tagGroup SexThe Dinner Party Ch. 01

The Dinner Party Ch. 01


The party has only just begun... check back for many more chapters.

They stood outside the door to Phillip's apartment but as Nick raised his hand to the doorbell, Carina laid her hand on his arm. He turned to her and raised an eyebrow. Her brown eyes gazed up steadily into his blue ones.

"Before we go in, remember that you are here as my guest. You may be called upon tonight to do things that you had not considered. It will always be my decision whether you participate though. That is what you agreed to. If you are unwilling to abide by these rules, you should leave now."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Very good, now turn and let me check your appearance one more time."

Carina scrutinized his attire; broadcloth shirt, satin lapel, black tuxedo, and satin bow tie. His beard and hair were trimmed and the attire emphasized his broad shoulders over his narrow hips.

"Fine, let's go."

She smoothed her own dress. It was a confection of red chiffon; sleeveless and full length with a plunging neckline. The material cupped and held her breasts firmly. Folds of fabric draped and skimmed the curves of her body from breast to ankle. Her dark hair was piled high on her head and fell in ringlets like a Greek goddess. She squared her shoulders and rang the doorbell.

Phillip opened the door and greeted them cheerfully in a blue Armani suit with a yellow tie. He took Carina's hands and leaned in to brush his lips across hers then whispered in her ear. "You look ravishing, my dear, as always."

Phillip drew them into the foyer as he greeted Nick. Carina caught the look of surprise when Nick saw Natalie greet her with a rather affectionate kiss then lick her lips. Carina hadn't let on that she knew Natalie that well when they'd met up with her in the lingerie shop earlier that day. Natalie proceeded to greet Nick just as affectionately.

"Go in, go in," Phillip said, shooing them into the large penthouse as the doorbell rang again.

Nick and Carina made their way further into the elegant apartment. The walkway was carpeted with a thick wool carpeting that felt springy under the foot. As they walked down the hallway, a couple came out of doorway.

"Carina, how good to see you," a very tall, sleek, blond woman in a black satin sheath dress greeted her, holding out her arms.

Carina smiled as she returned the greeting, "Gretchen, darling, you look marvelous. Black does become you."

They kissed on each cheek then Gretchen leaned in and pressed her lips to Carina's, opening her mouth and invading Carina's mouth with her tongue, which seemed unusually long. Finally, she released Carina and let her husband take over with an equally passionate kiss.

Gretchen moved over to Nick, "Welcome, I do not believe I have seen you here before. I am Gretchen."

"Hi, I'm Nick."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Nick." Gretchen kissed him on each cheek then to his surprise she continued, kissing him as forcefully as she had Carina. Nick staggered a little then caught himself and tried to match her but there was no matching this woman. She let go of Nick when she was ready. The man joined them and Gretchen introduced him.

"This is my husband, Gunther."

Gunther stepped forward with a smile as if he would greet Nick in the same manner but Nick took a step back and held out his hand. Gunther grinned broadly at that and shook it.

"Massimo will be so happy to see you," Gretchen said. "He is just down the hallway in the lounge, you must go say hello."

Carina walked down the hallway with Nick close behind.

"They are a particularly... enthusiastic couple. Remember your agreement, you should have looked to me on whether you let him kiss you," she admonished him.

Nick blanched a little but nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

They found Massimo with his wife, Sophia, in the lounge.

"Ahhh, Carina," Massimo cried, rolling the r in her name. He swooped down on her and took her hand, bowing over it as if to kiss it but instead he turned it over and kissed her palm. Nick saw her shiver at the simple touch.

"I remember well the last time you wore that dress to one of these gatherings." He reached up and brushed the back of his fingers down along the neckline of her dress and let his fingers rub across her breast, her nipples quickly becoming much more visible.

Sophia came forward and greeted them with a warm smile, embracing them both in motherly warmth. Her dress was much more restrained than many of the others so far. It was a deep purple velvet made up in a shawl style, with her shining black hair cut simply at shoulder length.

Massimo offered Nick his hand and shook powerfully.

"Hello, hello?" A dapper little man in a tuxedo with a redhead in emerald satin on his arm walked in.

"Carina! So good to see you!" He bussed her firmly on the lips and then whispered in her ear, "I've so missed the taste of your juices."

Nick just caught the words and felt himself mildly shocked by the sentiment.

"Edward, you naughty boy, so good to see you... and Bridget." Carina kissed them each on the cheek then stepped back.

"This is my friend Nick."

Edward shook Nick's hand and Bridget stepped forward to kiss him firmly.

"Nice to meet you," Bridget said with a little wink.

"So, who is our sixth couple tonight?" Carina asked the group. No one seemed to know.

Philip and Natalie joined them.

"It appears our sixth couple will be a little late tonight, flat tire. They said not to wait dinner for them."

"But who is it?" Sophia asked.

"Oh ho, wouldn't you like to know," Phillip replied with a wink. "I think we'll just let that be a surprise. Please, dinner is ready, let us repair to the dining room."

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