tagRomanceThe Desirable Mrs Hawke

The Desirable Mrs Hawke

byEgmont Grigor©


Sue Chung, face lined with fatigue, shook her companion awake and growled angrily, "You pig."

Eyes fluttering, a pain stabbing behind them, Jimmy Crowley's brain brought him into real-time to establish where he was and with whom. Ah the drunken slut and they were on the deck of the wrecked fishing boat to fish off it when the tide covered the reef. They'd gone out to the reef the previous day when the pretty travel agent's rubber inflatable had blown away in a gust of wind when her knot tying it to be hulk had slipped undone, marooning them.


"Yes and don't flash those baby blue eyes at me so innocently. You had sex with me during the night without my permission."

"I regarded any request for permission as unnecessary: you were pushing me in." "Well what about the mess on me. You ejaculated on to my stomach and left it to dry."

Jimmy scratched his balls and ran his tongue over his dry lips. "Well, we weren't on a bed with towels handy, we were?"

Sue sighed. "I concede that."

"I withdrew, not knowing if you were protected.

Sue sighed.

Jimmy, now wider awake, looked around and saw the change of tide and change in wind direction overnight had returned the inflatable and it was now left hanging off the far end of the reef by the receding tide. He smiled, "Now we have that sorted do you want another one?"

Sue climbed on to her hands and knees and complained, "Well come on, I haven't all day."

Fortunately for Jimmy she was facing away from the inflatable. He grinned, wet his lips and moved in saying, "It's my pleasure to service you ma'am."

Later Sue found a pool on the reef in which to clean herself – the sea was shark-infested – and Jimmy, energy depleted, clambered over the reef to retrieve the dinghy.

Jimmy slept the day away in his hotel room. Sue called to say her husband had returned home but she could still take him to the airport for his flight to Sydney. When passengers were called for boarding, Sue wouldn't be kissed, bawling and her husband looking at Jimmy frowning, and that changed to deep suspicion when Sue shrieked, "I love you Jimmy" and she shrieked again as her husband whacked her. Jimmy sighed and boarded, concluding that spending sunny days in peace and harmony on the idyllic island in the South Pacific had been rather over-stated in the travel brochure. Everything had been unsatisfactory or gone wrong for him and he was returning to a similar mess.

* * *

The usual lively eyes of Jimmy Crowley were dulled when two days later he appeared before the senior partners of the law firm to be disciplined. The only partner absent was Jimmy's father Charles, the managing partner.

Convener Mary Calder said icily, "You have brought out firm into disrepute, not only losing the case against the director of operations of one of our largest fee-paying clients but being found by him in bed with his wife less than twenty-four hours later was incomprehensible and disgraceful.

"Mary, there was nothing incomprehensible about it; she's a real babe."

"Shut you mouth Jimmy," she snapped. "That is an insolent and uncalled for response. The purpose of this meeting is to hear your explanation and appeal to retain your position and to show contriteness."

"Is that so? Perhaps my resignation is the best way out," Jimmy said, milking the situation. He concealed his smile when he saw Mary the old bag lick her lips. So the partners had already decided that.

"Well I suppose that would bring closure."

"I'll go for a severance payment of $50,000 plus all other entitlements."

Mary's tongue almost reached her overly prominent nose. "Well, that could be a consideration. Please leave the room while we discuss that."

"No, I'm comfortable here. You guys leave if you don't wish me to hear the squabble."

The five other partners followed Mary out. The Minutes Secretary came over and poured blond and now very tanned Jimmy coffee, snapping her legs shut when he went to touch her. "Stop it Jimmy, you know I'm Mary's girlfriend."

"Oh yeah, what a criminal waste Jennifer."

Jennifer hesitated and then came in closer and stood with her legs apart but just then the solemn-looking group of partners filed back in with Jennifer having leaped back two feet like a gazelle. Fortunately for her Mary came in last and seeing the coffee pot in her lover's hand said, "Yes, I'll have more coffee Jennifer."

The meeting reconvened. Mary announced Jimmy's demand for a $50,000 payout had been accepted providing Jimmy now called Mr Duke and apologized, saying Jimmy's indiscretion had cost him his job with Chas. Crowley & Partners, Attorneys at Law, and then he'd vacate his office and in building within ten minutes of completing that call.

"Hi Mr Duke, it's Jimmy Crowley."

"Why the fuck would I talk to you," Phil Duke said, on speakerphone, his voice venom-filled.

"No, don't hang up. I wish to apologize and to advise I've been fired."

"Fired? Oh you bastard, you've made my day. I'll never forgive Megan for giving herself to a creep like you."

"Oh don't blame Megan Mr Duke. Her problem is she was not getting enough. She needs sex two or three times a day. Your second wife is a powerhouse woman Mr Duke."

"You don't say. Well Megan told me you were next to useless."

"Oh what a disappointment for Megan," Jimmy grinned. "Goodbye."

"Two or three times a day?" Mary said weakly and the one other female and four male associates looked rather troubled.

"Well, give me the letter confirming our agreement Mary and I'll be off. You guys will regret missing the lift I gave this firm."

"So your father says," Mary said flatly. "I'll have Jennifer prepare the letter for signing while you clean out your desk. Please take nothing belonging to the firm."

* * *

Twenty-four hours later, tired of listening to his distraught mother saying her son had ruined his brilliant career, Jimmy rang the front door bell of the small mansion on Brighton's Hill. A tall, pale but beautiful brunette he knew was thirty-seven answered the door.

"Oh hi Jimmy."

"Hi Mrs Hawke. This is just a courtesy call to check out that post-divorce is treating you well and the good life has returned."

Farrah turned her troubled grey eyes on Jimmy. "It's been a fucking disaster. Come in and have a drink."

Jimmy took the Martini and said smoothly, "God you have a great body Mrs Hawke."

She looked at him startled and said, "Well I suppose as I'm an ex-client you can talk to me like that."

"Thanks Farrah."

"And call me Farrah."

He grinned. "Your ex husband called you useless around the home but I'll say this Farrah: You look great around the home and this Martini tastes perfect."

"Oh Jimmy. You have no idea how appealing it is to have someone other than my parents say lovely things to me. Most of my friends have gone."


"They've dumped me."

"Well they can't have been your friends."

Farrah dabbed at her eyes. "You have no idea what it's been like Jimmy."

"Perhaps I do."

"Do you?"

"Yes, practically no one calling, you feel confined to the house. You social life and sex have been non-existent."

"Well yes but ought you be talking to me about sex?"

"Who knows Farrah? How do you feel about me talking to you about sex?"

"I-I... well to be perfectly honest I feel very good about it. It's really lovely to be talking to you."

Jimmy knew women were easy prey when they felt vulnerable, only he didn't regard the very desirable Mrs Hawke as prey. She had oodles of money and was adrift so would be open to regaining some real substance to her life and over the last couple of days he'd thought through the women he knew who were available and guess who came out top of the list.

"Well this is just a fleeting visit. I really shouldn't be here because I'm in disgrace."

"Oh really?" Farrah said, leaning forward very interested, her smallish breasts barely noticeable against her printed silk top.

"Yes. The partners of my law firm have fired me after finding out from the enraged Carlos Duke that I'd had sex with his wife."

"You allowed Carlos to find out?"

Jimmy had to smile. Farrah wasn't censoring him. "Um, my mother thinks I'm disgusting and a disgrace to the family and my upset father has a burning desire to slam dunk me."

"But Jimmy, that's unreasonable. Adultery happens. I should know."

"Well thank you for being so sympathetic. You are the first. The few people who know have treated me contemptuously."

"Well they are prudish and some are probably hiding their own guilt. Whether or not we like the thought Jimmy, sex thrives."

Jimmy pulled the trigger. "I-I feel so ashamed."

"Oh no, my poor boy," Farrah cooed, almost launching herself at him. "You are just one of those capable guys fortunate ladies like. You are so naturally sexy. Although you never spoken about sex with me till just now, when you represented me when I was being divorced I was aware of your eyes raking me and knew what that meant although your face remained passive."

"Oh no, I'm so sorry. How disgusting of me."

"Shut up Jimmy. It was therapeutic for me to know at least one male appeared interested. I'm really impressed you had it off with Megan Duke... Megan is widely known as the Number One most desirable women in the city."

"Megan Number One – what about you Farrah?"

Farrah appeared to stop breathing after saying, "What do you mean?"

"Oh come one Farrah, you know other women know you have a face and figure to die for. I'd have to fuck you before I could rate you alongside Megan otherwise it would not be fair."



"It doesn't matter."

Jimmy told Farrah she looked a little down. You need to do something exciting."

"Like what? Since my divorce I only leave the house to shop and to conduct essential business."

"Do you still have your house in Hawaii?"


"Well call airlines direct now and ask for two tickets on tonight's flight to Hawaii with me as your guest."

"Are you serious?"


"Well I don't know."

Jimmy said firmly, "You wanted to do something exciting Farrah. This is it. Book now and then I'll call back in a cab in half an hour. We can eat and talk at the airport."

Farrah jumped up. "Very well," she said, sounding anything but convinced. "That is exciting and I think I'm for it."

She returned smiling. "I have booked two tickets business class on the flight leaving just before 8:00 this evening. Give me an hour to pack and get ready."

"Excellent. Give me a kiss."

The kiss was long and very gentle.

"God," she said. "That was great. Off you go."

* * * Jimmy's father thought it was a good idea for his son to go to Hawaii. "You will be out of sight here, lessening your disgrace."

His mother began crying and said she didn't want Jimmy to go. "I want you here to face up to family and friends."

"No you silly cow," growled his father. "I want him out of here."

"Charles, don't you dare speak to me like that! How could you? Now give our boy money so he can enjoy himself. Give him ten thousand dollars."

"Give him what?"

"You heard. Transfer ten thousand dollars into his bank account otherwise your home life will be a misery for you."

"Give me your bank account number son. Um, you could stay home?"

Jimmy, grinned and went off to get the bank account number and gave that to grumpy. He then packed two carry bags and had coffee with his parents before heading off.

* * *

Farrah packed five carry bags, at one stage singing, 'Dee Dee, Fiddley Dee, Jimmy Crowley Will Fuck Me'. She was so happy although she knew he was also out to get his hands on some of her money. Well she'd think about being generous, certain he wouldn't be an unscrupulous gold-digger. She looked for her anti-contraceptive device aware she was nearing the limit of normal child-bearing age, but definitely not past it. When Jimmy arrived she hugged him tears mixed with smiles and he said he understood she felt like a woman just rescued from drowning with new hope and a new life ahead of her. At that moment Farrah would have given Jimmy anything he'd asked for however outrageous. She told him she couldn't find her anti-contraceptive device.

"You probably were enraged when learning your ex was seeking a divorce and tossed it out, declaring you'd never have sex with a man again."

"No, I wouldn't be like that," Farrah laughed and then lost the laugh. "Oh god, I was in a real paddy. I remember tossing it into the trash can and saying exactly what you just said. Oh how could I?"

"Well you can switch to the pill."

"But I don't want my breast growing large."

Jimmy bit back a selfish retort. Instead he said they should just leave it and accept any consequences.

"Any consequences."

"Yeah, like twins."

Farrah looked at him strangely and said, "So that's it; I'm too old for you. You want a woman who can have babies?"

"Now, now lovely lady. Who said anything about children until just now? In fact who every thought about children? I have other things to think about."

"I haven't, at least not for some years. Kiss me Jimmy. I'm sorry I shot my mouth off. I'll buy pills at the airport."

"No don't. If there's a miracle and you become pregnant I'll stand by you."


"Absolutely. Anyway, my sperm are probably duds because my underpants are too tight."

They laughed and kissed again.

At the airport they ate lightly, knowing they'd have dinner on the aircraft. Jimmy raised his wine glass and said, "Here's to magnificent times together."

Farrah responded and asked how long did he wish that to be?

"You may not like the reply."

"Go on."

"Providing we are compatible, I'd like it to be for a very long time."

She smiled with a flicker of uncertainty. "It could be difficult accepting I'm seven years your senior."

"Oh I can accept that. Older women apparently fuck better."

Farrah blushed.

Warming her with a big grin Jimmy said, "There's a couple of things I should say. The first is you have been through a rough time. I'll not look for sex from you until you pull my hand on to a breast and say, 'Fuck me Jimmy'. The second thing is you might become interested in going into business with me. I propose setting up a small law practice and you could run the administration if that appeals. I recall your degree was in business administration and that is unbelievably convenient. You might consider advancing me the capital to establish and you'd gradually be repaid out of profits because I intend specializing in industrial law and charge substantial fees."

"I could be interested. A loan you say?"

"Yes or a stake or part loan/part stake. I'd require you to use an independent lawyer to vet the agreement, to even draft it if that's your wish."

"And that's why you came visiting today?"

"Actually I hadn't thought about it until returning home to pack. The reason why I came was I was feeling sensitive, being in big trouble myself and mom had told me your mother said you were still a bit down. I thought I'd call to cheer you up and perhaps arrange a date and because I'm not with anyone at the moment there was a chance our renewal of contact might lead to sex."

"Ah, predatory?"

"Yes. Do you blame me?"

Farrah laughed and sat back very relaxed.

They arrived in Honolulu next morning at 9:30 local time and took a limo to the southeastern windward coast with its lush green valleys where Farrah owned a house alongside the Hawaii Kai Golf Course in a gated community, only a short walk to Sandy Beach. The wife of the married couple who looked after the property greeted them and Jimmy noted she and Farrah hugged affectionately. Farrah introduced him to the older woman, a native Hawaiian, as Leilani who called him Mr Crowley.

"No, please call me Jimmy."

"Very well Jimmy. My husband helps to look after this property. Sam will be available to play golf and go fishing with you until you make your own friends if that's your wish."

"Thanks Leilani. I'd like that and playing golf very early to avoid the heat."

"Yes of course." She stepped back and whispered something to Farrah and they both laughed, turning to look at Jimmy.

Leilani left and Farrah showed him around, Jimmy eyeing the enclosed swimming pool. The house was a very modern and simple detached dwelling with two bedrooms and Farrah said he could choose where to sleep.

"I'd like to sleep with you."

"Oooh, I'd like that. I prefer sleeping on the left side of the bed."

"That's fine. I'll eager to fit in."

"I bet," Farrah said. "Leilani whispered that you seem a much better choice of guy than my ex husband. She never liked him but she has taken immediately to you. I'm very pleased about that. Go and have a swim while I unpack. The tradition is when we are alone we swim nude."

Jimmy kidded himself he must have swum a hundred lengths before he spotted Farrah watching him.

"You have a lovely style."

"Thanks," he grinned, standing and his gaze raked her nude body.

"I-I'm sorry. I have small breasts."

"Don't be sorry; imagine lugging around heavy hangers in this heat?"

She laughed and dropped a hand down alongside her thigh.

"You shave."

"Yes, unlike blondes brunettes have much to shave."

"Don't kid yourself. I have carnally known a few unshaven blondes."

She giggled and he grinned, both of them still feeling a little less than comfortable.

"Your pussy looks great. Spread for me."



She blushed and spreading her legs used both hands to part her butterfly, complaining never in her life had she been asked to do that.

"Stop complaining. It's a little beauty."

"Well from what I can see from here I think you'll be too big for me."

"You call this big," his said, lifting his semi-erection closer to the surface. "You ex must have sported a pee-wee."

"As did the guy I sported with and plunged into that affair that his fucking wife made public and ruined my marriage."

"Well forget about that. This time you'll have a good-size cock to work on. Jump out to me."

"No, my hair."

"To hell with your hair."

"Oh Jimmy. I spend hours... oh what the hell. Catch me."

She jumped at him hard, lightly winding both of them. He'd staggered back and overbalancing and pulled her under.

"You fucking beast," Farrah said as they surfaced, both gasping. She hammered her fists against his chest and he laughed and told her not to be a bad-tempered bitch.

"I thought you'd hold me high so my hair would only get splashed a little."

Instead of answering he kissed her with growing passion. She groaned and pulled his hand on to a tit and sank down on him so his erection as now against her pubic bone.

"Go on," she whispered hoarsely.

"No, wait till we get out. Let's mess around a bit."

She nodded, he pushed a finger into her slit and she smashed her mouth against his and rammed her tongue into his mouth. But Jimmy slowed her down, frustrating Farrah no end. She broke away and cried, "Come on, get out of the pool; I want it."

Jimmy knew this was it. He'd wanted to get her almost screaming for it as in his experience the first fuck with a new woman was often the very best. They tended to give it their all when panting for it.

Farrah lived up to his expectations. They staggered inside, dripping pool water and remained in a clinch, both moaning and groaning. She toppled on her back on to the sofa and expertly pulled his head down to her crotch without pulling out handfuls of hair, and groaned deliriously as his tongue slithered over her slit, circled her clit and returned to her slit that by then she'd spread open and his tongue went into her juicing pussy. After a while Farrah sighed and said, "Fingers'. He obliged, slipping one in under his probing tongue, turned that hand around and slipped in another finger and began finger-fucking her with increasing rhythm, feeling Farrah press a hand against his cheek to reach in to begin tapping her fingers around her clit. With the pussy lips now really swollen Jimmy lifted and went after her nipples, Farrah playing with his hair, her head swinging from side to side.

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