tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 12

The Designer Ch. 12


The thought of being able to influence someone's self-control was too tempting. I quickly scanned Alyssa's profile in the elevator, and centered on the familiar sexual curve. With a slightly different tactic, I pushed along the top of her moral curve. It felt like flicking my tongue across the edge of my teeth. I wanted to reduce her normal level of self-control, but I wasn't sure what, if anything, would happen.

I watched her carefully as she was thinking her private thoughts. I heard her soft, sensuous intake of breath, as if just reliving a sensuous thought. Her lips pressed together, then opened, the tip of her tongue slipping along the slight gap. Her eyes drifted down to my crotch, and I felt myself get aroused as she let go of my hand, and slid her fingers up my thigh. I looked up at the elevator lights, noticing we were getting close to the lobby. I felt her hands cup my bulge, fingers exploring the outline of my tumescent cock.

I sighed reluctantly, and tried to reverse my push across her moral profile. More of a mental pull back, than a push. Alyssa looked up at me, and leaving the lingering touch of her fingers, she removed her hand, and returned to interlocking her fingers with mine.

"I guess that answers the question," She laughed, her blue eyes sparkling.

I smiled at her as we exited the elevator. We shared a quiet silence as we walked through the hotel lobby and exited the building. We walked the short distance to the restaurant. We entered the restaurant and found the three girls sharing a table. They'd already helped themselves to the breakfast buffet, so we quickly filled our plates and joined Carmen, Kelly and Lexi at the table.

They were all smiles, and beautiful. I sat down next to Kelly, with Alyssa beside me. Kelly leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and rubbed her hand along my thigh. I smiled back at her, and gave the self-control pull-back command I'd just learned. Kelly moved her hand back to her own lap, but still smiled at me.

"Maybe I could make this work!" I thought to myself.

"How was your run?" I asked Lexi, as I started eating.

"Sucked." Lexi admitted with a small frown, "I felt like I couldn't keep even the slow pace I usually run with Carmen."

"Hey!" Carmen teased, "I'm not horribly slow!"

"You know what I mean, Car-car!" Lexi continued, "I just think missing a week of running really affected my training."

I was busy monitoring the areas of Lexi's moral profile, and as she talked about running, I tried to reinforce any self-control around her running areas. I hoped that might help get her back on track. I felt really guilty that my recklessness might have affected her goals. Perhaps sensing my regret, Alyssa squeezed my thigh. It comforted me, knowing that she could sense my uneasiness.

As we ate, Alyssa started questioning Kelly, asking the standard questions. I held Kelly's hand as they talked, scanning and adjusting as I listened to her answers. It wasn't a perfect plan, because with such a drastically altered moral profile, there were many things that she no longer seemed to feel strongly about. There was a topic, I really wanted to know more about, so when Alyssa's questions slowed, I stepped in.

"Kelly, tell me about Carl?" I asked gently, "Were you two serious?"

Kelly dropped her eyes slightly, "I don't really know, Jeremiah. I think I wanted it to be more serious than it really was. I've been thinking about him this past week. Wondering if we'd been happy if I'd reacted to his advances the way I did with you."

I gulped quietly, I wasn't sure if she knew how I'd affected her. It wasn't that she had accepted my advances. My adjustment made it easier for her to choose to have sex, so it really wasn't the same thing. I watched her closely.

"The more I thought about it, the more I realized that Carl..." Kelly started, "Carl wasn't in love with me, he was in love with the idea of having sex with me. All our conversations eventually lead to making out. We never talked about other topics, like Alyssa was asking about just now. I really think he just wanted to have sex with me."

I stifled a sad sigh, convicted at the bluntness of her realization. I was just like Carl when we first met, I was just as guilty.

"With you, Jeremiah, I felt different." Kelly continued to explain. Alyssa held my other hand, comforting me as Kelly explained herself.

"Even though I wanted to have sex with you after the first kiss," Kelly laughed, "I felt like you were interested in more than just putting tab A in slot B. You were so good to me, making sure I experienced all the wonderful things about sex. Then you talked with me, stayed the night with me. You even planned a special weekend, this weekend with all of us. Carl would never have done anything so special."

Kelly leaned over and kissed me on my check. Her hand sliding around behind my head, and turning my face to her, before kissing me softly on the mouth.

"Thank you, Jeremiah," She said, lifting her eyes to mine, "I feel like you've given me a gift."

I smiled back at her, but I couldn't resist asking another question, "Are you bothered that I'm not only with you? I mean I've had sex with everyone at this table."

I heard a giggle, and turned to see the waitress had stopped by to clear some dishes and had overheard me. Lexi saw her pause at my statement and giggled. Carmen laughed as she saw the waitress look at me, then all the girls. I turned about every shade of red at once, and the waitress smiled at me, shook her head and backed away.

All four of the girls laughed joyously. I was mortified, but then laughed too. I had either made the waitress really curious, or scared her away. Almost 500 miles from home it really didn't matter what other people thought about me. Also the look on the poor lady's face was priceless.

Kelly leaned into me, and spoke loud enough for all of us to hear, "I didn't always feel this way. I know I used to have very different feelings about sex, and relationships. In the past week, however, I've grown to love Lexi and Carmen as much as anyone I've ever known. I hardly know you, Jeremiah, but I feel I can trust you, and Alyssa has been really helpful with sorting out how I feel about everything. It doesn't seem wrong to me that we've all shared you. It just seems natural, I don't know why."

"Thank you for being honest with me, Kelly," I started, then turned to look at each of my lovely companions.

"Do each of you feel the same way?" I asked, "Is it awkward for any of you?"

Alyssa reached over and took my hand in hers, holding mine softly. She watched the other girls, as she waited for either Carmen or Lexi to speak. Lexi shifted a bit, then looked at me.

"I love being with you, Jeremiah," she started then looked at the other girls in turn, "And you Kelly, and of course you Carmen. Alyssa I loved being with you last night and this morning."

Lexi shared her wonderful smile with each of us in turn, her eyes bright with a happy emotion.

"I can see all of us sharing our love more often," she continued, then looked directly at Kelly, "When I first moved in with you, Kelly, I had a crush on you. I was too timid to admit it. You seemed to be so perfect, so pure. I quickly put it out of my mind."

She then turned and looked at Carmen, holding her hand as she spoke with her, "When I met you Carmen at the track, I felt an immediate bond of friendship. I also started having fantasies about being with you, especially after hearing you have sex so often."

Finally, Alexis met me with her eyes, "Since I met you Jeremiah, I've felt freer with my sexuality. I feel like I can finally be me, who I am on the inside and out. So yes, I feel exactly like Kelly"

We all looked towards Carmen, who smiled brightly and the laughed, trying to lighten the mood, that had become serious.

"Fuck, I just like fucking y'all," Carmen said candidly, then lowered her voice, "Seriously, you guys know I have had my share of fucked up relationships."

She looked directly at me, "But ever since I met you Jeremiah, I knew you were a different sort of man. You have always shown concern for my friends, and compassion for me."

She looked at Kelly then Lexi, "I've grown to love both of you crazy bitches like sisters, I don't ever want to be apart from you."

Then she looked directly at Alyssa, "You were so sweet to me when I felt so horrible yesterday. Thank you. I also think you're sexy as hell, and I'm calling first dibs on you tonight!"

The table all laughed at Carmen's statement, but Alyssa turned to me before speaking, "Jeremiah always has first dibs on me."

I sighed and kissed her softly, then said, "I love you, but I've watched you looking at Carmen all morning. I don't think I could keep the two of you apart."

Alyssa smile, then looked around the table, meeting each girl's eyes. "I hardly know any of you, but we all share a common love of this man," she squeezed my hand, "I love him, and though I only have met all of you, can't imagine that we won't all be together soon."

The thought of all of us together beyond this weekend hadn't really registered with my brain. It was at once arousing and horrifying. I knew in my gut that I love each of them in their own special way. The responsibility of providing for all of them, their happiness, it was a weight I almost felt physically. At the same time, I had a sense of joy. I freely admit that I felt a strong connection to each of the girls, regardless of the randomness of how we met. It felt like fate had made all of this happen. I smiled and held up my water glass to all of the girls.

"A toast!," I began, "to us! Let's find out how this will work. I'm all in."

They all raised their glasses and repeated in chorus, "To us."

The conversation shifted with the acceptance of our new weird family. The girls started to excitedly discuss what needed to happen. The end of the semester was only a few months away, and Alyssa promised to find out the requirements for transferring. Kelly promised to talk with her parents about her change in major, and she seemed very determined to have the conversation. I buttressed her self-control in that area as she spoke of her plans.

Soon, though, the conversation died down. Carmen started looking at Alyssa in her predatory way, which was very sexy. I started to get aroused, and Alyssa felt me stiffen. She turned to me, then followed my eyes to Carmen's. When she saw Carmen's smouldering eyes lock into hers, she flushed and caught her breath. I called for the check, and soon the five of us were hurrying out of the restaurant and back to our suites.

Once again we barely made it to the elevator before Carmen was pulling Alyssa into her, and kissing her hard and passionately. I remember thinking idly, I could reinforce their self-control but then where is the fun in that. I pulled Lexi and Kelly to me, and kissed one then the other waiting for the elevator to make it to our floor. Had I mentioned that the elevator was somewhat slow? By the time it reached our floor, Kelly was rubbing my erection through my pants and I had my hand up Lexi's shirt caressing her firm breast.

We spilled out of the elevator, and I'm not sure who moved down the hall faster, Carmen or Alyssa. The three of us watched them enter into Carmen's side of our adjoining suite, while I walked Kelly and Lexi to my door and opened it, letting the two girls enter first. As they entered they pulled off their clothes and headed to my bed. I paused at the adjoining door, and took a moment to see what Alyssa and Carmen were doing.

Alyssa was on her back, with one leg between Carmen's open thighs. Carmen was bent over Alyssa and they were kissing deeply while Carmen's bottom pressed into Aly's core. A slow sensuous rotating grinding motion of Carmen's hips revealed her talented dancing movements. Alyssa's hands clung to Carmen's hips, pulling her closer. I couldn't see, but could imagine that Alyssa was arching her back trying to press harder into the juncture of Carmen's thighs.

I closed the door part way, and turned to my bed. Kelly and Lexi were both naked, heads leaned back against the headboard on each side of the king-sized bed. They were both on their backs, but they were kissing each other deeply. Each had a hand in the other's pussy, rubbing up and down the other's slippery pink lips. I stripped slowly, enjoying the show on my bed. I slowly walked towards them, with my hand idly stroking up and down my engorged manhood.

As I crawled from the foot of the bed, both girls' heads turn toward me in unison. Smiles grew on their faces as they watched me slowly stroke my cock. Each of them swiped their tongue along their lips, then moving with an odd synchronicity swiveled their bodies and crawled towards me. Lexi's athletic form was almost feline in its sensuous flow, while Kelly's more fuller curves moved with a practiced grace. As they reached where I knelt, they rose up and kissed me on the cheek. I turned and kissed Kelly first, enjoying her open mouth and languid tongue. Then I moved to kiss Lexi, who kissed me with an aggressive passion, her tongue darting into mine.

In some unspoken agreement, they pulled then pushed back towards the head of the bed. I fell and twisted onto my back. As I bounced into the mattress, my cock bounced erratically. Lexi reached out a hand and steadied the rod, and Kelly leaned over and sucked the head into her mouth. Lexi bent over from the other side of my body and kissed down the side of it, then kissed my balls, sucking one testicle carefully into her mouth. I moaned appreciatively, my fingers combing through blond and amber locks as they worked in tangent on my cock.

My hands traced down the back of their head and along their spines. Tracing along the curve of their buttocks, my fingers slid around each of their round cheeks and between their thighs. Cupping each of their sexes, I wriggled the tips of each finger between their aroused lips, coating the tips with the wetness of their arousal. My ministrations only encouraged their love of my cock and balls, they switched places, Kelly's sensuous mouth moving to my other testicle, while Lexi's more aggressive mouth worked its way down my shaft.

After tracing my fingers along each of their pussies, outlining each lip, and circling the very differently shaped firm nubs, I slid one finger deep into each slit. Each finger slid in easily, and I added a second finger to each of their accepting tunnels. They moaned over my cock and balls, as their hips undulated their sexes against my hands. As I continued to explore inside of their pussies, it was almost like being a puppeteer, my fingers eliciting delicious feedback as the girls kissed, sucked, licked and nibbled my sensitive organ.

Finally I pulled my fingers from their quims, and tapped their bottoms, indicating that we needed to rearrange. The sensations flowing through my core were nearing the brink, and I didn't want to crest too soon. Sensing my intention the girls moved away from my twitching shaft and slid up alongside me prone form, and then kissed me. I could taste myself in each kiss. Kissing one sexy coed before turning and kissing the other. Exploring with my lips and tongues, until I could tell the difference of each person with my eyes closed.

I felt a hand reach and grip my shaft, by feeling I could tell it belonged to the body associated with Kelly's sweet mouth. That body moved and I felt a leg swing over my hips. Her hand pulled my cock to align with her slippery sex and I moaned into her mouth as my cock slid deep inside of her. Her mouth disconnected and her face withdrew as she rose up to ride my cock like a cowgirl. A halo of red hair obscured my vision as Lexi leaned into me and kissed me deeply as I moaned in passion.

Then Lexi's mouth separated and I could watch Kelly's voluptuous form bouncing on my groin for a few moments before a freckled thigh once again blocked my view. I followed the line of the firm muscular leg up and was treated to the smoothly shaved mound with the gaping aroused lips of Lexi's pussy. I licked my lips and lifted my mouth to her tender crease as she lowered herself onto my extended tongue. The weight of her body pressed my head back into the mattress as she ground her sex into my willing mouth. My thoughts became sparse as I focused my attention to licking every millimeter of Lexi's delicious cunt.

I felt Kelly's body moving up and down on my cock. Then a slight change in the angle of my entry and feeling Lexi's pussy angle change indicated the two girls were joined in a kiss. I imagined watching the pair arched over my body. My mouth and cock using their sexes for my pleasure, while they pleasured themselves above me. We fell into a slow sensuous rhythm, interrupted by spasms of frenzy, backing off before plunging over the brink. The triangle of our bodies vibrating in erotic passion.

After untold seconds, minutes, the frequency of our delicious vibrations pulsed us over the edge. I felt both girls gyrations increase frantically. I lifted my hips into Kelly, bouncing my buttocks off the bed to thrust into her deeper. I reached around Lexi's thighs and pulled her down onto my mouth, as I encircled her pulsing lips and flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit. I felt both bodies above me part and moans erupted into the air. Their shrieks muffled by the hard grip of Lexi's thighs against my head. I let go, thrusting hard and arching my back, pounding my cock upwards into Kelly's pussy and ejecting cum deep into her womb.

It seemed as if we froze in that position together, three bodies shivering in orgasmic ecstasy. Then in concert deflating, our bodies quietly lying against the soft mattress. Only the sound of our breathing fill the air as the girls arrange themselves against my side, and our breathing slows. Then an odd sound begins, like a tapping. Confused I lift my head to see Carmen and Alyssa at the door to our adjoining room.

"Amazing!" Alyssa said softly, clapping her hands playfully.

"Oh My God," Carmen sighed sensuously, "I hope you have some left in you Jeremiah."

Carmen crawled onto the bed and started softly cleaning the combination of Kelly's juices and my cum from my shaft and balls. Soon Alyssa joined her and the pair made neat work of lapping every stray drop. They paused periodically to kiss, as if sharing the taste of some special concoction, before lapping up a new section of sexual excretions. By the time they had finished, my cock was fully aroused again.

Carmen rose up satisfied and held my shaft as Alyssa rose up and straddled my aching erection. Alyssa slid down my shaft, and I watched Carmen climb up the bed towards my face. Lexi and Kelly made room while Carmen lifted her firm olive skinned thigh over my head. I lifted my face to inhale her musky scent. Then lost myself in the sensations of being worked again by two of the women I loved. My hands soon found purchase on the spare bodies, and I caressed the skin of Kelly and Lexi. All five of us moved together. I lost myself in the sensation, completely unaware of the passing of time. I don't know how long the five of us made love, until we fell asleep.


I woke up surrounded by naked bodies, and twisted sheets. We had started playing around near noon, and now the windows were dimming with the fading twilight. I stayed as still as I could listening to the quiet breaths of my companions, and tried to figure out who was where without waking anyone up.

I moved my eyes and saw a mane of light brown hair on my chest, rising and falling with my breaths. I knew it was Alyssa, her ear pressed to my chest and listening to my heart beat. My arm was around another body, a head pressed against my shoulder the blond hair tickling my jaw; Kelly. Behind Alyssa a freckled arm draped over my lovers shoulder and I knew Lexi was snuggled in behind Alyssa on my left. So that meant the hand and fingers idly playing with my soft cock and balls belonged to Carmen. I small lift of my head so I could look down my body and I saw her black mane of hair on my belly. She faced away from me, and must have been just looking at my cock as she played with it.

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