tagErotic HorrorThe Discovery Ch. 03

The Discovery Ch. 03


Ch. 3: Closure

I looked them over, hanging there from the wall, neither one able to move. Helpless. Hopeless. I hefted the meat hook and looked at the army boy. There was a wet stain on the front of his pants where he had pissed himself. I looked at the princess and lifted the knife, licking some of the blood off, smearing some on my face. She was crying almost continuously. Thinking of these two and what they had done to me, how they had made my life hell for the past month, I felt the rage build up within me. It was the kind of rage that you only see once in a lifetime. The kind that kills.

I moved toward the princess and grinned at her. She tried to move away but she wasn't going anywhere. She couldn't fight and she couldn't flee. I could feel the terror emanating from her. She would be crazy with fear by the time I was done.

I moved from her to the army boy, watching he eyes move back and forth between anger and fear, neither winning. Yet. Soon, though, fear would be ahead by a landslide. I ran the tip of the meat hook down his cheek, watching a small rivulet of blood stream down to his neck.

"Not so tough now, are you," I asked, my voice a dangerous whisper. He shook in his bonds, making me chuckle. I slashed the knife downward and made a long, shallow cut in his chest, watching the blood ooze out. May pushed her way in front of me and dropped to her knees, licking the blood off of his stomach. She turned to me and smiled, her mouth a perfect crimson circle.

I cut him again, crisscrossing it with the other one. May sucked on the cut, letting his redness splash onto her face. Her hand disappeared down her body and I could hear her starting to finger herself. I cut straight across his gut, anger filling my swing and May positioned herself under him, letting me see her fingers as they played over her wet, blood-stained pussy lips. I felt my cock get hard again, even after the shower and the blood fucking a few minutes ago.

Her fingers were a blur as she frigged her clit, her face turned upwards, letting the blood stain her again. She was at it for maybe a minute before she cried out 'Fuck!' and I watched her shudder and her juices spill out, diluting the blood on her skin. She leaned against the wall between his legs catching her breath. His head was down against his chest, though his chest was still moving.

"So much for the big strong man, huh?" I aimed this question at the princess, who looked like she might pass out at any second. I walked over and grabbed her cheek, squeezing it in my hand. "Stay with me, sweetness. We're just getting to the good part." I released her jaw and walked back to May. She looked up at me and grabbed my shaft, plunging her warm, wet, sticky mouth onto it, bobbing furiously. Her tongue worked it's magic on me, flicking against the sensitive underside of my head as she worked her head up and down, possibly faster than she had ever blown me before. I held on as long as I could and finally had to tell her I was about to cum.

May pulled her mouth off of me and aimed me upwards as she jerked me quickly. I spurted against the cuts and the blood that came from them. Once she had sucked the last of the cum from my cock, she turned and licked it all off of and out of his body, fingering herself to another orgasm. She smiled up at me, showing me the purest smile I had ever seen from her. I stepped from in front of the army boy's body and moved in front of the princess. Her eyes blurred with tears as she looked at me, waiting for the inevitable. Then, something happened.

In the span of a few seconds, I saw the happiness that we had had, back then. Every touch, every caress. Every act of pleasure we had enacted on each other flooded back to me in that small span of time. I saw every time she sucked my cock and let me cum on her face or on her tits. Every time she rode my face was crystal clear. I dominated her and submitted to her. Doggy style or her on top. Missionary or slam fucking her against a wall. Every single detail was imprinted on my mind. One particular scene came to mind and I focused on it.

We had just had a fight, probably over something stupid. I begged her to take me back, to not leave me alone. I cried for her. She wiped my tears away with her thumbs and kissed me, asking me quietly to make love to her. She had been sitting in my lap and I nodded, willing to do almost anything for her. She climbed onto my cock and just rocked there, moving her hips back and forth, leaving my full length inside her as she moved. It was sex fueled by love instead of lust. It was passionate and peaceful and everything you want sex to be. We kissed deeply, never wanting these feelings to end. But end they did, not two days later. I shook my head as the scene ended. Not more than five seconds had passed. I tossed the meat hook to the floor and grabbed the princess's chin. I held her face up and moved mine to within an inch of hers.

"Are you afraid of me, baby?" He head bounced madly up and down. "Are you terrified of me?" Again, the wild nod. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" Slowly, her head moved up and down again, her eyes on the razor sharp knife in my left hand. I felt my face start to split in a smile. She seemed even more scared now than a moment before.

"I don't think you do, baby. You see, something just occurred to me. If those few seconds, I saw everything we had. Everything we had been together. And do you know what I realized?" He head moved from side to side. "That we were happy back then. But we're not now. I also realized something else. I realized that I don't care anymore. This...this vengeance thing? It's not worth it. You aren't worth this. He certainly isn't," I said, using the knife to point to the army boy. "May," I said quietly. "Patch him back up. These two are leaving."

Whether she agreed or not, she did what I asked. He'd probably need medical attention but May was good at what she did, so he'd live. I unlocked them both and gave them their clothes back, the princess helping him into his since he was almost unconscious. I helped them to the car and drove quickly back to his place and helped walk him to the door. Neither had said a word. I grabbed the princess's arm before the door closed.

"Listen to me and listen closely, because I will not say this again. What happened today, do not go to the police. Do not tell anyone and do not look for us. If you do, we know where to find you and we won't be as merciful next time. Do you understand?" Her head moved up and down rapidly and I released her arm, turning to go back to the car, not looking back.

That was the last time I ever saw her. I'm much happier this way.

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