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The Dinner Party


My wife Kay is an exotic brunette, very shapely, beautiful ass, nice hips great breasts gorgeous hazel eyes a very hot 35 years old. Her pouty lips would make your cock stand on end wishing that they were all over it.

Well we were late for her friend's celebration party at the restaurant, there were eight of them sitting at the table, 4 couples waiting on us to arrive, I am notoriously late, being in my mid forties I like to take my time now, I don't rush around for any one, even my wife whom this aggravates to no end.

We arrived and the two spots open at the table were next to her friend's husband Mike and a hot number who I never met before, a sultry blonde. Drinks had already been ordered as we took our seats I sat next to the blonde and my wife sat next to Mike.

Now you have to know Mike, he has wanted to fuck my wife ever since I met this guy, I put up with him because Kay loves Shelia to death would do anything for her even put up with Mike's overt flirting, of whom my wife gets blamed for by her friend, this doesn't make sense but we don't make a big deal about it.

Conversation was going well through out the night light and easy, Kay look stunning as always, short black skirt, white 2" heels, a white button down blouse with lacy fringe.

I was having a general conversation with the blonde next to me as I was watching the group I noticed that Shelia was eyeballing me and not in a good way, you see we've never really got along I always thought she was a stuck up bitch but who am I to judge right.

Well ol' Shelia is watching me as a talked to the blonde who I learned was Cindy, well during this time Kay was speaking with Mike, he seemed to have had a bit to much to drink again and the last time he did he hit on Kay, Shelia blamed Kay which upset Kay greatly and pissed me off.

That first night when we lay in bed I blurted out to Kay maybe you should fuck him to get back at Shelia, she's a bitch anyways and her guy would love to throw his cock in you for sure. Kay said no way she wouldn't do that at all.

Well here we were again, Mike all over Kay, his hands were sliding up and down her legs as she fought him off. I pretended not to notice using my conversation with Cindy as a distraction.

The more drinks that came the bolder Mike would become, I could tell that Kay was getting pissed, Shelia was watching Mike and all he did was smile at her while I saw his hand slide up and under my wife's skirt, Kay's hand quietly stopped Mike's hand and pushed it away as Mike casually spoke to a couple across the table, Marci and Steve.

I finally look in Kay's direction and she is motioning me to look at her thigh, "I see what you mean honey" I said to Kay, Kay replied "Mike's an ass, what should I do? I don't want to make a scene here?" I noticed that Shelia was ignoring Mike and his overt attempt at my wife; I said to myself fuck it. Looking at Kay I said "You want to play a game with him see how far he will go?"

Kay replied, "Shelia is right there, I don't know about this."

"Makes it all the more dangerous doesn't it, besides what a way to get back at the snobby bitch." The waitress came by with our new orders and as she did I watched Mike down another drink and grabbed the new one as he did he looked right at Kay and reached under the table sliding his hands up her leg, this time Kay did not stop him.

I pretended to not see what was happening though I plainly saw his hand on Kay's thigh, she in turn began a conversation with Marcie as Mike's hand began to feel her thigh.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Mike's hand slid under Kay's skirt, her black skirt began to ride up her leg as Mike went further towards my wife's pussy. Kay looked right at me, and smiled at me, mouthing the word "Fingers". I looked directly at Kay's face and watched Mike looking undisturbed and carrying on his conversation leaning into the table as if he was really intent on what Steve was telling him.

Kay's legs spread as I watched Mike finger fuck my wife under the table, reflexively she parted her legs, I saw Kay's eyes close and her body tighten Mike was fingering her to an orgasm under the table and she was trying to hide the effect it was having on her.

Kay leaned into me, placing her hand on my shoulder and whispered "He's finger fucking me, baby." I looked around the table and no one really was paying attention though I had a feeling Shelia knew because of the way she was glaring at me. Hell she should have saved that look for her old man not me.

Mike turned to Kay and said "Hey how are you doing Kay??" Kay was taken by surprise because when she answered her voice was husky and she stuttered her answer, "I'm Ok"

Mike returned to his conversation with Steve and Kay was moving her hips very slowly she had Mike's rhythm and she was fucking his fingers now.

Kay looked like she was ready to cum when she pushed Mike's hand away smoothed her skirt and got up, "I'm going to the ladies room." Kay looked at me and grabbed my hand pulling me along. "Come with me" she told me, so I went.

Kay pulled me by the hand all the way outside to our car, "You asshole he almost made me came," she scolded me. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. "Really, you're a jerk."

She said to me. She opened the passenger door to our car pushed me into the seat, knelt down and pulled out my cock, her sexy mouth sucked my cock into her throat and I almost came right then. She squeezed my cock hard and said, "No you don't".

Kay was squeezing my balls hard and sucking me off so good I was out of it I never saw or heard Mike walk up to us. Kay stopped sucking my cock for a second so I opened my eyes and saw Mike standing behind her, her skirt was up around her waist and she was looking back at Mike, Mike was sliding his cock into my wife doggy style She looked exquisite. His hands had her hips and he was fucking her from behind pushing his cock inside her. She accepted his cock and returned to sucking me off. I was so ready to cum that I sent an explosion of cum into my wife's mouth.

Kay loves the taste of cum and that's exciting in and of its self. I blew my load into her mouth and watched as Mike rammed his cock into my wife's sweet pussy, I was envious that I had not sunk my cock into her wet pussy but watching Shelia's proper husband Mikey fucking my wife was a turn on I never forgot. I never knew how fantastic Kay looks when she is getting fucked and what a fucking treat this was. Mike's rapid pounding of Kay's pussy increased and Kay went with it, abandoned inhibitions she fucked this guys cock back hard and fast he came fast. He literally screamed when he came.

Mike told Kay to lick his cock clean she turned and told him to lick his own cock and called him an asshole. I just about died, watching Mike put his wet cock back into his pants and heading back to the restaurant.

Later that night Kay and I replayed the events and she came on top of me as she rode my cock. What a fucking woman. Unbelievable.

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Bad grammar, no punctuation, and obviously this guy Mikey, is a retarded moron, who's watched to much porn. How the hell did I even end up here?!!!

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