tagAnalThe Dirtier, The Better

The Dirtier, The Better


I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, trying to find a position in the hard wooden desk that wouldn't cause my ass to go numb. Just five more minutes. Five more minutes and then my weekend could begin. I hated Friday classes. They always seemed to drag on, and this one was no different. And to make matters worse, this particular lecture took place in the oldest classroom on campus, complete with hard wooden chairs circa 1904.

I put my pen down, clenching and unclenching my tired fingers as I continued to listen to Dr. Cross's rousing lecture on skeletal muscle physiology. Glancing around the room, I noticed the rest of the class was just as bored as I was. Slumping back into my seat, I crossed my arms and began to wait out the last few agonizing minutes.

"I think we'll end a little early today," Dr. Cross stated, setting his papers down on the desk in front of him.

No sooner had those words exited his mouth than the room was filled with the rustling of papers and the clicking of binder rings as the students gleefully packed up their belongings.

"Oh, one more thing," he shouted above the noise. "If you missed last class I need to speak with you about the project."

"Dammit," I muttered to myself. "I guess the weekend will have to wait a few more minutes."

As the rest of the students filtered out of the room I made my way down to the front. I expected more people to remain behind, but to my surprise only myself and one other student were left. Although I didn't know her name, I recognized the girl from a few of my classes. Although she was extremely attractive, she always seemed to be by herself. I found this a little strange since the hot ones usually had throngs of friends and followers. She was quiet, which many people, including myself, had often mistook for snobbiness, and had an air of maturity about her. I knew many of the guys lusted after her, but as far as I knew none had ever come close to getting anything at all. I could count myself among her group of admirers, although I had never even spoken with her.

She was about 5'5 with dirty blonde hair, which she maintained at a medium length with a simple style. Her face was gorgeous, and her eyes carried a certain element of shyness which intrigued me. And although her facial features were impeccable, it was her body that took center stage and really made every heterosexual male drool at the site of her. Her breasts could only be described as perfect. They were full and round, large enough to be considered 'big' but not 'ridiculously big'. Her ass, too, was full and round and more than once had I caught myself staring at it as she walked. Her voluptuousness was what really set her apart from the other girls in the sports medicine program who tended to be either quite toned and muscular, or else a little too skinny for my liking. And although this mystery girl's body was amazing, she never dressed in a provocative manor, although this day she was wearing a low cut white top which showed of quite a bit of cleavage, and a pair of extremely tight jeans showcasing her delicious behind.

"Okay," Dr. Cross began, handing us each a sheet of paper. "This is your assignment. Since you two were the only ones to miss last class when we divided into groups, you'll have to be partners. I trust this is okay?"

I had to keep myself from smiling.

"Yes," I answered. "That's okay with me."

Mystery girl nodded as well.

"Good," Cross continued. "Now unfortunately, since you are the last ones to choose a topic your choices will be limited. Also, you will have to take the only remaining presentation time slot which is one week from today."

I groaned. There goes my weekend.

"Any questions? No? Okay then. Good luck."

With that, Cross gathered up the rest of his things and headed towards the doorway. I turned to acknowledge my new partner.

"Hi, I'm Erica," she said in a soft feminine voice, extending her hand.

"Damon," I said with a smile, shaking her hand. Her skin was soft and smooth, and her touch was extremely gentle.

"So I guess, we'll have to get going on this thing pretty soon," I said.

Erica nodded.

"Yeah, I'm actually really busy next week, so if we could get it done this weekend, that would be great."

I agreed.

"How about Sunday?" she asked, slinging her backpack over her shoulder.

"Sure. Where do you want to work on it?"

"How about my place?" she asked. "I live just off campus. We can each do our research and then meet there to discuss the specifics of the presentation."

"Sounds good."

With that, we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and went our separate ways. Although I was a little pissed off at having to do work over the weekend, I was looking forward to spending a little time alone with Erica. Although I didn't actually think anything would come of it, I was happy nonetheless about being in the presence of such a hot girl for any time at all.

I spent Friday night in the library gathering references and getting ideas, before calling Erica on Saturday morning to run them by her. We decided on a general topic and planned to meet Sunday at 2 in the afternoon at her place. I wrote down her address and said goodbye before hanging up the phone.

I awoke on Sunday morning with the sun beating down on my face though the tiny window in my bedroom. I had a feeling it was going to be a good day.

I spent the remainder fo the morning organizing my work before heading to the gym for a quick workout. After that, I returned home and had a shower before setting off for Erica's place. Since it was so nice outside I decided to walk, still making the trip in under thirty minutes. When I arrived at Erica's apartment, I popped a piece of gum into my mouth (just in case) and buzzed her room number. A few seconds passed before I heard her soft, sweet voice over the intercom.

"Come on up," she said, followed by a loud buzzing noise.

I pulled the door open and walked inside, stopping just long enough to check myself out from the reflection in the large glass window. I then made my way to the elevator and headed up to the third floor.

As I reached Erica's door, I checked my breath once more and then knocked.

"Hey," Erica greeted, quietly as she opened the door to find me standing there. "Come on in."

I walked into the small apartment, leaving my shoes by the doorway. Erica was wearing a pair of tiny tight shorts so I was happy to glue my eyes to her ass as I followed her inside. She was also wearing a tiny blue tank top that made her breasts look even more perfect that usual. I was actually happy to see her showing a little more skin than normal, and had to really try hard to prevent myself from gazing too long at her body.

"Is it okay if we work in my bedroom?" she asked. "My roommate is coming home soon with some friends and she can be pretty distracting."

"Sure," I responded. "Whatever you say."

I definitely had no problem spending time in Erica's room.

"Sorry about the mess," she warned as I followed her into her room. "I've been really busy lately."

I laughed. Other than a few clothes on her bed, her room was spotless. Nevertheless, Erica began frantically picking up the stray garments and tossing them into her closet. As I set my backpack down on the bed, she lifted up a pair of pants and a small black plastic object fell to the floor at my feet.

"Oh my God!" Erica gasped, reaching down to snatch the thing back up.

It took me a moment to realize, but it was a vibrator! I just stood there stunned as she grabbed the small makeshift plastic penis and tossed it into her closet along with her clothes. By this time, Erica's face had turned a bright shade of red and I could tell she was severely embarrassed. And I had to admit I couldn't blame her.

"Let's just pretend we didn't see that. Okay?" she said, averting her eyes from mine as I stood there smiling.

Normally I would have bugged her about it, but since I barely knew this girl, I decided to play it cool even though I was very intrigued. I never would have thought that a goody-goody like Erica would even own something like a vibrator!

"It's not mine," she blurted out suddenly. "Well, I mean...It's mine...but I didn't buy it! It was a present from..my friend. I think it was a joke or something."

I just smiled.

"It's okay," I offered, sitting on the bed. It's really no big deal. Lots of girls have them. Your's seemed kind of small though."

Erica sat down as well, still looking quite flustered over the whole situation.

"Well..." she began. "I think its for... No! No, we can't talk about this! I barely know you. Oh my God! I'm so embarrassed right now!"

Erica dropped her head into her hands in an attempt to hide her crimson face.

"Well, how about we get started then?" I said, changing the subject, trying to relieve her of some of her embarrassment.

"Yes!" she said exasperated. "That's a great idea! Let do that!"

I pulled out my books and we began to talk about the project, putting the whole "vibrator incident" on the back burner. Erica was quite shy at first but soon began to loosen up as we talked. Even though she was quiet, she definitely was not the snob that most people had her pegged as. In fact, we often found ourselves getting off topic and before we knew it a couple hours had gone by and we still had nothing accomplished.

"Oh dammit!" she blurted out suddenly, jumping up from the bed frantically looking at the clock.

"What? What?" I asked, confused.

"I rented a movie yesterday and it has to be back by 4:30! Do you mind if I run down and return it quickly?"

"Not at all," I replied. "Do you want me to come with you?"

"No that's okay. Why don't you stay and try to get some more info off the computer. I'll be back soon."

"Sure," I responded, although I was a little surprised that she trusted me enough to allow me to stay alone in her room.

"Thanks," she said, crawling across her bed to grab the movie that was sitting on her nightstand. As she bent over, I snuck a quick glimpse at her ass, relishing the sight of her beautiful curves being hugged tightly by her jeans.

"Could you pass me that book over there?" I asked, referring to a book that had slipped off the bed and fallen to the floor.

Erica looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

"You just want me to bend over!" she joked as she reached down to pick up the book.

"Maybe I do," I returned with a smile. "Maybe I do."

Erica tossed the book in my lap and headed for the door.

"See ya soon," she said as walked out, leaving me all alone in her bedroom.

As she left, I sat down at her desk and began to search her computer for information as she had suggested. However, I noticed a folder on her computer desktop titled "My Movies" and couldn't resist taking a peek. I double clicked and a window popped up showing a large number of icons, although they were all named simply Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3 and so on. Choosing "Movie 1", I clicked on the icon and watched as a smaller screen appeared and the movie began to play.

It was then that I experienced my second surprise of the day.

Even though there was nothing pornographic in nature happening on the screen, I had seen enough porn in my day to recognize one when I saw it. There was an attractive young woman on the screen sitting on a couch being interviewed by a man behind the camera. I maximized the screen to get a better look and then fast forwarded the movie a few minutes. when I stopped, another man had entered the scene and the girl was now on her knees with his dick in her mouth. I was astounded! First the vibrator and now this! What else was this seemingly sweet, innocent girl hiding?

As I continued watching the movie, the scene quickly degenerated into one of the dirtiest pornos I had ever seen. I had known a few girls to watch porn, but it was usually the more romantic, sensual stuff. This was hardcore! It had everything from ass fucking to ass licking, and everything in between. It was, however, right up my alley and I quickly noticed myself becoming quite aroused. I fast forwarded the movie to the end just in time to see a close up of the actress's recently fucked asshole, dripping cum as she waved goodbye to the camera.

I closed the window and clicked another random movie icon. More porn, but this time it was a girl getting double teamed by two guys. I clicked another to see a girl getting fucked in the ass and then another to see the same girl taking two cocks in her butt! As I flipped through Erica's movie collection I noticed a definite trend. All the movies involved anal sex in some way or another, with lots of ass-to-mouth action and ass licking. Was Erica into this? It was dirty,dirty stuff and I was getting far too turned on.

I closed down the movie screen and started searching for information for our project, figuring I should at least get some work done while before Erica got back. I had barely even started looking, however, when she returned.

"Did you miss me?" she asked, showing that she had lightened up a little more since my arrival.

"Oh, definitely," I answered, just then noticing that the bulge in my pants was completely visible.

I think Erica saw it too, but she pretended not to, instead asking me a few questions about the project. As we talked my hard-on subsided, but I couldn't get the filthy pornographic images out of my head. I then decided, that since she was beginning to loosen up around me I would try to bring up the subject.

"I'm not gonna lie to you," I began, turning to her. "I spent the whole time surfing for porn on the internet."

"Oh really?" she said with a disbelieving smile. "Did you find anything good?"

"No, not really. Do you have any suggestions?"

Erica was about to say something, but stopped herself at the last minute. She then narrowed her eyes and glared at me, suspiciously.

"Why?" she asked. "Do I look like the kind of girl that watches porn?"

"No, but I figured since you had a vibrator..."

Erica cut me off by giving me a playful punch in the shoulder.

"I still can't believe you saw that", she said, smiling in a cute, coy manner. "What a great first impression!"

Things were going just as planned.

"I must say I was surprised when I saw that," I began. "You don't exactly seem like the type."

"Oh?" she asked, slumping down on her bed. "And what type is that?"

I spun around in the computer chair to face her before answering.

"You know...A good girl."

Erica smirked and laid back, resting on her elbows.

"So you think I'm a good girl huh?"

"Well I did until I saw that vibrator."

"So what do you think about me now?"

"I think you're a good girl with a vibrator."

There was then a pause as we both considered what to say. Erica finally broke the silence.

"So do I really seem like a goody goody two shoes?"

"Well...." I began to answer.

"It's okay, you can tell me the truth."

"Well then, yes. Definitely. You just seem so cute and innocent."

Erica smiled and blushed a little.

"So you think I'm cute huh?"

It was then my turn to blush.

I was thinking of something witty to say, when Erica spoke again.

"I think you'd be surprised," she said, running her hands through her hair.

"About what?"

"I'm just not as innocent as people think. That's all."

The conversation was going exactly the way I had wanted.

"Prove it," I said bluntly.

Erica looked up to the ceiling as if to ponder her next move. I just sat across from her, waiting patiently.

"Ok," she said finally, sitting back up on the bed. "Well you know how we were talking about porn earlier?"

I nodded.

"Well...I do like it. A lot actually."

"Really?" I asked, trying my best to sound surprised.

Erica nodded, biting her bottom lip, trying not to blush.

"Do you have any?"

"Just on the computer," she answered.

"Cool," stated, spinning back around in the chair. "Let's see it."

Erica hopped off the bed and rushed towards me.

"No!" she shrieked, grabbing my hand away from the mouse.

"Oh come one!" I said, smiling. "Let's see what you've got."

"Umm, I think we should get back to work," she suggested, still firmly holding my wrist.

"Don't be silly," I said. "It'll be a good study break."

Erica relented and released my hand, looking a little nervous as she stepped back.

"Okay," she said finally. "But I have to warm you, they're pretty dirty!"

"Hey!" I exclaimed, placing my hand back on the mouse. "The dirtier the better!"

Erica smiled and then directed me to the folder containing the movies, as if I didn't know. She suggested one and I clicked on it, opening up the screen as I had done only fifteen minutes before. The movie she had suggested featured a couple female porn stars that I recognized, along with a male actor. It started with the two women fucking each other with a dildo and eating each other out. As the movie progressed, it turned from a girl-on-girl duo into a full on threesome with all the usual dirty characteristics. As I watched, I noticed Erica move up closer behind me, resting her hand on the back of the chair.

"Wow," I exclaimed. "You have good taste in porn!"

"Thanks," Erica replied with a giggle. "I still can't believe I'm watching this with you.

"But isn't it more fun than homework?"

As I asked the question, I turned and caught a glimpse of Erica running her fingers over one of her nipples. Quickly she dropped her hand to her side, not wanting me to notice how turned on she was getting. I turned back to the computer screen, smiling to myself.

"So," I continued as I watched one of the woman on the screen getting fucked in the ass. "This is what you're into huh?"

Erica exhaled deeply and ran a hand through her silky blonde hair before answering.

"Well," she began. "I like to watch it."

"But you don't like to do it?" I pressed.

"Well, I haven't really had the chance."

"But you would if you had the chance?"

Erica was beginning to revert back to her previous shade of red as my questioning began to delve deeper into her personal life.

"Maybe," she said softly, with a bit of a giggle, biting her finger as her eyes remained glued to the computer screen.

I was thinking of another question to ask, when she spoke again.

"I mean...There are some things that I would like to try but..."

"But what?" I asked, urging her to continue.

"Well...I can't just go and pick up random guys and ask them to fuck me in the ass!"

"Why not?" I asked, extremely turned on at what Erica had just said. "That's every guys fantasy!"

"Not every guy's!" she returned. I had a boyfriend once that broke up with me because I asked him if we could try it.

"Really? What an idiot! But seriously though, ninety nine percent of guys would jump at the chance to sleep with a girl like you, let alone fuck you in the ass!"

"Aww, gee thanks," she responded, tilting her head to one side and flashing me a cute smile. "How can sound so sweet and so dirty at the same time?"

I just laughed and continued watching the movie, which was actually turning me on as much as the conversation.

"So." I said, after another brief pause. "You like it in the butt?"

Erica seemed a little surprised by the bluntness of my question, and let out an embarrassed laugh before answering.

"I like to watch it in porn,"

"have you done it for real?" I asked, probing the subject just as the woman on the screen was getting her ass probed.

"Well...." she said said, scrunching her face up as if confused. "Not technically I guess."

"Technically?" I asked. "What do you mean?"

"I've never had a guy fuck me in the ass. Let's put it that way."

I was a little confused as I pondered Erica's response.

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