tagBDSMThe Disciplinarian Ch. 11

The Disciplinarian Ch. 11


Just One More Thing

"Well, as I was about to say," Mickey resumed, "there are just a couple more things to take care of tonight. First, it is now up to Soo May whether to forgive you two. So, do you, Soo May?"

"Yes," I replied, looking first at Angie and then Jennie, "I forgive you, but from now on I will decide what underwear you can wear to our Wine and Fantasies."

They both quickly agreed to this and hugged me.

With the punishment show over, Robby was already losing interest and was edging toward the door. Brad picked up Dani's pants apparently intending to hand them to her.

I looked at Mickey, and was about to ask what was the second thing we needed to take care of when Dani spoke up.

"Uh, Mr. Daniels ..." she said hesitantly, "Don't you think ... I mean, to be fair ... I mean ... well ... I was thinking ..."

"Yes?" Mickey said, raising one eyebrow slightly in expectation.

"Well ..." she continued, "I really don't want to, but ... in the interest of fairness ... I mean ... after all, I was here, too, when Soo May had to run across this room, and I laughed at her and I'm so sorry, and ... well ... anyway, I think I deserve to be spanked also."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Brad stiffen. Robby smiled and took a step back toward us from the door, his interest suddenly renewed. I heard someone titter, so softly, I couldn't tell if it was Angie or Jennie. Both of them stepped over to the far side of Dani, so we all formed a semi-circle facing her. I was shocked, but within a moment, remembering Dani's micro hula dance, I realized that I shouldn't be.

Mickey did not seem shocked. In fact, he looked like he was expecting this.

"Gee, I don't know Dani," he said, feigning reluctance, "you and Brad and Robby had no idea what was going to happen when you came here that night. You could hardly have known that your host and a friend were in the process of punishing her flatmate."

"Um ... yes, but ..." Dani floundered, "I just feel like I was unnecessarily cruel in the way I laughed at Soo May, so I think that— I mean, I don't want to— but for the sake of justice— I mean, I just think that I deserve—"

"Hey, look at that!" Robby interrupted, pointing.

We all turned to see what he was pointing at. It was Dani's crotch. She had not yet put her pants back on and there was an unmistakable wet spot right at the point of the frilly pink "V" of her panties.

Dani looked down and slapped both hands over her front as her face turned crimson. Instinctively, she bent forward and stepped back away from us.

Everyone, except Brad and I, was chuckling at her (or, in Mickey's case, barely suppressing a laugh). The blue in Brad's face was turning purple and he finally dropped that frozen smile.

"Well," Mickey said, after a pause to let people get control of their mirth, "I don't think Soo May really wants to spank you, Dani, ... do you, Soo May?"

I got the hint.

"No, I don't," I said.

Yes, I do, I thought.

Jennie and Angie saw the fake smile on my face and put their hands over their mouths to keep themselves from laughing.

"But," Mickey addressed Dani, "given your ... uh ... evident desire ...," he paused and looked directly at her hand-covered crotch, "... for, uh ... justice ..."

Angie and Jennie, who had started giggling when he said "evident desire," burst out laughing at "justice." Robby joined in, although from the slightly puzzled look on his face, I don't think he got it. I found myself chuckling, too, and Mickey's humor even penetrated Brad's fury enough that he involuntarily smiled.

Dani's face flushed even redder and she blinked rapidly as her eyes teared up slightly at her embarrassment. I was reminded of our second session with Mickey when he had sent me down the hallway to fetch a cucumber with my own panties visibly soaked. The memory set off a spark of arousal in my clitty.

"Perhaps," Mickey said as the laughter died away, "the justice you seek can be meted out by ... Brad?"

We all turned to look at Brad, who seemed startled to find himself the center of attention. He looked at us, turning from face to face as he thought it over, his stage-fright at war with his anger at Dani.

Do it, Brad, I thought to myself. Do it. She's pushed the raft away from the shore. It's about to float down to the rapids. Jump on board before it floats away!

Slowly, his face relaxed, and his expression changed from perplexity to determination. He turned to look squarely at Dani. His eyes narrowed, and a satisfied grin grew slowly across his face.

"Yes ...," he said in a whisper, as if he were still thinking to himself.

"Yes, indeed ...," he said, louder now, "I think Dani does need to ... atone for a few things."

Brad's grin grew into an evil smile that would have done a Bond villain proud, and he strode over to Dani, grabbed her wrist and began to pull her toward the sofa. With a look of real fear in her eyes, she planted her feet and pulled back. For a moment they looked like two small children each trying to pull a toy out of the other one's hands.

Atta boy, I thought, he's not only joined her in the raft, he's taken control of the tiller.


"Brad," Mickey suddenly interrupted, "if I may?"

He asked this like a man at a dance would ask "May I cut in?"

Brad, surprised, immediately nodded assent, let go of Dani, and backed away as if to give Mickey room to do whatever he had in mind.

"Sit down right there, Brad" Mickey continued, pointing to the end of the sofa, "so your thigh is right up against the armrest."

Brad did so, squeezing himself against the armrest as if five people were trying to fit on the sofa and he was the man on the end.

Mickey strode over to Dani until he was beside her, facing her left flank, and so close that her shoulder and arm were touching his chest. She did not move away as she had from Brad. Indeed, her face seemed to glow with anticipation.

Is it too late to say that I DO want to spank her? I thought.

The next few seconds happened in a blur.

Pressing his lips together with determination, Mickey swept his right hand in a scooping motion between her legs and grabbed her crotch from behind. She screeched in surprise and her eyes bugged out. His fingers were now on the narrow pink band that covered her mons, his right wrist was against the crack or her ass. In between, his palm was against her crotch between her legs. He lifted up and pushed her forward, so that she had no choice but to stagger forward on her tip toes. In this way, he "guided" her to the end of the sofa so that she was facing the armrest. With one firm lift and shove he dumped her unceremoniously over the armrest next to Brad. She was now face down, her ass raised high across the armrest, her legs drooping off the end of the sofa with her toes on the floor. Her chest was on Brad's lap and her head and arms rested on the seat of the sofa on the other side of him. She looked stunned.

And she wasn't the only one. The whole thing had taken just seconds, less time than it took you to read my description of it. The rest of us just froze shocked and open-mouthed.

But shock wasn't the only thing I was feeling. The whole scene had made me fizzy, and not just because of the way Mickey had grabbed her by the crotch, although that was part of it. It was also because of the way he manhandled her into the place and position he wanted. It was so quick, so silent, so decisive, so ... uncompromising. It made me gooey.

Robby walked around to position himself a few feet behind Dani where he had the best view of her ass. Seeing his movement, she blushed and squeezed her legs together trying to minimize what was visible.

"Now then, Dani," Mickey continued, "I think you should tell us why you deserve to be spanked. You said it was because you laughed at Soo May when she ran across this room on your first visit; but I don't think that's what Brad thinks you need to atone for."

"Well ... um ...," Dani seemed to think a little, "I guess maybe I should have consulted with my boyfriend before I agreed to take off my panties so they could be used as a gag."

"And?" Brad intervened, dragging out a one-word question.

"And ... uh ... also I should have put my pants back on before I came back out to the living room."

"Anything else?" Mickey asked, tag-teaming with Brad.

"Uh ... yeah ... I probably should have gotten Brad's agreement before coming here braless tonight."

I looked at Jennie and she looked back at me and nodded. We were both thinking the same thing. Dani's lascivious outfit must have been what they'd been fighting about on the way here.

"And?" Brad asked again.

"Well," she continued, "it was probably a bad idea to get brand new, sexy panties to wear here tonight and not tell Brad."

"Do I gather from that," Mickey asked, "that you were planning all along to volunteer to help host ... or find some other excuse to take your pants off?"

"Yes," she whispered in embarrassment.

Brad's jaw tightened and some of the blue came back to his face at this revelation, although I'm pretty sure he was the only one who hadn't already figured this out. Well, Robby probably hadn't either, since he rarely figured anything out.

"So, then," Mickey directed, "tell us what sort spanking you think you deserve."

"Huh?" Dani said, surprised by the question, "... uh, well ... just like Jennie got, except no hairbrush or switch."

"I think that's going to be Brad's decision," Mickey said, "but I have another question: should you be spanked in private or in front of the rest of us?"

"In front of everyone," Dani whispered, blushing.

"And what should your bottom look like when it's over?" Mickey continued the interrogation.

"Really red, like Jennie's and Angie's were."

"How long and hard should the spanking be?" he asked, then adding "Angie and Jennie were crying and rubbing their bottoms."

"Ok, mine should be that long and hard, too," Dani agreed.

She then made a very slight movement of her hips which no one else seemed to notice, but I recognized it as a horizontal version of the mini-hulu dance.

"And how should you be dressed?" Mickey continued. "Weren't Jennie and Angie topless?"

"Oh ... right ... well ... um ... OK, I guess I should be, too."

"Now, then," said Mickey, "why don't you put all that together into an apology to Brad and a polite request for the spanking you deserve. Use complete sentences."

"Oh ... uh ...," Dani searched for words before continuing, "Brad, I'm sorry for ... uh ... exposing myself without discussing it with you first ... um ... so please spank me ... um ... topless in front of everyone until my butt is red and I'm crying and begging to rub it."

"Anything for you, dear," Brad said sarcastically. "Now get that shirt off."

Although her blouse had a buttoned front, it was difficult to unbutton while lying face down, so she simply pulled it over her head. Her breasts were now mashed against her man's lap. She was now naked, save for those pink "V"s, front and back. She looked mortified and I suspected that she was beginning to have second thoughts about her fidelity to justice.

Brad looked at Mickey for approval to proceed. Mickey just nodded back at him, and Brad immediately raised his right arm and smacked his palm hard on Dani's right bun.

"Ah!" Dani gasped and jerked. I could tell that it stung more than she had imagined it would. Her hands flew back to cover her bum.

"Hey, no covering up," Brad protested, as he grabbed both her hands in his and firmly returned her arms to his other side. And then ...


He struck the other hill. There was another gasp and another jerk, from Dani. And once again her hands shot back to cover her bum.

"I can see that Dani is going to have real difficulty not covering up," Mickey said. "Brad, can I suggest that you have her put her hands on her crotch."

"You heard the man," Brad said, gruffly, and he punctuated the order with a slap on the back of her thigh.

"Ah!" she cried out, and then she lifted her hips on one side and slipped her left hand under them with her palm against her crotch. She then rolled her hips to the other side and put her right hand on her left. The effect was to pin her hands between her hips and the armrest. But her new position also made her seem much more submissive and raised her hips even higher.

How does Mickey think of these things? I wondered, not for the first time.

Brad wasted no time giving her a test spank.


Again we heard the gasp and saw the jerk, but this time her hands stayed in place.

Satisfied at the new arrangement, Brad began to rain spanks all over Dani's ass.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Before long, Dani was making "ow!" and "ah!" sounds that grew louder and louder. As Brad continued, she twitched and jerked with each blow. At first she tried to keep her face toward the backrest of the sofa so she wouldn't have to see us, but soon she was jerking her head up and we could see her red face.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Well into the second minute, she began to twist at the waist. Her noises grew longer and more frantic: "Owww! Unnnh! Uhhh! Errggh!"

Dani's eyes had grown big and red with moisture. It was obvious that she was finding that real spanks hurt a lot more than imaginary ones.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Near the end of the second minute, she began to buck her hips against her hands and the armrest while continuing her twisting as she tried to shake away the pain.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Robby watched in fascination as her Dani's buttocks clenched and unclenched spasmodically, as if she thought she could squeeze the pain out them.

"Damn!" he said, "she's got a nice ass on her."

Brad paused for a short rest, during which Dani's gasping and panting was the only sound. When he resumed, his pace slowed but he smacked at top strength aiming for the sensitive lower peak of Dani's now very pink ass.

Smack!!   Smack!!   Smack!!

"That's it," Mickey coached in a half-whisper, "vary the pace."

Brad beamed at Mickey's approval and continued.

Smack!!   Smack!!   Smack!!

After a minute of these, Dani's twisting reached from her ankles to her shoulders and her cries no longer correlated with the spanks. She simply howled at the continuous burning in her butt.


Smack!!   Smack!!   Smack!!


Smack!!   Smack!!   Smack!!

"Oh, oh, oh, that hurts!"

Smack!!   Smack!!   Smack!!

"Unnnh! Not so hard, please, Mister— I mean, Brad!"

What was that, I thought, had she started to say Mister Daniels? Was she pretending that Mickey was spanking her?

Brad may have wondered the same thing. In a fury, he grabbed the waistband of her flimsy panties and yanked them down to the backs of her lower thighs.

"Nooo!" Dani nearly screeched. "Not that!"

She tried to pull her hands out from under her hips, probably hoping she could reach her undies and pull them back up. But Brad pushed her back down with his left arm as he resumed the barrage with his right, laying on the blows hard and fast.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

"Ah, unh, oww! ... Errrhooow! ... Arggghhhh!"

Now that her panties had come back into the view of the rest of us, stretched from thigh to thigh, we could see that the wet spot on the crotch was bigger than ever. Robby gleefully pointed this out.

"Look!" he said laughing, "her panties are so soaked you can see through them."

Dani's face turned scarlet and she blinked back tears of humiliation at this further confirmation that "justice" was not her real motivation in submitting to a spanking.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

"Arrrgghh ... owww ... oooh."

Watching her had its usual effect on me and my faucet began to drip again.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

"Huhh-hunk! ... arggghhh! ... oooowww! ... [gasp] ..."

She was soon twisting and kicking again and the panties slid past her knees, then to her ankles, and finally they were kicked off.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

"Oh! Arrgh! [gasp] O, God! Owww! Unnnnnhhh! Please! [sob] Ooonnnggg! Ahh, ooo, ...

She was now kicking in every direction; up, back, to the side; first one leg then the other. When she kicked wide, she gave her audience a complete view of all her secrets, a fact that Robby gleefully pointed out. She was mortified, but the pain, not her mind, controlled her movements.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

"Grrrhhh! ... unnnooo! ... [gasp] ... uh-hun-hun-hun! ... [sob]"

When Brad finally stopped, breathing hard himself, Dani continued to twitch, twist, buck, and clench for another minute. When she realized that he had stopped, she pulled her hands out from under her hips and seized her burning red rump which she massaged vigorously while she continued to twist and mew in pain.

"Oh ... ah ... oh ... ow ... [gasp] ... arghh ... uh ... uh ... [gasp] ... oh, God ... [gasp] ... un."

When she had finally caught her breath, Mickey instructed her to thank her beau-cum-scourge, adding his usual proviso requiring complete, polite sentences.

"Thuh- Thank you, Brad," she stammered, "for ... uh ... teaching me to always talk with you before exposing myself in public."

Brad made her lie there in nude humility for a few more minutes before he allowed her to get dressed. This time she did not forget her pants.

One More "Just One More Thing"

Once again we all began to stretch and the guests began to edge toward the door. It was then that I remembered the question I was about to ask Mickey when Dani had interrupted to request a spanking.

"Mickey," I asked, "you said there were two things we needed to take care of. My forgiving Angie and Jennie was one of them. What's the other?

"I was about to bring that up, myself," he replied, holding up his hands and swirling them in a "gather 'round me" gesture.

When he had everyone's attention, he continued, "There's actually one more punishment on the agenda this evening."

Mickey paused and we all looked at him puzzled. Finally, after a long pause, he pivoted toward me.

"Soo May," he said.

"Huh— whuh— me?— but—" was my brilliant reaction.

"I haven't mentioned this before because I wanted your attention focused on punishing Jennie and Angie," he began to explain, "but the fact is that I'm disappointed in how easily you fell for their deception."

"Oh?" was all I could say.

"Yes," he continued, "it shows a distinct lack of faith in me and ... in my love for you."

"Gee ... um ... well, I ... uh ...," I searched for words.

"Also, I've been thinking about it," he continued, "and I've come to see that Jennie and Angie might actually have a point about your masturbation."

I blushed at his raising this subject. Robby gave me his insipid grin and I knew he was remembering the sight of me on the dryer.

As he continued to talk, Mickey walked over to the sofa and put the leftmost seat cushion on top of the middle cushion.

"I think it's perfectly healthy, but ...," he paused, "playing with yourself in an unlocked laundry room when you knew Robby was here ... well, healthy or not, perhaps a little more self-restraint would be a good idea."

As he said this, Mickey put the rightmost seat cushion on top of the other two.

"I ... uh ... I see," I said, with a sense of foreboding, "well I promise I'll never doubt you again and ... I'll ... uh ... try to show more restraint about ... uh ..."

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