tagLoving WivesThe Dream

The Dream


I woke up flat on my back in a strange room, crossways on a strange bed. What was even stranger was the cute little brunette about half my age sitting astraddle my hips.

"Hey sleepyhead, are you going to sleep your life away?" She asked with an impish grin as she wiggled her hip from side to side.

The fact that we were both fully dressed, wandered around in my brain looking for some answers. When it didn't find any, I asked, "Uh, who are you and where am I?"

"You're at my house and on my bed," she answered as though that explained everything.

I closed my eyes and let my brain free associate for a while, hoping that something would come to me. Well, it did in a way; the young woman lay down on top of me and softly kissed my lips. With a mental shrug I kissed her back. Pretty soon my hands wandered up to caress and then explore her back and butt. This brought a purring moan to her throat and an increase in the intensity of the kiss.

Just as quick as she had kissed me, she broke the kiss and sat up. She smiled down at me as she let out a deep sigh. "We had better behave ourselves for a little while longer," she said and then grinned.

"Oh, why is that?" I asked, hoping for some information that would stir my memory.

"Because my husband is sitting in the living room, reading his newspaper," she answered still grinning.

Oh boy, that wasn't something I wanted to hear. "Uh, do you think this is a good idea? You and me in here on your bed with him out there." I asked slowly.

She continued to grin as she replied, "Well, it's his day off and my night out." When I looked at her funny, she chuckled and explained, "I give him one day a week off, and he gives me one night a week off from our marriage."

When I continued to stare at her, she laughed and added, "Tag, you're it."

Where the hell had I met this crazy lady, my mind asked? The last thing I remembered, I had been drinking beer and shooting darts at a local club. No, wait a minute; I had been talking to two women at a table in the corner. This girl was neither one of them.

I hadn't been all that drunk, so I asked her, "Where did we meet, and how did I get here?"

She leaned forward, lying back down on my chest. "You were talking with two ladies and I use that term loosely, up at the club. To make a long story short, they slipped something into your beer but I hustled you out of there. They had plans on rolling you for everything you had; all I had in mind was fucking your brains out. Which sounds like the better way to go?"

I looked at her sharply for a second and then replied, "Hmmmm, let me think. Decisions, decisions. I hate to make hasty decisions." We both chuckled and then I added, "Talk about your no brainers."

"That's what I figured," the girl said and sat back up. "Why don't you catch a little more of a nap? My husband leaves for work in about an hour and then we can take up where we left off with that kiss a minute ago. You do kiss pretty good for an old man and you've got gentle hands. That's two of the three things I like in a man." She chuckled to herself as she got off me and then off the bed.

I wasn't sure exactly what to say, so I said nothing. I figured we could talk after hubby got out of here and I felt a little safer. Standing beside the bed, she reached out and ran her hand over the front of my levies. I'd had this raging hard on ever since our kiss and as she gave me a gentle squeeze, she grinned and said, "Hmmmm, and there is the third thing I like on a man." She chuckled and added, "Ok, you nap and I'll be back in a little while to wake you up."

Before I could think of anything to say, she gave me another squeeze and headed out the bedroom door, turning off the light and closing the door behind her.


I must have dozed off. I woke up to find the girl sitting on my hips again, only this time she was completely nude except for a very short gauzy white wrap, that was held together in front with a thin silk ribbon. She had my shirt unbuttoned and was licking and sucking on my nipple. My raging hard-on was back with a vengeance.

When she glanced up and saw my eyes open, she grinned and said, "Hi, welcome back. I hope you don't mind, I got more comfortable and decided to start early."

She grinned again and leaned down to run her tongue around and over the hard nub of my right nipple. When she nipped at it gently with her teeth, my body jerked and a soft moan came from deep in my throat.

"I think you like that," she said softly as she moved over to the other nipple and treated it the same way. When my body jerked again, she added. "Yeah, you like that, alright."

She scooted up and kissed me lightly on the lips. "I hope you don't mind me taking advantage of you. It's not something I do very often. My husband was hurt at work, right after we got married. The accident caused permanent damage to his manhood and he hasn't had an erection since. We have a fairly good sex life, all things considered, but ever so often, I need something more. It's been about six months since I took advantage of our deal. I love him and he loves me, so I try to be good for as long as possible."

She kissed me softly and then went on. "I saw you last night and you seemed to be a really nice guy, that's something that's hard to find around here."

My mind had a lot of question but my body had other ideas, so I reached up, pulled her head down, and kissed her. It started out soft and sweet. I alternated between kissing her and nibbling on her lips. The second time I nibbled, she whimpered softly and kissed me back with wild abandon. My fingers tangled in her hair lightly and I kissed her even harder as my other hand explored her body in gentle caresses.

With a whimpering moan, she pulled away, breaking the kiss and looked down at me. She took a couple of deep breaths and smiled. "Damn, I think I made a good choice. If I would let myself go, I think you could make me come just kissing me."

Grinning, I pulled her head back down so I could kiss her some more. Only this time, I rolled us over until I was on top. I kissed her with growing passion and then I nibbled and kissed my way along her jaw line to her ear. As I worked my way down her neck to the junction of it and her shoulder, she shivered and rolled her head to the side, giving me freer access.

I held most of my weight up off her with my forearms and I could feel the hard nipples atop her small breast rubbing against my chest as she breathed in short quick breaths. When I moved down and took several slow lingering licks around the base and sides of her left breast, she moaned softly and arched her back slightly. I moved my head and did the same to the right. She moaned again and arched her back even more.

She expected me to attack her nipples next but I didn't. I moved downward, trailing soft kisses and licks across her stomach to her smooth hairless mound. A growing whimper followed my mouth and tongue, only to be replaced with a whine of disappointment when I stood up.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at me questioningly. I grinned and took off my shirt. I took my time taking off my boots, socks, and finally my pants. When I lowered the levies and my member sprang into sight, it was her turn to wear a big grin.

I leaned forward and untied the silk ribbon holding the front of the short robe loosely together. I took a side of the robe in each hand and opened it fully, as I let my eyes wander over her. So much woman in such a small package. A cute pixie face framed with short dark hair, sat atop a long slender neck. Straight shoulders framed prominent collarbones, with small cone shaped breasts below that. Her rib cage tapered into a flat stomach and a narrow waist that accentuated the flare of her hips.

She still had her legs spread wide, from where I had been laying between them. Her sex was completely free of hair and was very short and low between her thighs. The outer lips were a shade or two darker than the rest of her skin and the thin inner lips were slightly open and a bright pink. I could see her clit starting to peek out from the top folds and there was a silver barbell through the skin horizontally, right above it.

I looked up at her face, grinned as I bent over, and flicked the tip of my tongue against the exposed bud of her clit. Her stomach muscles jerked sharply and she took a quick gasping breath.

"Oh, you like that do you?" I asked, not expecting an answer as I flicked it again harder.

Her stomach jumped hard enough to move her hips as she said loudly, "Oh, hell yes."

I flicked it once more, with the same reaction from her. I ran my hands and arms under her lower thighs, laid the upper part of my body on the bed, and lifted her ass up off the bed. I used two finger of one hand to gently pull upward on the barbell, causing her clit to pop completely out from under its hood and to stand up tall and proud. For such a small girl, she had a very large clit. It was nearly as big around as a pencil erasure and about three eights of an inch tall.

I put my lips around it, sucking softly as I ran the tip of my tongue around and over it. Her hips went to jerking and bucking as her legs went straight up in the air. A deep, loud groaning moan started in her chest and got louder as I continued to lick and tease her clit. Her hands flew to the back of my head as the moan quickly turned to a loud yell and her whole body tensed up as she came.

I continued to suck gently and rhythmically on her clit but stopped licking it until she had settled back on the bed. Then I applied my tongue to it again with a firm pressure and slowly massaged it. Her stomach jerked at the first touch but then she relaxed and her hips took up a slow lazy circling in counterpoint to the way my tongue moved.

Her first climax had been short, quick, and sudden. The one she was building to now was taking longer and each time I felt her tense, I would stop my tongue and just suck. About the fourth time I did this, she whimper and hunched her hips against my face. I let her do that for almost a full minute before I began to run the tip of my tongue around and round her clit. She groaned loudly and pulled at my head.

Her orgasm was building and building and I continued with the circles until she was almost sitting up from her stomach muscles tightening. When I finally did flick my tongue against her clit, she literally exploded with a very loud yell.

I flicked my tongue back and forth across the swollen bud as the yell went on and her legs clamped down around my shoulders. Her body was rocking and jerking so hard that I had to hold on tightly with my arms to keep in contact with her clit.

This orgasm was long and drawn out and much more intense than the first one had been. When she finally started to push at my head, I stopped flicking her clit and raised my head slightly so I could take a couple of long slow gentle licks across it with my whole tongue. This brought on a long drawn out yell from her as her orgasm kicked back in and up a notch.

Her hands were now holding my head in place as I took several more long licks. Her hips were rotating up in little short jerks as my tongue ran across her clit. After nearly another minute and a half, she reached her limit and once again pushed my head away.

I lifted my head and looked down the length of her body to see her fingers rolling and pinching her long hard nipples. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, a look of total lust and pleasure on her face. Her legs were still tightly wrapped around my shoulders and her hips were working up and down to a rhythm of their own. Her clit was even larger now, almost a half-inch long, and a glistening bright dark red.

"Yes, you definitely like that, don't you?" I asked with a big grin.

Her head moved slowly up and down in a single nod. I took a slow lick up first one outer lip and then the other. Her hips quivered and her hands were back on my head gently pushing it away. I released my hold on the barbell and watched as the hood slipped down against her swollen clit. She shivered slightly again and moved her feet back to the bed, releasing my shoulders.

As I got up off the bed, my eyes were drawn to the large wet spot on the bedspread right under her sex. The area around her sex was shiny and wet looking, as was the crease of her ass.

"For such a little lady you sure make a big mess," I said with a chuckle.

Her eyes flickered open and she smiled up at me. She took a deep breath and replied in a raspy voice. "It's been a long, long time since I came that hard, especially after just having one orgasm. I was wondering if you were trying to kill me. If you were, wow, what a way to go."

I grinned at her and then laughed. After a moment, I said, "Well, you're the one that kidnapped me, remember. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. I happen to enjoy getting my brains fucked out, as you so delicately put it. I also like returning the flavor, uh, I mean, favor." I chuckled as she looked at me wide eyed.

"You're sure off to a good start," she said softly as she stretched her arms over her head and then stretched her legs straight out. After a moment, she spread her legs and said, "You weren't kidding about me making a mess, it feels like a lake down there."

I grinned and told her, "Roll over and let me take care of that for you. I've got a special way with messes."

She cocked her head to the side and then she replied with a grin, "I just bet you do."

She looked at me a moment longer and then slowly turned over. "Well, I'm game for trying almost anything at least once, so do your worst or your best, whichever is better."

I reached down, placed a hand under each of her hips, and lifted until she was on her knees. I used my hands to indicate that I wanted her to spread her knees father apart. She started to push up onto her hands but I put my hand on her back and gently pushed her back down.

I stepped back to admire my handy work. "My, oh my, you do have one beautiful butt," I said softly and then gave out with a soft wolf whistle.

She giggled and said, "I don't think so, it's skinny and flat."

"You should see it from where I'm standing." I replied, which brought a laugh from her. "I've always been an ass man and believe me when I say; this is one of the most beautiful one's I've ever had the honor to view."

Whatever reply she was going to make was lost in a loud gasp, as I leaned over and buried my tongue in her dripping wet sex. She moaned loudly and then gasped again as I ran my tongue up the crack of her ass.

"Oh God, I am going to die now," she whispered sharply and moaned loudly as I returned my tongue to the depths of her vagina.

I stayed away from her clit but took my time and gave her a complete tongue bath from her slit to her tailbone. By the time I moved onto the bed behind her, she was moaning almost continuously and breathing hard and fast.

When I brushed the head of my manhood against her hot wet opening, she jerked in surprise and gasped loudly. "Oh, please, yes," she said in a loud breathy voice.

I returned the head of my manhood to her opening and pressed forward into her tightness. God, it was like trying to get myself into the opening of a coke bottle. She yelled incoherently and wiggled her ass from side to side and then up and down. I slipped into her slowly as shiver after shiver ran up and down her body.

By the time I was fully seated in her tight hot sex, I was fighting not to come. I had wondered about her story earlier and how true it was. Well, now I had my answer. We both held still with my hips pressed tightly against her firm ass for several minutes. The only movement was the rhythmic pulsing and squeezing of her inner muscles and her rapid breathing.

Finally she took a deep shuddering breath and blew it out sharply. "I'm going to come as soon as you move," she whispered. "Just don't stop when I do. Fuck me with long slow strokes and hold on, this is going to be one wild ride."

"What's going to keep me from coming right along with you?" I whispered back.

She giggled and whispered, "You better not, I want a long slow fuck." She took a deep breath and slowly flexed her hips. "But if you do, we'll just take a short break while I blow you back up."

As she giggled again, I moved my hips back slowly. The giggle broke down into a loud moaning groan as her hips jerked and bucked in my hands. I paused with just the head of my dick in her and then I eased my hips forward until they once again were pressed against her ass. The groan was a continuous whining, undulating yell.

I reversed direction and got a better grip on her bucking hips; she would have finger marks in the morning. She hadn't been wrong about the wild ride. I held on tight and fucked her with long slow strokes.

She went through a long series of short, quick, intense orgasms before she settled down and started to push back against me at the bottom of each stroke. How I had lasted this long, I had no idea but I was enjoying every second of it. Her insides were alternating between crushing me and a fluttering caress that was driving me nuts.

Speaking of which, her juices were flowing down across my balls in a tickling stream. If I let myself think about all this for more than a second at a time, I knew I'd explode, and I wanted this to last as long as possible, for both our sakes.

A whining moan was starting to build deep in her chest, as she slammed back against me harder on each stroke. She was building to a monster of an orgasm and I sped my strokes up and strengthened them to help her along. Her noises grew louder as my hips started to slap her ass with a solid sound. After a moment, she stopped moving and let me have my way with her. My orgasm was building very quickly, matching hers.

Suddenly, she lowered her back and yelled loudly as her hips jerked and rolled up and down. As if on cue, my orgasm broke over me like a waterfall, jet after hot jet of semen squirting into her even hotter depths. Her yell went up a notch as she pressed back tightly against me, driving me even deeper inside.

We stayed this way, like two statues for several minutes and then she slowly slid forward to lay prone on the bed, with me on top of her. My semi hard manhood still buried in her churning depths. I was trying to keep my weight off her upper body but I didn't seem to have any strength left.

"Let's roll over onto our sides before I crush you," I managed to say. She nodded and followed me as I rolled off her, so we could cuddle up spoon fashion.


I woke up slowly, wonder in my mind from the erotic dream I had had. I sighed noisily and started to stretch. That's when I realized that there was a warm body pressed tightly up against mine and we were still firmly attached to each other.

The girl wiggled her hips slowly and giggled. "Damn, I thought I had only dreamed about a hard dick. What a way to wake up."

I chuckled and said, "I thought I was having a wild dream too, until I woke up and you were here."

She wiggled her hips again and then we both groaned as she moved away from me, pulling my manhood out of her velvety vagina. "Roll over onto your back," she said softly. "I want some more of that thing but I want to be on top and facing you."

She straddled me, rubbing her clit, and slit along my shaft with a soft moan. "Damn, that feels so good. A girl could get used to this, if she let herself."

She moaned a little louder and then lifted her hips and my shaft to center it in her opening. She moaned loudly as she slowly lowered her sex over me. I added a groan of my own to it, which didn't end until she was sitting on my hips.

She sat there for a second and then a smile slowly crossed her lips and her eyes fluttered open. "Oh God, I love that feeling. I don't realize how much I miss it until I feel it again. I hope you're not married or attached because I want to do this again from time to time. Hubby has worried about a couple of the younger guys I've had in the past but I don't think he would have a problem with you."

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