The Dream Chest


- It's about 45 minutes from here.

- Well probably not. It's a little bit too far a drive for me especially as I don't know the place.

- Ok I understand...


- Actually I have an idea. I'm leaving work early on Friday afternoon. What if I picked you up, we go to my place and then I'll bring you back. This way you get to have an outing while not having to worry about directions and driving.

- That sounds wonderful... Let me think about it. Why don't we touch base this week and we decide. But let's say good bye first.

We went back to the stairs and hugged again. This time we didn't do anything for a while... our heads over each other's shoulder we just enjoyed the contact of our bodies. This softness felt like a dream but my dick didn't see it this way and was raising himself. She didn't seem to mind, so I kept pressing it against her belly. Finally I moved my right arm from her back to her side and started to envelop her enormous left breast. But she stopped me.

- You naughty boy! Time for you to go now!

I left a little bit disappointed but actively remembered our embrace instead. My erotic dreams were charged this night and I didn't have any problem discharging twice, and again the following nights.

On Wednesday night we confirmed the outing.

Friday at 1:00pm I was at her place, having called ahead of time. She was ready to go as soon as I rang her bell. The weather was really nice, almost hot, and she was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt showing her nice tanned fat arms. She came to the car; I opened the door for her.

- Thank you.

- I made sure she was well seated taking the opportunity to see her big shape filling my car seat before closing the door on her. Then I went around and sat in. I helped her with the seat belt and then I pretended to check that the seat belt was well adjusted, holding it in my left hand while kneeling on the seat, and touching her right breast with the back of my hand at the same time.

- Are you comfortable?

- Yes very.

I couldn't leave her and finally I took a chance and grabbed her left breast with my right hand. But she took my hand away and said with a smile...

- Too early for that you bad boy!...

- I'm sorry, I got carried away.

- Don't be sorry, that's OK. I actually I love it, but it's going just a tad fast for me.

- No problem, I do understand, I'll go slower.

- Thank you.

And then she held my thigh as I was driving away. And she put her head on my shoulder and staid there for a while.

We got to my house after 45 minutes of nice driving in the country and pleasant conversation. Again I helped her take off her seat belt, and opened the door for her.

- I love the way you pay attention to me, what a treat!

- And I love paying attention to you.

I climbed the outside stairs behind her, while admiring her butt. Following two steps further, my eyes were level with her shoulders.

- Do you want to go for a short walk before having tea?

- Yes I'd love that. But what about doing it the other way around, first the tea and then the walk as it will be a little bit cooler by then.

- Sounds good.

I had prepared the tea set and I just had to boil the water. We sat down for our tea together, something which was becoming a routine now.

Then we left the house through the other side which was level with the lawn; and started on a path in the forest. I told her about the place, about my landlord; quickly we found each other holding hands without knowing who had initiated in the first place. Her fat hand was soft and warm. Thinking of what led from this hand, quickly gave me a hard on. It seems like we were both trying to be as close to each other as possible. And then she said.

- I had enough now. Do you mind if we come back?

- Not at all.

We left each other's hand and turned around, facing each other; under the canopy of the vegetation protecting us from any spies. I said.

- I think this tree above us is a mistletoe.

She played along.

- Yes you're right.

And I took a-hold of her soft wide shoulders and gave her a big kiss on the mouth. This time she opened her mouth before me and we mixed our tongues. She was too small for me to feel her chest but her kiss was lovely. She stopped the kiss and took my hand in an even firmer way.

- I love being with you. You make me feel so good!

- I love it also. You are so soft and gentle.

And I left her hand for a while and instead grabbed her opposite shoulder with our hips rubbing against each other.

We came back directly to the car and left then. When we got close to her house she said.

- Would you like to come for dinner tomorrow night? I'm going to spend the afternoon cleaning the back yard for the winter. I'll be happy to have a little feast afterwards. We are still getting some beautiful afternoons but it is not going to last very long. Tomorrow is supposed to be very nice again.

We were in mid October.

- What if I came earlier and help you?

- That would be great but are you sure you want to spend your afternoon helping an old lady.

- I would love to do that and you know how I feel about this Lady.

- I know?... don't I?

And she left the question unanswered.

- Well if you are going to help me, come and have lunch. I'll make some sandwiches and something nice for dinner.

- Great that's a deal.

I parked the car and said.

- Can I give you a kiss good bye?

- With pleasure.

So I turned towards her, grabbed her neck and kissed her passionately, my tongue searching for hers while resisting the urge to touch her boobs.

- That's wonderful but let's stop. My neighbors may wonder what I'm doing. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

This last statement left me all excited; I started touching myself in the car and jerked off before getting to my house.

Sunday I was there at noon. Her attire meant business. She was wearing some rugged dark blue shorts which were showing the nice roundness of her butt and the beginning of her white thighs; and she had on a working yellow shirt, open and let loose over her pants. Underneath the shirt was what seemed like a sleeveless shirt, light green in color, which was low enough to show the start of an endless cleavage.

She welcomed me with the same hug after climbing the stairs, and the same kiss on the mouth. I kissed her back, pressing myself against her. We had our mouths half open, and were starting to feel pretty hot with our bodies pushing against each other when she stopped us...

- No time for pleasure now. Let's get ready first.

- That sounds good.

And with a last pressure on her mouth and breasts I let her go.

- It's hard to stop though. But let's go to eat now.

We smiled at each other and laughed with a slightly embarrassed look, heavy with promises of further kisses and more.

We sat down at the kitchen table to eat the sandwiches. Again all I could think of was her huge boobs. They were attracting me like a magnet. We were exchanging glances while talking with little smirks, little touches, little kisses.

After lunch we went outside in the backyard. It was surrounded by edges on the three sides. We could make love on the lawn and nobody would see us, unless of course somebody came into the edge.. The work consisted of raking the leaves, putting away the lawn chairs and tables, bringing them in the little shed at the end of the yard, anything which needed to be in during the winter. It was a simple job but certainly one which would take her by herself the full day.

We worked, exchanging pleasantries as we went. We would be passing by each other and we started playing around and touching each other, every time getting a little bit more adventurous as a kind of a dare action.

She touched my butt, my arms, my belly, my chest, my crotch, and I touched her butt, her thighs, her arms, her butt again as she was bending down to grab a bag of leaves. She remained in this position for a little while, letting me put my hand in between her fat thighs. When she came up, I couldn't hold it any more, I pressed myself against her and grabbed her boobs. Or more to the point, I grabbed part of her boobs as they were overflowing in my hands. I was mesmerized and overwhelmed with my dick pushed against her big butt. Then not sure what to do, I gave her a little peck in the neck and released her. It seemed almost like we had gone too far so afterwards we stopped the game. At first we tried to ignore each other, and then we looked, first with a grin and then another, and then laughed as if we were kids who had played a naughty game together and were happy of the outcome... exactly what happened actually except we were not kids any longer and could keep playing the game.

As she kept working she started to develop a sweat, rolled her sleeves, opened more buttons on her shirt, and finally took the darn thing off. It was quite a site, as her huge boobs were now starting to show themselves through all openings, at the top of her shirt and on the sides of her arms especially as the sleeveless undershirt was wet and loose. Whenever she was sideways from me with her arms raised, I was enjoying the view of her armpits and the birth of her white breasts through the opening of the shirt. I could feel her breasts wanting to escape from her bra.

She was finally done with her work and I just had to finish putting the last leaves in a plastic bag. She asked me whether I wanted a lemonade and I gladly accepted. She went back inside through the stairs going down from her back porch. When she came back she had two glasses of lemonade on a tray.

I said

- It does get hot. Do you mind if I take off my shirt?

- Not at all. I'd love to be able to do the same. Even this small shirt is too much right now.

- Why, you can do it. I'm the only one who will see and I certainly won't mind.

- Oh, you naughty boy! It's tempting but I do feel a little bit too self conscious.

- Well, it's your choice. I certainly don't want to give you any pressure but we could sit on your porch and from there nobody can see you.

She thought about it...

- Well I am a little bit old and you may not like to see me without a shirt.

- I don't see how I could not like it. I confess that I have been looking a lot more than what's appropriate and I loved everything I saw so far.

- You are too kind.

And with that she climbed back the stairs to her porch with her lemonade.

- I followed her, happy to climb behind this beautiful round read end.

She sat down, looked around to verify again that nobody could see her, even though it was her own house and she should know by now. And then she moved her shirt on top of her.

Wow... they were big!... They were overflowing her white bra. The flesh was a nice white underneath her tanned neck. The tight cleavage seemed so long and magnificent. But I couldn't very well stare at them too long, so I didn't. Instead I did put my eyes into my lemonade and remained quiet.

- Thank you, that feels great to be shirtless.

- You're very welcome, it is my pleasure.

I was felling a little bit embarrassed now; wanting so much to look and yet not sure that I could.

- Something wrong... oh I see you don't like what you see after all.

- No it's not that at all. It's more that I like it too much and I just want to stare at it. But I still want to - behave like a gentleman, so it's difficult.

- Well I don't see what's hurting if you stare.

- You're sure?

- Yes go ahead, stare as much as you want.

- But what if I start drooling.

Now you're flattering me.

- Not at all, your are incredibly arousing... OK so I stare, stop me if I make you uncomfortable.

I stared!... Looking at her breasts and sometimes looking up at her face. She was watching me look at her and obviously enjoying it, relishing the effect that she had on me. We were smiling at each other, me a little bit sheepishly and she encouraging me.

- Would you like me to take my bra off?

- That would be a dream come true.

So for this let's go upstairs.

I followed her up the stairs and we came into her room. She closed the door behind me. My mouth was dry anticipating the time when I was going to see the object of my dreams.

- Let me close the curtains, this way you won't be blinded.

She said with a laugh. She closed the curtains and then she came in my arms for a big hug and kiss. She then turned around so I could grab her tits from behind. I held them in the bra, feeling their softness and their weight and volume. And then I unhooked the bra, they fell. And I took them, bringing them up, supporting them, pressing them, cajoling them.

We remained embraced for a while and then she removed my hands, took off her jeans and underwear and got under the sheets in the bed.

- Take of your clothes and come lie down close to me.

I was happy to oblige. I lay on her right and put my left arm underneath her neck I started by kissing her while holding, massaging, stroking, pressing those big boobs.

- It's lovely. I love what you're doing to me. It makes me feel like I lost at least twenty years, actually more like thirty!

Then I brought her closer to me, both of us facing each other. I brought her up on top of my left leg and brought my right leg in between her thighs while pushing my cock inside her.

- Oh that feels good.

At this point we were locked inside each other, and it was really heavenly. I was moving slightly inside her, pushing my chest against her lower breast, grabbing the upper tit with my hand, feeling it and sucking it,

In this fashion, we quickly came. Afterwards we remained in this position for quite a while, both comfortable, enjoying being pressed against each on a warm bed. We remained in a half sleeping state for a while, touching each other all over and then resting again. It was wonderful to go from her face to her shoulder, caressing her fat arm, holding her huge tit, stroking her hip, putting my hand in between her thighs and then bringing my finger inside her wet pussy. Eventually we fell asleep this way.

When I woke up she was gone. I went downstairs and found a note from her on the counter.

- Mitch, I went to church and hope to find you still here when I come back. Make yourself comfortable, there is some coffee ready. If you wait for me I'll make you a nice breakfast.

I went back to take a shower and when I was down she was back. We hugged and kissed each other.

- How is my young lover?

- Wonderful after such a great night. How was church?

- It was very good.

- Did you ask for forgiveness?

- Not at all, I said thanks instead for what happened last night.

- I agree with you, I would have gone to church with you to give the same thanks.

And we kissed again; with our tongues tasting each other.

- Now let me get the breakfast ready. Did you find the coffee or do you want something else.

- I did, thank you.

- Do you want some more?

- Yes, but I'll help myself.

I got my coffee and moved around each other in the small kitchen. We were bumping each other, often on purpose. Her boobs were taking all the space as usual. Then we both sat down, we enjoyed the breakfast, made more small talk. As we were finishing she said

- So now Mitch would you mind going back upstairs?

- Certainly not.

We did. I removed my clothes quickly and sat down at the corner of the bed. She took her clothes off also, letting me admire in full day light the glory of her huge boobs.

- Would you do me a big favor and bend on my lap.

I'd love to but show me how you want me.

- Come here.

And I indicated for her to come stand close to me on my right.

- Now bend down please.

- She did. And as she was going down I put my left arm underneath her big hanging cantaloupes, and my right hand starting on her big butt and then pushing on her back.

- I'm going to fall.

- That's OK. I'll catch you.

And she fell indeed. She was now resting on my lap with her boobs hanging on the side. I stroked her for a while, her back, her butt, her crack, her breasts. She was moaning with pleasure; yet eventually she said.

- Can I show you something else? I think you will love it.

- Please do.

- First let me kneel down.

She did and then went around me to face me completely.

- Now open your legs wide.

- I did, which was easy as I was sitting at the corner of the bed. And then she grabbed my balls and dick and put them in the middle of her huge tits, pushing them towards me.

- I do love it.

- Pull me towards you and move up and down.

- Ok. It does feel great.

She also pulled me towards her and our combined pressure was heavenly for my dick. I could feel the softness of her round boobs, the change of their shape as they were pressed in between us, the warmth against my dick and balls. My dick was moving up and down inside this wonderful cushion. It didn't take me long to explode on her neck and upper chest with a huge roar.

Afterwards I remained panting for a while. She stood up and asked me to lie back down. Then she moved on top of me, and pushed my semen on my chest with her tits so it would be spread on both of us. And then she lied on me and said.

- Hold me tight my sweet Mitch.

I was very happy to oblige and staid there for the longest time, feeling her boobs on me with her weight pressing on us, the dry sperm gluing us together. Eventually my dick raised again, and I put it inside her for yet another orgasm.

I loved this woman and her dream chest. After that there were many Saturday nights spent at her house and it probably will not be a surprise to you if I tell you that I enjoyed those very much, never getting tired of Margaret and her dream chest.

I told her one day

- Margaret I love your bosom. I can't tire of fondling it. I hope you don't mind.

- I certainly don't mind; I love that you love it. You know what. Whenever you feel like fondling it, don't hesitate, even in public. As long as you do it discreetly, please do it. My boobs are yours for your to enjoy.

And I did take advantage of this open permission. Whenever we were together, I would take any chance I could to put my hands on these big boobs, And we looked for ways to do it in public while keeping it secret, for example at the movies in the dark with my arm around her shoulder, and my hand going down inside her cleavage underneath her bra.

And you? Where and how would you do it so folks around you would not notice?

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