tagToys & MasturbationThe Doctor Is in DEEP!

The Doctor Is in DEEP!


Her slim long fingers were sliding deep in my ass. The KY jelly wasn't really making it any easier on my tight asshole.

This wasn't my first time in having a doctors fingers sliding in my ass, checking my prostate. No, no old Doctor Haney had done it for a quite a few years now. But he was getting ready to retire and had gone in with another practice.

Physicians Assistant Alexandria Cameron was seeing me today. She was dressed in blue scrubs and a white lab coat. Her blond hair cut short just touching her neck and green eyes. Her body was well defined under those scrubs. It wasn't blatant

She introduced herself and then looked over my triage results on her laptop.

After discussing with me, my blood work results and what not, she got out the odoscopes and looked in my ears, nose and throat. She took her stethoscope and listened to my heart and lungs.

"Everything sounds good Mr. Flint." She said.

"Well that's good Doc!" I said.

"Please call me Alex!" She said with a smile.

"Oh okay "Alex and you can call me Mike, since we can be on a first name basis." I told her.

"Okay Mike but now I have to ask you to do the dreaded digital test.

I was a bit hesitant as I had never gotten naked in front of a female provider. She noticed my nervousness and placed a soft hand on my shoulder.

"Trust me Mike; I have done this a lot!"

I stood up and dropped my pants and boxers; I bent over the exam table. I heard the snap of the latex glove as it formed on her hand.

I took a deep breath and let it out. I grunted as her fingers slid inside me. They found the target and pressed. My cock head burned.

"All set Mike, you can wipe yourself and I will be back in a moment. "

I got some paper towels and wiped my lubed ass and that washed my hands. I pulled up my underwear and pants.

There was a knock on the door and Alex walked back in. I swore I saw a gleam in her eye.

"Well Mike you prostate seems a bit elevated , I would like to see you back in a month, I am ordering a PSA test for your prostate levels and will have to do the finger test once more. "

"Bad?" I asked.

"No not bad but something I want to keep a check of!" She said as she filled in the lab request and signed it. "Make an appointment as the front desk for a month."

I thanked her and went to the front desk.

As I walked out to my car, things started to run through my mind. "Cancer? "

I waited a week and then went and got another blood test. My appointment with Alex was in a week

The week passed quickly and soon I was in the waiting room.

Alex came in and told me that the results were a little better. She asked me if I had ever heard of prostate milking.

What's that? I asked.

She went on to explain that a device was inserted in my rectum and my prostate was than massage to give it relief. It would help the swelling go down.

"How do I use It Alex?"

She went to cabinet and pulled out what looked liked Billy club

"You are going to shove that up my ass? "

"If you are worried about becoming gay let m assure you, you will not. And it doesn't hurt!"

I sighed and accepted the sad truth.

"Now just kneel on all fours on the exam table."

I heard the ky jelly plop out of the tube and soon felt the fake cock touching my rosebud.

"Relax!" Alex said. "Breath out!"

The cock slide deep in my ass and touched my walnut. I felt a burn seeping into my pee slit.

"Ouch it burns!"

I felt an ooze drip out of the slit.

"Just a few more moments." Alex said. "Hang on."

When it was done I wiped my ass and followed Alex to her office.

"It has to be done a monthly basis. But the sad thing is your insurance will not pay for this."

"Well that sucks!" I said.

"But I will gladly pay you a house call if you buy me dinner." Alex said.

I looked at her and smiled

"So this wasn't really about my prostate was it?" I asked.

"No." she smiled " I love to fuck men with strap ons and I recognized a fine subject when I first met you."

"Are you game?" "She asked.

I did feel good after her massage and felt very free now

"Yes Alex I am game."

We are now dating and she is no longer my medical provider. But she is my private massager

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