The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 06


"Who is it that wants you dead? Why? The Council has no reason." Guillame needed to understand.

Leona answered for them. "It does not matter, my dear. It only matters that it will be done. Do not spend precious time thinking about it. Go and enjoy what time you have left, there is so little."

Guillame didn't understand. He wanted to press them for answers, but Orsolya took his hand and pulled him through the door.

"You cannot argue with the Alpha, Guillame. Please, let us take what time we have left for ourselves." She dragged him into their own home and closed the door, quickly ridding herself of her annoying garment. It had been itching against her skin from the moment she felt Guillame near. "We do not have much time, my big brown wolf. Our love must last us both a lifetime, a werewolf's lifetime. I want to have memories to last me for every night we are apart, my love." Her body pressed against his, her skin hot to his touch.

Guillame growled with need as he saw his mate's luscious body standing before him. "I warn you, love, my wolf has been without you for weeks; he will not be patient. Do not try to test him."

Orsolya giggled as she climbed onto their bed, leaving herself on her hands and knees facing away from him. "I am ready for him, Guillame." She moved her hips from side to side, her round, firm buttocks facing him.

He could already smell her flowing juices. He tore his clothing off and in seconds was beneath her, his tongue lapping at her folds. He held her tightly by the hips, reveling in her taste and scent. He lost all control and the human was gone, replaced by the beast. The large brown wolf dipped his tongue deeply. As his mate's pregnancy progressed, her taste altered slightly, but her scent was always the same, intoxicating.

What did the midwife tell you about shifting? Is it allowed? Guillame did not want to do anything that could hurt their cub.

"She said I should not shift, just to be safe. And I do so love feeling your fur on my human skin as your wolf takes me." Orsolya wanted to feel him inside her more than almost anything. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at him, and again, moved her hips to further incite her wolf's passions. The weeks they spent apart were difficult, and she knew it would be only worse for her, for them, in the near future. But she would take every moment to love her mate that she could in the short time they had left. "Please, Guillame, I need you, now!"

She had never spoken of her need in such a commanding way. The big wolf felt the need to obey, reared up on his hind legs, and thrust forward, impaling his lovely mate on his cock in one swift motion. Her gasp of pleasure excited him even more. It had been some time since his wolf had taken their human mate, not since the first time under the Ice Moon. The memories of that night flooded his brain as he pounded into her tight pussy. His feet curled around her thighs, his nails digging into her flawless skin.

Orsolya felt the pain from his claws and it joined with the pleasure from his hard cock filling her completely. She moaned loudly, and then growled as her passion rose. She didn't know if it was her pregnancy or their recent separation, but his cock gave her more pleasure than ever before. It seemed as if he drove her pleasure to new heights. "Oh, Guillame, yes, my big brown wolf, take me harder!" She almost screamed her command to her wolf mate.

Guillame had lost any control he still had. His mate wanted his lust unleashed, and so he would give her what she craved. He gripped her tighter, reveling in the smell of her blood that dripped from the deep furrows left by his claws. His tongue laved across her back, her ever-present taste of birch and lilac exploding in his brain. He lost all sense of reason, his only purpose to please his mate, to give her everything of him, his heart, his soul. He would belong to her forever, no matter how far they were separated, no matter how long they were parted.

His tongue found its way to her neck and lapped at the scar from her mating bite. Her movements underneath him drove him on. His knot pushed its way inside her, stretching her tightly around him. He could feel her on the edge. She clawed at the bed, roaring out her need. He bared his teeth and bit down hard, feeling her immediate response beneath him. Her body bucked and spasmed, which served to drive him on, plunging into her depths. He let loose of her neck and howled as he released his seed deep inside her. His thrusting lasted until he had nothing left to give her. He held her tightly, feeling the last of her spasms before pulling her down on the bed next to him. He lay behind her, still locked together, his soft brown fur against her silky human skin.

Orsolya purred quietly as she lay with her wolf. She slowly stroked his legs, which were still locked around her waist. "You will be with me always, Guillame. With every breath I take, you will be with me." She felt his grip tighten and his love flood her brain.

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