tagMind ControlThe Doll Collector Ch. 03

The Doll Collector Ch. 03


Author's Note: Thank you to MrsWolf for her proof reading, it is much appreciated.


Jillian lay in the darkness facing the window with the first rays of sunlight creating a pale line along the horizon illuminating hope of a new day. It was only as she woke up every morning, without the constant haze of drugs that clouded her mind and the hypnotic commands she couldn't refuse no matter how hard she fought within herself, that her thoughts became clear. A small flicker of hope that someone was looking for her reignited in the back of her mind as the shadowy figure of Jacques Milieu, Jack as she called him now, rose from her bed in the last moments of darkness before dawn and left her room. She had been in captivity five days and the routine of what Doctor Gabriel called her training phase had become second nature.

Remembering as she did so often the words of Miss Rose on her first day in this house, Jillian closed her eyes. "Listen to me very carefully," Rose had said. "It doesn't matter how nicely you ask, or how many times you ask or even how many people you ask, the only person who can help you here is you, lovely." Jillian opened her eyes again to stare at the lightening sky as the words continued in her mind reminding her of the choice she had made that night. "Jacques can make your life a fairy-tale full of magic and wonder and give you all your heart desires if you can just accept it and him. If you continue to wish for the life you once had, you will only make him miserable and in turn yourself miserable. Should you continue over time to fight against this new life you now have, you will be given back to Joe to use and abuse as he pleases and that is not the worse fate that could await you should you continue to fight the new life you have been given."

At the time, she could not have imagined a worse fate than being given over to Joe and his dungeon friends for training so she had taken the words of Miss Rose and accepted that no one here would or could help her escape back to the life she had before her abduction. The only small glimmer of hope she had was that someone would miss her eventually and go to the police. She had determined, on her first night in this room, to survive her captivity until someone came to find her.

She gauged that she had at least another hour before the arrival of either the Doctor or Miss Rose and her well trained body and mind would obey their every command. She relished this small time when the scattered memories of who she once was came unbidden to remind her she was more than a human doll to be played with. She twisted her head around feeling the small healing tattoo and incision that were the proof of her station. Her second day had seen her permanently tattooed with Jack's makers mark and a small tracking device inserted under the skin below it. Twisting her head from side to side, she acknowledged that the chance of ever being rescued was slim at best. She knew that the chance of escaping this fate on her own was impossible now.

The intercom crackled and as Jill looked at the door music piped into her room softly and slowly, her wake up music. She could not escape its pull, she had tried in the last few days, but as always the music shut down the part of her brain that remembered who she was and where she had come from and loving images of the people who now looked after her and cared for her formed in her mind. By the end of the lulling melody of Edvard Grieg's morning, Jillian was smiling and happy. She remembered what a lucky girl she was to have been chosen by her owner. She looked toward the door eagerly knowing it would soon open, and she would be able to move freely again for a while. She was allowed supervised playtime before she ate breakfast, showered and dressed for the day. It seemed that the morning supervision was the domain of Miss Rose though the doctor had accompanied her twice in the last four days.

She longed to be able to touch her aching cunt, it seemed to throb constantly with the music. She understood that this was why her hands and legs were bound each night, the doctor worried that she would hurt herself from over use; he was such a kind and loving man. Even as she thought this, the very tiny part of her mind that was still Jillian Blakely rebelled at having such freedoms as the use of her limbs taken away. Once again her mind began to war with itself. She kept her eyes on the door as a tiny voice began to rebel a final time before it was finally quietened, and she became, Jill, the favourite doll in Jacques personal collection.

Miss Rose entered the room, and Jillian let the disappointment flutter over her features briefly before smiling as the woman greeted her, "Good morning Jill, how did you sleep?"

"Well, thank you, Miss Rose," Jillian smiled. She respected and obeyed Miss Rose; she even liked her to some degree, but she couldn't help but feel disappointment that the two men she had grown a deep love for in the last week had not appeared this morning. The small rational voice of Jillian snarled that it wasn't love, but the well trained Jill no longer heard the words. The door opened a second time, and the Doctor stepped in, the doll that was Jill overrode the previous thought of disappointment and gazed at him lovingly.

"Good morning, Miss Rose. How's our girl this morning?" Gabriel came to stand beside the bed as Miss Rose drew back the covers.

"Sweet and good-natured as always," Rose smiled at Jillian before turning to look at the doctor.

"There is a change of plans this morning, Jack would like to have a word with you in the conservatory," Gabriel said, "I will supervise her morning routine until you return to dress and make her up. He has a special request for that I believe."

"I see," Rose's eyebrows had risen in curiosity. She looked back at Jillian, disappointed not to be able to play with the young pliant body as she sought her release from the aching need. She reached forward and tapped the girl's exposed cunt lightly several times while smiling down on her and saying sweetly, "Don't worry, lovely, I shall hurry back. I know how you enjoy our morning playtimes."

Gabriel chuckled and reassured them both "Do not worry, Rose, I will see that her needs are met." He held up a small syringe, and Jillian closed her eyes knowing even the tiny voice would be silenced now.

Miss Rose left, and Gabriel let his hands travel lightly down her cheek and neck to her left breast. His finger hooked the large gold ring that adorned the nipple rattling the maker's tag that hung there marring the innocent beauty of the pale pink bud. He examined the wound lightly pinching at the nipple making the girl whimper. "It causes you pain?" he asked a slight frown creasing his brow.

"Not usually Doctor, no," she looked up at him with wide eyes, heated with her need.

"Good," he said and moved his hand to the other breast to pinch its nipple and hear her whimper once again. He smiled to himself, thanking the biologist who had discovered the aphrodisiac properties of the rare plant that he had been able to synthesise into a drug that reduced the women he worked on to simpering nymphomaniacs. He could see the hands bound to the soft leather belt around her waist flex as she struggled to scratch the unreachable itch between her legs.

He left her hands bound as he inspected her small body watching her writhe beneath his touch. He unbound her ankles from the small bar between them designed to keep them open and the girl accessible. Swinging her legs from the bed, he helped her to stand. They walked towards the two doors on the right side of the room. She flinched as she looked at the punishment room. She had fought during that second day as she was tattooed, pierced and implanted with a tracking chip. After being hogtied by the gleeful Joe, who had thought to take her back to his dungeon, several hours in the pitch black windowless cell had been her punishment instead of the dungeon with Joe.

She had been grateful at the time not to have been given back to Joe, and the lesson made her more resolved to survive her captivity the best she could and give her captors no more need to punishment her. It never occurred to her to blame anyone but herself, such was the drug induced stupor and brainwashing she had been subjected to even in that early time of her imprisonment in these rooms.

Gabriel took her to the second door; she had not been shown this room since that first day when she had bolted and desperately tried to find an escape from the horror she was faced with. Each time she had been given playtime since then, her supervisor, be it the Doctor or Miss Rose, had retrieved a toy for her to play with, usually a large phallus of some description.

"This will be your playroom from now on, regardless of who you are with," the doctor informed her. "You will find it is not the frightening place you imagined it to be, but rather a place of pleasure, especially suited to a needy doll like you. We shall teach you the joys that being a precious dolly in this house can bring."

Jillian looked around at the large pieces of dark furniture and shivered. Gabriel then took her toward a large antique armoire and opened the glass door revealing a range of toys and tools more suited to Joe's dungeon. Pointing to a range of hollow penis shaped objects the doctor said, "Choose."

She pointed to what she thought was a mid-range size and watched as the Doctor retrieved it and guided her to a saddle that sat on a stand. He slipped the hollow penis shaped plastic tube over a cylinder that protruded from the saddle. "Riding lessons," he said to her bewildered expression. Undoing her hands from her belt, he helped to place one on the front of the saddle and her left foot in the stirrup. She obeyed his commands without much thought. Her training by hypnotherapy almost complete as she swung herself up into the saddle with the doctor's help. She felt the phallus attached to the saddle nudge between her legs and understanding finally dawned. She lowered herself and allowed her constantly wet hole to envelop it as he moved away from her slightly.

She heard a whir overhead and realised a camera that was almost hidden in the darkness of the roof had turned on and moved, it's blinking red light telling her it was recording her movements. The doctor followed the movement of her head and looked up before chuckling, "Smile for Jack, pretty dolly." She smiled on cue as the words left his mouth and sighed in pleasure as the ridged and moulded skin of the false cock she rode scratched the itch that had plagued her since waking.

The Doctor stayed close to her as she rose and fell on the saddle. She closed her eyes as she imagined the gait of a horse while her feet grew used to the unsteady stirrups, and she began to ride the saddle more confidently. Seeing her first orgasm of the morning approaching fast Gabriel released her other hand from her waist cincher belt so she could grip the saddle with both hands as she ground down onto the false cock and rubbed her swollen clit against the knobbed hard leather ridge there.

Her orgasm hit her hard, and she wobbled in the saddle, held in place by the hard fake cock within her and the doctor's hand gripping her waist cincher. She began to slump, but the doctor commanded her to keep riding, to place her hands on the back of the saddle and arch her back so that Jacques could see her pleasure at having been given such a fine toy. Struggling against the discomfort of the position she had begun riding again slowly at first but with increasing pace as she felt the tingling heat move through her again.

Her eyes closed in absolute pleasure as she began to cum again, waves rolling through her body as she shook unsteadily in her precarious position.

A burning sting assaulted her exposed clit as the toy cock continued to buffet against her G spot. "Keep cumming until I tell you to stop," Gabriel commanded at her as her eyes flared open, and she took in the crop in his hand. The crop lashed again stinging her left un-pierced nipple. She began to move faster, the waves moving with her, as unable to help herself she obeyed his every command. Each time she thought she could stand no more the crop stung her exposed clit, and he urged her onto the next climax. She did not know how long she was there for or how she withstood the painful pleasure she was forced to endure but when she woke she was in the bathroom , sitting in the examination chair with Gabriel and Rose on either side of her.

"Ah, good you are awake, you were out for quite some time. I will leave you to ready her Rose," the Doctor smiled. He leaned over and kissed her chastely, "You're such a good dolly."

"Did you enjoy your riding lesson?" Rose asked with a smile.

"Yes, Miss Rose," Jillian answered softly. She saw a strange look come over the old woman's face and hastened to add, "I, of course, missed our morning playtime though." She was rewarded with a smile and a light swat to her exposed cunt.

"I am sure you did. You're such a needy little sex doll, aren't you?" Miss Rose trailed a finger through Jillian's damp folds.

"Yes, Miss Rose," Jillian answered formally as was expected by Miss Rose. Like an old school ma'am or a no-nonsense nanny, Rose had taught Jillian how to address her and how she was to act in Rose's presence. Even without the drugs in her system Jillian had realised early on that this woman was better as a friend than a foe, and she could be diabolically cruel when not satisfied by Jillian's responses.

"Perhaps I should punish you for having so much fun without me," Rose grasped the swollen wet clit between her fingers and pinched cruelly making Jillian cry out.

"I am sorry Miss; I couldn't help it Miss, Oh, oh," she cried as her clit was twisted bringing stinging tears to her eyes.

"Oh, stop that," Rose lifted her hand from the abused clit and brought it down full force on her cunt with a loud wet thwack, before curling her fingers and driving them into the girl. "You love it when I punish you, look at how wet and hot that pretty little cunt of yours is." She drove three fingers cruelly in and out of the girl, "Cum for me, show me how much you missed our morning playtime."

Jillian came again easily, and Rose pulled her hand out of the girls cunt and began licking her fingers as Jillian watched her glassy eyed and breathing heavily. Pulling Jillian from the chair, she pushed her to her knees before the wide shower cubicle. "Jack had plans for you this morning, so you had better do your penance quickly or be punished for being late," the woman sneered as she hiked up her long skirts to reveal her pudgy, hairy cunt and widened her stance as she stepped above Jillian.

Jillian tilted her face up and began licking and sucking as Miss Rose had tried to teach her over the last few days when they had been left alone together. Having been with Jack as he had watched Jillian's riding lesson and then seeing the girl cum for her so easily after she had woken, it took very little time for Rose to cum holding Jillian's face and riding it as the girl licked her with enthusiasm.

Once satisfied by her morning orgasm with the girl, Rose pushed her into the shower cubicle and began to clean her thoroughly. Jillian's skin was pink and rosy with the force of her scrubbing when she emerged from the steaming water. She stood obediently and followed each direction as she was dried and dressed by the woman who had become an integral part of her training.

Today she was fitted with a corset that rested underneath her small breasts, pushing them up as if on a shelf. With no other underwear, she was given boots with higher than usual heels that made her feel unsteady on her feet. She dressed in a puritanical burgundy coloured dress that covered her from neck to the floor. Sitting carefully so as not to crease the garment, Jillian watched carefully and learned what was expected of the peculiar style of make-up she was required to wear and winced as her hair was dried, straightened and pulled back into a too tight French knot style of bun. In a small effort to soften the severe look, wispy tendrils of hair were pulled from the tight layers of hair and curled around her face.

Having given a final grunt of approval, Rose kissed her before reapplying her lipstick and led her from her room. Jillian felt light headed as she had not been allowed time to eat breakfast that morning, and she grimaced as her stomach rumbled loudly. Miss Rose dug into her pocket and withdrew a barley sugar slipping it between Jillian's lips. "You will eat soon enough," she smiled kindly and once again Jillian's addled mind rolled over the disparity between Miss Rose during morning playtime and the Miss Rose who genuinely seemed to care for and look after her.

They walked quickly to the Doctor's rooms and leaving her in his care Miss Rose went to see to her preparations for the Master's guests. Before she left she handed Gabriel several barley sugar explaining that Jill had not had time to eat yet today. He nodded and turned to Jillian with a wide smile.

"It seems because I took up so much of your time this morning our session will be cut short today, but I am very pleased with your progress and I do not think it will matter much," he bent to kiss her forehead as he would a small child who had done well at her lessons and needed to be praised. She quivered in delight such was her need for the praise of Gabriel and Jack. The movement was not lost on Gabriel, and his smile widened more. He had every intention of asking for this girl when Jack tired of her which is why he had overlaid her love for Jack with his own persona, as well.

He had reassured Jacques that each of the girls that had come through the training regime in this house all had an attachment to him as he was responsible in most cases for their rapid acquiescence. As he was part of Jillian's training to begin with, Jacques had grudgingly accepted his explanation for the way she doted on Gabriel almost as much as himself.

Her transformation was developing remarkably faster than expected with the improvements he had made to the cocktail of drugs she had coursing through her body and the hypnotherapies that modified her memories and self-awareness. While it had always fallen to Joe to train the girls for sexual submission, he had found with Jill that his own preference for voyeurism rather than active participation had been enhanced as he applied erotic pain to her morning exercises.

A natural beauty with poise and grace from a childhood spent at expensive private schools and ballet lessons, there was little anyone had to do to alter her physicality so the majority of her training thus far had fallen to him, with assistance from Miss Rose under the close supervision of Jacques. He smiled knowing that the absence of Joe's brutality only enhanced the desirability of the girl standing before him. Rather than the blind obedience that came from fear and need, the finely tuned therapies Jillian was subjected to, made her desperate to please them out of love and desire.

Gabriel had begun implanting key words into her therapies that would send the girl automatically into a particular state of mind, altering her persona to a specifically contrived characterisation; that would be necessary for her life with Jack and his friends. The challenge for Gabriel was coming up with keywords or commands that would not be spoken in general conversation and as he secured her into the pivoting doll stand that would not disturb her costuming he placed her into a deep trance with a simple command, the first he had embedded.

"Fantaccini," he whispered into her ear and her eyes drooped, her body relaxing as she went into the most malleable of hypnotic states. He slipped a barley sugar into her mouth and encouraged her to suck it slowly as he implanted the persona that Jacques required to introduce her to his guests today. That of a sweet, naïve girl who lived a sheltered and almost religious life, like that of a convent novice except that her worship would be of Jack and to a lesser extent himself.

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