tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Dim Painting

The Dim Painting


~The Dim Painting~

I feel like a dim painting..
Dull of color, yet still there in form,
Waiting for a fresh coat of paint to restore me,
And bring me back to life again..
Save me..save me from this dimness,
Paint me anew, make me whole,
Bring back to life, what I once was;
Vibrant, Cheerful, Strong, True to myself.
I want to scream out in rebellion
And fight this feeling wanting to consume me.
I will shine out again, and become bright,
But I must begin with Self-love.
How can anyone see my true potential,
If I do not see it myself?
No more will I be a dim painting,
For I will break free with color,
And rise again, to become beautiful!

*Realizing why we are sad and getting to the root of it...then coming face to face with the issue. Then begins the process of inner healing. The anger I felt towards myself for feeling so sad and self conscience, was becoming too much for me, but it made me face it, and now I am starting to heal.

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