tagCelebritiesThe Door Ch. 03

The Door Ch. 03


Rex cups and plays with Merilyn's massive hooters. His huge athletics hands are covered by her huge massive pillows for breasts. Merilyn (Merilyn Sakova) wears a GG size bra and even her boyfriend; Rex's hands don't cover them completely.

"God, babe. I love your tits. You are the hottest girl on HSU's (Hooter State University) campus. I could feel these all day."

"Rex, please. I am just a normal girl on campus. I am just the lucky girl who gets to be with the stud from JU (Jock University, the campus across town). Rex, don't you like my new blue panties?"

Rob looking though his "Door" in the attic of the house he rents, sees though Rex's eyes as Rex plays with Merilyn's huge hooters and then grabs her ass with his hands. Merilyn, standing in front of her mirror with only her new blue lace G-string panties on, has her boyfriend Rex stands behind her. Merilyn's huge natural tits hang perfectly on her small petite, brunette frame which looks great to Rob. He sees them though Rex's eyes using his "Door".

Rex turns Merilyn to him and starts kissing her deep and passionately. His hand's are still all over her ass and breasts as he makes out with her. Rex now starts to removes his clothes. Rex being the quarter back from JU was in shape and the opposite of geeky Rob.

Rex now lies back on Merilyn's bed in just his jockey short as his girlfriend moves on top of him. Her massive tits hang and rub on the stud as she moves on top of him. The voluptuous girl removes Rex's bottoms to revel his huge thick 11 inch cock.

Merilyn holds the huge cock in her little hand. "God, Rex. You have such a big cock. I am always concerned that I can't even handle it," says the very busty girl as her hand strokes the big cock.

"Oh babe. You are always the best, You know I always take it easy, and your gorgeous body was meant for my massive cock. I love your full, pouty, red lips on it," Rex says as he rubs her hair with his hand.

Merilyn takes the cock in her hand again. She licks the huge member from top to bottom. Her full lips wrap around the massive cock and start sucking. She can only take a few inches at first then feels Rex start to push up and into her mouth some.

Merilyn pulls back and says, "You have your towel to finish on. Right? You know that stuff is disgusting to us HSU girls."

"Yes, babe. I know. I know."

Rob watches as the huge breasted girl starts sucking her boyfriend's cock more. Without thinking, for the first time, Rob steps into the "Door."

Rob still watching Merilyn sucking Rex's cock, but he seems to be closer. Oddly he feels her soft hair in his hand then shocked he realizes he feels her big, full lips on his cock. Not Rex's, but it is Rex, but it is his cock. Rob has now stepped into Rex's body. He is now Rex, but still has his own thoughts just in Rex's body.

Rob(Rex) feels the huge cock being sucked faster and faster. He is overcome by excitement; his hand pushes her head down more and more, and Rob starting pushing Rex's cock into the girl's mouth deeper. Then, the huge cock slides into her throat for the first time.

Merilyn surprised by the sudden intrusion from her boyfriend. He had never made her take soo much before. She now has 7 then 8 inches in her mouth. Merilyn feels his huge cock slide into her throat, and he starts fucking her tight virgin throat.

"Oh god, oh fuck. I never have done this. I can't believe it," says Rob(as Rex) referring to his firs blowjob.

Merilyn is able to pull back, gagging and choking from her boyfriend's massive cock, after it violated her mouth for 10 seconds.

"You jerk. I told you not soo deep. Not like that. I know, you never have been, so deep in my throat you asshole. You never will be in my mouth again, jerk."

Rob(Rex) in a panic understanding what he has done, "Oh god Merilyn. I am so sorry. You are so hot and perfect. I just got too excited. I swear. I never meant to hurt you. I mean. I love... I love you."

Meriyln never heard Rex speak so nice and caring to her before was in awe. "Ok. OK Just be nice. I am soo horny, right now. If you only knew."

"Ok, promise."

Merilyn resume sucking Rob(Rex)'s big cock. Her huge tits are swaying under her as she sucks faster and faster. Rob(Rex) now getting very excited again. Rob feels his new big cock start to feel funny. He knows he is about to cum, or Rex is. Now, with his hand on the back on her head, he starts pushing into her mouth more. Merilyn still excited about Rex's new changed attitude keeps sucking faster and faster not thinking her boyfriend may cum. Usually Rex last quite some time.

Rob(as Rex) is not able to hold himself off. He knows his cock is about to explode. He keeps his hand on her head and feels his balls tighten. He holds his load trying to not violate his true desire. However, he unloads. His cock shots a huge massive rope of cum hard into Merilyn's throat.

Shocked, Merilyn stop sucking the big cock which is still half in her mouth. She is disgusted and gags as she feels Rob (Rex) start cumming in her mouth. She is surprised by the massive volume. Rex never seemed to be more than average, but her mouth was filling with huge thick ropes of cum. She has no option, but she has to swallow. Taking the huge load down into her stomach, she gags and chokes on the huge cock unable to pull off his cock.

Rob(Rex) not thinking keeps the big heavy hand on her head. He is shocked by the huge massive ropes of cum spilling from his cock into her mouth. He cums load after load in Merilyn's unwanted mouth. He finally relaxes and feels her lips pull from his cock. He is so excited he doesn't hear her gulp, choke and gag on his cum as it fills her mouth. He feels one last shot fire out and over her face and hair as she pulls back.

"You asshole. I can't believe you did that." Merilyn says then spits on the floor.

Merilyn lies across the bed on her stomach. She grabs a bottle of water from the ground on the other side of the bed. She drinks the water to rinse her mouth. Rob(Rex) still shocked and amazed by his first blowjob, and it was with the massive hooter goddess of his dreams. Rob (as Rex) looks at Merilyn on the bed. Her full round firm ass sticking up at him in her laced G-string barley covers her big firm ass. Rob still rock hard from the excitement. He doesn't think and stands between her legs. While Merilyn drinks the water,he looks down at her sweet perfect ass. He bends down both hands on her ass cheeks his tongue and mouth move to her crotch. He licks her crotch though her panties.

After drinking the water, Merilyn still lying on the bed says, "You fucking jerk. I told you not to cum in my mouth and never on me. I can't believe this. It is so disgusting. You have to fucking lea... Yea, off my ass. Oh god Rex.."

Rob in Rex's body licks her more. His hands now take hold of her panties and remove them. Rob sees her smooth trimmed pussy; he bends down and licks her pussy, more. He lets his tongue enter in and out of her sweet lil tight hole. He fills he raise up off the bed onto her knees.

"Oh god, Rex. Oh god you never have done this. OH fuck, mmm that feels good." Merilyn starts to rise up off her stomach with the heat and excitement of her boyfriend's tongue.

Rob now behind Merilyn, he straightens up. His hands hold her hips. He feels her warm hot pussy right in front of his raging hard on. Without thinking, Rob rubs his cock over her wet hole then lets his big huge rock hard cock sink into her wet pussy.

Before Merilyn can object Rob starts pushing in and out of her little bare pussy.

"Rex, NO. We said after college. OH god Rex. You are so big. Rex, stop you do not have a condom on." Merilyn says as she feels her boyfriend continue fucking her. It was like he was in a trace.

Rob(Rex) continues pushing in and out of the girl of his desires. He feels the huge cock stretch her tight pussy. Rob thought getting a blow job was great, he now can't believe how great her pussy feels. Rob starting fucking Merilyn faster and faster. He looks down and see her massive tits swaying to each trust in ward.

"Oh Merilyn. Oh god, you are so tight. Oh god I love fucking you. I can't stop. It feels so good," Rob says between each thrust.

Rob (as Rex) is the first guy to fuck Merilyn. Using the huge cock, he feels her tight virgin pussy stretch around his huge cock. He fucks her faster and faster. He loves watching her massive tits swing back and forth as he fucks her.

"Rex...No Stop....Rex...We can't.....If I get...pregnant, I get kicked out..... OOOOOOH Rex it's too big. Oh god Rex. You have...to pull...out!" moans Merilyn between trust.

Rob can't believe what he is doing. Not thinking, he fucks her faster and faster. Reaching forward he grabs hold of one of her huge boobs. He holds her massive boob and feels the massive 11 inch cock sink completely into her.

"OH god, Rex. Not so deep. Oh god."

Rob continues to trust in and out. Then, pushing deep fully inside her Rob holds the cock in her as feels his balls empty for the second time into Merilyn. This time he floods her tight pussy with his massive unwanted cum. He feels the cock shoot massive huge ropes of cum into her.


Rob thinking he must leave. He thinks of stepping out of the "Door". He does that back in his attic. Rob steps back out of Rex's head and out of the door. He looks back to see Merilyn pull forward and away from Rex and lay on the bed looking up.

She yells, "You FUCKING asshole. I can't believe you did that."

"I..I couldn't stop. Babe, it was like I was watching a TV. All I could do was just watch. WOW, that was awesome," replied the confused jerk jock.

"I can't believe it. I can fuck any girl on HSU campus." Rob says out load to himself as he shuts the door.

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