tagGay MaleThe Devil Ch. 03

The Devil Ch. 03


Hey guys!

I am so loving the feedback! I appreciate what everyone has to say. I wasn't expecting to get chapter three out so quickly after chapter two, but Sage and Dante had other plans :)

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Ms. Delconti's apartment was surprisingly clean, and well taken care of. Her children were well mannered, and didn't seemed neglected or hungry. Nicholas the little boy was what you would expect from a four year old. His cherub face was clean, and I could picture him getting into a lot of mischief.

The little girl was another story. Alexandria who I found out was seven, seemed to be the mother of the home. When I would ask Ms. Delconti a question pertaining to her children it would be Alexandria who would answer. Like before I found the child peculiar and very astute.

She reminded me of her uncle. She was to the point, and she had no time for silly questions.

She was seven!

After about a half hour of questions, and my gut telling me nothing dangerous was going on in the home, I relieved Ms. Delconti of her worry letting her know of my findings.

But with her noted drug use I warned her of more pop up surprise visits.

She understood, and we left it as that.

After saying my goodbyes to the children. A hug from a cuddly Nicholas, and a hard stare from Alexandria, and I was walking back to my car.

With a similar stare like Alexandria's coming from the black Mustang from across the street.

But this stare didn't make me feel like a heel, or an intruder like the little girl made me feel.

It made me hot, wanton, and a complete slut.

I never knew how big of a slut I was.

Was I going to do this? Did I have it in me?

Yes, I was going to do this. And hopefully he was going to do me good.


The drive to Dante's home wasn't that far from his sisters. But unlike his sister Dante lived in a brick townhouse that was in the heart of the city. He pulled into an automatic garage, got out and pointed me to fill the spot next to his.

Was that a good decision? If I were to run out of his house I wouldn't be able to get my car from his garage.

Fuck it, if I was going to do this, I might as well do it all the way.

I pulled into his garage, and slowly got out of my car.

He opened my door, and pulled me into his embrace.

I was done. Completely done. I've never craved a hard body close to mine until now.

I was fucking done.

"I need you to call someone."


A grin spread across his face, "You need to call someone Sage, and let them know where you are."

You have got to be kidding me. I moved from his strong arms.

"Do you, or do you not want to fuck me?"

He rolled his eyes, "Stop being a little girl Sage. I want you to call someone to let them know you are with me, so you feel comfortable. I aint stupid in believing your all the way comfortable with me. So if I know you called somebody, I can fuck you with ease. All night long."

Okay, he was right.

My voice came out as a whisper, "I don't have any friends."

"Aww baby, come here."

And he wrapped me in his arms again.

"I'm not a baby Delconti."

A laugh rumbled in his chest, "Your gonna be my baby, and don't argue with me."

I was? I think I liked that.

"Okay, so you don't have any friends, we'll have to get you some. But until then, I need to know you aint scared. Cause that would be no fun when fucking."

When did the sensitive Dante come out?

"I'm not scared. But I won't lie to you, I don't completely trust you, but you should know why though, right?"

"Cause of who I am."

I wouldn't lie to him, "Yes."

He didn't turn angry, or even yell.

"I was wondering if you knew of me. I hope one day I can explain myself to you."

That caught me by surprise, "You expecting me to be here for some time."

He looked down at me, "Hell yes. I know I just meet you, and will have to grovel on my knees for that display earlier, but I feel something with you, I aint never felt with anyone. You get my skin on fire, and I aint sure I want it cooled off."

Why did he have to say that?

Now I know I can't hide behind a one night stand.

"You gonna take me inside and start groveling?

He pulled his arms from around me, and reached for my hand, "Baby I will grovel all night long if that gets me in that bubble butt of yours."

I punched him in his chest, well not hard, but good enough to make a point.

"Bubble butt, excuse me, I work out everyday."

He pretended to be hurt when I hit him, "I love a bubble butt baby, and yours I'm gonna love."

I started to smile, and what he said next completely broke me.

"There's a smile I wouldn't mind waking up too. You are beautiful Sage, bubble butt and all."

I couldn't help the blush I felt working it's way across my cheeks and neck, "Thank you."

"You know what I need though baby?"

With feigned exasperation, "What now?"

He pulled me close, "A kiss. Can I kiss you beautiful?"

Before a "hell yes" could escape my mouth he pushed his mouth on mine, and I saw stars.


The Moon.

Hell, even Venus.

His tongue gently pushed into my mouth, and I began to suckle on it like a dick. I sucked on it, mixing our taste. His hands moved to my hips, holding them in place, while my arms circled his neck.

It was a raunchy kiss, a kiss that should make the history books, a kiss that was on the brink of making me cum.

"You're so hard, you need to cum baby?" Damn, could he read my mind?

"Please, please Dante, please."

He reached for my zipper, and pulled it down. He found my hard dick, and started to make up and down movements on it.

"Dante, don't tease me, please."

"You beg so beautifully baby."

"Make me cum!"

His lips found there way on my neck, "Okay baby, I'll make you cum. I'll make you cum so hard, it'll make you weak. You want that." His thumb pressed against my slit.

"Yes, please, please."

And with a quick turn of his hand, I exploded.


"That's it baby, that's it....yes, you're coming so hard."

I've never orgasmed like this before. I felt it everywhere. My legs were sure to give out.

"Dante, hold me, please."

The orgasm was still moving through my body, making me tremble with need.

"I got you baby, let go, and feel."

After a minute or two, I found myself void of any feeling but the need of getting Dante's dick in my ass.

You would think I just didn't cum a minute ago.

Before I could talk, Dante spoke up.

"I know baby, I'll give it to you, your hole must be twitching for me."

I couldn't form a full sentence, "Yes, yes, need you, yes."

He bent down, and picked me up, and cradled me against his chest, "Don't worry. I'm going to put you on my bed, get the lube, and slick us both up, and fill you."

I closed my eyes, and just let the sensations run their course.

"That's what you need baby? You need to be filled?"

I didn't answer, I knew he would understand.


I woke up surrounded by heat. It was completely dark, and I was covered by some sort of silk sheet.

"Is sleeping beauty awake?"

I turned from the spooning position I was in, and found my way face to face with Dante.

"Im sorry, I must have been exhausted."

"It's all right baby, you need your rest."

I ran my finger down his chest, where a tattoo of devil horns was illustrated over his heart, "Yes I did need my rest, but now I need you."

He moved on his back, and pulled me to straddle on top of him.

"You need me?"

I started to hump on him, "Yes, I need you. Please Dante!"

He scooted so his back hit the headboard, so that our chest meet. He reached under the covers and brought back up a bottle of lube and several condoms.

He patted me on my hip, "Sit up for a moment baby, let me wrap up."

While he pulled the condom down on his rather large dick, I popped open the lube bottle, and got myself wet.

"Baby, I wanted to do that. I wanted to taste your bud, stretch you."

I moaned from his words, and my fingers in my ass. "It's okay, next time, right now I just need you in me."

He pulled me back on his lap, and lined his dick towards my hole.

"Okay, I'll let it up this time, but next time that's my job."

The tip was slowly breaching me, and the burn was magical.

When I was totally seated on him, I started to move my hips.

And he was melted.

"Shit, you're so warm inside. Damn."

I put my hands on either sides of his shoulder to bounce back up and down on his dick.

"Your dick is so hard."

"You make it hard baby, you and your warmth inside."

He took control from there, slamming me up and down, while I threw my head back, feeling everything.

My prostate was tingling, and his fat cock head kept nudging it.

"Right there Dante, keep hitting it."

"I know baby, I won't leave your sweet spot."

"I'm going to cum."

"Don't cum yet baby, let me cum with you."

He couldn't be for real? I don't think I could last that long, so I squeezed my ass around his dick, and he let out a loud groan.

"Okay, do that again, and I'll cum with you."

So I did it again, and again, till he exploded. Yelling, and grabbing my hips hard.

And with the look of his beautiful face in ecstasy, and his dick releasing in me, I was washed over by an intense orgasm.

"Oh God, I'm cumming........"

"Cum on my cock baby, that's it, let it go."

I buried my head in the nook of his neck and shoulder, and trembled like a hot mess.

"Dante, p-p-please, hold me ti-t-tght, I'm cumming so hard, please, please...."

And he put his arms around my back, and crushed me on him.

I trembled in his arms for a long time, and when I started to calm down, he pulled us under the covers.

"Rest now baby, I've got you. Close those beautiful eyes."

And I did, with my head on the devil's heart.

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