The Drifter Cums Again



He started to pound her pussy with everything he had. He held on to her waist and drilled 11 inches of iron hard cock into her juicy cunt again and again. She started to cum on the fifth thrust, and her orgasms continued non-stop for the next thirty minutes. He was hitting her in places that no cock had ever been before, and she had fucked a lot of guys since her husband took off. He was like a machine. In and out, in and out, in and out as he relentlessly drove his giant cock up her flaming cunt sending her from one cum to another in a long stream of orgasms that never seemed to end.


Hank drilled into her time and time, over and over. Katherine screamed and still he fucked her tight cunt. She swore at him and still he drilled deep into her inner core. She begged him to stop, but he just went on plunging his giant cock up her creaming pussy. When she begged him to fuck her harder, he grabbed her hair and thrust faster and harder into her hot exploding pussy.


As they fucked, Hank reached under her to grab her swing tits. Taking one in each hand he used them like handles and pulled her onto his cock as he thrust deep into her molten center. He pinched and twisted her hard swollen nipples. She exploded around his cock, her cunt rippling and clutching at his invading member. Then he stuck two fingers into her swampy cunt, wetting them with her flowing juices and thrust them into her tight ass and began to time his finger thrusts with his plunging cock. Again her creaming slit exploded from the dual stimulation, sending shocks waves out from her cunt to every part of her body. She was exhausted from end to end orgasms, and the relentless pounding of his savage thrusts as he drove his plunging thick monster deep into her seething, churning cunt. But she couldn't stop cumming, somehow he managed to keep her on the edge even when her pussy was creaming and flowing like a faucet. Streams of pussy juice ran down her thighs to her ankles. His big thrusting cock and large swinging balls were covered with her juice. And still he continued to nail her with his endless thrusts. But underneath all the electric currents flowing thru and around her, she felt something deep inside building and building, and with every thrust of his massive cock that drove up her overworked cunt that pressure built and built. It was going to be massive. It was going to rock her world. She felt that she might not survive what was cumming, but she couldn't stop it and she didn't want too. He continued to fuck her hard sending his cock deep into her juicy pussy as he bottomed out on each thrust. He was impaling her on his giant spear with each thrust into her tight, clutching cunt.


Suddenly, the pressure exploded throughout her body in a giant blast of color and light. Her pussy clamped down on his plunging cock like a vise. The entire length of her rippling cunt grabbed at his thrusting prick and tried to milk all the sperm from it. Her sleeve tightened on his iron hard tool as he pushed in and pulled out, demanding his cum. She heard a far off scream of orgasmic ecstasy and slowly realized it was herself crying out in final release.



She bucked and thrust and rocked underneath him in a screaming, thundering climax that seemed to go on for ever. The drifter plunged deep into her exploding cunt one final time and began to fire rope after rope of burning hot cum into her climaxing womb. It was like a geyser going off in her cunt. His cum poured out of him in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning snatch and then squeezing out around the base of his rampaging cock as he continued to thrust into her pussy again and again. Their co-mingled juices flowed down her legs in rivers of white sticky strands and pooled on the floor at her feet. Finally, he stopped thrusting into her battered cunt. She slumped in his arms passed out from the exertion and the endless climaxes. He gently lowered her to the floor with trembling arms and staggered to the nearby couch and collapsed.

He woke up and the lights in the room were still on. He had no idea how long he had been asleep. The couch underneath him was covered with dried cum that had leaked off his cock. He looked for Katherine and she was not where he left her. He got up and went into the bedroom. She was sprawled out on the bed face up and her legs wide apart. She was asleep and her breathing was deep and slow. Just looking at her wondrous body, a surge of blood ran to his cock and it began to expand and grow. She made him horny and he saw no reason not to follow thru with his desire. He never had.

He crossed to the bed and kneel between her wide spread thighs. Cum was still drooling slowly out of her dilated cunt. Carefully, raising her legs over his shoulders he lined his cock up and entered her with one piercing thrust.

"UUUUUNNNNNNHHHHHHH," the sleeping woman groaned at the sudden intrusion into her warm tender cunt. The drifter looked down into the sleepy and surprised face of his newest conquest. The woman who was impaled on his giant cock, and was now his total slave.

"Are you ready to be fucked?" Hank asked Katherine.

"Oh...God...," moaned as she threw her arms around his neck. "Please Fuck...Me...Hard."

He pulled his long fat cock out of her trembling vagina and slid back in. He started a slow deep fuck as he would pull and gently push back in. God, she was so fucking tight. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and worked her full, round tits as he fucked her. He had just cum so he was going to be able to last for a while with his hot new lover. Slowly, the pace picked up and the thrusting became harder as the lovers became more excited. As he thrust deeper and deeper and her cunt became wetter and wetter, he took hold of her ankles and bent her over so that her feet were on either side of her head. She was spread completely open to his assault and he really started to fuck her with long strokes that used the full length of his 11 inch cock. Driving in and out of her. Thrusting deep into her juicing cunt. Sending her over the top with almost every other thrust, he fucked her like a machine for over 45 minutes. She was delirious from the endless climaxes, and almost insane with the intense pleasure that he had brought to her. Intense pleasure that seemed to have no end.


"Here it cums now, baby." He pulled giant rod from her drooling, battered cunt with a loud slurp sound. He moved round her and got on his knees before her upside-down face. His huge cum covered cock was waving above her face, and she looked at his swinging cock with dismay and awe. He held her head as he pushed the great head against her lips. "Here it comes," the drifter said as he forced the head of his giant cock between her lips. She tried to pull away, but he held her tight by her hair.

"Open your mouth, Goddamn you." he yelled at her. "I want you to suck my cock, bitch."

Kate opened her mouth as commanded and he thrust the head of his cock into her mouth. She strained to wrap her lips around the head of his cock, and she stared wide eyed as he pulled back and shoved six inches of steel hard cock into her throat. She breathed in loudly through her nose as his long hard cock drilled into her hot mouth. He quickly pulled his big, thick cock back until just the head was left in her mouth. She was gasping for air, but the drifter did not care. Giving her no time to catch her breath, he thrust again sending half his huge cock crushing into her throat again. She tried to push against him, to keep his giant cock out of her mouth so she could breathe, but he was too strong. He backed out again and thrust down into her throat sending all but an inch into her mouth. Katherine was scared. She was gagging and couldn't breathe as his thick cock filled her airway.

"Take it all, bitch." Hank thrust down again and this time he could feel her lips wrapped around the base of his cock. He thrust into her mouth again and again forcing her mouth up and down his cock. She was choking and gagging on his cock, but it was that sensation that kept him thrusting deep into her throat again and again. The tight, rippling, feel of her gagging throat was simply too incredible too believe. He could feel the tingling in his balls.

"Here it comes, baby. Drink my cum." Hank bellowed as he drilled down her throat a final time and his cock exploded in a flood of thick, hot cum. Hank shot huge blast after blast of hot jizz deep into her throat. It went straight into her stomach as her gagging reflex forced his load down her throat. She was blacking out from lack of oxygen. Sperm and saliva were spilling out of the corners of her mouth and running down her face. Just before she passed out, the drifter backed his cock out of her throat freeing her airway. As she gulped in much needed air, she also gulped down the rest of his entire load as it poured from the head of his cock. When he was through cumming, he pulled his dick from her talented mouth and used his deflating cock to smear his spunk over her cheeks and face. When he was done, he got up off her bed and looked down at the exhausted and brutalized Katherine. Her face and hair were covered in her saliva and cum that had spilled out of her mouth. Her mouth was red and swollen from where his powerful cock had thrust down her throat. Her tits were rapidly rising and falling as she tried to take air into her lungs, and she stared up at him with a look mixed with total fear and burning desire.

"When I get back, we are going to do this again. Jesus, you are a hot cunt, and I am going to fuck you that tight ass next. Be ready, bitch." She whimpered at his words as if he had slapped her.

As he walked out into the living room, his giant cock swung between his legs. His cum and her spit dripped off of it each step of the way. Picking up his coat he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it. He thought about his plans for tomorrow. He was going to fuck her all day and night. She was going to be a vegetable after he got through driving his cock into every hole in her body. He was going to fill her up with so much of his cum that it would come pouring out of her ears.

Then this successful CEO of a tech company was going to take him to Phoenix and put him up in style. She was going to be his sex toy, and she was going to pay for everything. Cars, clothes, apartment, money, everything – just so he could fuck her everyday, or when he wanted too.

Yeah, life was going great for the drifter.

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