tagGroup SexThe Devil's Mistresses Ch. 01

The Devil's Mistresses Ch. 01


All characters are over 18.

The envelope sat neatly centered on his desk, his name inscribed on the creamy paper in delicate calligraphy. Roger lowered himself into his chair, his eyes shifting left and right before they returned to his desk He pressed a button on his phone and said, "Debbie, did I have any visitors while I was at lunch?"

"No, Mr. Travers," his assistant said. "No visitors and no calls."

Roger smiled. "Thank you."

So they wanted him to know they could reach him whenever they wanted. He wondered how they got past Debbie. But the details really didn't matter to Roger. He liked a little mystery.

The envelope was sealed with a dollop of red wax, the wax stamped with the letter "J" entwined with a serpent. He broke the seal and pulled out the single sheet inside. The writing was in the same elegant script. "The Duquesne Hotel dining room, seven-thirty. Bring the money."

A powerful stirring rose deep in his loins. It was actually going to happen. After ten months of waiting, time filled with anonymous letters and late-night phone calls and mysterious rendezvous, it was finally on.

Roger unzipped his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. His erection demanded immediate attention. He leaned forward and again triggered the intercom. "Debbie, could you come here a moment?"

He enjoyed watching his sexy young assistant walk into the room, enjoyed watching her cross those long, long legs as she sat before him. Her dark hair was pulled up in a chic, professional bun, and her brown eyes were hooded by long lashes. She wore an elegant black suit that cost Travers an even thousand dollars. That was part of the deal he made with Debbie when he finalized the sale of his company. He no longer had any real business to conduct, but he still wanted the ego gratification that came with having a competent and sexy personal assistant. He needed someone to pick up his dry cleaning, to schedule appointments with entrepreneurs begging for venture capital, to look gorgeous on his arm when he attended gala dinners or fundraising events. He paid Debbie forty-five thousand dollars a year, paid for the lease on her car, the rent on her apartment, and made sure she was dressed in a manner befitting a man of his station.

And Debbie repaid him with the gifts of her competence, her beauty, and her body. It was a more than even exchange. He'd once thought about impregnating Debbie, and even had his lawyers draw up documents to sign so she couldn't sue him for exorbitant palimony. But the urge to procreate never lasted long enough for him to act on it. A child might keep him from doing whatever he wanted, when he wanted, and that was a burden Roger doubted he could ever accept.

Roger said, "I need to cancel my appointments for the next two weeks. I'll be away and incommunicado."

"Of course, sir."

"After you clear my calendar you're free to take off until I contact you. Use the condo on St. Thomas if you like."

She smiled politely. "That's very kind of you, sir. I may do just that."

She asked no questions, showed no curiosity about this sudden change of plans. That was another reason why he kept her in his employ after his company. She was intelligent, circumspect, and totally devoted to him. She didn't show the least curiosity about his unusual request. It wasn't her place.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" she asked, slowly rising from the chair. Another of her fine qualities-anticipating his needs. He swiveled his chair as she stepped around his desk. She saw his erection and a smile spread across her lips. "It looks like there is."

She knelt between his open legs and hefted his heavy cock in her soft hands. Roger closed his eyes and sighed as her warm mouth engulfed him. She let her saliva coat his penis, getting him wet, getting every nerve ending tingling and anxiously waiting for her lips and tongue to pleasure him.

"Do you want it quick, or slow?" she asked.

"Slow, please. I need to think."

"Of course, sir." She knew Roger did his best thinking while getting his cock sucked.. He'd come to the decision to sell his company exactly one minute after he came inside his assistant's delightfully talented mouth. Debbie gave head as good as a Bangkok prostitute, a pleasure that Roger enjoyed for the first time ten months ago, during a sex vacation he took with some former Japanese clients. He spent a week indulging himself in practices that would have gotten him 20 years in prison back in the States.

That's where he heard the rumors.

That's all it was at first-rumors. Roger stayed in a very private and exclusive resort where new girls were brought in ever day. "I want at least two available to me at all times," Roger told the tiny, elegant woman who supervised the resort's "entertainmen".

"You like Asian girls, or Western?" the woman asked.

Roger smiled. "I didn't come eight thousand miles to fuck women I can find at home."

The woman smiled and bowed. "Of course, sir."

"At least two at all times," Roger reminded her, and retired to his suite. Ten minutes later there was a soft tap at the door, and when he eased it open two pretty Thai girls stood there in satin teddies, lip gloss, and high heels. "Good evening, ladies," he said, and stepped back to let them walk into the room.

For three days Roger rutted like a animal, fucking girls who came and went as though on a conveyor belt. He found that he liked having two girls side-by-side, legs spread wide, so he could switch back and forth between them, fucking one until she really started to moan and writhe under his powerful thrusting, and then mounting the other girl, savoring the subtle differences between the two vaginas.

After lunch on the third day Roger was dozing in bed after ruthlessly fucking an extraordinary Japanese girl. The girl teetered in on five-inch heels and a plaid miniskirt that barely covered her ass. She wore her hair in long black pigtails and looked like the ultimate piece of Asian jailbait. Roger fell on her like a wolf upon a lamb, yanking up her skirt and attempting to impale her from behind. The Japanese girl was so tight that he couldn't penetrate, and she started squealing with pain as Roger tried forcing his huge penis inside her.

He turned to the other girl, a frightened Thai girl who couldn't take her eyes off Roger's throbbing erection. "Lube me up," he barked at her. He pointed at the bottle of KY on the dresser. "Now!" The Thai girl quickly obeyed, pouring a generous dollop of the clear liquid into her palm and stroking his cock with her tiny hands. Her nails were nearly two inches long and made her pumping fingers look like tentacles. Roger sighed with pleasure as she made his cock glisten with silky oil. He put his hands on the hips of the Japanese girl and, this time, managed to slide inside her incredibly tight hole.

"Uhhhh!!!" Roger groaned. Her pussy was as tight as the asshole of a girl he'd fucked the night before. But this was pussy, wet, velvety-smooth pussy, and he felt her walls stretch as he pulled back and thrust deep inside her.

"Aiiiiieee!" the girl shrieked. Her cries excited Roger and he tightened his grip on her hips and fucked her with long strokes, forcing himself to be patient. The Thai girl moved behind Roger and fondled his testicles with her nails, and Roger angrily slapped her hands away. "Go stand over there!" he snarled, and the girl slunk away like a dog who'd just been kicked. Roger didn't want the extra stimulation of her long nails on his scrotum, because this girl was so fucking tight that he was afraid he'd blow his load before he could fully enjoy her.

"Do you speak English?" he panted.

"Ye...yes," the girl said through her tears.

"Good," Roger said. "Good. Am I hurting you?"

The girl clenched her teeth. "No, no sir."

Roger started fucking her faster. "I'm not hurting you with my huge cock?"

She shook her head, making her pigtails waggle back and forth. "No, sir."

Roger unsheathed himself and carried the girl to the bed. He tossed her and she bounced across the silk comforter, and Roger knelt over her and brandished his cock in her face. "Have you ever had a bigger cock than this?" Roger loved the sexual power that came with being enormously endowed, and he loved to hear his women tell him how impressed they were by his size. He was pleased when the girl said, "No, sir. You are my biggest ever."

"Touch me," Roger commanded, and the girl put both her hands on his cock and started jerking him off. She looked up at him with her dark, frightened eyes and Roger had to fight the urge to erupt in her face. She was lovely, so lovely and innocent and childlike, and Roger slid down her body and again fed his organ inside her. She went rigid and arched her back as, inch by endless inch, he invaded her vagina.

It didn't take long for her to exhaust Roger's endurance. She wrapped her legs around his waist and Roger pumped and pumped and pumped and the wet sounds of his erection squishing in and out of her pussy broke his resolve. He pinned her wrists to the bed and pounded away until that infernal pressure in his shaft overwhelmed him and he buried his cock deep as far as it would go and let it spurt, spurt, spurt, until his semen oozed our from around her overfilled hole.

"Christ Jesus," Roger groaned. The girl swallowed hard and wiped tears from her eyes. Roger withdrew and the she scrambled off the bed and smoothed out her skirt. She managed a weak smile and said, "Thank you, sir."

He grabbed her by the wrist. "No, no, stay, please. I'm not done with you, my darling. Stay, I'll order dinner for us." He looked at the Thai girl cowering in the corner. "For us all."

They dined together on lobster and shark fin soup and two bottles of champagne, and Roger's young companions relaxed and started giggling at Roger's jokes and compliments. When the waiter cleared away the dishes Roger yawned and said, "If you don't mind, I think I'll take a quick nap. Perhaps you'd like to shower and change before we have some more...fun?" The girls giggled and went off to the bathroom with its marble floors and Jacuzzi tub.

Roger lay down on the bed and sighed, both from exhaustion and from the anticipation of another go with the delicious girl in the bathroom. He closed his eyes and held his breath for just a moment-and heard voices coming from behind the bathroom door.

The girls were talking, in English, probably the only language they shared. "He hurt me," the Japanese girl sobbed. "This only my second time, I told I would only have small men at first."

The Thai girl snorted. "They lie all time, you should know that. He very big, most men much smaller. Be glad he not put it up your ass."

"He might when he wake up."

"No, he like your pussy too much, he just fuck you that way."

"But he hurt me," the Japanese girl said, the despair in her voice obvious.

Roger smiled to himself. He was pleased that the Japanese girl feared him, feared his cock, and hearing the Thai girl say that most men were smaller than him tickled his ego. He decided to give the poor Japanese prostitute a break. He would screw the Thai girl next while the other whore sat on his face. That way she would be wet and loose when he fucked her again. Well, as loose as her inexperienced pussy could get.

Then her heard the Japanese girl say, "I wish the devil women work here. They fuck him crazy. They make him cry and beg."

"Shh!" the Thai girl whispered desperately. "You not ever talk about them. Room might have microphones. Anyone hear you talk about them, you disappear. Forever."

"I not care," the Japanese girl said savagely. "The devil women fuck him and make him cry like he make me cry! Fuck him and make him slave! Fuck him..."

Roger pulled the door open and the two tiny girls recoiled in horror. The Thai girl smiled nervously and said, "So sorry, sir. Do you need massage to go sleep?"

"Tell me about the devil women," Roger said.

The color drained from the Thai girl's light brown skin. "Devil women? I not know...I not understand English so good, you want me dress up?"

Roger turned on the Japanese girl. "Tell me about them." She walked backwards until her bare ass touched the cool marble of the tub. Roger walked up to her until he loomed over her. He was erect again, and his fat cockhead bobbed in her face. He reached out and gently caressed her face. "Tell me, darling."

The Japanese girl slowly shook her head back and forth, her lips trembling, those dark eyes full of fear. "Tell me," Roger said, running his thumb over her chin, "tell me or I'll hurt you."

"Tell him nothing!" the Thai girl shrieked.

Roger pivoted and backhanded the Thai girl across the face. She slammed against the far wall and slumped unconscious to the floor. The Japanese girl, her eyes now wide with terror, stood frozen in place. Roger grabbed one of her pigtails and dragged her back to the bedroom.

She screamed in agony, screamed for help, and Roger could only laugh. "Make all the noise you want, darling. These rooms are totally soundproof. So the other guests won't be bothered by the other noises men and women make." He laughed and she started to cry.

Roger threw her on the bed and lay on top of her, crushing her with his bulk. "Now, I've heard rumors," Roger said. "Rumors of two incredible prostitutes. Very expensive. Very skilled. But no one knows anything about them. But you do, don't you?"

The terrified girl shook her head emphatically, which confirmed to Roger that she knew something. "Very well," he sighed. "I'll make you tell me."

Roger flipped the girl on her stomach and seized her hips. With one brutal motion he impaled the girl with his iron-hard erection. She thrashed and screamed like a speared eel, but there was enough of Roger's semen still inside her to grease the way for his dick. When he had her pinned to the bed like a butterfly Roger reached out and grabbed both her wrists and yanked her arms back. From his high-school wrestling days Roger knew how painful this maneuver, called "the surfboard", could be. Though he'd never endured it with a dick up his ass, which he knew must only add to the pain.

"Hurting me!" she squealed. "Please, I sorry, I talk too much, please!"

Roger eased the pressure a bit. "Tell me what you know about the 'devil women'."

"I know nothing, I make mistake!"

Roger pulled her arms back and listened to the girl scream, and scream, and scream. When her cries turned into shrieks of absolute agony he eased the pressure. "Please, tell me."

Through her sobs she said, "Please, they kill me if I tell."

Roger pulled her arms back just a bit. "I'll kill you if you don't. I'm sure a place as luxurious as this can deal with a dead whore dirtying up the place." He pulled her arms back again and waited until she started to hyperventilate.

She gasped for breath and nodded. "I talk."

He still held her wrists but gave her arms some slack, and Roger listened to the Japanese girl talk about two women who were, so she'd heard, unique in the annals of prostitution. They did not seek out clients-in fact, their existence was one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the vast Asian underworld. But when they did take on a rare client, they inflicted such pleasure in the course of their lovemaking that it drove men mad. They brought men to climaxes that lasted minutes, orgasms of such intensity that men fractured their pelvises with their spastic thrusting.

"How much do these women charge?" Roger asked.

The girl swallowed. "I hear, five-hundred thousand US dollars, for one time."

Roger laughed. "A half-million. Bullshit."

"That's what I heard, sir." And he could see in her eyes that she wasn't making it up.

"Are they Thai, or Chinese?"

"No, they are Western. I know not where, exactly. I hear they are French, but some say they are Russian. I never meet them, not know anyone who meet them. I hear they are more beautiful than any women, make men go crazy to fuck them."

"How did you hear about them?"

She looked away. "Man who...hire me. He have brother who is big shot in Hong Kong triad. He like to brag, tell us all about them." Her eyes went wide with terror. "He die right after he talk about them. He get cut up all over. Never find his privates, or his tongue." She started to cry. "They kill me now too."

"No one will ever find out," he reassured her, though he didn't care a whit what happened to her. "How do I arrange a meeting with these women?"

"You want fuck them?" the girl said, horrified. "You not understand, they fuck so good they make men go crazy, men kill themselves, men cut off their organs."

Roger laughed. "I'm not afraid of a couple of whores," he said, putting some pressure back on her arms to emphasize the point. "You said you heard they might be French or Russian," Roger mused. He had contacts in Europe, on both sides of the law, maybe they could help him find these women. "Maybe one woman is French and the other Russian?"

The girl shook her head. "No, sir. The two women, they are...mother and daughter."

To Roger this was the last detail that convinced him the rumors were true. It was too sordid, too twisted, too...delicious. Adding the sin of incest to that of prostitution. Delicious.

He released the Japanese girl's wrists and she whimpered with relief. Roger grabbed her hips and was about to fuck her again when he sensed motion to his left. The Thai girl, her right eye already swollen half-shut, stumbled into the room. "I...I wanted to apologize, sir." She looked straight at the floor, obedient, penitent. "I am sorry."

Roger uncoupled himself from the panting girl on the bed and walked to the Thai girl. He gently took her face in his hands. "I accept your apology, my dear," Roger said. "Are you all right? Do you need some ice for your eye?"

The girl shook her head but Roger stuck his hand in the silver basin that held their champagne and brought up a handful of ice. He handed the girl a cube and she gingerly touched her purpling skin with the smoking cube. While she soothed her aching face Roger slipped behind her and, with a series of savage, wrenching thrusts of his hips, crammed his huge cock in her asshole.

The Thai girl couldn't even scream. Her mouth opened and air escaped her lips, but all Roger heard was a deathly rasp. His cock was still slick from the Japanese girl's pussy and from his own boiling semen, and he was able to saw his cock in and out of her rectum without discomfort. The discomfort of the whore he was reaming didn't register in his mind. She was so tight, her buttocks so firm and smooth, and watching his thick pink snake pry apart her pretty brown pucker filled him with a sense of depraved triumph.

Roger reached again into the silver bucket and filled his hands with ice. He cupped her small breasts in his chill palms and she reared up, trying to keep his freezing touch from her body, but Roger just forced his cock deeper in her rectum and there was nothing she could do. He was so huge now, so hard and swollen, that he couldn't pull his cock out, the fat helmet held him tight inside her body, and the only way to break their bodies apart was the deflation of his dick after orgasm.

It took a long time. Roger had more endurance after coming once already and it took several minutes of powerful, jackhammer thrusting for her pulpy canal to bring him on. In fact, what really put Roger over the edge was the look of abject horror on the Japanese girl's face as she watched this unnatural coupling.

"Don't worry," Roger groaned as he started to come, "you'll get some of this tomorrow." And the idea of popping the pretty girl's ass cherry as so wonderful that Roger filled the Thai whore's bum with his sperm. It took nearly five full minutes of pulling and tugging for Roger to unplug himself from her ass, and when he finally yanked himself free a pink slurry of semen and blood poured down her legs.

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