tagErotic HorrorThe Discovery Ch. 02

The Discovery Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Next Phase

It was easy to learn their routine. You'd think after what she and I had gone through that she'd look over her shoulder every once in a while. Lucky for us, she didn't. The same thing every week. Leaving her husband home with their two-year old and sneaking off to meet her boyfriend for dinner and then back to his place for some sex. It was bad sex, too. I mean 'only five minutes' bad. In order to learn all I could, I had to watch everything and believe me when I say that I saw some things that I didn't want to. It was simple to find a place to pick them off, especially with May's help. No matter how much I thought it out, May would think of something better. She was evil and devious. And I loved it.

Neither of them really knew May, so it was easy to disrupt their routine without my being involved. Hang-up phone calls, knocking on his door and running off, all while I got to watch and laugh. It was easy to get amusement out of torturing them. They just didn't know that the torture was only beginning.

We picked him off on his way back to his house on his way back from the store. May stopped him and asked for directions. While he talked I walked calmly up behind him, a rag with chloroform on it, ready to use. It was almost too easy. He saw me out of the corner of his eye too late, the rag stuffed into and over his mouth, the fumes rendering him unconscious in a span of seconds. I put him up on my shoulder as May opened the trunk of our car. I dumped him in roughly, not really caring what happened to him, as long as he stayed alive. For now.

I drove back to our place and pulled into the parking garage. It took a little work, but we were able to her him into our apartment with no one noticing. He was still unconscious when we dumped him out of the rug we had wrapped him in. May bounds his wrists and ankles with duct tape and we put a golf ball in his mouth and duct taped it shut. May grinned at me and took my hand, pulling me toward the bathroom. We'd end up taking another shower tonight after the...show, but it never hurt to be clean beforehand.

She started the spray and we stepped in, keeping close together. I washed her hair and her back and she washed mine in turn. As she rinsed off, I could only stand in awe of her body, wondering how I had gotten so lucky to have her. I moved to her under the water and planted my mouth roughly on hers, making her moan and wrap her arms around me.

"May," I said quietly. "I can't wait for tonight. I've never been this excited." She smiled up at me and pulled me back into the kiss, turning us and backing herself against the white tile wall of the shower, grinding against me. I grabbed her hips and easily lifted her, feeling her legs encircling my hips. I lifted her higher and brought her down on my throbbing erection, moving slowly against her at first, speeding up when she started to growl, glaring into my eyes. I snarled back and slammed her into the wall, both of us savaging each other with lips and teeth. My excitement and May's tightness drove me to the edge very quickly.

May voice rumbled deep with in her and she leaned up, biting my neck as I exploded deep within her. She quickly followed, our juices mixing within her and dripping to the floor when I pulled out my still hard cock. It ached as I stood there, watching her look at me with lust in her eyes.

"Soon, lover," she said, resting her hand on my heaving chest. "Soon, we will have another wonderful experience. Together."

I could only nod and then we stepped out of the shower, both dripping wet and neither of us caring. Our captive was slowly waking, his eyes fluttering open and immediately going to May's naked body before focusing on me standing over her shoulder. He started to struggle and May and I both smiled. It must have looked bad because he turned white and held still, like he was trying to hide from predators, which was exactly what we were.

We left him there to ponder his fate and went to the kitchen for drinks. Once I had calmed down, May crooked a finger and started to walk back to the bedroom. The army boy, as we called him, was struggling, trying to free himself. He froze again as we reentered, breathing quickly through his nose. May walked past him, his eyes trying to track both of us at the same time. She reached behind the nightstand and pulled out the razor sharp knife she kept there for just this purpose. He started to scream. Loud, even through the gag. I reached down and grabbed his collar, wrenching him up off of the ground. He whipped his head around to look at me.

"Look at me, you sack of shit. Do you know who I am?" He nodded so fast, I thought his neck would break. "Good. Then you know just how fucking miserable you've made my life over the last three weeks. You have no idea how much I'm going to enjoy this."

I easily tossed him on the bed, anger adding to my strength. He lay there, trying to burn a hole in me with his eyes. I straddled his chest, letting my weight slowly take away the air he had left. I grabbed his chin and pushed it, tilting his head back, forcing him to look at the wall, letting his eyes finally see what I wanted them to see: The two set of matching manacles, for hands, feet, and neck, that I had built and mounted on the wall. I let his chin go and smirked at him when he looked back at me. I got off of his chest and let May have her turn.

She was still naked, which added more menace to the knife that she held up and gently caressed up and down her cheek. She climbed and straddled him just as I had. She touched the point of the blade to his throat and he stiffened completely, barely even breathing. She switched the knife to her left hand and punched him square in the face with her right. She had hit me before, so I knew it hurt. Giving him his due, her barely flinched. It helped to have a knife at your throat to keep things in perspective. May smiled serenely at him and pulled the knife away; bringing it between her breasts and moving it slowly up and down her softly tanned skin. His eyes were glued to the blade, giving me the opportunity to take two big steps and slam my fist into the side of his head, pretty much knocking him out. I shook my hand and May climbed off of him and I could see a small wet spot where her pussy had been touching his shirt. Getting him up into the manacles was a trick, but with May's help, we finished it soon enough. Thus begun phase two: the girl.

She was much easier to capture than you would have expected. I couple of phone calls from his cellphone made her panic, which made it easy to get her to his place. May and I waited outside, just around the corner of the house. As I expected, she had a key and let herself in, yelling for him. May hurried around back and I made my way in through the front door, giving May enough time to get in through the back door before pushing through the front and surprising the girl, whom we had nicknamed 'princess.' She had been my lover, once. Things had been great until she took exceptions to the friends I kept. It ended badly. Maybe that's why I took so much delight in knocking her cellphone out of her hand and sending her screaming through the house before finally cornering her in one of the back bedrooms.

"Hey, baby," I said, my voice full of menace. "Did you miss me?"

"If you come near me," she said in a wavering voice, "I'll scream."

I smirked. "Go ahead. The neighbors will just assume you're having sex again. You are quite the screamer." May stepped in beside me and laughed. The princess had nowhere to go when I started moving toward her. She cried and she begged, but I didn't hear either. Rage had taken over, along with vengeance. The same chloroform soaked rag put her to sleep and I carried her out to the car, just like I had with the other, dumping her in the trunk.

Getting her inside was easier since it was pretty much dark. She went straight into the manacles, hanging beside her lover, the bonds designed to keep them from being able to touch each other. I made sure to gag her as well. She was indeed a screamer and had quite a set of lungs on her. As I strapped the tape over her mouth and stepped down, May touched me on the shoulder.

"I'm going hunting. I'll be back soon with a prize for both of us." I nodded and handed her her hunting clothes. They consisted of a black leather zip up bodysuit and a pair of black combat boots. I touched her face and she smiled at me, turning her face to nip at my fingers. I smiled back and kissed her deeply and quickly, both of us wanting to ravage each other again but knowing now wasn't the time. She looked at our two guests and smiled. "Feel free to hang out here. I won't be gone long." I laughed and walked out of the room with her.

May walked in about forty-five minutes later with a nice little blonde thing on her arm. I smiled at them as the blonde stopped short, seeing me sitting there in my recliner. May introduced her as Megan. I introduced myself to her and she seemed to loosen up just a little. Megan seemed blitzed out of her mind. I couldn't tell if it was something May had given her or something she had been on before.

"Megan here," May said, "Is nineteen and wants to try a girl for the first time. You don't mind, do you?" I shook my head no and grabbed my book. "She's from out of town, baby." I smiled at her and quietly got up and followed them into the bedroom, waiting for Megan to see the two hung up on the wall. May had Megan in her arms and was kissing her deeply, looking over Megan's shoulder at our two prisoners. She pushed Megan down on the bed and climbed up on top of the blonde girl, pushing her shirt up and kissing along the girl's stomach. She turned to me standing in the doorway and smiled.

"Be a dear for me and get me the toy behind the night stand for me." Megan cooed and ran her hands over May's body. I have to admit I was getting a little aroused watching the two of them as I walked over to the night table and looked behind it. There were two 'toys' behind it: the knife I had seen her with before and a new one, curved and polished to a high shine. A meat hook.

"May, baby, which one? The straight one or the curved one?" Megan turned to look at me and then back at May.

"You have a curved one? I love those," she said, her words slurring together and her eyes rolling back in her head. Whatever she was one was some strong stuff. May smirked at me.

"She wants the curved one, so give the curved one."

I grabbed the hook by the leather bound handle and felt the heft, giving it a practice swing. It whistled softly through the air. I liked it. May was busy pulled Megan's clothes off, tossing them into a pile on the floor, then doing the same with her own, grinding herself against the drugged blonde girl.

As I approached the bed, Megan got her first look at the army boy and the princess hung up on the wall. She giggled at first but then realized they were trying to break lose. She looked back at may just as I handed her the meat hook. She barely got out a word before May slammed the hook into her stomach and pulled it sideways while covering Megan's mouth with her hand. The blonde girl screamed and then went silent as the blood spurting out in a small geyser, some hitting May in the face, which she started to lick up. I moved quickly to the bed and kissed her, tasting the delicious red fluid in her mouth.

The princess and the army boy started struggling against their bonds but I had built them to be strong. Neither was escaping. I kissed May again and then went to get the knife. I looked up at the two on the wall and smirked, enjoying the fact that the princess was crying. I brought May the knife but she shook her head.

"You do it, baby. You need to learn how." I took a deep breath and raised the knife, looking once at the dead girl's eyes before plunging the knife into her heart, creating another fountain of blood. This one caught me in the chest, the throbs of her slowly stopping heart making the blood fly into the air. May pulled me back and licked her way up my chest before kissing me deeply. Between the two of us, we opened the girl's body and coated the bed, and each other, in her blood before dumping her carcass on the floor.

I tossed May onto the bed and she moaned, rolling over in the crimson fluid staining out bed. I crawled up after her and she attacked me, rolling me onto my back and grabbing my stiff cock, stroking it madly. I groaned and ran my hands down her back, grabbing her supple ass, pulling her down hard on top of me, feeling the blood coat my back. She pulled my shaft upwards and slammed herself down on it. She growled and I growled in return, neither of us thinking of the body on the floor or the two people who were strung up on the wall.

She rode me fast and hard, bouncing my ass off of the bed with each drop. I matched her thrusts, our groans mingling and our sex fueled by pure lust and rage. We rolled around on the bed, covering each other, kissing each other passionately, the metallic tang of the blood on each other's bodies and in our mouths. Finally, May grabbed my hair and pulled me on top of her and bit my ear. Hard. "Fuck me, you son of a bitch," she whispered harshly in that same ear. "Fuck me and make me cum so they can see."

I looked up at the two of them and grinned, feeling blood dripping from my lips. I grabbed May's legs and shoved them back, plowing into her harder than I ever had before. She screamed as I fucked her bare pussy fast and deep, telling me to fuck her even harder. She rubbed her hands in the blood and then over her body, making me grin and start licking her body, biting her skin, while she pulled my hair, tugging my head from side to side. I pretty much had her bent in half, using body weight as well as strength to fuck her. She screamed again and her juices splashed out onto me, the first time that had ever happened. She clawed me, pulled me in, every muscle inside of her clenching and shuddering around my cock. Once she had finished, she pushed me away.

"Cum on me again. Let me mix your fluid with hers."

I grabbed a handful of the wet red liquid and started jerking my cock as fast as I possibly could. It didn't take long before I shot my cum onto May's chest, coating her tits with my semen, watching her rub it in with the blood and licking her fingers clean. She grinned at me and then handed me both the knife and the meat hook, pointing me at our two captives.

"It's their turn, lover. Show them what vengeance is. We've already showed them what's in store for their useless bodies. Teach them, lover. Teach them the meaning of pain. Of torment. Of death."

I felt my top lip pull back into a snarl. I stepped toward the two and grinned a sick grin at them, feeling the fear rolling off of them in waves. I stood there for a moment, soaking in the terror before stepping forward.

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