tagBDSMThe Disciplinarian Ch. 09

The Disciplinarian Ch. 09


Angie's Comeuppance

Two weeks later, I found myself back in Angie's living room. This time I'd come with Mickey straight from his place. Angie was wearing a skirt, as instructed, specifically a sweater skirt. I suspect she chose this thick fabric to partially hide the fact that she was braless. She was so nervous, she was practically shaking. Jennie was already there, wearing the black slacks and a white shirt that she had tied under her braless bosom. Mickey was in an oddly festive mood and even offered to serve the wine for Angie, who was probably too nervous to pour anyway.

We all got comfortable and I tried to make small talk, but Angie was incapable of speaking and Jennie wasn't much better. After a minute or so, the doorbell rang.

Angie, Jennie, and I all started at the sound. No one had ever come to the door during a Wine and Fantasy before. But Mickey didn't seem at all surprised.

"I'll get that, Angie," he said, jumping up, "you stay seated."

From the living room, we heard Mickey open the door and then heard a male voice talking way too loudly. The voice was unmistakable. It was Robby.

Angie and Jenny looked at each other, first in puzzlement and then in alarm; and I wondered how Robby even knew where Angie lived. But it only took a second before I realized that Mickey must have invited him. That's why Mickey wanted his phone number, I thought.

Moments later, the two of them walked into the living room.

"Well, Robby," said Mickey, who for once could not entirely hide a grin of vengeful glee, "I think you know everyone."

"Sure do," he agreed as he surveyed the assembly.

When he looked at me, he smirked knowingly, and I flushed deep red and looked away at the memory of how he had heard my spankings and witnessed my climax on the dryer.

"Are the other two coming?" Mickey asked him, drawing his attention away from me.

Jennie and Angie were startled again.

"Yep," Robby said, "Brad and Dani should be here any min—"

The doorbell interrupted him at that exact moment.

Once again, Mickey answered and seconds later, he escorted Brad and Dani into the room. They said hello to everyone, but both of them stopped and looked puzzled at me. After a beat, Brad stuck out his hand and introduced himself and Dani.

Surprised, I gave my name in return and I could see everyone else in the room looking just as puzzled as I felt. Then it dawned on all of us at the same time: They didn't recognize me. Well, it wasn't all that surprising, I guess. After all, they had only seen me for a few seconds as I dashed across a living room, and my head was mostly covered with a pair of panties, and their eyes would not have been on my face anyway.

As they sat on the sofa with me, Brad on the opposite end and Dani between us, I was mentally thanking the gods for small favors when Robby, of course, rushed to enlighten them.

"Don't you two remember Soo May? She was the one who ran—"

"Actually, Robby," Mickey interrupted, "we have an update on that whole situation, which is why you and Dani and Brad have been invited."

The three of them all turned to him with questioning, expectant looks.

"Alright," he said, turning to Angie and Jennie, "let's get started. I think you two have something to say to everyone, so stand up over there and let's hear it."

Angie and Jennie stood side-by-side facing the rest of us. They were right on the spot where Angie had stood on the night of our third session with Mickey, when Jennie had been required to dash between Angie and I carrying a paddle and asking us each in turn to swat her. Neither of them could look anyone in the eye. Their eyes darted fearfully from Mickey to the floor to each other and back again. They were both too nervous to hold still: Jennie shifted nervously from foot-to-foot, while Angie rubbed her hands together. Robby, Brad, and Dani were clearly puzzled and they finally looked at Mickey for an explanation. Even though they'd just met him, they instantly perceived him as the leader.

"Come on, Angie," he said, with a slight sigh of impatience. "Get on with it."

"Um ... yes ... well," Angie searched for words. "Uh, ... you see, me and Jennie just wanted to ... ah ... tell you that ... uh ... what we told you a few weeks ago about Soo May and Mr. Daniels wasn't really true. You see, he did not really tell her not to play with herself while he was gone. We made that up and ... well, anyway ... uh ..." Her voice trailed off.

"Huh?" was Robby's brilliant reaction.

Dani and Brad looked at each other in confusion, but I had introduced myself as "Soo May" just a minute or so earlier so it didn’t take them long to put it together. They both looked at me open-mouthed. Brad leered slightly, but not as crassly as Robby. Dani just looked me up and down in undisguised curiosity. I blushed again and looked away.

"And what else, Angie?" Mickey asked drawing their attention back.

"Well," she continued, "we are sorry and we deserve to be punished. I deserve a long hard spanking, and ... and ... you are all here to bear witness to my punishment and shame.''

There was silence in the room for a full five seconds as Dani, Brad, and Robby sat stunned. Then Robby let out a little hoot of joy.

"Damnnn!" he exclaimed at the realization that the beautiful ex-model standing before him was to be spanked. He was like a little kid who's jumped into a swimming pool only to find that it is filled with candy.

When Dani recovered from her shock, she put her hand to mouth to suppress a gasp, but after a beat she turned her head and stared at Mickey who simply stood impassively watching Angie with his arms folded across his chest. Brad simply sat back in the sofa, pleased, but a bit more restrained than Robby.

"Now," Mickey spoke up, "since Angie will be occupied, she can't really act as hostess, so Jennie is going to be our hostess tonight."

"I am?" Jennie asked in surprise.

"You are," Mickey confirmed.

"Well ... uh ... in that case," Jennie stumbled into her new role and looked at the three newcomers, "would any of you like a drink? We, I mean, Angie, has wine."

They all wanted one, although Angie, of course, wasn't given the option; so Jennie headed to the kitchen.

"Not so fast, Jennie," Mickey stopped her. "Before you pour the wine, take off your shoes, socks, and pants."

"What?" Jennie asked, unsure if she'd heard him correctly.

"You seemed to find it amusing to have Soo May parade around nearly bottomless in front of these people," Mickey explained, sweeping his arm across the assembled audience, "so I'd like you to find out if it is equally amusing when you are the spectacle. Throughout tonight's proceedings, you will be wearing only panties below the waist. Now, off with those pants!"

Jennie glanced once at her audience and then looked down at the floor. She knew she had to obey if she wanted to continue having sessions with Mickey. She kicked off her pumps and pulled off her socks with her toes. Then, red-faced, she slowly undid the snap of her pants. She paused a second to suck up some courage and then pushed them down so they dropped to her ankles.

As ordered, she was wearing hi-cut white panties that exposed the flanks of her hips and a good portion of her buns. With her blouse tied up under her breasts, there was nearly as much flesh on view as there would be in a beach bikini. But, of course, there's a world of difference between a bikini and underwear. She instinctively clasped her hands in front of her crotch and stood there staring at the floor and I saw her shoulders heave a little sigh of shame to be displayed like this, not just in front of Mickey, me, and Angie, but also in front of her ex-boyfriend and his two friends.

Robby nearly smacked his lips at the sight of her. Brad smiled, too. Dani looked a little flushed and shifted in her chair.

"No covering up with your hands, Jennie," Mickey commanded, "now go get that wine and serve it."

"Yes, sir," Jennie said instinctively, although Mickey had never asked her to call him 'sir.'

She then she scampered off to the kitchen. All eyes were on the white V that only partly encased her ass.

While she was in the kitchen, the others made chit-chat and I took the opportunity to get a good look at Brad and Dani. He was medium height, brown-haired, cut and combed executive style, and conventional looking in every way. He appeared to be someone who went to great effort not to stand out in any way at all. Dani, on the other hand, was a bit more risk-taking in her appearance and I guessed she was the lively yang to his conventional yin. She wore a blue patterned, calico blouse that ended at her waist and blue jeans, very earth-lover, very 70s. Her hair was red and cut very short, and there was a spray of freckles across her cheeks and nose. She looked a little like that Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson, since she cut her hair short.

Jennie returned with glasses for the three newcomers and the wine bottle. She poured for everyone and with every move she made, her breasts shook visibly inside the loosely tied shirt. Brad and Robby followed her every move. Dani, I noticed, kept her eyes on Mickey.

Winged Victory

"Now to start with, Angie" Mickey said, after Jennie had stepped behind the couch to watch the proceedings from the background, "I want you to hold your skirt up in back by the hem, but you are to use only your thumbs and index fingers."

The three newbies looked puzzled at the specificity of Mickey's instructions. I could tell they were thinking "Why just thumbs and index fingers?"

But Angie, Jennie, and I had grown used to the fact that Mickey didn't explain himself in advance and that he was a master of detail. We had no doubt that in the fullness of time this little detail would contribute to Angie's humiliation.

Angie, who was facing us, bent her knees a bit so she could reach the hem with both hands, and then straightened again holding the hem in back with precisely the digits Mickey had prescribed. She then lifted it up in back so that her panty-clad ass would have been visible to anyone behind her.

"Not bad," said Mickey, "but now bend forward at the waist and don't let the skirt drape on your back, hold it up high."

She did as ordered and looked at the floor rather than face us.

"Don't look down like that," Mickey added. "hold your head up."

With a gasp of exasperation at Mickey's minute control over her positioning, she lifted her head. She grit her teeth a bit and I could tell she was resisting the impulse to ask sarcastically "Are you happy now?"

With her arms swept back and up high behind her, she reminded me of the statue of Winged Victory, except that Winged Victory wasn't bending for a spanking.

"Excellent," Mickey declared. "This is how you are to present yourself to your spankers."

Angie shuddered noticeably at his use of the plural "spankers."

"Now," he continued, "straighten up and politely ask one of your guests to give you 15 spanks ... and tell them why. I think you should give one of the three new friends you made while you were laughing at Soo May the first chance, don't you?"

Angie, of course, knew that "no" would not be a permitted answer. She looked back and forth between Brad and Dani for a few seconds, apparently having dismissed the oafish Robby as an option.

Finally, bowing her head instinctively, she stammered, "D— Dani, please give me 15 sp— spanks to punish me for being cruel to Soo May."

Dani, wide-eyed, looked at Mickey who simply nodded in approval and then cocked his head toward Angie. As Dani stood and walked to Angie, I reflected on how she already instinctively looked to Mickey for leadership even though they had just met.

Angie did not need to be told to present herself. With a barely audible groan of embarrassment, she bent took hold of her hem in the prescribed manner and resumed the Winged Victory stance. Dani, from her position slightly behind and to the side of Angie could see her bottom, but Angie was facing the rest of us. Robby, predictably, jumped up and ran to where he too could see Angie's behind. He practically licked his lips when he saw it. But to my surprise, Dani was staring at Angie just as hard as Robby was. And her face was just as flushed as Angie's was. Yet it did not seem to a flush of embarrassment. In fact, Dani seemed to have forgotten the rest of us, and she was completely unselfconscious as she looked Angie up-and-down, drinking in every detail of her posture.

"Dani— Dani—" Mickey was calling gently.

"Huh? ... What?" Dani seemed to come out of her thoughts reluctantly, "Oh, yeah, the spanking."

She reached back her forearm and swung it forward briskly, but at the last millisecond, she lost her nerve, put on the brakes, and just tapped Angie's right bun with her palm. She immediately looked at Mickey, almost fearfully, with an expression that said "Sorry, sorry, I know I messed that up. Let me try again."

"Wait," Mickey interrupted, holding up his hand. "Let Angie show you how hard to spank."

"What?" was Angie's reaction, and the rest of us were puzzled as well.

"You— you— want me to ... spank Dani?" Angie asked.

"No, Silly." Mickey replied, "She's not being punished. You are. Give yourself a spank – a hard one – to show Dani how hard to spank.

Angie sighed, dropped her skirt so that it lay crumpled across her back, and then raised her right hand up and above her own butt. She brought it down fast but, just like Dani, she lost her nerve in the last millisecond and her hand merely clapped lightly on her right bun.

"Come on, Angie," Mickey said, "I said do it hard."

Angie tried again and this time her palm landed in the same spot with an audible smack, but still not particularly hard.

This time it was Mickey's turn to sigh. "Last chance, Angie," he warned, "or else I'll have Robby show her how hard to spank."

This was enough to give Angie the incentive she needed. She raised her hand again, then gritted her teeth, squeezed her eyes shut, and brought the hand down hard on her own bun. It made a smacking sound and left a pink splotch where her hand had landed.

Robby gurgled in glee at this and I could see Angie's eyes watering in embarrassment at having to spank herself hard.

"That's better," Mickey allowed. "Now, lift your skirt up with two hands again. That's it. Now, Dani, you try again."

On her second try, Dani managed to land a respectable, if not particularly hard, spank on Angie's left bun. On the third, she did better.


"Uhn!" Angie grunted.

And so Dani continued.




As I watched, Angie bit her lower lip and blinked back tears of humiliation. I wondered which was more embarrassing for Angie; the fact that Dani and Robby could see her ass or the fact that the rest of us could see her face as she was spanked. I imagined myself in her position and felt those old familiar sensations between my legs.





Dani's brow knitted as she concentrated intently on her task, trying to impress Mickey, I suspected. Angie couldn't suppress her reaction.

Spank. "Ow!"

Spank. "Ahh!"

Spank. "Agah!"

Spank. "Oh!"

"OK, that's 15," Mickey interrupted. "Stop now."

Dani obeyed and after a moment, she resumed her seat beside me on the sofa. She was even more flushed than before and I could hear her breathing deeply.

"Splendid," Mickey said with satisfaction, as one might after eating a gourmet meal, "now, Angie, ask another guest to continue — another 15."

Angie straightened, bowed her head, and, ignoring Robby once again, said "Brad, please continue my spanking to help me learn not to mistreat my friends."

Brad looked pale and there was a tiny sheen of sweat along his hairline. Saying nothing, he immediately stood and walked to a point just behind Angie. I noticed, however, that as he passed by me, he made a sidelong glance at Mickey to assure himself that he was "doing it right." Even men, I thought, instinctively follow Mickey.

Angie adopted the Winged Victory stance once again, her eyes watering at the indignity of it. Robby, who had turned his eyes to the scantily dressed Jennie while Angie had straightened, again looked at — "beamed at" is a better term — Angie's bum.

Brad immediately began to rain down spanks on the aforementioned bum at breakneck speed.

Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, ...

Angie gasped at the rapid-fire assault and the rest of us were startled, too. I could hear Brad saying something as he spanked her and I soon realized that he was counting, and getting louder with each spank.

"... twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen," he said, and then sighed audibly in relief as he hurried back to his place on the sofa. Once he was seated, he seemed to visibly relax and some color returned to his face. It had been over in only seconds, much to Robby's disappointment.


There was silence for a few seconds as we all tried to digest Brad's odd behavior. I looked at Mickey and we both understood at the same time: Brad had stage fright. He was happy to observe, but he didn't want to be part of the show. Fortunately for him, Robby spoke up, drawing everyone's attention to him.

"So, now it's my turn to spank her, right? I'm the last of the three new friends!"

"Actually, no," Mickey said pleasantly, going into his imperturbable mode of speaking. "Right now, we're going to change gears a little."

Robby face fell in evident disappointment, but he said nothing.

"Angie, kneel on that chair with your back to us and present yourself again," Mickey said pointing to the easy chair that Robby had vacated so he could watch her being spanked.

With another soft groan, Angie did as ordered, taking up the Winged Victory pose with her hindquarters now shown to all of us. I immediately realized why Mickey had been so particular about how she lifted her skirt. By holding her skirt so high above her back, it functioned like a kind theater back curtain. The skirt completely hid the upper part of her body, thereby highlighting her legs and barely covered butt. The delicate way that she held the skirt reminded me of a magician's assistant lifting a small cape to reveal that a rabbit is now peeking out of the hat. Except In this case, it was two pink butt cheeks instead of a rabbit, and it wasn't a hat they were peeking out of; it was a pair of lacy black hi-cut panties. I could almost hear the magician saying Voilà, a spanked ass!

The significance of her choice of underpants wasn't lost on me either. Angie had not known that Robby, Brad, and Dani, were going to be present. These panties were obviously intended to be enticing to Mickey. I felt a hot burst of jealous anger surge through me.

"Angie is going to be gagged for the next part of her punishment," Mickey announced, and then after a deliberate pause he added, "... with Jennie's panties."

Both Angie's and Jennie's heads jerked when he said this and they both looked at him.

"Why can't you just use her own pant—" Jennie started to say, but then abruptly stopped. By now she knew Mickey well enough to know that nothing was going to divert him from his plans.

"You can take them off in the kitchen, if you want, Jennie," Mickey said with a smile as if this was a wonderfully generous offer he was making her, "and you can use an oven mitten to cover up, too."

Reluctantly, Jennie disappeared into the kitchen. She reappeared a minute later red-faced. Her panties were in her left hand and she was wearing one of Angie's oven mitts on her right which she used to hide her privates. As she walked she instinctively leaned slightly forward and crouched a bit. The effect was to pull the hips backward, away from us, as if that would hide them. She handed the panties to Mickey and then, to prevent the assembled guests from seeing her naked buns, she stepped backwards away from him until her back was against the wall.

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