tagMind ControlThe Drug

The Drug


Marie was a pest, and Neil was sick and tired of her antics. There were four of them sharing the house, three men and Marie. It had been four men, but Jack had moved out and Marie had moved in. She was a blonde, about twenty, stacked and friendly and, dare he say it, a little bit on the dumb side. She'd had reasonable references, proved to be clean and tidy and didn't throw wild parties. They knew she had boyfriends, but she never had them stay over, occasionally using the fact that there were other men in the house to protect herself if a boyfriend came on too strong. He had seen her pills in the bathroom cupboard and assumed that she has a healthy sex-life, but she was discreet with any liaisons she had, and she didn't give the come-on to the others in the house or try to play them one against the other. Altogether an ideal house-mate, except...

She ate everyone's food. She just couldn't seem to grasp the fact that just because something was in the fridge or cupboards didn't mean that she could eat it. She bought her own food and drink and was willing to share, but that didn't help when you reached for your lunch and it was gone. Putting your name on things didn't help. Asking her to lay off didn't help. She just didn't seem to get it.

After losing one lunch too many, Neil was planning to teach her a lesson. He and Marie were the only ones home that day, with the others not expected back before tomorrow. The forecast was for a hot day followed by a hot, sticky night, and Neil was going to take advantage of this.

Neil had purchased a bottle of Mountain Dew, knowing that Marie loved it. He opened the bottle, tipped some out and added some sugar and a touch of pepper to give it a bit of added bite. That evening he put it in the fridge, with a sign prominently displayed on it warning the housemates not to drink it, as it was being used for experiments.

Neil kept one eye on the kitchen waiting for Marie to raid it. Eventually he saw her heading into the kitchen. He then moved up to the door and waited, heard the fridge open, heard a drink being poured, waited a few moments and walked into the kitchen in time to catch her finishing of her drink. Or his drink, as it should have been.

"My god, Marie, you didn't take that bottle of Mountain Dew I had, did you?"

"Don't get grouchy, Neil," she said with her innocent smile. "It was just one glass and it's hot and I was thirsty."

"But didn't you see the warning?" said Neil, indicating the sign on the bottle. "That was something I'm analysing for work. We're using it for research."

Marie laughed. "That sign? I ignored it. You boys are always doing silly things like that, but you can't fool me."

"Marie, I swear to you that drink's a formula I'm testing out. Surely you noticed that it had a different taste?"

Marie hesitated at that. As a matter of fact she had noticed it wasn't quite the same as normal. It was sweeter and had some unexpected bite.

"Marie," sighed Neil, "that bottle contains a new drug I was supposed to analyse for work. And you've drunk half of it. You've probably swallowed a full dose. You really should observe our signs."

Marie was starting to feel distinctly worried now. Just what had she swallowed? "What was in the bottle, Neil?" she asked nervously. "What will it do to me?"

"Ahh." Neil looked away from her, seeming unsure of how to proceed. Then he shrugged. "I guess it won't harm you, but it might be a good idea if you didn't go out tonight. Have you got a current boyfriend?" he added, knowing that she was currently between boys.

"No, and don't change the subject. What was in the drink? I need to know," Marie demanded, getting more worried and feeling even more stressed.

Neil sighed. "It's a new type of aphrodisiac, designed for older women who have lost that itch."

"A what? What's an aphrodisiac?" queried Marie, puzzled.

"You've heard of Viagra?"

"Of course."

"It's a drug similar to that but designed for women and is somewhat stronger."

"So wh-what's it going to do to me? What will happen now?"

"I'm not really sure. Like I said, it's experimental. In theory, you will start to feel warm and will keep getting hotter. After a while you will want to have sex, and you won't really care who with or where or anything. You'll just want to have sex. That's why you shouldn't go out tonight. I mean, if it really takes hold you'll be a lot safer at home than wandering around town. I wouldn't want you to find yourself offering to gang bang a bunch of strangers or something."

Marie was appalled. "Isn't there something I can do stop it?"

"I'm sorry. Like I said, it's a trial drug. It's not designed for young women like you. Don't worry. It may not work."

Marie groaned. "How will I know if it is starting to work?"

"I was studying the information on it as part of my research. In theory, after about 30 minutes you'll start getting hotter. You'll really warm up. That's the signal that you should have sex pretty soon."

"And if I don't have sex?"

"You will. Eventually. You'll keep getting hotter until you can't stand it, and then you'll go find a man. Keep your phone handy. You may want to call an ex back for some sudden loving. That's why I asked about a current boyfriend." Neil sighed. "It's your own fault, you know. You've been told to leave things that aren't yours alone and I did put a warning on the bottle."

Marie was nervous, but Neil could see that she wasn't one hundred percent sure he wasn't pulling her leg. She gave him a nervous look and retired to her room.

Nick grinned and returned to his room to wait. He had thoughtfully jiggered the air conditioner controls and as the house warmed, so would Marie. And if she turned the AC up, she'd get hotter even faster.

After a while Marie came to his door. She was feeling very hot and very worried and as far as she was concerned it was all Neil's fault. She thinks the drug is working, but her phone is not. Can she borrow his?

Neil handed it over. He was quite thorough and had installed a little phone blocker in the house, and no phones would work until he switched it off.

"Your phone doesn't work either," Marie said, almost crying. "We can't call anyone. What do I do now?"

"Don't go outside, for a start. Stay in your room and try and keep calm. If you're lucky it could wear off in a few hours. Just hope you don't get too hot."

"There must be something I can do?" wailed Marie.

Neil laughed. "Sure have sex. One of your old friends might drop by. Wait and see." He paused, then started to add thoughtfully, "Of course, you could always... no scrub that. Bad idea."

"What's a bad idea?" idea demanded Marie.

"It was just an idle thought. Don't worry about it."

"Would it help me?"

"Probably, but you won't want to do it. Like I said, bad idea, so don't worry about it."

"But what was it?" she demanded.

"Have sex with me," Neil said with a smirk, "but it's not going to happen. You think I'm a geek and a fool and I think you're an idiot. We just don't like each other."

"You think I'm an idiot, and then you come up with a suggestion like that. There's sure enough one idiot in this room," snapped Marie. "You're right. It's a terrible idea. Why would I want to have sex with you just because I'm feeling hot?"

"And getting hotter," murmured Neil. "Like I said, go back to your room and see if you can sweat it out.

"I'm going. I'm not having sex with you. No way." Marie paused. "I really have to have sex with somebody?"

"Not necessarily. Like I said, they're still testing the drug. Safer if you do, but you might sweat it out. Actually, it would be a good idea to try. I can take notes for my analysis."

"You bastard," Marie gasped. "I could be dying and you want to take notes? I'm not waiting around so you can take notes. I'm hot, really hot. And I'm wet. Thinking of having sex always does that to me. I have to have sex and I have to have it now, and you're going to help me."

"Marie,' soothed Neil, "be reasonable. You don't even like me."

"Right now," said Marie, "I'd like a gorilla." She was moving towards him with a determined look on her face. Her top came off and hit the floor, showing that she was braless, and that for all her size, she didn't really need one.

"I know you like them," she breathed. "I've seen you look at them, even though you're always polite about it. Touch them. Don't they feel good?"

Neil reached out and gently touching her breasts, stroking them lightly, feeling his cock starting to spring to attention. While he was doing that, Marie hastily stripped off her shorts and panties.

Neil took a step back and looked at her, magnificently naked and a true blonde he noted. The sight was sufficient to complete his erection.

Marie's decision to have sex with Neil had tipped her over the edge, sexually. She was now genuinely hot and horny, and she wasn't interested in foreplay. She wanted him in her, now. She grabbed at Neil's clothes stripping them off him while pushing him back onto the bed. Before Neil was fully cognisant of her urgency, he found himself on the bed with Marie climbing on top of him.

"My god," thought Neil, "this is what rape is like."

Marie wasn't wasting time. As soon as she had Neil lying on the bed she was astride him, reaching under herself to position his erection and then settling onto it with a groan of relief.

She just sat for a moment, enjoying the feel of the erection deep within her, already feeling more at ease. Neil had been right. This was what she'd needed. She started to rock, letting his cock slide back and forth inside her.

Marie relaxed even more, enjoying the sensations that the movements engendered within her. She stopped the rocking, and started to bounce, using the spring of the mattress to give her that extra oomph. She was galloping now, delighted to get that terrible itch scratched, eager to climax so that internal heat would soar through her and dissipate as she came down from her climax. She wasn't concerned with Neil, just eager to reach her goal, driving him home into her quickly and deeply, until she felt those lovely internal contractions start and collapsed over him, gasping out her delight.

Marie leant back, away from Neil, feeling him still hard within her.

"How many times," she queried, "will I need to have sex?"

"Once should be enough," said Neil, feeling frustrated. "You may notice I'm still hard. Maybe we should continue for a while to make sure."

Marie pushed herself up and off him, smiling and patting his erection.

"No, I don't think so," she replied. "I'll see if that worked. I feel better already." She picked up her clothes and practically danced out of the room.

Neil sighed, pulled on his trousers, turned off the phone jammer and then went to reset the air conditioner to normal settings. Later, he'd have to do something about a very strong erection he was now wearing.

After half an hour he knocked on Marie's door to see how she was. She was calm, cool and content.

Neil smiled and told her she should be alright now. Just stay at home for tonight. He reassured her that her sex life should be ok now, as long as there were no side effects.

Marie pounced. "Side effects? You never mentioned side effects. What side effects?"

Neil shrugged. "It's been suggested that anyone who takes the drug won't enjoy normal sex anymore. They'll need more of the drug."

"How soon can I find out?" Marie demanded.

"Any time really. Why not call one of your exes that you're still on good terms with and suggest a naughty night tomorrow. I received a call earlier so my phone's working again and so yours could be as well."

"It is. I received some messages earlier." She paused, considering. "Do I have to wait until tomorrow, or can I make arrangements for tonight?"

Neil winced inwardly. "The literature didn't really say, but if you've cooled down then I'd say you burned the drug out of your system, and tonight would be OK."

Marie smiled. "In that case," she said, busily starting to strip, "you'd better get undressed and give me a good fucking."

She laughed at the look on his face, and continued, "I sort of jumped your bones earlier, and I didn't give you a chance to come. This time I expect you to jump my bones and thoroughly ravish me. It's only fair."

Neil looked at her, again nude and magnificent. "Have you thought this through, Marie?" he gently queried.

"Oh, yes. I expected that you'd come and check on me, and I'd already decided that when you did I'd give you a chance to get your revenge. I'm already wet again, just talking about it. Are you going to start with foreplay, of just pounce on me?"

Neil smiled as he slowly stripped. "I'm tempted to just bend you over the bed and ravish you, but I think I'll start slowly and see if I can drive you insane before I get around to the actual ravishment."

Neil reached out, cupping those two pales globes hovering tantalising before him. With his hands pressing gently against her, Marie found herself being urged back until the bed was bumping the back of her knees, with a slighter harder push ending with her sitting on the bed, staring at the erection waving slowly in front of her. One of the hands that had been on her breasts was now moving around to the back of her head, moving it toward Neil.

Knowing what was wanted, Marie indicated to Neil to wait a moment, and then reached over to her dressing table to pick up a damp cloth which she used to gently wipe Neil's erection and testicles. She grinned up at Neil as she worked. "I said I'd thought this through," she said, laughing at his expression. "I also thought you might have been feeling a hot and sticky from earlier. This will help." She paused to throw the cloth back on the little table and then turned back to Neil. "You may find this helps, too," she said, leaning forward and placing a gentle kiss on the tip of head, before opening her mouth wider, her tongue darting out to caress the bulbous head, gently laving and teasing.

Her lips surrounded him, moving slowly down his cock, her tongue leading the way, flickering around while a gentle suction seemed to enclose his whole cock. Neil watched her head bobbing up and down, testing his already rampant weapon, making sure it was hard enough and eager for the coming duel. He was breathing hard, his hands tangled in her hair, not knowing if he should encourage her to greater lengths or break it off to proceed with other activities.

"I'm supposed to be in charge here, so how come I feel I'm her toy again?" The thought crossed Neil's mind, and then his hands tightened, pulling away from her hot little mouth and those exquisitely scratching teeth. "My turn," he said, "pushing her back to lie on the bed." He parted her legs, pushing one well to the side while pulling the other off the bed and out of his road. This time it was his head that sank down as he leaned down and nuzzled her little crop of blonde curls, breathing the womanly fragrance of her. His hand crept up, stroking her pussy, kneading and pressing, sensing the rising heat.

His finger were urging her lips to part, but instead of them entering, Marie found his tongue dipping into her forbidden folds, slipping along her hidden entrance, tasting her womanhood, as Neil took his turn to tantalise and tease. She found his tongue was moving around and closing in on that little bud of nerves that lay hidden there and, suddenly frantic, tried to pull his head away from there.

Neil ignored the insistent tug, knowing her clitoris was right there at the tip of his tongue. He pressed down a little, his tongue moving roughly over that bud, feeling satisfied as he heard Marie shriek, and shudder. He continued to lap, enjoying the trembling that accompanied each touch to her clit, listening to Marie squeal and gasp her pleasure.

Moving up now, his tongue trailing over Marie's tummy, feeling it trying to pull away from that touch that was causing her insides to curl. Then his mouth was on her breast, joined by a hand that seized the other while his other hand continued to tease and play with her pussy.

Marie was now a bundle of nerve endings, feeling Neil's touch everywhere. Gentle but firm on her pussy, stroking, manipulating and intruding, while rough on her breasts, squeezing and pinching, teasing and suckling, with Marie knowing that there would be bruises to show the next day, and not caring. Soon, she knew, he would be moving on and finally doing something about the fire that he had ignited within her.

Neil pulled away from the lovely body, encouraging Marie to move properly onto the bed, to lie there with her legs slightly apart while his hand rested possessively upon her pussy. Then he just sat there, his hand idly playing, keeping the fire burning but doing nothing more.

Marie was burning and frustrated and puzzled. What was he doing? He could see that she was ready but he wasn't following up. Irritated that he would do this to her, even more irritated that she didn't know why, she asked. "What are you waiting for?" she demanded, the irritation plain in her voice.

"Don't worry about it," came the calm reply. "I'm just letting your frustration level build a bit, so you'll be that much more satisfied when I come to you."

"He didn't say that," thought an astounded Marie. "Actually, he did, and I'm going to kill him."

Before she has a chance to voice her opinions, Neil had moved into action again, hands reaching out and helping to roll her over onto her stomach. "Ravishment time," she hear his laughing voice say, while a hand delivered a quick spank to her bottom. "Lift this up and don't forget to spread your legs." Hesitation at obeying this rude demand quickly vanished as she felt the sting of another quick spank.

Neil smiled as he saw Marie hoisting her pert little bottom higher, while her legs separated, giving him room to move between them. He ran his thumb up and down her slit, watching it flower, opening up for him to enter. "Up on your hands and knees, sweetheart," he murmured. "I want to hold those beautiful boobs of yours while I ride you."

Marie didn't hesitate, moving eagerly into the required position, quivering slightly from the expectancy surging through her. She felt Neil moving her lips further apart and then felt the tip of his erection pressing against her. Felt it hold for a moment, while hands reached around and clasped her breasts, then she gasped as the hands closed possessively around her breasts while at the same time Neil thrust forcefully, lunging into her, then pausing, holding her tight against his erection.

Neil grinned, knowing that Marie was expecting a fast start and probably a faster finish. That was not his intention. He started to move slowly within her, in no hurry, slowly entering, slowly withdrawing, resisting Marie's efforts to increase the speed. "Patience," he murmured. "All things come to she who waits," while continuing to slowly stoke the fires within. Watching and listening to her reactions, laughing when she swore at him, and ignoring her pleas to move faster and harder.

Marie could feel him tormenting her. She had never been so acutely aware of a cock possessing her. This monster was taking her to the heights one infinitesimal step at a time. She would die in agony before she reached them. She tried to increase the tempo, but found Neil was in full control able to over-ride her wishes and continue as he desired. She could hear herself babbling, asking for more and was shocked at herself, but too desperate to care.

Satisfied that Marie was now ready for a more rapid loving, Neil withdrew, and watched as Marie seemed to freeze, and then turned a stunned look upon him, mouth open but apparently unable to speak. He reached over and pulled her over onto her back, seeing her legs rise and separate, desperately waiting for him to continue. Moved over her and with no further preliminaries plunged into her waiting body, bring a groan of relief from Marie as her legs closed around him and her arms rose and tangled in his hair as he kissed her.

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