tagLoving WivesThe Devilish Smile

The Devilish Smile


She looked over to the form that lay next to her and smiled.

"God," she thought to herself, "he is so gorgeous. How was I so lucky to get him?"

He lay with his back facing her. She rolled over and put her soft naked body up against his naked form that was sleeping. A devilish smile slowly crept over her face as she thought about what she was about to do. Her breasts pressed into his back as her pelvis cuddled up to his ass. She reached across the front of him and slowly moved her hands lightly over him as he softly snored away. Soon her hand was brushing itself slowly up and down his cock.

"Mhmmmm," he moaned as he rolled over onto his back with a smile on his face. He looked up into the blue eyes he loved so much.

He reached up and ran his hand through her hair as his eyes tried to focus on her face. She kept brushing her hand up and down his cock, gently waking him in the sunrise light that was coming through the curtains.

"Morning," he says, as his hands move down from her hair to caressing her breasts.

She smiles more and leans down and kisses his lips, deeply and passionately, passing the love that she feels for him from her body to his.

"Nice wake up call," he says as he looks at the clock, "but it's only 4:30 in the morning. Go back to sleep, baby. Get some more sleep before we do anything." And with that he turned back onto his side and falls fast asleep.

Frustration crept across her face. How can she fall back asleep when a dream of her giving him pleasure woke her up from a hard slumber? She turned onto her back, his back facing hers, and tried to sleep. It was hard. God, she longed to caress his body, to feel him inside her.

"Man, why is sleep so important?" she wondered out loud. Her frustration grew with each passing moment that she didn't fall asleep. Soon, her breathing slowed as she fell into a light slumber of her own.

Her eyes open. 6:30 am the clock reads. She smiles. "He better not try to fall back asleep now," she thinks as she rolls back over to face her lover's naked back.

She moves towards him and once again presses her body into his. She moves her hands over his body but this time, she moves back and rolls him onto his back. A devilish smile once again appears on her face. She slowly kisses his chest and moves those kisses down his body. When she gets to the top of his pelvis, she stops and looks up. She looks to his face and sees a smile brimming on his face. She smiles and then continuous her devilish mission. She moves her head down to his beautiful cock and moves her tongue up and down his limp body part.

"Ohhhhh," he moans but doesn't move a muscle.

She continues on her way, slowly licking up and down his cock, enjoying tasting his skin on her tongue. Soon, he begins to rise as his body tenses. She moves on from just licking his cock to now sucking it and sucking it hard. She feels him getting ready to cum. Her pleasure mounts as she waits for him to cum. She wants to suck every liquid out of him. She wants to suck his cock dry. She wants to taste every bit of him. She heard him moan and groan but he never woke up. She smiled even more as he soon became to cum in her mouth. She swallowed every bit of him and enjoyed each drop go down her throat. Every bit of his man juice that came out went down her throat and into her stomach. She sucked his cock dry. Soon he began to go limp again and she started to crawl up his body to his face. By now he was awake.

"Now that," he said as he looked into her blue eyes of passion, "is what I call a wake up call."

"I'm glad you liked it," she smiled as she brushed her hands through his hair. "Do you feel like an encore this morning?"

"Hmmm," he says as he continues to brush his hands through her soft hair, "how about this?" He slowly pushes her down onto the bed and begins to kiss her face. He starts kissing her forehead and moves down her face to her lips. Their tongues play with one another as they kiss. They swap salvia as each tongue moves in between lips. Soon, he removes his lips and moves his mouth with passionate kisses downs her neck, slowly onto her chest. He continues on, not stopping to kiss her nipples, but down onto her stomach towards her pussy. As he brushes up against her hairline he stops and looks up with a smile. He smiles a devilish grin as only he knew what was about to happen. Only he knew what his devilish mission would be.

"Don't!" she moans out loud. "Don't stop. Continue, please, continue baby."

He brushes his hands around her pussy. He caresses her outer skin down there, not looking there but at her face. His smile begins to grow with each caress. Soon he begins to rub her clit with his hand. But suddenly stops.

"Please," she begs him, "don't stop. Please don't stop. I want to feel you suck my juices. I want you to suck me dry. Please, baby, don't stop."

He just sits there and watches her tortured expression. He goes and covers her eyes with his hand.

"Go to sleep baby," he says with a smile. "It's my turn to give you a wake up call. Go to sleep, baby."

"I can't go to sleep, not after that," she pleaded with him. "Don't stop. Please."

"I don't know about that," he said. But, he gave in. How could he not continue after that plea? He bowed his head down, down towards her ever welcoming pussy. By now, she had spread her legs open wide, inviting him to come and enjoy her pussy. He licked her clit with his tongue and then continued to molest it with one of his fingers. He gently rubbed her clit in continuous circles, each stroke making her become wetter. But he did not enter her with his finger. When her wetness satisfied him, he entered her pussy with his tongue. His tongue dove into her, stroking her cervix ferociously. She soon climaxed. Her body shakes as an orgasm over comes her. She lets out moans and groans continuously, expressing the pleasure that is overcoming her with each passing wave of orgasm. Soon, her moans and groans soften as the waves of orgasm slow. Soon they stop and she lays still on the bed, with her eyes closed, trying to catch her breath from that wonderful orgasm.

"Aww," he coos with that devilish smile still on his face, "I didn't make you cum. Dang it. Guess I'll just have to let this guy into ya." He takes her hand and places it on his dick. He moves her hand up and down his dick. She smiles delightfully and tries to move her hand on her own but he won't let go of his grip.

"Oh, please, let go and let me rub your dick for myself."

"Nope. This little hand, along with this little body, is not able to do anything on its own."

And with that, he places her hand down besides her and crawls on top of her. He pauses and looks at her. He is in deep thinking.

"What's wrong baby?" she asks.

"Hmm..." he replies questioningly but with the devilish smile on his face. "Now how should I go about this? Make you go on top of me or have me stay here on top of you. I wonder how it would be like to control your movements on top of me."

"Well, let me help you decide." She responds with a devilish smile on her face. With her hands, she gently pushes him off of her and down onto the bed as she moves her legs over her to straddle him. She spreads her legs over him and balances herself over him on her knees. She places her hands so that each one is next to one of his ears while her boobs hang down into his face. He leans his head up and starts to softly kiss each breast. Then he starts to suck on her right nipple. She moans in delight. She moves her legs down and sits straight up. Her pussy is touching his penis. She stops and stares at him. His eyes open wide in anticipation.

"Continue. Continue. Continue for eternity!" he begs her.

She starts to rock her hips on top of his penis, exciting him hugely. His smile widens with each rock. A devilish smile sprawls itself across her face. Only she knows what's going to happen next. Slowly, as she keeps rocking her hips over his cock, she bends down and lightly kisses his chest. This excites him more and she feels him grow under her. Soon, she begins to slip her wet pussy over his nice hard dick and helps him enter her. She squeals in delight.

"Ride me hard baby!" he screams in delight. His body tenses with every rock he feels.

She rocks up and down his hard, thick cock. She screams with delight as with every rock she plunges more of him in her. She cums first, spraying all her cum over his cock and pelvis. She braces her arms against his shoulders so that she doesn't fall off him and to ride him even harder. He moans and groans in delight as her womanly juices spray all over his lower torso. She squealed in delight, taking even more pleasure from her lover's moans.

Soon, her juices slowly stopped coming, but that wasn't the end of her devilish mission. She rode him harder.

"I want you to cum hard, baby!" she screamed in delight. She bounced up and down on his hard dick, willing it to ejaculate his manhood into her. "I want every drop of you in me now!" A devilish smile still keeps a hold of her face.

Soon, like a missile, his cum shoots out of him and into her. She screams as it hits her cunt, hard and fast. With every rock of her hips, more of his manly juices shoot out of him and into her. His face tenses with pleasures. He screams for her to continue on, to not stop. He screams as every gush of sperm shoots out of him and into her. His delight fills the air and intermingles with her delight. Love is spilling from him into her.

His cumming only gets her more excited. She rides him harder and harder, exciting herself more. "Oh god," she screams as pleasure fills her body. "Oh baby, oohh baby!!!" Soon, she tilts her head back and screams as an orgasm overtakes her. She shoots cum out all over his hard cock that is still in her. Their love juices mix together in her. Soon, the waves of orgasm begin to slow down and stop. She slowly collapses on top of him, letting his now soft member out of her. They hold each other close as they try to catch their breath.

It takes a while before either could speak. They both pass out from the hard orgasms that they just experienced together. Soon they wake up and look at each other's eyes.

"Want more, baby?" she asks, "Because I am so not done. I am so horny, baby. Help finish me off. Please. I want sweet release from you."

He brushes her hair back and smiles. He loved her so much, how could he not help her out? "Of course baby," he replied with a devilish smile growing on his face, "how could I not let this beauty on top of me enjoy sweet release. I can not certainly leave you horny forever, baby."

With that, he pushed her up and off of him. He sat a moment and thought. Was he able to go on? Yes, he most certainly was. He looked down into those angelic baby blue eyes that wanted him oh so bad. How can he make sure she gets sweet release? That was a hard question to answer.

"Hmmm," he pondered to himself, "what does this beauty want?"

"So sweetie," he asked as he looked deeply into those eyes that drove him wild, "what do you have in mind?"

"Oh, nothing really," she replied looking sweet and innocently, "thought you might like your favorite position to be done. You could maybe have me on my knees with you behind me. I dunno. Anything you want, sweetie."

"God, I love how you let me be in control. I love how you love me with your body, your soul."

And with that, he began to kiss her passionately as he rolled her off of him.

"Alright now!" he orders her, "on your knees begging for mercy!"

She smiles and turns over on all fours just waiting for him to enter her. This was her favorite position and she loved how he was ordering her around. His orders just drove her nuts and turned her on more then she thought was possible. She smiled to herself as she wondered what next he was going to do. He places his hands on her nice round butt checks and caresses them.

"Hmmm, nice and firm. Now, let's just go lower and see if we are wet." And with that, he moves his hands towards her center. He moves one finger into her pussy and feels the wetness. He feels to see how wet she is and decides that she is just perfectly wet for him to enter her from behind. He rubs her wetness against his cock making it hard. He rubs his cock up and down against her slit, making her moan with each stroke.

"God," she moaned, "I love how you tease me like this."

He said nothing but smiled. He continued to stroke her slit until his member was rock hard to satisfy him. He aimed his tip towards her entrance and dipped it in before quickly taking it out. He smiled as he continued to tease her like this, hearing her moan and groan for him to enter her.

"Oh, so you want this?" he said as he quickly and forcefully enters her from behind. He begins to stroke in and out of her fast. He was going to be rough and hard with her. He pounds his hard cock into her, trying with all his might to force every inch of him into her tight pussy. He rams into her so hard that he feels him soon coming close to the edge. He feels her pussy muscles clench around him which drive him over the edge. He spurts into her his cum as he screams in delight as he comes hard and fast into her. He's never cum that hard or that fast ever before. Throughout it all, he kept driving himself into her. His force with him cumming drove her over the edge and soon she was cumming with him. Their juices were mixing together. They drove their bodies up against one another. Soon, they stopped moving hard against one another as their orgasms slowly subsided. Their breathes coming together hard. They panted together as they tried to catch their breath. He was leaning up on top of her with his now ever growing soft member in her.

"Oh god," she panted, "I love you so much. God, you drive me wild."

"And to think, it's not over yet."

He slowly removed himself and lay down next to her. He drew his hand through her wonderful soft hair and leaned up to kiss her passionately. She lowers herself down so that he can lie down and relax. They kiss passionately, their tongues mingling, dancing with one another between each others mouths. Their hands wander around each others bodies as they kiss passionately.

He breaks the kiss to passionately whisper in her ear, "I'm gonna tell you what to do and you will do them with no questions asked. Understand?"

"Yes, sir" she responds with a sly smile on her face.

"Good, now slowly move on top of me and don't stop kissing me."

She slowly crawls on top of his body, continuing the passionate kiss that he had started. She never breaks the kiss. She just loses herself in it while she lies on top of him, her hands moving through his hair. She is full of love and passion. Suddenly, she feels him removing his lips from hers and moves his head towards her ear.

"Sit on top of me with your back facing me."

She does as she is told without question. She has a slight idea about what is about to happen but she does not ask. She feels his hands below her, cupping her butt. She feels his hands then move to his member that is now resting in the crack of her butt. He moves her so that her slit is resting up against his cock. Just the touch of her slit makes him grow hard under her. He grows harder as he moves her slit up and down his hard cock. He moans in pleasure. She smiles knowing how happy she is making him with just her sitting atop of him. Soon, he lifts her up so that all her weight is on her knees.

"Don't move," he orders. He reaches his hands down off of her and onto his hard cock that isn't erect yet. He moves his hands up and down his hard cock, making it grow erect. He moves his hands faster and faster up and down his hard cock until it is fully erect and ready to enter a warm, loving, dripping wet pussy, one which just happens to be right above it. He reaches his hands up and lowers her down onto his now erect and hard member. He lets her sit on top of him, with him fully in her.

"Lay down baby, and make sure to let me stay inside of you."

She does as he orders and lies back with her back right up against his chest. Her question has been answered. He was ordering her to get into his favorite position. She smiled knowing that the best was yet to come. She laid back and felt his hard, firm chest against her smooth skin of her back. She felt herself going up and down as he breathed, his chest rising and falling as he breathed in and out. She loved just laying there, feeling his breathing under her. She loved this man so much and enjoyed sharing her soul with him in only the way a lover could. She loved pleasing him in every way.

He moved his hands down slowly and gently down her body from her neck to her breast. He softly squeezed them and loved them. He then moved his hands further down her body and onto her hips. There, he stopped. "Okay, baby," he whispered into her ear as he kissed her neck, "just follow the motion of my hands." With that, he moved his hands that were firmly placed on her hips up and down. This moved her up and down his hard member, exciting him even more. His breathing became quicker as he felt her move up and down. She helped him and moved up and down, following the motion of his hands. Slowly, but together, they quickened up the pace. With the faster pace, he slowly began to moan and groan in delight, still kissing on her neck from behind.

"I love you, darling," he whispered into her ear softly and gently.

"I love you too," she moaned back in delight.

They slowly but surely quickened their pace so that her back was rubbing fast up and down against his chest, matching the movements of his hard member moving in and out of her pussy. Her wetness was growing with each motion making it even easier for him to move in and out of her faster. Precum was spilling out of him and into her as they moved together. Love was flowing between them. They moaned in unison and their breathing became quicker. Their climaxes build together.

"Oh God baby," he moaned out loud, "cum with me, please."

She didn't answer. She just kept up the motion that her hips were following of his hands. They moved in unison as if it was just one body moving. Her breathing came quicker and quicker as she came close to cumming.

"Sweetie," she groaned, "I'm close."

"Good," he responded in delight, "because I am too."

He quickened his pace and moved his hands and her hips faster, egging him on. Being with her for so long, he knew when she was about to explode and cum. He knew that that time was nearing which was good, considering he was almost there himself. He moved them together faster and faster bringing them to the edge.

"Oh God," he gasped as he exploded his load into her. His cum shot into her tight pussy and when it reached her inner walls it set her off. She screamed in delight as her orgasm gripped her. She poured her love juice over his hard member that was exploding in her. They still kept moving together, never stopping as they came. They came hard and intensely together. He was holding her close to him as he came hard in her. She gasping for breath the entire time she was cumming.

Slowly, their juices slow down and come to a stop. He is still hard in her but is slowly becoming soft. He stays in her, holding her on top of him while he grows soft. All the while, he feels her hips twitching on top of him as she still feels his cum inside of her, his warm cum feels so good inside of her. When he becomes fully soft, he sits up, all the while making sure that he is still inside of her even though he is now soft. He has her sitting on his lap as he kisses her cheek from behind. He loves her so much. He strokes his hands through her soft hair, loving the way it feels in his hands.

Slowly, as he runs his hands through her hair, he gently rolls her off of him. He moves over her and kisses her soft, sweet lips. He then puts his arms around her and rolls back onto his back with her head on his chest. His hands go back to stroking her soft hair. He looks down into her loving eyes as she looks up into his.

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