tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Dream Job Ch. 01

The Dream Job Ch. 01


I was still admiring the wonderful view of the ocean when the small two-engine jet touched the runway and we were down on the Nadi International Airport of Fiji.

I took my time getting out of the plane as I didn't want to miss the chance to wish my beautiful airhostesses a nice day. They had been wonderful and they were gorgeous - all 3 of them.

When I got to the airport building, however, I found something even more interesting - a beautiful girl holding a placard with my name on it - Shartan Silverstar, Angels Magazine.

Instead of immediately telling her that I was the one she was looking for I took the chance to look her over. She was gorgeous! And I don't mean your run of the mill pretty girl that you see on the road. I mean the kind of girl you see and then you go home and call your friend to tell about!

She couldn't have been more than 25 years old, maybe younger, 21 or 22 would be my guess. Her body was very shapely, that much was apparent even in the business suit she was wearing. Or maybe because of the business suit. The white shirt looked skin tight on her well-built chest. The jacket was blue and short, and equally snug fitting, not skin tight but not hiding any curves at all.

It was when you came down to her skirt that you noticed anything really spectacular though. The skirt was skin tight, kind of cotton but very thin, thin enough that it could conform to her curves with visible ease. And it was short. Oh yes! It was short like no skirt I had ever seen in an office!

Below the skirt her legs were completely bare and let me tell you that her complexion was something to drool over and the skin looked wonderfully smooth!

Her feet were encased in blue high heels, about 6 or 7 inches of sharp, tapering high heels that made her tight, shapely ass push back very attractively and made me wonder if she could look that hot just by turning to look back at the passengers passing her by, what would she look like bent over on a desk. My desk. Hopefully.

All in all, she was a walking, breathing advertisement for why bosses should only employ young, female secretaries.

Finally I walked up to her and introduced myself.

"Oh, Mr. Silverstar! Welcome!" She chirped.

Instead of taking my hand she stepped in and hugged me. Like a real hug. Tight. I could feel her firm breasts pressing on my chest through the clothes and her body, oh my god, so supple, so warm, so moulded to my body.

"Welcome to Fiji!" She repeated and kissed me on the cheek.

I was a little bit taken aback by this extraordinarily warm welcome, but maybe that's how Fijians welcomed strangers into their country.

The car she had brought was quite big, quite spacious but there was no driver so when she got into the driver's seat, I took the front passenger seat.

"Sorry, I didn't want to bring a driver, sir. I thought maybe you'd want to know more about me and the business and I could answer your questions more frankly in private, you know."

"Sure, I don't mind. And I do want to know more. For example, what's your name and what is your role in the office."

"I am sorry, I should have introduced myself, but I was so excited! My name is Amrita Rao and I work directly under you."

"Directly under me?" I was a little surprised at the way she put it, or maybe it was just my dirty mind playing tricks on me. After all, she was a young, lithe, beautiful girl, fit to be a model in any country.

"Yes, sir. You will use me for all your daily needs. It will be my pleasure to serve you, sir." She smiled at me sweetly and I was even more mystified than before.

Before I could ask more, she asked "Sir, would you like to go to the office first or to your residence. I have your bungalow all arranged and ready for immediate occupancy."

"I would like to take a look at the office first, if that's okay. I took this job site unseen when it was offered to me in India, so I am a bit curious about the company and their offices."

"Sure, I will take us to the office, sir. There would not be any staff there at this time, but I can show you anything you like."

"Yes, that's okay. Tomorrow is soon enough to meet the staff. I just want to look around the office tonight."


And it was something to see, indeed! A big building, I counted 10 floors before we walked into the big, sumptuously decorated lobby.

Amrita stood close to me in the elevator and I was aware of a very sexy, seductive perfume. I kept my hands on the railing to keep myself from pinning her against the mirrored walls and pounding her raw.

My office turned out to be this huge...room? ...cabin? ...it was more like a street block! It was bigger than the lobby in square feet and very well-equipped. There was even a sizable meeting area with comfortable couches, coffee table, espresso machine and a bar against one wall.

I walked around looking at the huge glass desk, and other furniture and office equipment like a kid in Disneyland.

Amrita was walking close to me and explaining some of the items as well as giving me details that I asked for.

Now, she suddenly said, "Sir, you must be tired from your journey, would you like to relax, take a shower, or maybe I could make you a cocktail? Or would you like a blowjob?"

I was looking at a copy of the last issue of their magazine, our magazine, when her last word shocked me out of my boots.

I turned to look at her "What did you say?"

She repeated patiently "Sir, I was only asking if you'd like a shower, a drink or a blowjob?"

I tried not to look like the village idiot in the city, but it was hard. I couldn't think of any reason why a girl like that would joke with her boss like that. But then, I couldn't possibly imagine her offering to suck my dick right there in office, when I had just met her barely an hour ago!

After thinking a minute, I decided to bluff my way through it.

"How about a shower and then the BJ?"

She took it in her stride "Sure, sir, and what about the drink?"

"In between the two?"

"I will have it ready when you come out of the shower, sir."

Amrita showed me the shower and by this time I should not have been surprised by anything, but I was. It was not an office "shower" it was a full bathroom attached to the office suite, with a huge tub, a Jacuzzi, a steam room and yes, a shower!

I tried to think in the shower if there was a solution to this puzzle but the most rational solution my mind kept coming up with is that it was just a joke, a practical joke and she didn't really mean it.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, I was wearing a terrycloth robe that I found there, in my size, by the way. Amrita was right outside with my clothes.

"Sir, I took the liberty to open your suitcase for some fresh clothes. I didn't think you'd want to wear the travel-worn clothes again. Will this suit you for this evening?"

She had chosen a casual shirt and trousers for me, and everything was laid out like she was my valet and not my personal secretary.

Thankfully, she went back into the office part of the suite and I could dress in privacy. Not that I was too ashamed of my body, I work out regularly and I am in very good shape for a man of my age, even if I say so myself.

"Amrita, I would like to sit here in my executive chair to have my drink. I want to get the feel of this desk if I am to work here."

"Of course, sir."

She brought over my drink. Wait, how did she know I liked vodka-tonic. Had I told her in the car?

I picked up the drink and took a sip. Amrita silently dropped to her knees on the carpet beside my chair.

I swivelled the chair towards her more in surprise than anything else but she was quite serious about it. She calmly reached in my lap and unzipped my pants. She rubbed my crotch from above before slipping her fingers inside the open zipper.

My cock was already almost fully hard and I opened my legs to make it easier for her. By the time she got around to slipping her hand inside my boxers and pull out my shaft it was fully hard and came erect like a pole in her hand.

She moved it in her hand, slowly up and down, and her tapered, well-manicured fingers were warm and expert in making a throbbing cock feel amazing!

Then she leaned in and licked the tip of my cock, tasting my pre-cum like she was licking her favourite ice cream. A soft moan escaped my lips. Her tongue felt intensely arousing, I could feel my cock twitching up as it touched my cockhead!

I picked up my drink from the desk and sipped it feeling like a king while an insanely hot, beautiful girl sucked my hard cock with the skill that comes only with practice.

She moved her hot, wet mouth progressively lower, taking more and more of my long, hard cock in, sucking it with the skill of an artist. I mean, being a dominant guy I have had my dick sucked more often than normal men, but most of the time they were either too shy, or didn't really want to do it. Even the ones who claimed to love sucking cock went at it like they were in a competition and just focused on making me cum as quickly as possible.

Amrita, on the other hand, sucked my dick like she was in love with it! She worshipped it with her mouth. Instead of wanting to make me cum quickly, she seemed to be focused on making it last as long as possible.

The result was that my cock got harder and harder, like a steel rod in her mouth, and my whole body felt the arousal grow. My heart was beating like an express train, I could feel an electric wave vibrating all through my body, from head to toe!

And then I came. Oh my god! I exploded in her mouth and my hips bucked off the chair. Amrita held on to my thighs and kept sucking hard, swallowing all my hot, creamy load like she had been hungry for days!

I came for what felt like several minutes. Amrita simply drank it all, swallowed every load with satisfaction. And then she proceeded to lick me clean. Lick and suck. She used her tongue, her lips, her mouth to lick up every drop of my cum from my shaft until it was completely clean.


Afterwards she drove me to the bungalow that had been leased for me by the company. I was not really surprised by this time but then I was in a way. It was not only big in size it was very expensively furnished.

I asked Amrita "How many bedrooms is this place?"

"There are 7 bedrooms sir, in addition to the living room, library, kitchen etc."

"Seven bedrooms! I am just a single guy, what would I do with seven bedrooms?"

"Maybe keep one girl in each bedroom?" She suggested "One for every day of the week?"

I looked at her to see if she was joking. She looked right back at me, I thought there was a glint of amusement in her eyes, but I couldn't be sure.

"Are you serious?" I challenged her.

"Well, I don't know, sir. It depends on your taste. But if you really wanted to I could suggest some really beautiful girls from the secretary pool. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous and they would consider themselves to be fortunate to be picked by the big boss."

I shook my head to get away from this crazy notion and continued the tour. The bedroom, of course, was fit for a king but it was the kitchen where I ended up in the final stage of the tour. I have always cooked for myself since I was 20 and quite pride myself on it.

"This is a wonderful kitchen. I am going to have fun here." I confided to Amrita.

"Do you cook, sir?"

"I love to cook. It's an exciting and relaxing hobby."

"It's such a change to meet a man who can cook! Most men are so dependent in that department."

"Oh, not me. Though I don't feel like I am up to it tonight. How about dinner, Rita? Would you let me take you out to dinner tonight?"

"Sir, I would be honoured to accompany you to dinner, but seeing that you are new here, may I take you a nice place? And I would have to ask you a favour."

"Agreed. And any favour you ask is granted, doll."

"I just wouldn't want to go out in the office clothes, sir, if you don't mind us stopping by the office, I keep some clothes there for eventualities?"

"Oh, sure, sure. I don't mind. But let's start now, I am feeling a bit peckish."

"Yes, sir."


Back at the office, she made me a drink and herself went into the outer, smaller office, which I learnt was her office, to change.

I leaned back on the edge of my desk, facing the door, and reflected on my situation while sipping a perfectly mixed vodka and tonic.

Somehow I seemed to have walked into one of my dreams. No, that's not correct. Even my dreams were not that bold and that glamourous. Here I was, a newly appointed managing director of a fashion magazine, with a huge office, a grand villa for residence, a supermodel hot secretary who was at my beck and call and...

She knocked and entered before my drink was finished. And I almost choked on my drink.

I had thought of her office attire as bold but this dress she wore was...well, it was mind-blowing!

Don't ask me what it was made of but it looked like a thin layer of velvet or silk. It was skin-tight and I could see that all her curves were absolutely perfect. The tight, pink minidress hugged her shapely ass very snugly and ended just about 3 or 4 inches below her ass.

The front was cut deep enough to make any man drool at the sight of her lovely breasts half exposed. It was sleeveless but more than a little sleeveless if you know what I mean. It's better to call them straps, the way her milky white shoulders were exposed.

In the back it was cut in a rectangle not going very deep but deep enough that I could have placed a hand there and caressed her velvet smooth skin. Being pink and thin it was almost translucent and I could see the line of her little thong quite clearly.

She walked right up to me, stool about a foot from me and did a little twirly thing that girls do when showing off a dress.

As she moved I noticed her shoes. She had changed into pink stilettoes with at least 7-inch spike heels.

She stepped in closer "Well, will I pass?"

I was very much aware of her perfume, it was adding to my growing erection that I was trying to keep in control.

Once this evening she had already sucked my cock but I wasn't sure how much I could take and how willing she would be. On the other hand words like "sexual harassment" and "office blackmail" were creating some unrest in my mind.

But I decided to be bold, at least a little bit. I placed my hand on her bare back and slowly caressed it down. All the way down to her firm ass. The dress was smooth and indeed so thin that I could feel her warmth through it as my fingers travelled down her young, firm body.

"What is this dress made of?" I said with some surprise in my voice trying to cover up my bold action "It's so thin I can see your panties!"

"Oh darn! I should have known you wouldn't like it!"

Before I could guess what she was doing, she stepped back, pushed her hands under the short skirt, hooked her thumbs into the waistband (hah! strings is more like it!) of her tiny little thong and pushed it down her slender, long, bare legs.

I stood admiring her long legs and her shapely little butt as she worked the little thong over the high heels.

She walked around to my desk and put the little panties in my top drawer.

"Let me leave them here for now, I'll take them from you tomorrow." She said casually.

"You won't need them tomorrow." I said and then was surprised that I said it.

But her reaction was calm and matter-of-fact "Yes, sir. As you like, sir!"

What? Had I just told my gorgeous secretary not to wear panties the next day and had she just accepted that order? Had I wandered into some magic land? Did I have a magic wand in my hand? What else could I do? If I wished for a million dollars, will it just magically appear in front of me?


The restaurant was quite nice. There was the normal tropical theme there but the decorations and the ambience was at par with any expensive, exclusive New York restaurant.

The maitre d' led us to a booth and Amrita slipped inside, making room for me beside her. I had been thinking of an excuse to sit beside her rather than opposite as would any normal boss do, but she just assumed it and made space.

She put her little clutch to the side and turned in her seat to look at me.

"Sir, when you called me Rita at your home...I must admit, it felt a little weird and also...also good...in a tingly way!"


"Yes, it felt like you were staking your claim on me. You see, nobody else calls me Rita."

"Well, I like the name, it's beautiful, just like you, and it suits you."

"Thank you, sir." she smiled with a little blush coming to her cheeks.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to drink more tonight, two cocktails is usually my limit, but I wanted to get Amrita a little drunk, and see if I could seduce her.

When I started to order though, she placed her hand on mine and stopped me.

"Not on an empty stomach, sir!" she said sweetly but firmly.

So, we ordered juices instead and I was a little disappointed.


"So this staff meeting you have planned for tomorrow, tell me about it."

"Sir, it's not really a full staff meeting, just the department heads. It would be a good start for you to get to know about the company and the business. But this is the first and last time I have made an appointment for you without asking you. After that I will do only what you tell me."

"Good. I think I might enjoy that." I looked at her meaningfully. She smiled.

"But this meeting is more like a breakfast meeting. There is a terrace where we do barbecue some time. That's where I have invited all of them."

"That sounds unlike any meeting I have ever been to."

"Well, as your first meeting in Fiji it should be memorable, no, sir?"

I smiled.

While we were talking, I decided to take a chance. At least to the extent of checking out how far she'd let me go.

I slipped my arm around her waist while we talked, and she moved closer. The feel of her soft, warm body against my side was very exciting.

"Is there an agenda for the meeting?" I caressed her soft back slowly up and down, acting like I didn't know what my right hand was doing. She didn't react but stayed close to me.

"No sir, the idea is for you to meet the department heads and see who does what then you can decide which areas you want to focus on immediately."

"That sounds sensible." Wrapping my arm completely around her slim body I rested my hand on her belly and slowly caressed upward.

"Thank you, sir." She smiled sweetly, giving no indication that she was minding anything I was doing though she could hardly ignore it.

"How long is this meeting?" I moved my hand up, cupping her breast and fondling it slowly.

"Normal business hours start from 9 am. but I have asked everybody to get there at 8 so we can have a peaceful breakfast." This time she placed her hand on my thigh and started rubbing it slowly up and down, reaching almost to my crotch. The warmth of her hand caused my cock to harden even faster.

"That sounds very good. I love a good breakfast. Then we finish at 9?" Now I was massaging and kneading her soft, warm breast so boldly that my fingertips were rubbing in her deep cleavage, feeling the soft warmth of her bare tits.

"No sir. Tentatively the meeting ends at 10, after that you can meet them individually. Or you can keep the meeting going as long as you want. I told everyone to keep their calendars clear for tomorrow and keep all the time for you only." She boldly moved her hand between my legs and started rubbing my hard dick properly.

"That is perfect. You are a good secretary, Rita." I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you, sir. That's so nice to hear." She kept her hand on my dick and moved more into me, with her cheek rubbing on mine. I could feel her breath on my neck. I kissed her neck and she moaned in my ear.

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