tagMind ControlThe Dildock Virus Ch. 02

The Dildock Virus Ch. 02


Laurel was impatient to get back to her apartment. Absently playing with tresses of her honey blonde hair, she peered out through the city bus window onto the rainy world outside. Any distraction was welcome if it could take her mind away from the pungent odor of the hot and sweaty construction workers that packed the bus after a hard day's labor. She was tired, on edge and it was very clear something was troubling the back of her mind. Work today at the factory had been more or less alright she supposed. She did think back with irritation and disgust to her episodes with Frank, the machinery repair technician. Here was someone older than her grandfather, leering at her more than once today. And what's with that shit eating grin of his? She'd have liked to have said a thing or two to him and wipe that smirk off his face. But upbringing kicked in and prevented her from saying anything rude or improper however much he deserved it.

She just wanted to get home and run that program again to remove the Dildock Virus from her computer. That morning before she left work the software said it was 86% finished, so maybe a few more runs of the program and it'd be complete. She wanted her problems over with and just get on with life. She was sure there'd also be a flashing message on her phone from her mother wondering why she didn't email her yesterday. Mothers do worry after all, but the thing that was nagging her most was the feeling that she was forgetting something. Something really important and she couldn't put her finger on it ...like part of her mind wasn't letting the other half see what's really going on. She was mulling this over as the bus drove past row upon row of billboards and one in particular caught her eye. The advertisement was for one of the new Wi-Fi/4G tablets showcasing its capability for two way video conferencing and featured a picture within a picture of two people talking. Her body recoiled like the moment of shock when the sheet is peeled back off the coroners table to reveal the corpse of a loved one beneath.

The impact hit her hard and sudden. Not only had she exposed herself to others on the internet the night before, but shoved a banana inside herself and orgasmed for their pleasure! Literally orgasmed! Oh my God! Her gasp of realization caused several passengers around her to look up and see if she was alright. She quickly stared back out the window, avoiding eye contact with anyone. Dear Lord! What if one of these dirty sweaty construction workers saw her and recognized her!?

She saw the passing world with wild unblinking eyes. The thought hitting hardest in her mind over and over again was the fact she enjoyed it. God she really got off on it. No emotion, no feeling, nothing in memory had ever come close to that release of passion last night. Then she got scared, her heart pounding, that given the opportunity, would she do it all over again. "No!" The anguished gasp involuntarily escaped her lips. It mustn't ever happen again! "What the hell is happening to me" she desperately wondered. She must have been drunk, but she didn't remember drinking. Someone must have given her something in a drink, but what? She heard of that sort of thing at Raves, but she hadn't been to anything like that or any bar for that matter. No, it must have been just a one-time thing, never to happen again ...ever. She then began the overwhelming effort to suppress emotion, personal shame and a very real fear of losing herself. She had to bury those thoughts as deeply inside herself as her conscious mind would allow. Laurel made the mental commitment to herself that with her first step off the bus at her stop she would be back to her normal self and move on forgetting it ever happened. No one she knew would even have seen her last night anyway. Done.

She turned the key and entered her apartment. Thinking about what she was going to have for dinner, she flicked on the computer to do another pass with the anti-virus software and rid herself of that Dildock bug once and for all. "What inconvenience! Why do people make these viruses anyway?" she muttered to herself.

While she was waiting for her leftover pasta to heat up in the microwave, she changed out her work clothes and freed her breasts from the confines of her bra in the process. She tossed a loose fitting cotton tank top over her head and slipped into her casual hi-cut jeans to shut down for the night and chill. She wasn't planning on going out or seeing anyone and so determined comfort was far more desirable than modesty especially in the confines of her own home. She caught her image in the full length mirror in her bedroom as she zipped up the shorts and noticed her ample breasts had the tips of her nipples poking at the fabric, leaving nothing to be imagined. Giving herself a half turn and a leggy pose she did a quick study of her curvature and rounded buttocks. With her golden hair sensuously cascading about her shoulders she looked pretty sexy even if she did say so herself in a country video sort of way. The word slutty came to mind, but she chose not to use it. "If men like a few curves on a woman than I guess I'm their gal" she verbally joked to herself.

Sitting herself sat down at her computer desk she started the virus program. If she had thought about it, she actually was looking forward to the process and had gotten quite used to the pulsing display that strobed before her eyes. It was almost entertaining now, taking her away from her troubles, relaxing her and washing the stress of the day away. She might even run the program now and then once the virus was finally removed because well, it just felt good. That was her last thought as her mind seemed once again to just ...drift ...away.

The leftovers were quite cold in the microwave when she finally got around to them. But as cold as they were, she found herself hungrily devouring them anyway. She was famished as if her body was preparing for energy for it was going to need later. She glanced back at the time on the microwave and frowned. The digital clock said it was 7:35 pm., far later than it really should be. She had just gotten the last forkful in her mouth when a buzz on the intercom told her she had a visitor. Gulping down the last bite she pressed the button and responded with a "Who is it?" She got a mild surprise upon hearing who it was.

"Hi, its Reggie the computer guy just checking to see how my program was working out."

"Fine ...thanks for asking although you didn't need to come over." She saw no reason to let him in, but after a brief moment of silence, her natural desire to be courteous stepped up and she buzzed the entrance. "Please, come up." I really should thank him in person she thought, just not for long.

Less than a minute later, Reggie was at her door and it was too late as she was opening it to realize that with no bra on, her breasts would be pushing out with clear definition. "Oh well, can't do much now." was her quick thought. The stocky, thirty-something male that stood at her door was unimpressive to say the least and the big shit eating grin on his face took away any appreciation she had for his concern and reminded her just how obnoxious he was just the other day. She could feel her own personal defense growing stronger by the second. Instead of letting him barge in like the last time, she stood her ground at the door. She would be polite, but firm. This was her home after all and she would only invite in those whom she wanted, when she wanted.

"I'll just go in and check your system out, make sure my software is doing its job."

"Thanks for your concern, I really appreciate you coming out here to follow up, but there's really no need, its working well and in fact the whole process should be complete with just another scan or two. Thanks for checking in, but I've got to get back to ..."

He cut her off. "Good to hear, but there's also something I want you to see," he said with quick purpose and began rolling up the sleeve on his left arm, "it's a special tattoo." Foreboding told her not to look down to his forearm, but courtesy and curiosity were stronger. With one brief glance, her legs buckled in vertigo. His next words became a thundering boom running rampant inside her mind. The inked graphic was that of one simple image. "I am ...the Black Diamond ...diamond ...diamond..." Her mouth went slack and she continued to crumple there on the spot. "What the hell is...?" The question came back, but this time there was a connection.

He grabbed her by the shoulders before she fell completely and helped her stagger to her couch where she fell like a drunk to the seat cushions. He closed and locked her door. "You never know who might walk in." he said with a menacing chuckle. She struggled to raise herself to a seated position and gather her wits as he went to her computer and checked some statistical information. A brief moment later, he came back to her quite pleased and spoke. "Ninety two percent complete. Good girl! You follow instructions well. Not much longer ...my little CockSlut."

Even as she sat, a flush came over her and she could swear her pussy was getting a burning itch. How could one word have such power? CockSlut?

The smile was gone from his face, and a brutal, ugly appearance took its place. He stood before her arms folded, legs shoulder height apart like some demanding mighty Jinn. Laurel knew from here on, he would not be asking her things, but giving orders. And so it was. "Take of your clothes."

Laurel didn't know how she did it, but a small ember of fighting spirit sparked up not yet completely snuffed out by his efforts. She looked him in the eyes almost wincing, but her answer was clear if weak. "No"

She thought she saw confusion and uncertainty fill his expression, but if they did, they were short lived. A smile creased his lips as he spoke. "It looks like you need a little lesson in obedience." And then assuming the voice of a master, one who intended on being obeyed if not eventually worshiped, he gave his next command. "I am Black Diamond and I order you on your knees before me, CockSlut!" If she felt she could resist him before, her defiance now fell like sands through a grate. Her body reacted before her mind was aware and she found herself kneeling before him a mere few feet away.


Reluctantly her knees shuffled her nearer. And again he commanded. "Closer still." This time she found herself kneeling erect, her face mere inches from his groin. She couldn't help but feel she was on a runaway train racing towards its inevitable destruction and no chance of getting off.

"Any of my commands will be met with total submission and you will discover that with each surrender of your will to my wishes, your senses, your passion and willingness to please will only heighten. Now, CockSlut, open my zipper"

Both trembling hands raised to the task requested. She didn't know if this was something she wanted to do or not. It seemed she could no longer control her body. Fingers touched fabric and metal, and she noticed just what he had said, how alive all her senses felt. She could feel the weave of fabric, the thickness of the material, the small sharp edge of the zipper catch and how it's cool metal turned to warmth within seconds between her fingers and thumb tip. As she tugged it down, she could hear each fastener click free and saw the zipper smoothly part open now free of its fastening. She became acutely aware of every sensation whether she wished to or not. But she also noticed that part of her was beginning to look forward to each new experience or revelation.

"CockSlut, take It out." Each time he gave an order, he repeated her trigger word like another rivet being hammered into her collar of submission. He had to make sure there were no further chances of reprisal or regression from his design. With grace and care as if attempting to touch something most delicate, her fingers slipped between the folds of his pants and instantly sensed his body heat. With the first touch of flesh upon her fingertips, she felt almost thrilled at the discovery there were no undergarments and gave a little shiver at the realization she had actually touched ...It. The part of her in control was fascinated, while another part, shut away in an ever receding locked room was shrieking in fear, revulsion and impotence. Her fingers encircled her hidden treasure and she marveled at its warmth, its thickness even when flaccid. With a delicate squeeze she brought it out, showing the gentleness a mother would have removing a blanket from the face of a baby. At this point, there was only one side to her now. When Reggie's cock was totally free, instead of being repulsed by what his penis represented, she couldn't help but admire its shape, its size and perfection. Each rushing pulse of blood caused it to slowly swell in size. Soft yet firm, smooth yet with building veins, it now radiated heat proclaiming itself alive with power. Whatever he had done to her, she couldn't fight the growing desire deep inside her loins, her quickening heart and her increasingly erotic mind.

Reggie nodded in approval. "You are beginning to understand, my CockSlut." Again he reinforced his statements with her trigger. "I am Black Diamond and you are what I have made you. You do and think what I say, because deep inside, you know I am right. The ultimate reason for your new existence is for the sexual pleasure of others. Although in public you may behave like any other woman, when directed, no act of sex will eventually be too degrading, only something that turns you on increasingly more. You may have thought of yourself at one time to be a good girl, just what others such as your parents wanted you to be, but from here on when the opportunity arises, you are just a slut and in truth always have been. That program I wrote and installed on your computer isn't removing a virus; it's inserting one into your brain. A crushing wave of understanding sent her mind reeling. It was too much! Laurel squeezed her eyes shut as if she could withdraw within and close all gates to the outside world, but the whimpering moan that eventually escaped her throat told her only of futility. He was doing this to her and she didn't know how to find it within herself to resist, to fight back.

When her eyes finally opened, Laurel realized she had never let go his cock, but kept it mere inches from her face, unable to defy its attraction. Black Diamond knew what she was thinking. "Magnificent isn't it? This is your new addiction, your service to cocks and their owners above all else. You seek intense pleasure achieved only through sexually pleasing others. You now crave sex in all its forms and as I said, soon the most obscene and lewd acts will only leave you wanting more. Look at yourself; you're behaving like a Pavlovian dog. Even the thought of cock, its musky scent and its touch practically makes you salivate."

It was true. Laurel had unknowingly brought her nose within a fingers breadth of his cock head and caught herself deeply inhaling its tang. Her warm puffing exhalations as she sniffed were causing him to harden even more. She felt an incredible urge to taste it, to feel it in her mouth, to run her tongue over the smooth hardness of its helmeted head, to worship it. A few minutes ago she was struggling to keep herself as she once knew, in this moment she was responding with total willingness and no effort to resist what she now knew to be true. The new Laurel was winning. She wanted to give herself over and like an obedient slave, surrender to the shackles of her bondage. Her conversion was becoming more real with each sex induced thought. She knew he was right, and with willing acceptance came the excited curiosity of where this would all take her and promises of pleasures yet to come. Never before had she given head to anyone, but her eyes closed again and with sensuous motion slowly brought her widening mouth closer, ready to receive its desire. Her tongue came out to pay ultimate homage to his erection, but he pulled her away with a twisted smile.

"Not just yet. It's time for education and with understanding comes further acceptance. What I'm about to tell you, you will know to be the truth. All humans are at their essence, is merely animals. The only essential thing that makes us different is our cognitive intelligence. Take life anywhere down to its most basic core needs. First is the need for food, the root basis of survival. Then comes the need for shelter, which is comfort and safety. What's next? It's the need to procreate and carry on the species. Survival of the one, then survival of the all. These are absolute fundamentals common to all creatures. Now do you want to know the crazy part? Procreation isn't the basic instinct, fucking is. Making babies is just an inevitable result. You have food in your refrigerator; there is a ceiling over your head and a lock on your door. That just leaves your need for sex. Society has always been good at condemning this urge and labeling it as improper and dirty. In our efforts to please our parents, our preachers, our society, we're conditioned to always try being good. Good from what? For the most part, they have been very successful in suppressing this need and limiting it to justify having babies. Yes procreation is part of it, but it's much more than that. A woman's core sexual instinct is to attract a mate. Not a husband, but a sexual partner, someone to breed with. Why do women act feminine? Why do they obsess on clothes, on jewelry, on make-up and hair styles? "Am I getting fat?" "What do you think of Botox?" "Like my new breasts?" It's all a lure in their effort to get fucked. And they all do it instinctively.

Men are generally alpha males. Copulating with as many females as possible insures the survival of the species. The moment of ejaculation deep inside a woman's body is one of the most intense feelings a man can experience because it's his reward for mission accomplished. Cumming in a woman's mouth shows his dominance over her. When she swallows, it's her ultimate acceptance. Cumming on her face or body is like a dog peeing on the bushes to mark his territory. Most everything else is just variations, fetishes and male servitude merely twists and inversions.

Which all leads is to the stark reality as to what you obviously have become. You're a slut, in fact a cockslut. You're not a whore. Whores do it for money. Sluts do it because they're addicted to it.

Laurel's head hung in shame. She realized she couldn't disagree and quietly began to weep. Her mind felt overwhelmed as two completely different behaviors struggled within. "Cheer up! You'll get over it soon. That's just the old you lamenting it's passing. The new you is going to love everything you're about to become."

"But enough!" He turned to other matters at hand. "You promised your fans another show tonight and its time." Panic burst through her melancholy and as a slave would beg her master, she pleaded not to appear again on that website. But wishes went unanswered as he pulled a smart phone from his holster and with a couple of deft key strokes opened her computer to the website camnett.com. He automatically logged her in, just as he had done the previous day. Standing outside of the camera's view, she now saw the portion of her room in front of her computer come up on the monitor. The number count of viewers started at zero, but instantly began climbing faster than the dollar counter on a gasoline pump. She now realized just how many had seen her last sexual act.

"Now my hot little fuck, my little CockSlut, it's time for your performance. There will be hundreds looking to drop their load after seeing what you're going to do today for them. Tease them first with a seductive little strip dance just to set the mood. Perform like the hottest stripper you could imagine yourself to be. Exposing yourself to all those men is going to get you incredibly turned on, so get started. If you get a little stuck knowing what to do next, I'm sure the messages all those horny men will be sending you will give you lots of good ideas.

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