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The Dream Wife


(c) Daniel Quentin Steele - 2010


This is the second story I've done for Literotica. It's auite different from the first, I hope. I hope readers enjoy it.

I would again like to thank editor LadyPineRose74 for her help and contributions to this story. Her comments were very welcome.


"I slept with another man today."

Dan Jenkins stopped in the middle of grabbing a Michelob out of the fridge and looked back at Caroline, his lovely 29-year-old wife of a year and a half. She was standing in the doorway between the den and their kitchen. He had just gotten home from work and allowed himself the one beer that took the edge off a hard day selling insurance.

He shook his head and looked at her again and wondered what she had really said. The Freudian slip was understandable, considering what he'd gone through in the last two and a half years, but it bothered him that it was still happening. He should be over it by now.

He made himself smile at her. She wasn't smiling back. As he did every day, he gave a little thanks to God for bringing her into his life. She looked like a Dresden doll brought to life. Long blonde hair and rosy cheeks with red lips and blue eyes. Slender up and down with just enough curves to make her work outfit of blouse and slacks look sexy.

Not the blatant curves that 34-year-old Holly had possessed, but it was good that Caroline was different in that way as in all others from his cheating whore of an ex-wife who he still prayed nightly would die of some terrible wasting disease.

"Jesus, honey, for a minute I almost thought you said...never mind. I wasn't listening. What did you say?"

She looked at him with a sad and cold expression that made his hand holding the Michelob tremble.

"I said I slept with another man today. Frank Miller from the office. You know, he works in information technology. You met him at the party last month. Big, blonde guy."

Dan's mouth opened and closed. The inane thought hit him that he must look like a fish with that opening and closing mouth. No words came out.

She didn't move. He couldn't even see her breasts moving to indicate she was breathing. She could have been a real china doll.

"In case that didn't register, Dan, I had sex with him. I went to a motel and spent half a day fucking him."

"Wha...." He put the Michelob down carefully on the kitchen counter. The insane thought came to him he'd have to be careful to wipe it up if it spilled.

"What...are you – you – how."

Finally he gained control of his mouth.

"Don't even fucking joke like that Caroline. How could you, damn it. It wouldn't be funny even—if"

If anything the look on her face was even sadder now, but her words were just cold.

"Even if your slut bitch wife Holly hadn't cheated on you with her big dicked boyfriend and kicked you out of your house. Isn't that what you were going to say, Dan? It hurts doesn't it? But it's happened again. Another man's cum is in my pussy right now. You want to come over here and feel it."

He couldn't breathe. It wasn't possible. He was dreaming and he'd wake any minute to find Caroline breathing quietly beside him. He would reach over and kiss her and thank God she had come along to save his life after Holly had done her best to destroy it.

He blinked furiously, trying to avoid the wimpy embarrassment of tears, He had shed enough of those when Holly told him she had been fallen in love with another man and was going to marry him. Only later had he discovered she'd been cheating on him for years and had fallen in love with her latest boyfriend.

"Why are you doing this, Caroline. I don't believe you. You wouldn't do that. It's not in you to be that kind of bitch. We've only been married a year and a half, but I know you better than that."

She shook her head.

"I'm sorry Dan. It's the truth. But you haven't asked me why yet? Why did I go to a motel room with Frank? Why did I pull his pants down and suck his dick until he squirted all over me? Why did I spread my legs so he could shove his hard dick inside me and cum twice in the next two hours.? We did it missionary style and doggy. Frank loved it and he wants to do it again."

Dan sagged back against the counter and for a minute felt the world spin around him. He made it to a chair at the kitchen table before he fell.

He had thought she was joking, but the flat cold words told him she was telling him the truth. Why the fuck was his only thought. Why again? Why me?

Finally he could get the words out.

"Alright, you miserable bitch, I'll bite. Why? Why would you do this to a man who loves you. I'd have given my life for you. Our kids love you, have loved you since we started dating. I understand Holly. She was a miserable, cheating, cock-loving whore. But you – Am I that bad in bed? Is my dick that small?"

For the first time since she'd started talking, Caroline walked toward him, stopped less than a foot away. She put her hand out and cupped the side of his face in an weirdly comforting way.

"No, you're not bad in bed. I haven't had that many men, but from my own experience, you're pretty damn good. And Frank wasn't any bigger than you, maybe a little wider, but I didn't take a ruler out to compare the two of you. Dan, the reason I cheated on you and fucked Frank is that I have to get used to fucking other men again."

Even though she was speaking English, she could have been speaking in Mandarin Chinese. He had absolutely no idea what she was saying.

He cupped his hand over hers. The feel of his flesh against hers was the only thing that mattered in the world.

"What in the hell does that mean?"

"I'm filing for divorce, Dan. I'm leaving you today. I'll get my things together, most of them anyway, tonight and go stay with my mom. And since we're not going to be together, and since I have to start a new life, I decided I was going to fuck another man. Oh, and I wanted to hurt you as bad as humanly possible and I knew that fucking Frank would hurt you more than anything else I could do."

Déjà vu is a real thing, he decided. It felt the same way as it had the day he had walked into his previous house and Holly, big Double D tits heaving under her thin blouse, instead of greeting him with a kiss and a titty rub had told him she had fallen in love with an old boyfriend and wanted him to move out that night. She was divorcing him.

Except that even Holly, bitch that she was, hadn't gone out of her way to hurt him the way that her loving replacement, whom he'd married to try to fill the hole in his heart that Holly had left, was doing. Now Caroline was ripping out what was left of his heart. And the worst of it was, he still had no idea why.

He felt a vast weariness settle over him. It was an effort to get the words out. All he wanted was to go upstairs and collapse. It was a good thing this was a weekday and the kids were with Holly. He knew he should be angry, furious and want to kill the beautiful bitch standing in front of him, but it was as if the first betrayal by Holly had stolen all the anger out of him. All he had left was sadness.

"I guess I know the drill. It must have been an old boyfriend that you met again or did you find some new guy and decide you made a mistake in marrying a 37-year-old re-tread like me? Who are you in love with now?"

"You. It's always been you from the time you came into my office that day. I never believed in love at first sight until that moment."

He took her hand and moved it away from his face.

"Let me get this straight. You're in love with me, have been, and go to a motel to fuck and suck some guy because you're going to divorce me and want to hurt me. What is it about this picture that I'm not getting?"

"I do love you, and I still love you. I picked Frank to fuck because every single girl at work says he's a stud's stud and a real lover. I wanted him to push my buttons, to make me cum so hard I'd forget about you – for a little while. When I was sucking him and he squirted all over my tits and chest and face, it felt good to be nasty with another man. And he can eat, God, can he eat pussy. And when he started fucking me...he knows all the buttons.

"But, while I enjoyed it and I enjoyed seeing him enjoy me, he never rang my bell. I didn't have the first orgasm. I couldn't understand it. With you and me...well, you know how it is. I never knew how hard or how many times I could climax until I went to bed with you. I figured it would be the same way with him, but it wasn't. I had to fake it a couple of times to avoid hurting his feelings. I guess I love you so much that just pushing the buttons doesn't work anymore."

He stared at her. It was hard enough to believe her words, to believe she had opened her legs to another man, sucked his dick and let him cum all over her, and then to believe she still loved him so much she couldn't get an orgasm. Something was crazy here.

"But," she said, "I decided that it doesn't matter. I'm going to fuck Frank or someone else again, and again, and eventually I'll stop loving you and I'll respond to them the way I respond to you. Maybe not as wild as I have been with you, because I don't think I'm ever going to love anybody again the way I loved you. But I'll be able to go on with my life."

He grabbed her small, thin hands in his and pulled her down until she knelt on the floor in front of him and looked up slightly to stare into his eyes.

"Caroline, for God's sake, make sense. I don't understand. How can you love me, and tell me the sex is the best you've ever had, and still want to divorce me?"

"I gave you more than a year, Dan. I tried as hard as I could, but I can't do it any longer. I can't live with a cheater."

He couldn't believe his ears and he almost wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. She had wrecked their marriage by fucking another guy because she thought HE was cheating? He wanted to grab her and shake some sense into that pretty, utterly stupid head.

"Christ, you think I've been cheating on you? Caroline, I haven't touched another woman since the day we met. I'll admit, I had sex with a couple of women after Holly dumped me. But that ended the day we met. There's never been anybody else but you. How could you even think that? Has somebody told you a lie about me?"

She pulled his hands off hers and stood up. Now she was looking down on him and despite the fact that he knew he was innocent, he felt like a piece of shit under somebody's shoe.

"I didn't say you were having sex with anyone, Dan. You're in love with someone else and that's the same thing as cheating. You promised me at our marriage that you would love and cherish me only, and you lied. You've been in love with somebody else every single minute of our marriage."

He had a terrible feeling he knew where this was going. Caroline was wrong, but how could he make her believe him.

"There is no one –"

She slapped his face and the shock alone was almost enough to send him off the chair to the floor. Caroline wasn't the sort of woman who slapped people. Not an open handed slap with power behind it, the power of passion, the power of anger.

"Don't you fucking lie to me, Dan. Not any more. Do me the courtesy of at least being honest with me. You have ruined my life. You tricked me into marrying you. You made me fall in love with you. You probably ruined me for other men. But don't keep lying on top of all the other shit you've done to me."

"I don't still love her, Caroline. I don't. You have to believe me."

"No, I don't. You know you talk in your sleep? No, well you do. You've cried for her, begged her to come back to you. You've called out her fucking name when you were coming inside me. You bastard. Do you know how much that hurt me. How many times have you fucked me with your eyes closed so you could imagine you were inside her pussy?"

She took a deep breath.

"All my friends, all of them, and my mother, told me not to marry you. They said you'd been crushed by your divorce and Holly's cheating on you. They told me I was a rebound. That you still loved her, as shown by the fact that you fought like cats and dogs over everything. You were more interested in trying to hurt her than taking care of your own kids and moving on to a life with me. They said you'd either go back to her if she bent her little finger to you, or you'd realize you didn't love me and move on to someone else after you'd had time to heal.

"But I was stupid and I told myself that my love could change you, could heal you, could bring you to me. And I was willing to wait for you to fall out of love with her. I waited for more than a year, Dan. But you still talk in your sleep. And I still see your face when her name is mentioned."

"Dammit, Caroline, she hurt me worse than anyone ever has. She tore my heart out. She's the mother of my kids. Of course I still have feelings for her. We were married for more than 10 years. But I don't love her. You have to believe me."

"I don't. I've spent a year watching you Dan, and you're a man in love with another woman. I did everything I could, but I lost and she won. I hope someday you and she can get back together again, because I can't see you ever being happy with anyone else."

She walked out of the kitchen. He caught her at the entrance to their – what had been their – bedroom and grabbed her shoulders from behind

"You want me to get down on my knees and beg? I will. I'll do anything, Caroline. Anything. I should hate you for fucking another man, but I forgive you. What do you want? Do you want us to move to another city? Another state? What can I do?"

She wriggled and he lost his grip on her.

'You can let me go and get away from me. Let me get my stuff and get out of here. Our marriage was a mistake."

He watched her walk away from him and all he could say was, "Don't go, don't go."

After awhile he went down to the den, took a bottle of Dewar's, filled a glass and started working steadily toward getting shit faced. He heard her go out the front door but didn't even try to get up. Now that she was no longer there he could let the tears go and he sat in front of a darkened television drinking and crying until the night went away.

The next day he didn't rouse till past 11 a.m., but since he owned his insurance agency and had staff to run it, he didn't have to hurry to get to work. After awhile he decided to hell with it and drove to Jacksonville Beach, about twenty miles from his Mandarin home in Jacksonville, Florida.

He walked out onto the beach, leaving his shoes and socks in his car, and watched the seagulls fly overhead and a few stubborn northern tourists get sunburns in the chill November air of a Florida Fall afternoon. He could have tried to think his way out of the box he had found himself in, but he didn't think there was a way out.

First his marriage of 10 years had collapsed in an afternoon when he discovered that he had been only a meal ticket for a cheating whore who was the mother of his two beloved children. He had picked himself up from that debacle and found another woman to love and now she'd gone and fucked a stranger and was getting ready to divorce him for loving his bitch ex-wife.

How do you prove you don't love someone, he wondered. Does praying for them to die horribly every night, even if you could prove it, do the trick? He wasn't a psychiatrist, but he was smart enough to know that the reason he hated Holly so much was that he did, indeed, still love her that much. The pain of her betrayal was not as vivid as it had been, but if he thought about it , he still felt like he was having a heart attack.

But he loved Caroline. He knew that also. You could love two women at the same time, couldn't you?

He called Caroline at her mother's house the next night, a Wednesday, and her mother said that she didn't want to talk to him. He called her Thursday at work and she hung up on him. He drove by her office at closing time and saw her walking out with the big blonde, must be Frank, and talking to him on her way to his car. But to his relief they didn't touch or kiss and when he followed her as unobtrusively as he could, she drove straight to her mother's home in mobile home park on the Westside of the city. He called her on Friday at work and she told him to stop calling her.

"I'm sorry, baby, but I'm going crazy. I don't know what to do. I'm losing the woman I love most in the world, whether you believe it or not. Please tell me there's something I can do to stop this. I need you."

"I'm still furious at you, Dan, I have to tell you that. But..I have thought of something. I'm not going to tell you I won't go ahead and file for divorce, but there is something you could do that would make me think about giving us a second chance."

"Just tell me, whatever it is, I'll do it."

"I don't know if you'll be so anxious when you hear it. I'll come over to your – our – place tonight. 7 p.m. "

"Can we go out for dinner, talk about this?"

"No, this isn't a date. I want to talk to you and then I'm going home."

"And out with Frank again? You didn't get enough the first time?"

He cursed himself the minute the words left his mouth. It wasn't what he wanted to say, but he was so jealous and angry he couldn't stop himself.

"No, I'm going out, but it's with my mom and two of her friends. They always go out for dinner on Friday night. And, Dan, I won't go out with Frank again. I told him that was a one-time thing and he's been okay about it. I won't go out with anyone else either, not until our divorce is final.

"I – I shouldn't have done that. I knew it when I was doing it. But I was so damned angry at you. I just wanted to hurt you. But that was wrong. There won't be another man until I'm a free woman. And even if we do divorce, I will always regret doing that to you."

He rang a familiar number that he now hated. Holly answered her cell phone with a curt, "What do you want?"

He forced himself to keep a civil tone talking to the bitch who had burned down his life.

"I – I'm sorry, Holly. I know I'm supposed to pick the kids up at 6 tonight for the weekend, but something's come up. It's important or I wouldn't ask. Do you – mind – if I pick the kids up tomorrow morning."

"Yes, I do mind. Bill and I – never mind. What time will you want them?"

"How about 9 a.m.?"

"Okay, I'll have them ready."

"Thank you."

She hung up without another word.

He had to shake his head when he hung up. She had almost acted like a human being for a little while there. It was strange. The first year after they'd split, there hadn't been a decent word exchanged between them. It was a never-ending struggle to see who could yank the other's chain. Of course, he knew, it was mostly his fault. She had their house, their kids, and most of their friends. All he had was the pain and embarrassment of being the dumped idiot who never saw it coming.

But in the nearly a year since she had remarried this Bill guy he'd never heard of, she almost seemed to be evolving into a decent person. Of course, for almost six months of that she had vanished. It was Bill that had dropped off and picked up the kids from their court ordered visits, Bill that he talked to. For some reason she avoided him almost entirely. She was still, though, decent about things. But despite the changes, he was still as careful around her as he would be of a spitting cobra.

Even though Caroline had said this wasn't a date, he prepared spaghetti carbonara from scratch, which she loved. And he bought a good white Asti because she loved it too. He felt like a high school kid preparing for his first date. He vacuumed the den and polished the kitchen counters. He wanted everything as nice as it could possibly be. If this was going to be the last time he ever spent time with Carolina in their house, he wanted it to be as good as it could be.

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