tagLoving WivesThe Dinner Party

The Dinner Party


My wife and I was invited to a small dinner party by her boss and his wife. I guess that I should mention that he (her boss) and my sexy wife Lynn, have been having a torrid love affair for the past eight months. My wife told me that during her interview with his company, she knew that they would soon be sleeping together. Her lovers name is Ron, he's 40'ish and extremely "sexy", so my wife says. He is married, but I assume that he and his wife are swingers or at least she knows that he is sexing my hot wife and accepts the fact that they are lovers.

Lynn is 34, 5'-6" and around 120 lbs. She has light brown/blonde hair and the hottest tight little body around. Her legs are wonderful and she has 36d breasts that she displays proudly. We married 7 years ago and I still consider myself lucky to be married to such a hot woman. I have always had fantasies of her sleeping with other men and when she told me of her interview and how attractive her boss was, I knew that my fantasies would come true. When Lynn would see a hot, handsome man, she would "go for it". There was no denying the fact that she wanted him, that's what turned me on the most. She was and still is a very sexual woman.

As Lynn was telling me about the dinner, she had a twinkle in her beautiful light blue eyes. "My lover and I have something special planned", she said. We are going to be more open with our affair. No more "sneaking around", she said. Everyone at work knows that we are lovers, as do you but his wife knows very little. Tonight, she will know what her husband and I do at the office all day. She also will be "cuckolded" just like you my little hubby, isn't that wonderful. "yes dear", was my reply. Soon she will see first hand the reason that I'm sleeping with her husband, just like you, she doesn't satisfy her husband. We, that is my lover and I, are made for each other, we both need and deserve more than either of you can give us.

My wife was off to shop for a new outfit to wear while I cleaned the house and hand washed her sexy lingerie. I knew she would return with something sexy to wear for her lover and I wasn't dissapointed. She had been to Fredericks to purchase a "special outfit", she said. The first glimpse of the black pvc basque and seamed stockings had my "little dick" hard in no time flat. She laughed as she saw my reaction. She then pulled a sexy black mini dress from the bags and held it up for me to see. It was very short and also strappless. She will be so sexy I thought to myself. "Darling, Honey" she said loudly snapping me from my trance, if you are a good boy I will let you dress me for dinner, I know how much you like dressing me. It is one of the greatest pleasures that I know, other than when she allows me to actually have sex with her.

I ran her bath and put a few drops of scented oil in the water to make her skin soft and satiny. Then once she was in the water and comfortable, I proceeded to bathe her sexy body. I wondered if Rons' wife was doing the same for him as I was for Lynn. She is so beautiful lying in the water, her large breasts floating on the surface, inviting me to suckle a nipple. Her long sexy legs, from her painted toenails of her beautiful feet up to the junction of her thighs. The small strip of hair that leads to her lovers favorite spot. Her dainty hands, long red fingernails, especially the finger that carries our wedding and engagement rings and also the other hand that carries the lovers ring that Ron had given her as a gift. I wondered what my wife was thinking as I surveyed her sexy body, her eyes were closed and she appeared to be dreaming. Her pouty lips are partially open as if she is moaning, is she enjoying the feel of my hands caressing her body or is she thinking of her lover? Whatever it was, I was extremely turned on. This is the kind of treatment that my wife deserves.

After her bath, I pat her body dry with a soft terry cloth towel and then lightly powder her skin with a sweet sexy smelling talc. Then she shushes me out of the bathroom so that she can apply her make up in peace. Sometimes it annoys' her when I watch as she does her makeup. I dress myself as she completes her makeup and also lay out the clothes that she will wear. She will be so sexy I thought. Her hair and makeup done, she walks into her boudior with confidence. She knows that she is a "hottie". My mouth drops open as I once again admire her nude body. The way her hips flare out at her sides, her large breasts, standing upright and perfect, the way her tight sexy butt sways as she "strutts", she knows that she looks great. Her hair, perfectly done, frames her angelic face. Her eyes, sexy, so sexy. She poses for me, she likes to tease, she knows it's effect on me. "Well", she says, "dress me".

I slowly gather the sexy black shiny pvc basque and approach my wife. She raises her arms and I wrap her body with the lingerie. I pull it tight making sure that her breasts are properly encased in the cups of the bustier then hook the eyelets in back. Satisfied, god she is hot, I take her hand and lead her to a chair. she sets down and presents her legs for the stockings. I kneel down and slowly slide the silky stocking over her dainty foot and up her leg attaching the dark band to the strap that hangs from her sexy bustier. I then repeat the process with the other stocking. Once the stockings are complete, I retrieve her sexy black stillettos' from the closet and place them on her feet. She places each foot, one at a time, onto my thigh. As I attempt to buckle the ankle straps, she twists her foot digging the sharp high heel into my skin. She giggles as I moan from the pleasure of the pain she is causing. Finally finishing her heels, she tosses me her tiny black panties. She stands up and uses my shoulder for balance. Her shaved pussy is now directly in my face, "you may kiss my pussy if you like", she says. Within a second, I bury my tongue into my wifes treasure. After a few more seconds she says to stop, I must not have heard her because she says it again and then kicks me with a sharp heel knocking me back. "Put my panties on me darling", she said. I held the flimsy leg openings and guided them over her high heels, being careful not to snag the lacy material on the sharp heels. I continue to slide the panties up her legs until they come to rest against her shaved pussy. Satisfied that the seams in her stockings are straight and that her panties are smoothed over her sexy ass, shes says to place her in her strapples minidress. I unzip the small dress and she steps into the opening. I slowly rezip the back and watch as the small short minidress envelopes her body. You're stockings tops will show when you sit I told her. "Well adjust them then" was her reply. On my knees again, I reach under the hem line of the dress and shortened the garter straps untill the dark bands of her stocking tops were just hidden from view. Hows that dear I asked. "Good, now get my pearl choker from the jewelry box and put it around my neck". As you wish dear, I replied.

I finished dressing her just in time to leave for dinner. I led my beautiful wife to the car and opened the door. She slowly slid onto the leather seat, thus allowing the short hem of her minidress to slide up. She teased me as I stared at her stocking tops and garter straps, laughing as a small tent formed in the front of my pants. It was very rare that I was allowed to go out with her when she was this dressed up, usually this was saved for a date with her lover and I guess it still is as that is who we were going to see. we said very little on the ride to her lovers house, I guess she had other things on her mind.

Arriving at his house, I went around the car and opened her door. The same tease was repeated as she exited the car this time. "Do you like what you see", asked my sexy wife. I do was my reply, you are a very hot and sexy woman I said to her. I was allowed to hold her hand as we approached the door to her lovers house and once there she instructed me to ring the bell. Her boss and lover Ron, answered the door. He took my wifes hand and led her into the foyer where he embraced her and proceeded to give her a very hot french kiss. They were still hugging when he invited me in, we shook hands and he introduced himself. "You're wife has told me so much about you", he said. He looked me over and laughed when he noticed my little hard-on in the crotch of my slacks. "She said that you would react this way", he stated. Then I watched as he lifted the hem of my wifes dress saying "very nice" to her stockings and garters. "Did hubby dress up his wife for me", he asked Lynn. "Yes lover", she said, he did it all for you.

Taking my wifes hand once again, he led her into the living room with me following close behind. "Sara", he called loudly, our guests have arrived. "I'll be right out honey", Sara replied from the kitchen. As Ron and Lynn sat on the sofa, Sara, Rons wife, came shyly walking into the room. She was a very attractive woman. Around 38 years old, blonde hair, shorter than Lynn but not by much. Sara was also dressed just as hot as my wife but she was wearing a white minidress. She had on white stockings, extremely high heeled white pumps and a black pearl choker. Sara's dress was short enough to see that she was using a garter belt or other to hold up the white stockings because we could see the stocking clips as she walked. As Sara approached, Ron and Lynn stood up. Ron said, "Sara dear, you know Lynn and this is her husband Jamie". Sara hardly even glanced at me as she said hello, she was more interested it seemed in my sexy wife. Standing directly in front of my wife, her high white heels making them the same height, Sara leaned forward and kissed my wife. This was not a kiss on the cheek, it was on her lips. Their soft painted red lips touched, both of their lips seperated. Saras' tongue slowly came from between her lips and touched Lynn's. Both girl's shared a brief but very erotic kiss. I was dumbfounded but felt that my erection would burst through my slacks. Lynn noticed my reaction and winked at me. Ron then said that we should sit down for dinner, "we can play later girls", he said.

Sara acted as the maid, serving my wife and her husband first. Lynn told me that I was to help Sara by holding the bowls and such while she gave out the portions. After my wife and her lover were served, we were allowed to join them. The dinner was fantastic and as we ate, I could tell that there was some goings on happening under the table. Both Ron and myself were seated at the ends of the table, Lynn and Sara sat at the sides facing each other. Suddenly Sara moaned and dropped her fork. Sara was biting her lower lip and looking down into her lap. Lynn reached for and took her lovers hand smiling at him. Ron slid over to peer around his wifes side of the table and looked towards his moaning wifes lap. He winked back at my wife then nodded at me. I took this as an invitation to also peer around and see what was happening to Sara. I could see that Lynn had placed her foot in Sara's lap. The skirt of her short dress was pushed up and all I could see was the shiny black toe of Lynn's patent high heels. It was obvious that Lynn was grinding the stilletto heel of her shoe into Sara's panty crotch. Sara said nothing but Ron and myself could tell that she was rotating her hips, trying to assist Lynn in finding her clitoris. Once the right spot was found, we watched Sara orgasm. After the show was over, we continued to dine and make small talk.

Dinner was over and Lynn told me to clear away the dishes and to stay in the kitchen too wash them. "After all it is the least you can do for such a great meal", she said. Doing as told, I took the dinner plates into the kitchen and started washing them. I was wondering why Lynn demanded that I stay in here. I was going to be sneaky, I left the water running to make noise. I peeked out of the kitchen door to observe the three of them. This is what I saw. Ron sat with his back to me, Lynn on the left and Sara on the right. They were talking and I strained to hear what was being said. From what I could tell, Lynn was informing Sara that she and Ron were lovers. That they have been having an affair and that they were going to continue to fuck one another. "You're husband says that you do not know how to fuck him properly", Lynn said to Sara. "That you do not know how to make love to his cock with your mouth", is this true Sara? asked Lynn. Sara nodded her pretty head in shame and whispered, "I guess not". "I'm fucking your husband bitch", Lynn said loudly. "What do you have to say about that". Sara stayed quiet. My wife turned towards her lover, "do you want to make love to me in front of your wife, lets do it, she might just learn how to keep her husband satisfied". Ron agreed with my haughty wife.

Lynn stood up and started walking around the dinner table. She took the long way around and stopped directly behind Sara. Lynn bent down and licked at Sara's ear lobe. She whispered, "watch me fuck your husband, you will watch won't you bitch". Softly, Sara answered okay, her eyes never leaving her lap and rubbing her hands together. Lynn stood upright and placed her hands on Sara's shoulder's. Slowly, Lynn moved her hands down and into Sara's dress, cupping her breast's as she did so. My wife looked at Ron, smiled at him and started caressing his wife's breasts'. Ron looked on as Lynn toyed with his wife. Removing her hands from Sara's top, Lynn told her to stand up. Meekly, Sara stood. Sara turned to my wife and kissed her on the lips. Their mouth's opened, their tongues danced together. Harder and harder they mashed their lips together until it became a full blown french kiss, it was the most erotic kiss that I had ever witnessed. Lynn started undoing the ties that held Sara's dress together. With over half of the ties undone, Lynn pushed the dress off of Sara's shoulders and down over her breasts. She too was wearing a basque. It was white satin, it had white lace panels and it was a half cup style that left the upper most part of her breasts exposed, including her nipples. The dress slid further down her body gathering at her waist. Lynn started twisting Sara's nipples as Sara pushed her dress down over her slinder hips. Past her hips now, the white mini dress fell to her feet and she stepped out of the garment. Sara's white satin panties, which she wore over the garter straps of the bustier, hid her pussy from our view.

Taking Sara's hand, Lynn escorted her over to Ron who was still seated in his chair. I knew what Sara was going through because Lynn dominated me in the same fashion. Lynn, now standing behind Sara, asked Ron if he thought his wife was sexy. "Yes lover, she is sexy", replied Ron. Pushing Sara aside, Lynn went into her lovers arms. After breaking their kiss, Lynn said, " fuck me, fuck me in front of Sara", let's show her what we do. Lynn's eyes never left her lovers as she told Sara to help her undress. Coming up behind my wife, Sara slowly unzipped Lynn's dress. Both ladies now stood only in their lingerie, Lynn wearing black and Sara in white. Ron spoke first. I want you to suck my cock, show my wife how to love a mans cock. Both girls squatted and proceeded to fight over the zipper of Ron's pants. After removing his pants, Lynn took his hard cock into her mouth and right down her throat. Sara meanwhile, had started massaging Lynn's breasts then took a very hard and distended nipple into her mouth making my wife moan around her lovers cock. I could see Sara drop her hand down to my wife's pantied pussy. Sara's fingers then started to rub Lynn's pussy through her tiny black panties. Ron said, "thats right Sara, finger her pussy, get her ready to fuck". Lynn was going insane as Sara was pushing the tiny black panties into my wife' pussy.

Lynn slowly removed her lovers cock from her throat and offered it to Sara. Lynn told Sara to part her lips then she aimed his large cock head at her pouting mouth. Lynn grabbed a hand full of Sara's hair and started pushing Sara's mouth over her husbands cock. Lynn spoke softly as she was telling Sara what to do. That's it baby she said, take hubby's cock into your mouth. Love his cock just like I was doing. Suddenly Lynn pushed hard making Sara take her husbands cock into her throat. Sara gagged but Lynn would not release her hold. After a few seconds, Sara became accustomed to the cock as it invaded her throat and was sucking on her own. "Does it feel good now lover", Lynn asked Ron. "Yes it does lover, she's doing it just like you do", he replied. Soon, my hot wife, tired of watching, joined in and both girls were loving his cock. Their lips often touched as they performed together on his cock stopping only to french kiss each others mouth's. They stared into each others eyes as they sucked at the sides of Ron's cock. They stopped just seconds before allowing him to cum. "You dirty cunt's", Ron mumbled aloud. One of you is going to fuck my cock now he demanded.

My wife was the first one up. "I'm the only one that you're allowed to fuck lover", she said. "Sara", Lynn said. "Take off his pants, I'm going to fuck your hubby now". Sara obeyed. Lynn had Ron sit in the chair and she followed setting in his lap. Lynn whispered into Ron's ear. "Sara", Ron said. Guide her pussy onto my dick, watch as she fucks me. Sara pulled Lynn's panty crotch aside and grasped her husbands hard cock. As Lynn was trying to get into position, she noticed me peeking around the door. She had a smug expression on her face as she lowered herself slowly onto her lovers cock. Coming to rest atop Sara's hand, Lynn moaned loudly. "Tell your fucking wife to remove her hand" Lynn said in Rons ear. While Ron filled her request, Lynn was still staring into my eyes. Taking the rest of his cock into her body, Lynn came. As she looked at me, she told Ron that he was the best and that she only wanted him inside her. "Jamie will never fuck me again lover, I'll save it all for you from now on", she said. "You're my only lover now, I don't want him anymore","will you tell him that for me lover, tell him that he's not allowed inside his wife's pussy anymore". Ron fucked her hard as she told him that she was his to do with as he pleased. Lynn could feel Ron's manhood swelling up inside her tight vagina preparing to unload his love. "Tell your wife the same thing lover tell her you only will fuck me and not her, make her a permanent cuckold too" Lynn asked. Ron moaned loudly as he filled her tummy with his cum. After her pussy was full, Ron lifted my wife off of his softening cock sitting Lynn atop the table.

Ron turned to his kneeling wife and presented his cock to her for service. As Sara took his cock into her mouth, Lynn wiggled he finger at me. Exiting the kitchen, I padded over to my waiting wife. Lynn told me to sit in the chair and she spread her legs wide so I could see into her gaping pussy. "Look honey, see what my lover did to me". "This is as close as you will ever get to having sex with me again, now clean me up honey". I did as my sexy wife demanded. After cleaning her out properly, Lynn told me to stand up. "You can masturbate now", she said. "I want you to cum all over my pussy for the last time ever", she stated aloud. Lynn turned to Ron who was still being serviced by his wife and asked that Sara be allowed to watch me masturbate. Sara kneeled at my side as I pulled at my little dick. We both watched as Lynn and Ron made out. Within seconds, I was spurting small drops of sperm onto my wifes pussy lips and belly. Breaking their kiss, Lynn instructed us both to clean her again. I sucked at the cum on her belly as Sara sucked at my wife's pussy. After clean up was done. We were dismissed being told not to disturb them until breakfest, which they wanted in bed the next morning.

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