tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Downfall of Mrs. King Ch. 01

The Downfall of Mrs. King Ch. 01

byA Cracker Slut©

Verity King shut the front door and threw her coat over the chair, she stopped to check her face in the hallway mirror. She smiled approvingly at her immaculately coiffured blond hair and glanced admiringly at her firm breasts, which despite giving birth to a daughter 18 years of ago were still remarkably perky. Verity knew she was still an attractive woman and revelled in the admiring glances she received from waiters and occasionally friends of her daughter. She still exercised regularly and had the thighs of a sprinter, albeit hidden under a Gucci skirt suit. Having finished preening she made her way into the kitchen and perched herself on a stool at the breakfast bar and let out a long sigh. Verity had had a long day already and it was only 2.00 O'clock.

She had dropped Peter, her husband, at the airport first thing in the morning, then met friends at the golf club for tea and a chat at 11.00 0'clock then gone on to meet friends for lunch. Now she was safely back at home and beginning to regret the three glasses of Chardonnay she had consumed at lunch.

At 45 years of age Verity was very much a part of the Surrey social scene, she was proud of the fact that Peter was a successful Venture Capitalist in the city. Her husband's job provided Verity with a five-bedroom house, a Porsche Boxster, three holidays a year and all the money she could ever wish to spend on clothes. For her part Verity was prepared to forgive the sordid affairs Peter insisted on perpetrating with his various secretaries and the fact that he was away on business for half of the year. An arrangement that suited her wonderfully in fact, the less time she spent in his company the better as far as she was concerned.

Verity decided to celebrate a week of freedom from her husband by having just one more glass of Chardonnay and while swirling it around in the glass a wicked thought entered her head. She had recently discovered the Internet and following the advice of a friend, one particularly boozy lunchtime, had started to visit a site that contained a wide array of pornographic stories.

The thought of this illicit activity thrilled her, whether it was the wine having its desired effect or just because she hadn't had sex in so long she didn't care. She had discovered a passion for erotic fiction and it aroused feelings in her that had been buried for too long. She was able to give into her innermost desires and explore areas of her sexuality long since buried.

She made her way, slightly wobbly, into the office and fired her PC up, her heart already racing, blood thumping in her ears. It was all so deliciously naughty, here she was a married woman in her forties, pillar of the community, furtively looking at porn in the afternoon while her husband and daughter were out of the house. She could feel her arousal, her panties taking on a slight dampness, nipples pushing against the material of her blouse. She made herself comfortable, unbuttoning the jacket, so, if she needed to, she could slip a hand into her blouse and stroke her tender hard nipples. She also hiked her skirt up over her stocking tops and pulled her black lacy panties off, placing them on the desk beside the mouse so she wouldn't forget them later when she had come and the yearning for release had been satisfied.

She hated to admit it but she was rapidly becoming addicted to the thrill the stories gave her, her orgasms were amazing, like nothing she had ever experienced before. She had developed a particular liking for stories containing no-consensual sex and BDSM themes, where women were forced to do things against their will by cruel faceless men. She couldn't explain why she found these stories so arousing but their effect was undeniable. She could vividly imagine herself in a situation where she was forced against her will to pleasure countless men knowing that they were all hard for her, desiring her and that they would use her for their pleasure whether she liked it or not. She shuddered at the thought of it, what was the point of having fantasies, she thought, unless they were thrilling and outrageous. In real life Verity very much doubted she would allow herself to be used in such a way. She was far to strong in herself to become some slave to the desires of her and other people's bodies. But she loved the thought of it all the same.

She selected a story and started reading, one hand scrolling the screen down, the other tenderly cupping her left breast, moulding the flesh ever so gently until her arousal forced her to be rougher with herself. That would come later, many was the time she had had a violent orgasm and then blushed to see the nail marks imbedded in the skin surrounding her nipples. But for now she was content to tease and arouse her sensitive skin.

As Verity slipped into a sea of sexual arousal, oblivious to her surroundings, she was unaware that she had an audience. A fact that would of almost certainly have had an effect on her although she would never of admitted that it would of increased her arousal tenfold.

Graham Richards was Samantha, Verity's daughter's, boyfriend. He had popped round to drop some books of for Sam for a university project they had been working on together. He had knocked on the door but received no reply. He could see Mrs King's Porsche in the driveway so he knew she must be in, she wouldn't dream of leaving the house without it, public transport was an alien concept to her. He had gone round the side of the house to see if he could see her inside, check she was OK and had glanced into the downstairs office only to be greeted by the sight of Mrs King in a state of obvious arousal. He watched spellbound as she thrust her fingers into her cunt, head lolling to one side as she approached what looked like an enormous orgasm. Graham couldn't believe his eyes he had fancied Mrs King ever since he had first clapped eyes on her and here she was stockings and tits on display fingering herself in the middle of the afternoon.

She was so deliciously aloof, he longed to wipe the smug look of her face, she had made no bones about the fact she didn't think he was good enough for her daughter. Graham wondered if he was being presented with a chance to get his own back on the stuck up cow. He reached into his bag and took out the digital camera that he kept with him at all times, as a student of architecture he found it an indispensable tool. He took a couple of shots of Mrs King capturing her ecstasy and exposed flesh, a plan was rapidly forming in his head but he had better be quick he didn't want her coming and having the opportunity to recover. He made his way round to the front of the house and started frantically knocking on the front door and ringing the bell.

Verity's eyes snapped open, her heart stopped and then it wouldn't, someone was at the front door! She hurriedly stopped what she was doing, inwardly cursing as her arousal started to subside into the background, she would get rid of whoever it was quickly and resume her playing. She licked her fingers clean, shuddering at how filthy that simple act made her feel and straightened her skirt and blouse. Then, with rather more colour in her cheeks than was usual as she made her way out of the office and down the hall to see who had disturbed her fun.

She opened the door, only to be confronted by her daughter's boyfriend her face sank.

"Graham! Sorry but Sam isn't here at the minute you'll have to come back later"

"I know she's not here Mrs King I just dropped by to drop some books off for her, do you mind if I come in?"

Verity grudgingly opened the door further, indicating for him to step inside.

"Are you OK Mrs King? You look a little flushed"

Graham fought hard to stop smiling enjoying her obvious discomfort.

"I am fine thank you Graham, just a little flustered that's all. Can I get you a cup of tea?"

Verity could of kicked herself, her social manners coming to the fore before she had a chance to remember what she really wanted to be doing.

"That would be lovely Mrs King"

"You know where the living room is go in and I'll bring it out for you"

Verity turned and headed for the kitchen, her knees slightly wobbly beneath her. She was still so aroused and could feel her juices running ever so slowly down her upper thigh. She would get rid of Graham as soon as was polite and get back to the story. Oh God the story! Her heart stopped for the second time in as many minutes. The story and her panties were in full view of anyone who cared to look. The office door was open and Graham would have to pass it on his way to the living room.

Verity had never moved so fast in all her life, her heels skidding on the oak wood floor as she made her way to the office hoping against hope that her little secret would remain just that a secret. She got to the door of the office, her face fell as she realised she was too late.

"Mrs King I am suprised at you, what an interesting story!"

Verity entered the office and felt as though she was walking into her own personal nightmare made real. There by the computer desk stood her daughter's boyfriend, a young man not near the top of Verity's Christmas card list. In his left hand he was lifting verity's sticky lace panties to his nose and with his right he was scrolling down the story Verity had only minutes earlier been fingering herself to. She froze, unsure of what to say or do.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue"

"I....I don't know what you mean, I was looking at a site about decorating the home"

Verity knew it was feeble but she was very flustered and had no idea how she was going to get out of this predicament.

"Mrs King or maybe I'll call you Verity, you are a lot kinkier than I thought then, your panties are soaked because you were looking at home furnishings! I don't believe you Verity the evidence is on the screen, you were reading porn weren't you? In fact not just porn, porn featuring non-consenting sex! Porn where people are forced to do things against there will!"

Verity hung her head there seemed little point denying it, she would just have to laugh it off and get rid of the boy as quickly as she could.

"Come on Graham everyone does it don't they? It's just a bit of fun"

"Mmmmm I never figured you as the fun type Verity, perhaps I was wrong about you after all"

"What ever do you mean?"

Verity didn't like the way this conversation was going, she didn't feel in control at all, Graham was eighteen if he was a day and yet the roles appeared to be reversed now. They both knew he had something over her now and they were both just waiting to see how the other would play the situation out.

"I read the story Verity I know what you like, you want to be abused and forced into humiliating situations don't you?"

"Certainly not you disgusting boy, if you don't start treating me like an adult I will be forced to tell your parents and Samantha all about this little incident"

"Feisty little thing aren't you Verity! I'll tell you what I will do with you OK. You won't mention this to anyone else and neither will I. I will not send the pictures I took of you wanking to all your friends and no one will know your dirty little secret. However there is one condition"

What pictures thought Verity, what condition? She was scared now this had gone to far as it was, her brain couldn't register what was happening to her. The day had started so well and now it appeared to be going rapidly downhill. She could feel tears welling up inside her as she thought about what she had to lose. She would be the laughing stock, Peter would be furious, an affair would of been almost acceptable but to be caught alone in a compromising position the humiliation would be to much for both of them.

"There there Verity don't cry it will all be all right, all you have to do to protect your precious reputation is agree to have a little fun with me today. If you agree then it's all over, I'll delete the pictures and once we have finished with our fun we'll say no more about it. How does that sound?"

"What sort of fun do you mean"

Verity thought she could see a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

"The sort of fun in that story"

Too late Verity realised the light was in fact a rapidly approaching train.

"Don't be absurd, I'm old enough to be your Mother, you go out with my Daughter for god's sake"

"I know rude isn't it"

He said with a wicked grin on his face. There seemed to be no reasoning with him, Verity weighed up the options, total ruination or an afternoon of sex with her daughters boyfriend. She was ashamed to admit that her own body had started to become aroused at the thought of it. Although she couldn't stand Graham she had to admit that he was in pretty good shape, she could see what Sam saw in him. God woman can you hear yourself? You sound like one of those women out of the stories. That was the crux of it for her, she was rationalising it by telling herself she was being forced. But the part of her that made her wake in the small hours, sweating and out of breath, head filled with scenes of her own abuse was egging her on.

"W...What would you want me to do"

She muttered resignedly, head hung low as she started to accept her fate.

"Good girl, one afternoon of fun, no one need know and then it's all over for you OK"

"OK but that's it, it's over after that, promise me"

"Verity I promise you, one afternoon. You must promise me that you will do exactly as I tell you though"

"I don't have much choice do I"

"Good girl, now first things first, get that skirt up round your waist"

Verity was ashamed to admit it but her blood had started to pound in her ears again, she could feel that all to familiar warmth spreading in her lower belly. Was she getting aroused again? God what was wrong with her, if only Peter had paid her more attention she wouldn't be in this mess now. She reluctantly hiked the woollen Gucci skirt up round her waist, revealing to Graham her unshaven cunt she blushed furiously and at the same time thrilled as she revealed herself so willingly. She saw him run his eyes over her stocking clad thighs, noted the smile as it twitched the corner of his lips, she hated herself for it but she secretly hoped he found her attractive despite the situation.

"Not bad for an old girl! Now Verity I think you had better show me what you were doing before I knocked on the door"

Verity hesitated.

"Don't keep me waiting you naughty girl"

Verity blushed further, she hadn't been called a naughty girl since she was a child. It sounded strange coming from someone 25 years her junior. Strange and yet wildly exciting, Verity shyly lowered a hand between her wet thighs and slipped a finger teasingly along the slick folds of her cunt. Immediately she groaned, eyelids fluttering as her juices flowed over her fingers. Her eyes snapped open however as she heard Graham speaking to someone thoughts of her arousal suddenly vanishing in a fresh wave of panic.

"Hi Sam it's me"

God he was talking to Sam on his mobile, he raised an eyebrow at her and indicated for her to carry on.

"I'm at your house baby dropping those books off, what time are you due over?"

"Cool I'll wait and see you then, maybe later we can go to my house"

"Yeah she's here, do you want a word?"

Verity stared open mouthed at her tormentor as he handed the phone to her, his hand over the mouthpiece as he said to her.

"Keep fingering Verity I want you to say hi to your little baby"

"H...H...Hi Sam it's Mummy"

"Hi Mum, you OK? You sound kind of flustered"

"I'm fine honey, when are you coming home?"

"In about 20 Minutes Mum I'll see you then OK"

"OK sweetheart I'll see you soon"

Verity handed the phone back to her tormentor and resumed her toying, she secretly wanted to be allowed to come before her daughter arrived home. She re-checked her thoughts she wanted to be allowed to come! What was happening to her, she was 45 she didn't need permission to come! That was ridiculous, in her heart though she knew that something fundamental was changing within her. What had started with the stories was continuing in real life and she didn't know whether she had the strength or the inclination to stop it.

"Hear that Mummy, baby girl will be home in about 20 minutes that doesn't leave much time does it?"

"No it doesn't"

"I bet you would love to come wouldn't you?"

Verity couldn't speak, she was damned if she would admit that to this cruel boy.

"Don't be shy Verity and remember the rules one afternoon of fun only, play fairly or you never know who will get those pictures"

"I really need to come, there are you happy now I said it"

"What a good girl you are, however I think you are forgetting that I said a whole afternoon of fun, the fun won't stop when Sammy gets here. On the contrary it will only just be starting"

Verity could have cried, she needed to orgasm above all else, she didn't dare to think what this evil bastard had up his sleeve next. She couldn't let her innocent daughter see her mother in such a state, it would break her heart.

"Now before Sam gets here lets get you ready for some more fun, first we need to get you safely upstairs and in your bedroom. Then you can watch me fuck your lovely daughter, you and her are very alike you know, but you'll find out all about that later"

With that he turned and headed upstairs, Verity was interested to note he seemed to know the way to the master bedroom. She followed him obediently upstairs her thighs rubbing deliciously together within the confines of her raised skirt. It wasn't until she was half way up the stairs that she realised that she was following him without question, her will already seemed bent towards his bidding.

As they made their way into the master bedroom Verity couldn't stop herself imagining the young man fucking her ruthlessly on the bed, the thought thrilled her as she wondered what he looked like naked. God she wished she had never discovered the Internet, look what it had turned her into!

Graham turned and started rummaging around in Verity's cupboards selecting random items and throwing them on the floor.

"Now before your precious baby gets here I think you had better change into the clothes on the floor. Strip Verity and be quick about it we don't have much time"

Verity hesitated, she hadn't been naked in front of another man since meeting and marrying her husband 25 years ago. She started to splutter a refusal but was silenced by a single malevolent look from Graham. Visibly cowed Verity slowly started to undress as Graham sat himself down in a comfy chair. The very chair her husband read the morning paper in while she dressed, he never glanced at Verity, something Graham seemed only to happy to do however as he drank in the vision in front of him. Verity hated herself for it but she tried to steal a glance at his crotch, to see if she was having an effect on the youngster. Could she just make out the outline of a hard on?

Verity was finally naked and stood before her tormentor with her hands clasped in front of her modestly, a situation Graham was clearly un-happy with.

"Verity I want you to feel your breasts for me and while you are at it I want you to pinch those juicy nipples for me OK. And Verity make the most of it this may be the last chance you get for a while OK"

Verity complied almost immediately, her hands weighing her breasts, feeling their warmth and thrilling at the contact, she shut her eyes as she tenderly pinched her nipples. She could hear Graham rummaging in his bag again and she wondered what he was up to now. She barely cared anymore, she was naked in her own bedroom with her daughters boyfriend, behaving like a complete slut for him and she was starting to get very turned on by it all.

"That's enough Verity I don't want you to hot before baby girl gets here or you will be very frustrated by the time the afternoon is through. Now put those clothes on and then come over here"

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