The Device


David had been working on his latest invention for three months and was stuck. Every time he tested it on his mice all they wanted to do was copulate. He was trying to get them to reduce their intake of food. He didn't even have to turn it on any more, the mice were always screwing, it was as if they were now programmed to do that all the time.

"Dammit, here I was trying to make a way of changing a person's attitude and all I came up with is an electronic aphrodisiac. Holy Shit, why didn't I see this before, HOLY SHIT. I have to find out if it works on people. Who can I use to try this on? Its' just me and Lynn and mom in the house. First things first, I have to make this device portable."

His mind switched to double time. He began envisioning modifications in his circuitry he could see the whole thing in his head. Then as he started to build it he saw ways of reducing the size even more while at the same time increasing the power thus increasing its' field of effectiveness. He even had a way of turning it on and off by remote control. After a few weeks he had the whole thing finished. The only thing left was to try it on a human. Then several weeks later he was once again alone in the house with his sister Lynn. David was down in the basement making sure his Device was working properly, Lynn called down to him from the top of the basement stairs.

"David, I have Gym practice in a few hours so I ordered pizza for us to save some time. Come up now, please, or it will get cold."

Lynn was his nineteen year old sister. While David was just turning eighteen. She was petite with a perfectly proportioned body. She had dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. David had yet to see anyone with eyes like his sister Lynn. They made her startlingly beautiful. With her gymnastic ability she was picked as first alternate for the Olympic gymnastics team. She really should have won easily but a week before the tryouts an accident caused her to hurt her ankle . Her dismount from the beam caused her to lose a point and that was all it took . She lost by one, one hundredth of a point. David was graduating with her and both had several scholarship offers. One school to which they both had scholarship offers was the UC at San Jose only 70 miles from home. The school offered excellent courses in Biology for Lynn, because she wanted to get a doctorate in physiotherapy and for David, he wanted degrees in electrical engineering and biochemistry.

"Listen up guys, if you go to San Jose it won't cost a cent because of the scholarships and this way you can room together and I'll feel better that you can watch each other's backs."

Lynn really couldn't argue because she liked her brother and got along with him very well. While David, liked his sister and easily got along with her. So it was agreed that, that's where they would go.

Julia their mother acted as though she had to watch every penny. In reality she was a very rich woman. Why she acted as if she had to be so very careful about money she didn't know. If she had to announce how much she was worth it would be many millions of dollars.

"What kind did you get?"

"I got a large pizza, half plain with extra cheese and the other half with mushrooms, sausage, onions and olives."

His sister was wearing her bathrobe and had her hair wrapped in a towel.

"How come you took a shower now if you are going to the gym in a couple of hours."

"I just wanted to test my ankle so I did about 45 minutes of aerobics. Anyway, I must be all healed, because there was no pain at all. Why do you have your book bag with you?"

"That's good, I'm glad you are all healed. As for my book bag I'm going to call Pauly and see if he wants to go over some electrical circuits I designed.

David turned the Device on. He could tell it was working because he felt that tingle in the tips of his fingers and in his earlobes. His sister started to shift around in her seat. As if she was trying to find a more comfortable position.

"I don't know what's wrong with me? For the last few days I have been feeling so strange. Like I really need something, This is the strongest I have felt it. Oh god, I feel so weird I.....I.....

Lynn reached inside her robe and was massaged her breasts. As she moved her hands down her body her robe fell open as she rubbed her groin. Both of her breasts were exposed to him and a flush spread across her chest and neck.

"I have to go up to my room. Please help me."

As David touched her to help her up, the sensation got ten times worse.

"Help me David I need it."

"What, what, do you need?"

Lynn reached down and cupped his groin.

"This. This is what I want."

David was amazed. He never expected anything like this. His sister was so turned on he was shocked. She began to fumble with his belt and when she got it open she started on the button at his waist. When she got that open she pull his zipper down and open. His jeans fell down around his ankles. Lynn threw her arms around his neck and she began reigning kisses all over his face and finally his mouth. David tried to take a step back but with his feet entangled in his jeans all he succeeded in doing was to fall back hard on his ass, with his sister on top of him. When he tried to speak Lynn pushed her tongue into his mouth to duel with his tongue and caress the roof of his mouth. Somehow she had gotten her robe off and now she was completely naked, her arms and legs wrapped around him, holding him tight.

"I need it. I need it so bad. Let me have it baby. Please. I'll do anything you want. Anything. Give it to me Davy. Please baby."

She had his boxers down too and was pulling on his stiff dick. She was trying to stuff it inside her pussy.

"Give it to me, god dam it. I need it so bad. Please. I told you I'll do anything you want."

He rolled her over trying to get her off him. All he succeeded in doing was to make it worse. The head of his cock was inside her. He didn't want to fuck his sister. She was his sister for god's sakes. He was thinking god she's strong. It has got to be from her gymnastics. She was forcing him deeper inside her with her legs. He could feel some sort of barrier blocking his further entrance. He suddenly realized this was her hymen and he knew for certain she was a virgin. All of a sudden it was gone and he was hilted deep inside of her. Lynn was humping against him and it felt so good to be deep inside her. His body responded automatically he began a slow rhythm of thrusts inside her. It felt even better moving like this.

"Oh, that's so good, Davy. Do it faster and harder. Oh god, I'm going to cum I.........AAAHHHH AAAHHHH AAAHHHH."

David fucked her for the better part of another forty five minutes. In the missionary position, the doggy position, cowgirl position, reverse cowgirl position, bent over the table, bent over the back of the couch, in the easy chair, every possible way he could think of. Lynn loved it all and wanted more. They were sitting in the easy chair with her on his lap and she was making cooing noises. He suddenly realized the device was sill firing. He could still feel the tingle in his fingertips.

"Oh, shit. It's still on."

David didn't know it yet but he had irreversibly programmed his sister to be his sex slave and she would be so, for the rest of her life.

"What is still on Master?"

"Why are you calling me Master?"

"I belong to you now Master. I felt you change me Master."

"OMIGOD, what have I done."

"Don't be sad Master. Now, we can do this whenever you want. I love you. I'll love you for the rest of my life. I belong to you now."

"Wait a minute, I have to check something, stay right here and don't move."

He picked her up and sat her back in the chair. He found his shirt lying on the floor, in the pocket was the remote. With a flick of his thumb he turned the remote off. He ran down to the basement. He had put the mice out of the way on the other side of the basement. When he looked into their cages they were happily fucking away. He thought, Jesus, it's true they haven't been exposed to the Device for a while and they are still acting in the same way. He went back upstairs he looked like he was about to cry.

"Don't be sad Master, I'm very happy you made me your slave."

"Oh god Lynn I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to turn you into a slave."

"That's alright Master. I like being your slave. After my period you can try again to make me pregnant. It's too late to make me pregnant this time but we can try again right after my period."

"What, pregnant? No, No. We don't want that yet. Definitely not yet. Tomorrow you will go down to the free clinic and get yourself fitted with a diaphragm and have them give you birth control pills. Thank god you thought of that."

"Yes Master."

"Don't feel bad Lynn I didn't say there would be no children I just said not yet."

"Yes Master."

"You have about thirty minutes till gym practice, do you still want to go?"

"Yes Master, please."

"Go, and get ready then, but remember, nobody is to know about us and what we did, it is our secret."

"Yes Master, thank you."

After Lynn left for practice David was alone in the house, he was thinking about what had happened. (How could I have enslaved my beautiful sister? This is not going to wear off. What am I going to do? Oh god, how stupid can I get? We will never be able to hide this from mom. She will know something is wrong just from the way Lynn looks at me now. I'm going to have to change her too just long enough for me to figure out what to do to fix this.)

He ran up to his room. He took the batteries out of the Device and put in fresh ones. (Mom should be home from her CPA convention early Saturday morning, I'll do it then. Please god, let there be a way out of this.)

When Lynn returned from practice she looked radiant. She seemed to have a glow about her. (My god, she is absolutely gorgeous, I never realized how beautiful my sister was)

"What's up beautiful. Why are you so happy?"

"It's because I'm really, really, in love with you, Master."

"Lynn, you didn't let on to anyone what's going on between us did you?"

"Oh no Master, but if you come upstairs with me now I'll give you an extra special blow job.

"But you once told me you would never do that. You said a man's thing would taste like pee."

She grabbed his hand and was pulling him towards the stairs. He was sort of hanging back and then thought, oh what the hell, I already fucked her once what will it hurt if we have a little more fun. I know Lynn likes it and I sure do. They ran upstairs as they started to undress. When they got to his bedroom Lynn was already naked to her waist. Her beautiful breasts fully exposed, her nipples hard and completely swollen with arousal.

"You know Lynn your tities would look even prettier if you had the nipples pierced with gold rings."

"Your absolutely right, Master, I think a diamond would look good in my navel too."

(I must be crazy, saying things like that to her this is getting out of control.) In the meantime they had both finished stripping and now they were both standing there naked.

"Get up on the bed Master. Put your pillows against the head board and lean back. Spread your legs and I'll crawl between them and I promise you will enjoy this."

David did as she said, his cock was already fully erect and getting harder by the second. She blew her hot breath over his cock, he didn't think it did anything. but for some reason it got bigger and harder. Lynn licked the tip with her tongue and then she kissed his cock head. Then she swirled her tongue around the glans and finally took it into her mouth. She started to hum and the vibrations were driving him wild and he groaned.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"I asked some of the girls and they told me what their boyfriends liked. They all said they love giving head, that's what they call it and they all said that it tastes great."

"That's right Lynn you're really, really, going to love the taste of my cock and my cum. Jesus, I hope you didn't say anything about me."

"Of course not silly, I just told them I met someone when I went for my interview at college."

Lynn licked his dick from his balls to the tip.

"Christ, that feels good."

Lynn giggled and took his cock back into her mouth began sucking on it. She was bobbing her head up and down sliding it in and almost out of her mouth. She began going faster and faster. Lynn slipped two fingers into her pussy and began stroking her clit; she was now grunting and groaning. Suddenly she clenched her buttocks so hard they looked like two coconuts. David started shooting his load into her mouth and she was swallowing it all, not missing a drop. Her legs started flailing up and down hammering on the mattress. Her head shot up off his cock and she screamed AAAHHHH AAAHHHH AAAHHHH AAAHHHH.

"They were right Master. I love sucking on your cock, it really is delicious."

Her head was resting on his thigh and she was planting small kisses all around on the shaft of his cock.

"Please fuck me now Master, I'm all juiced up for you. God, I love you so much. I don't know why I didn't realize this before."

"Lynn put my cock at the opening of your pussy. Yes, just like that."

With just the slightest push his dick slid completely inside her.

"Oh shit, I don't think I ever want her to stop fucking me like this. I think I'm addicted to her. Oh shit! Now what am I going to do?"

David could feel her internal muscles squeezing against his cock; it was as if she was trying to get every drop of cum out of him. All of her gymnastics had trained her body to be a wonderful fuck toy. He lost his virginity fucking his sister that day.

He rolled Lynn off of him and crawled between her legs. Then before he knew what he was happening he was buried eight inches deep inside his sister. They had been fucking for almost an hour, Lynn had already orgasmed, hard, five times, and was about to do so again. He could see she was exhausted and was going to pass out, suddenly she screamed loudly I'm cuming again, AAAHHHH AAAHHHH AAAHHHH.....her eyes slammed shut. Lynn was out cold.

"Christ I can't give this up. I don't care anymore. She's my slave and she is going to remain my slave for the rest of her life. I can't give her up. I love her. I'm going to keep her for as long as she lives."

David let her sleep till it was almost dinner time. He went back upstairs to wake her, but when he got to her bedroom she was awake already. She had just opened her closet door.

"What are you doing?"

"I was just going to put on my robe."

"No, don't do that, I like looking at your naked body. You're very sexy."

"Okay, whatever you like. I really like making you happy,"

David knew it was the endorphins that were flooding her brain that was giving her pleasure just by obeying him. She was adjusting to her new programming. She knew beyond a doubt that she was a slave to her brother, and that she had to obey his every word. When she did, everything felt good and she felt pleasure. She was more and more addicted to obedience, this made her submissive and docile. As far as she was concerned, this meant that she was deeply in love with him and it was not to be questioned. Just his touch made her libido go sky high.

"Would you like to fuck again, Master?"

"Yes, but we have to eat, perhaps after dinner."

"Whenever you want, my Master I'll be ready."

After dinner, they were sitting in the big upholstered easy chair. Lynn was cuddled on his lap and he was playing with the gold rings that were fitted through her nipples. The rings were faceted so the glittered with every move she made. He was pulling on them gently because he liked to hear her moan with desire. David was fascinated with her breasts because they were so perfect. They never seemed to sag or even flatten when she lay down in bed. He was running his fingers through her pubic hair.

"You never mind being naked before me; it was with statements like this that he removed all her inhibitions. I think I would like to remove all you body hair. I think it would make you even sexier."

"If that's what you want my darling Master. I have a can of hair remover that I use for my legs in my bathroom."

"Really, well, what are we waiting for?"

David quickly led her upstairs to her bathroom. She took a can out of the cabinet beneath the sink. Velvet, the can read, be velvety smooth the velvet way.

"How does this work?"

"It's a foam. You just spray it on the area that you want to remove the hair from and wait five minutes. Then rinse it off.

"That sounds easy enough, go stand in the shower."

He began to apply the foam to her body. Her arms, her underarms, her torso and especially her pubic area, he paid particular attention to her slit rubbing the foam between the lips. He foamed her back and her legs he even had her bend over and spread her buttocks and he foamed all around her anus.

"How long do we leave it on?"

"It says five minutes on the can but I always find I missed some hair when I do. Of course I never had anyone help me before."

"Well let's wait ten minutes to be sure."

David set the alarm on his watch. After a while he had Lynn step back out of the way from the spray and adjusted the temperature of the water.

"You really didn't have much hair on your body especially your pussy."

"I have to keep it closely trimmed because of gym and all the splits I have to perform."

The alarm on his watch went off.

"Wait a minute, Lynn, I'll get in with you."

He was only wearing a pair of boxer undershorts which he dropped to the bathroom floor, and he stepped into the shower with her. The foam washed off very easily he couldn't see any hair on her at all and when he looked at her pussy, it was completely bare, like a little girl. He bent forward and ran his tongue over her slit. She was soft and as smooth as velvet and she cried out.

"Oh God, I need you inside me."

He carried her out of the shower to her bed, they were both still wet. David began kissing and licking her outer labia. Lynn was going wild. He was keeping her right on the edge of orgasm. Every time he felt her getting too close to her orgasm he switched rhythm and his target. He pushed his tongue up into her pussy; fucking her with his tongue. But when he switched to sucking on her clit Lynn's whole body began twitching and shaking.

"Please let me cum. Please, please Master."

He continued to suck on her clit, and when she had her orgasm, it was enormous. Lynn was screaming AAAHHHH, AAAHHHH, AAAHHHH, over and over she seemed to be in continuous orgasm, for full two or more minutes. When she finally stopped screaming, twitching, and shuddering, she lay there with a dazed look and a small smile on her face.

They fucked for many more hours; she cried out from orgasm many times, he did too. Then they slept, still entangled, until morning. Lynn awoke before him, she managed to roll David off of her onto his back. She proceeded to give him a blow job that made him groan loudly when he came. David reached down and took her in his arms and gave her a long deep kiss.

"I love you Lynn, I really do."

He could taste his cum in her mouth but he didn't care.

"Let's go down and have some breakfast. Mom will be here in two or three hours. I want you to call your friend and go to the mall. Go into Victoria's Secret and buy a bunch of sexy lingerie, you know, string bikinis, thongs, lace panty shorts, the kind that leave the bottom half of your butt uncovered. Some new bras, the kind you can see through. You know what to buy."

"He gave her the credit card his mom left with him and told her to use it for whatever she bought. Lynn left the house about nine forty five . She picked up her friend Janet at about ten fifteen and they got to the mall at about ten forty five . In the meantime David cleaned up the kitchen, went upstairs and straightened Lynn's room and cleaned up her bathroom. Then he went back down to the kitchen and made a fresh pot of coffee. At five minutes to eleven he heard his mom's car pull into the garage. He had figured everything perfectly. His mom walked into the house and saw David in the kitchen.

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