up and pulled the sheets over us, then turned and nuzzled into Alyssa. Lexi wrapped her arms around me, spooning me from behind. As our breathing slowed, we all dozed then slept.

*beep beep* *beep beep*

I awoke to the sound of Lexi's alarm. She lifted her arm that was draped across my chest, and turned off the beeping, then stretched and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Time to get a run in," Lexi sighed, "I wonder if Carmen is awake."

"What time is it?" I asked softly, not wanting to wake up Alyssa on my other side.

"6:30 a.m." said Lexi sitting on the edge of the bed, "I love to run just as the sun is rising, it's so beautiful."

"Come back to bed, Lexi," I offered, "It's way too early!"

"Jeremiah," she soothed, leaning over and kissing me lightly on the lips, "I need to do this, and I'm beginning to feel guilty for letting my training go. I know we'll have time later."

"Okay, Lex," I agreed, happy that my adjustments last night were taking hold, "have fun."

I heard her walk into the other room, and some complaining from Carmen, and more rustling. My bladder was indicating it needed some relief, so I quietly withdrew from Alyssa. Sliding off the bed carefully, I walked towards the bathroom. I looked into the other suite on my way.

Lexi had her thermal running tights on, and was pulling on a tight long sleeved jersey. Carmen pulling on some baggy sweatpants and looking around for her sweatshirt that Alyssa had stripped from her last night. Past the two dressing runners on the bed, Kelly was fast asleep, while Becky was awake and looking at her watch. Lexi and Carmen sat on the edge of the bed slipping on their running shoes as I leaned against the doorway adjoining our rooms.

"I don't see why we can't run later," Carmen was complaining, "It'll be warmer, brighter."

"Let's get this done now," Lexi lectured, "Starts the day right, then we watch the sunrise."

"Whatever, I said I'd run with you," Carmen groused, "Let's do this."

As they stood up, they noticed me watching them, naked, from the doorway.

"Ack!" Carmen joked, laughing, "Don't tempt me with that thing! Let's go Lexi, or I'll never leave!"

Lexi smiled at me and kissed my cheek as she passed to their door. Carmen walked up and kissed me on the lips.

"I'll talk to the both of you later," she said, squeezing my flaccid cock.

"Enjoy your run," I called.

Becky had found her panties, and was tracking back picking up her clothes. She looked up at me as she rose up, hands full of her clothes. Her round breasts bounced nicely as she found her bra, and dropped the rest of the clothes on a side table.

"I need to get out before the next shift starts," she explained.

"I really enjoyed having you here," I began watching her dress with a smile on my face.

She smiled back at me as she fastened her bra in the front, rotated the band the cups were dangling below her belly. I felt my cock swell a bit as she pulled her arms through the straps and helped pour her breasts into the garment.

"Down, boy!" she laughed, "I wish I had more time, but all I have is my uniform. I can't let the next manager see me walk out in this, and smelling like sex."

"Oh, I understand," I smiled back, as she stepped into her skirt, and finished dressing, "Take it as the highest of compliments, after last night I was thinking I wouldn't get an erection for a week."

She laughed and stepped towards me as she buttoned her blouse, "Thank you, J, it was really wild."

She kissed my cheek, and grabbed her flats then left without another word. Left alone with two sleeping girls, I decided to use the bathroom in the girls' suite. I pulled the outer door slightly closed, to let Alyssa sleep more, and walked into the bathroom. I realized how sticky and dry my crotch was while I was peeing, and decided to take a quick shower.

I was enjoying the hot spray with my eyes closed, recalling the events of the last few hours. I let the water run down me as I recalled that I'd had more sex in the last week than I'd had the rest of my life. I smiled cockily and reached for the soap. I felt an arm wrap around me, and I turned quickly.

"I'm beginning to think that you're withholding something from me, J," said Kelly with a flirty smile.

"What would I keep from you, Kelly?" I asked smiling and wrapping her in my arms.

"This," Kelly said impedingly, grabbing my tumescent shaft, "It's been inside every other girl that's been in this room, I want my turn!"

I laughed, "I was saving the best for last, Kel,"

"Flattery will get you everywhere," she smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss her.

I turned her around, so the water poured over her blonde hair, watching it darken slightly as it plastered to her tanned skin. The brownish golden strands draping down her chest, the water cascading between her round globes. Her hand stayed on my shaft, firmly letting her fingers slide up and down its length. I kissed her slowly, softly, opening her lips with my tongue as we kissed deeply.

As we kissed, I was brought back to how I first met her. The torrid sex we shared in the next few hours, where I'd enjoyed the feel of being inside of her three times. It was true, that since we all got together yesterday, Kelly was the only one my cock had not been inside. I was a bit disturbed at the thought, I reckoned I was more of a gentleman. Kelly must have sensed my regret, because she broke off the kiss, and looked up at me her blue eyes smiling.

"What's the matter, J?" she asked in her sweet voice.

"I was feeling bad, about not being with you," I confessed, "a bit guilty over everything that's happened."

"Oh Jeremiah, I was just teasing," Kelly chided, "You are only one man!"

"Last week, you didn't even know me," I replied my erection softening as I processed my feelings, "You were breaking up with your boyfriend, because he wanted to have sex with you. You've changed so much, and I think it's all my fault!"

"Jeremiah," she hugged me close, "stop that, Stop. I couldn't be happier, really."

I sighed, not wanting to get into a long conversation. I reached and grabbed a bar of soap. I started to soap up her chest, and smiled down at her. I pushed my feelings aside and put on a brave face. She seemed to buy it, smiling up at me as I lathered up her breasts.

"I think we need to wash the sex off you." I commented, remembering our first short shower.

"Oh yes, I have a LOT of sex on me," Kelly giggled, obviously remembering the same thing.

I handed the bar of soap to her. She started lathering up my chest, and soon we were playfully cleaning each other. We started on the safe places, upper chest, and arms. She turned and I soaped her back enjoying a few rubs on her round bottom. She turned and I offered my back to her, and she took much more time squeezing my hard buttocks.

"I think you have a great ass," she commented, "but I get more joy from this," she reached around and grabbed my penis.

I chuckled and rotated so she could clean my private parts. Her actions resulted in a growing erection, and she smiled up at me with glee. I smiled back, and pulled her to me, her soft breasts pressing into my skin. Her fingers and hand kept sliding up and down my expanding cock, pressing into her belly as we enjoyed our hug.

"Now that the sex is all gone," I started, "Let's dry off and get it all over us again!"

"oh goody!" she squealed, and quickly started rinsing the suds from both of our bodies.

We found towels and spent a few moments drying of so we wouldn't drip puddles through the bathroom. Then I chased her to the bed, and spent a few minutes drying each part of her body. Tenderly kissing all over her body, as I dried off her soft skin. After toweling her off completely, I laid down and let her do the same. It felt very sensuous, the soft towel rubbing against my skin. The soft touch of her body parts as she leaned over me. At the end, my cock was rigid with arousal. Tossing the towel away, she kneeled between my legs facing me, and looked up at me.

"I remember when we first had sex," Kelly said, "you laid me down, and licked my pussy."

Her hand lightly held my cock, slowly stroking its length, "It felt so good having you lick me," She continued, "I want to return the favor."

She looked radiant. Her wet hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her heavy breasts swayed as she rose up opening her lips and licking the tip of my cock. Her blue eyes locked on mine as licked around the rim. I gasped in pleasure when she slid her mouth over my knob and filled her mouth with my manhood. She proceeded to suck much of my length into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. Her cheeks depressed as she sucked, delivering a delicious feeling up and down my engorged shaft. Her fingers dropped to my balls and softly caressed my jewels.

She soon had me gasping with pleasure.

"Kelly," I moaned, "if I cum in your mouth, I'm not sure I can fuck you."

She looked up at me and paused, considering her options.

"I want to fuck you, Kelly," I clarified, "I want to fuck you now."

She smiled and pulled her mouth off my cock with a soft plop. She crawled up over my body trapping my erection between our bodies as she kissed me. She relaxed on top of me, her breasts pressing into my chest as we kissed deeply. With a low growl, I wrapped my arms around her and twisted, rolling her onto her back on the bed.

She gasped at the rapid turn, and wrapped her legs around my waist. I lifted my hips from her, and reached between us to notch my cockhead between her wet lips. I looked into her eyes as I felt my head engage between her lips. I slowly thrust into her, and her eyes widened in arousal, before they rolled back as she moaned.

"Oh Jeremiah," she sighed, "I've missed this, I've missed having your cock in me."

I lowered my mouth to hers, slipping my tongue between her lips. She sucked on my tongue as I thrust my cock in and out of her velvety pussy. She was so tight, but I easily slid deeply inside. Her ample lubrication encouraged me to fuck her with several swift strokes. She responded by moaning loudly as her whole body shook with the force of my thrusts. I slowed my thrusts, enjoying a slow languorous fuck. Her warm soft body felt wonderful as I moved over her.

I hungrily lowered my mouth to her breast, enveloping her nipple with my lips, and battering her firm nipple with my tongue. She wrapped her heels behind my bottom, pulling me tighter to her. I moved my mouth to her other breast, my hand grasping the newly freed breast. I switched back and forth, distracting myself from the sensuous feeling of sliding my prick deep inside. I pressed her breasts together so that her nipples were side by side, and slid my tongue between the two hard nubs. Then I sucked both nipples deep into my mouth.

I popped off of her breasts and rose up onto my knees. I reached back and wrapped my arms around her calves, and pushed them back gently. I lifted her legs, pushing her knees back towards her ears. This motion allowed me to thrust deeper into her fevered cunt. Kelly responded by holding her knees back with her hands as I started to piston into her animalistically. I watched as my cock slid out of her slit, her engorged labia clinging to my shaft and wrapping around the ring of my head. When I slid my cock back in, the lips slipped back inside. I lowered my thumb to Kelly's engorged clit, and flicked it.

That was too much for Kelly, and she jerked hard. Unable to arch with her legs splayed so far back, her whole body quivered. I felt her pussy spasm around my cock, and her ejaculation pulsed into my groin, sluicing down my shaft, and dripping off my balls. I roared as I felt my own release overcome me, and slammed deeply into her, jetting off pulses of cum deep inside.

I rested, letting Kelly's leg slide down. I stayed embedded deeply inside her pussy, feeling electric pulses as her orgasm subsided. As I slowed my breathing, I lowered myself to kiss Kelly softly. Then I felt the bed move, and a hand caressed my ass. I turned my head and saw Alyssa crawling up beside me, with a smile on her face.

"Jeremiah," she said sensuously, "I love to watch you fuck."

I smiled back, a bit surprised to see Alyssa beside me while I was still embedded in Kelly. I needed a second to settle my thoughts as she leaned over to kiss me softly, then leaned down to kiss Kelly too. Kelly traced her fingers through Alyssa soft brown hair, and I gave up my insecurities and hugged the two beautiful women I was sharing a bed with. Kelly and Alyssa parted, and I slid between them, my cock slipping from Kelly's pussy, and sliding over her thigh wetly.

"Great!" Kelly laughed, "I've got SEX all over me!"

Alyssa and I both laughed, and the girls leaned over to kiss me. They took turns, apparently having a competition to who could kiss me more passionately. I enjoyed their oral exercises, and felt my cock begin to swell with increased arousal. Alyssa rubbed down my chest, and as her hand slid lower she felt my hard on.

"Jeremiah," she exclaimed as she wrapped her hand around my shaft, "Don't you ever get enough!?"

That made us all crack up in laughter. Both girls started moving their kisses lower, a slow paced race down my chest, across my abdomen, until they met in a dead heat kissing the tip of my cock. I raised up on my elbows, and watched as Alyssa and Kelly shared slow licks, and quick sucks of my engorged cocks.

All of a sudden the door opened, and we saw Lexi and Carmen walk into the room. They stopped in mid-stride, the door closing behind them. They were both glowing with sweat from their run, their faces flushed.

Carmen rolled her eyes, "Ay yi yi, don't you ever stop?!"

Lexi, clapped gleefully, "Oooh, I want to join in!"

Carmen grabbed Lexi's hand, "A shower first, speedy, I promise I'll clean you very thoroughly."

The girls laughed at the interruption. Carmen tugged Lexi into the shower room, while Lexi kept her eyes on the three of us. Alyssa took advantage of the interruption to swing around and slide her legs over my abdomen. Kelly held my cock steady for her, while Alyssa lifted up and fitted me inside of her pussy. She looked down at me, her brown tresses cascading like a sheet around her face. Her blue eyes magnified by her ever present glasses locked onto mine as I felt my shaft fill her tunnel. I lifted my hands to cup her breast as she started to ride me.

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