tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Dinner Show

The Dinner Show


We'd had quite a nice time attending the convention the past weekend, as usual it was a break from the long Midwestern winters, and since we were away from home I'd taken the opportunity to expose Sam a couple of times during the past few days. She'd been a good sport about the adventures and was quite willing to flash every time that I suggested we try out something.

However, tonight was the final night for the convention, and as usual everyone attended a big dinner at the hotel. All the guests would be seated at big round tables that held twelve. The seating arrangements were always random, and it was very unlikely that we would be sitting with anyone we knew.

She just couldn't quite believe it, "you want me to wear this, without anything underneath it,?" she asked me as she held up a soft white blouse that was almost transparent. "Whoever's sitting at our table will stare at my breasts for the whole evening." When I explained to her that was exactly what I was hoping would happen she blushed a bit and said that she didn't think she could put up with people sitting that close and staring at her for such a prolonged time. I encouraged her to go and try it on, and then after modeling it for me we could make the decision. I think that she already knew that as soon as she put it on it was a done deal, but she finally said ok and started to get dressed.

After she had tucked it into her skirt she turned to me and walked back and forth in front of me as she tried to look in the mirror to see how sheer it really was. I think that if she'd have been watching me closely she'd have know just how transparent the blouse was as I was immediately turned on by seeing her in the blouse, and knowing that she would be wearing it out in public.

Her nipples were very visible through the fabric, as were the tan lines that crossed the tops of her breasts. After examining herself in the mirror she slowly turned to me and exclaimed that "it shows an awful lot of me." Actually it couldn't show a lot since she's a 32A, but in addition to showing her nipples and tan lines it also clearly showed the complete shape of her little titties.

When she said that she didn't think she could "go like that all evening" I suggested that she should start out by wearing a little jacket over the blouse at the beginning of the evening and that after we were seated at our table, and she was a bit more comfortable, she could then take it off. She seemed to think that this would be a better idea, and quickly went to the closet for a jacket. I appreciated her choice as it was a jacket that didn't button up or fasten in the front . It left a couple of inches open in front so it was easy to tell that she wasn't wearing anything beneath her sheer blouse.

She seemed to be quite comfortable dressed this way, and since nothing was showing yet she was ready to go down for dinner. I guess that it was a good thing that we'd settled on the jacket since there was quite a long wait to get into the banquet room, and we ended up chatting with many people that we knew before we eventually found our table. When we were seated she was relieved to see that we were in a rather out of the way spot toward the side of the room. However, as the table started to fill up she became a bit tense when a couple of men that we had talked with the day before took the chairs across the table from us.

She knew that the people who sat in those chairs would have the clearest view of her, and she had been hoping that it would be somebody that she didn't know, and that didn't know her name.

Eventually our table was full, and much to her relief, and mine too since I was afraid she might chicken out, we didn't know anyone else at our table. While the dinner was served Sam quickly downed a couple glasses of wine to help calm her nerves. By the time the dessert course was being served the business program was beginning. After the usual greetings and self congratulations a video presentation was introduced. As soon as the lights were dimmed I figured that this would be a discreet time for Sam to take off her jacket.

She must have also been thinking the same thing as I only had to reach over and tug the hem of her jacket lightly and she immediately began to take it off. Since she didn't want to attract too much attention she simply folded it onto her lap.

The next few minutes were agony for me as I waited in eager anticipation for the video to end. It seemed like an eternity, but in just a few minutes the house lights went up and the affect was startling. I had thought the blouse looked sheer up in the room, but here under the bright lights of the banquet room it was even more transparent than it had been up in the room. If Sam had known just how clearly it was showing off her breasts I'm sure that she wouldn't have agreed to wear it to the dinner tonight. It was very evident to anyone that looked at her that her breasts were being displayed for them to look at.

It didn't take long before the two men that we had previously talked with, and who were sitting directly across the table from us, lost all interest in the speaker and began to concentrate on staring at Sam's breasts. Sam was trying to concentrate on watching the program, and avoiding any kind of eye contact with the others at the table. It wasn't long before all of the others at the table had also discovered Sam's tits.

For about 15-20 minutes the program droned on with one special guest after another being introduced. So far Sam had managed to keep from making eye contact with anyone that was sitting at our table, but she was beginning to have a had time trying not to notice their stares.It became particularly evident as the man sitting next to her gave up all pretense of paying attention to the program while he stared intently at her chest. Since her blouse was so sheer he really didn't have to look very hard to get a complete view of her little breasts.

The guy that was sitting next to me was at the table with his wife, and he was starting to get a bit embarrassed as his wife poked him when he would try to look at Sam. Finally, at his wife's urging, he leaned over and said something to me about Sam's blouse being "awfully sheer." He said it loud enough that a few others at the table, including Sam, also heard him. When I remarked that I had asked her to wear it like this he got all flustered and his wife eventually dragged him away from the table.

This caused a bit of disruption at the table, and finally Sam was forced to look around the table instead of staring at the stage. She quickly saw that all of the men had their eyes locked on her chest and she blushed quite deeply. She took another big drink of wine and looked over to me for some kind of direction. I leaned over, and loud enough for most of the men at the table to hear, told her she looked really great. With that she simply leaned back into the chair and closed her eyes for a few minutes while everyone stared at her.

Although they were busy looking at her I was busy watching everyone's reaction to her being on display. Most all were enjoying the show while they had the chance, and a couple of them even made eye contact with me and nodded or saluted with their drinks. One of the two men we'd me the day before was doing his best not to look but kept stealing glances anyhow.

I was just about ready to let Sam put her jacket back on when I realized that the guy sitting next to her seemed to be busy with his hands under the table. I leaned over and asked Sam if he'd reached out to touch her, but she nodded her head no. When I told her that it seemed like he was jacking off under the table she opened her eyes and looked first at me, and then over at him. Although he was being very discreet it was also obvious to us what he was doing. I whispered a couple of words of encouragement and instruction in Sam's ear, and with a bit of a smile she picked up her jacket and put it back on. Needless to say the faces around the table looked a bit disappointed.

It seemed that the situation getting to close to the edge of getting out of control so I suggested that we leave. When we got up a couple of the other guys protested, and one wanted to follow us, but we quickly moved away. While we were waiting for the elevator Sam pulled open up her jacket to see how sheer her blouse looked in the bright light.

When we got into the elevator she asked me if I was satisfied with her performance that evening, and also said that she was glad she hadn't known how visible her breasts really were through the blouse or she wouldn't have gone through with it. I told her that she had made me happy, and reminded her about how much I like to show her off and how much I enjoyed watching her show her breasts to a table full of people.

She said it was almost as revealing as if she'd have been sitting there totally exposed, and commented about sitting in a public place for so long with her breasts exposed. I suggested that maybe we should try it that way the next time, and she remarked that she wouldn't put it past me to try that the next time!

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