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The Dude Ranch


It had been almost five years since my last real vacation. Work had totally taken over my life. I knew when I went to law school that attorneys worked very long hours, but my schedule was ridiculous. Putting merger and acquisition deals together was a high pressure job. I worked around the clock when a major deal was in process. Fortunately, Massey, Heydon, Wentworth and Sommers, my firm, was doing remarkably well even with the slowdown in the economy. Sometimes I thought about quitting it all and moving to a tropical island. Then I thought about all the hardships I had overcome to get where I am today including putting myself through Brown University and winning the scholarship to Yale Law School. Ultimately, I decided that I was going to make partner no matter what it took. One day the firm would be Massey, Heydon, Wentworth, Sommers and Fryer, as in me, Sara Fryer.

My demanding career meant that I had no time for a personal life let alone a serious relationship. I ate, slept and dreamt of nothing but that law firm. Recently, Albert Hamilton, one of the senior partners had pulled me aside and told me that I was looking stressed. I had an Ally McBeal moment when I wanted to say, "Of course I look stressed you asshole, I work over a hundred hours a week so you can enjoy life as partner." I held my tongue and waited for what other pearls of wisdom he offered. He suggested that I take a brief vacation to "recharge my batteries." I agreed that he was probably right and I promised to take some time away from the office. I learned early on never to disagree with a senior partner.

It just so happened that my friend Lucy called about four days later and begged me to go on vacation with her. She was surprised that I said yes so quickly. Normally she invites me and I decline due to work. She laughed when I told her about the senior partner’s "suggestion" that I take a break. Lucy promised to do all the planning and arranging; all I had to do was show-up. Lucy is one of my dearest friends whom I have known since college. We sat next to each other in an incredibly boring freshman economics class and passed notes back and forth about how hot the professor was. By the mid-term, Lucy was sleeping with him. I guess that is one way to pursue higher education.

Lucy is beautiful. She has short curly blonde hair that frames her face and big brown eyes that always seem to have a mischievous twinkle. She is bright and bubbly, and so much fun to be around. She has always lived life to the fullest. When that old beer commercial said go for the gusto because you only go around once, Lucy took it to heart.

When Lucy finally told me what we were doing for our vacation I was shocked. "A dude ranch," I exclaimed, "what in heaven’s name are we going to do on a dude ranch! I don’t even know how to ride a horse!"

"Oh come on Sara, it’ll be fun! You never get out. You’re always cooped up in your office! We’ll spend our days outside in the sun, learning to ride. I hear the cowboys that work at the ranch aren’t too bad either!" said Lucy giggling.

"Yeah, right. I am only here because the senior partner told me to get away. The only damn batteries that need recharging are the ones in my vibrator because it just sits in my drawer. I don’t even have the energy for that," I said with a sad laugh.

"Sara, maybe you can finally find someone who can help you unwind!"

Two weeks later Lucy and I were on a plane to Wyoming. I must admit that being away from the office felt great. I didn’t realize how much pressure I was under. My body felt tense all the time and I had headaches most days. Lucy kept up her campaign about how I just needed to get laid. It had been so long. I wasn’t sure my body would know how to respond to a man’s touch.

I thought about Cole, my last lover, as the plane sped through the clouds. I had thought he might be the one. We certainly had some fun together. He said that he admired my dedication to my career, but eventually he became resentful like all of the others. A few missed dinners, a few weekends when I couldn’t get away and he wanted to break up with me. He said I could only be married to the law and he was probably right. God, his hands on my body felt so good. I began to daydream about our love making. To my surprise, my pussy began to get wet and I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat. Lucy grabbed my arm and pointed out the window. She squealed with delight as the plane began to descend into the Jasper, Wyoming airport.

There was a van waiting to take us to the Lazy Acres ranch which was about forty miles outside town. The ride was hot and dusty. Lucy was so excited. I was happy to be seeing something other than the walls of our firm’s law library. When the van pulled into the ranch’s entrance, a tall, older man dressed in western garb was standing there waiting to greet us.

"Hello ladies. I am Cody Jones, director here at the Lazy Acres Ranch. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will walk you to your cabin. Dinner is served at six sharp in the mess hall. As you know from our brochure, this is a real working ranch," explained Cody as he guided us to our cabin.

"With real cowboys, Cody?" asked Lucy in a teasing voice as she entered the cabin.

"I am not sure what you mean Miss," responded Cody looking perplexed.

"Cody, just ignore her. She’s just a city girl," I said. Cody tipped his hat and left. The cabin was Spartan to say the least. Two twin beds each covered in a scratchy looking plaid blanket. At the foot of each bed there was a small wooden dresser. One small window between the beds let in the last rays of the afternoon’s sun.

"I feel like I’m back at summer camp. This is definitely not the Ritz. How much are we paying for this, Lucy?" I asked as I began to unpack my things.

"Oh come on Sara, we’ll have fun. This is an adventure! Anything is better than being in your office. God, the air smells so fresh out here. The sky looks so big. Wow, I am starved. Let’s get ready for dinner," urged Lucy as she jumped on one of the beds to try it out.

I decided to shower before dinner. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad vacation. I could do some hiking and I brought a few books to read. So what if they are all written by John Grisham and involve legal intrigue. At least I am passionate about something. The hot water relaxed my muscles. I poured shampoo in my hand and soaped up my long red hair. I let the water beat down on my pussy and that pleasurable feeling came back. I moved my fingers to my clit. I leaned against the tile wall and enjoyed the sensation until I heard Lucy banging on the bathroom door telling me I was in for it if I used up all the hot water.

I changed into a long, full denim skirt and a blouse that showed my ample cleavage. Instead of wearing my long, thick hair pulled back as I normally do, I let it hang around my face. Under the skirt I slipped on a pair of white lace panties that felt good against my skin.

"You look good kiddo. I think you’re starting to relax already. You’re almost glowing," said Lucy nodding her approval. "Come on, let’s go find dinner."

We walked to the mess hall where all of the guests dined. The Lazy Acres Ranch was a real working ranch just as the brochure had promised. Guests could actually work side by side with the cowboys, or ride all day, or do absolutely nothing. In order to make the guests feel like a part of the ranch, they dined alongside the cowboys that worked there.

Lucy and I chose seats next to a seemingly nice older couple from Kansas who had arrived the day before. They were giving Lucy tips about all of the activities. Lucy can strike up a conversation with anyone. I knew that Lucy would play social director so I tuned them out and looked around the room at the other guests and cowboys.

It was then that I noticed him sitting three tables away with several cowboys. He was striking in an unusual way. His face was lined from too much time in the sun. His eyes were the brightest bluish green that I had ever seen. His hair was dark and curly and his smile was absolutely dazzling. I have never reacted to a stranger as I did to him. I knew I was staring, but I couldn’t stop myself. He was so sexy in a rugged way. All I wanted to do was to go over and kiss him. I felt my face growing hot and my cheeks getting flushed. He looked up and caught me staring. I was mortified. He just smiled at me and tipped his hat. I looked down at my plate unable to smile back. I felt Lucy touch my arm and I jumped.

"Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost," she asked me as she continued to eat her dinner.

"Yeah, I am fine. I guess I’m just a little tired," I lied. I would explain to Lucy about my beautiful cowboy, but I certainly didn’t want to say anything in front of the other dinner guests. I couldn’t finish the rest of my dinner. Every so often I would steal a glimpse at this mysterious stranger. He returned my gaze with a friendly, inviting smile. I managed to smile at him.

After dinner, Lucy wanted to go back to the cabin. She had signed us up for 7:00 AM riding lessons and she wanted to get a good night’s sleep. I started to turn in, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep so I decided to go for a walk. I thought that the night air might help relax me.

The ranch was in an isolated area. The purplish sky seemed to envelop the ranch in a blanket. Best of all, it was absolutely quiet. There were no ringing phones, fax machines, or pagers to disturb the perfect stillness. I walked over to the horse barn. I pulled open the heavy wooden door and stepped inside. I wanted to see the majestic creatures that I would soon be learning to ride. I was staring at a chestnut colored stallion when I heard someone come up behind me. I spun around and it was him- the cowboy from dinner.

"I’m sorry. I was walking and I just wanted to see the horses," I stammered like a child caught in the act of doing something wrong. I felt my face flush again and my nipples became hard. I prayed that he couldn’t see them through my blouse. I was acting like a stupid school girl. I tried regain my composure and act like I do when I am presenting to an important client.

"No need to apologize miss. I saw you go in the barn and I wanted to see if you needed anything. My name is Beau, Beau Tucker. Pleased to meet you," he extended his hand to shake mine. I wanted to go to him and press my body against his and tell him how much he was arousing me. I felt so hot that I thought I was going to faint. I was afraid that if he touched me, he would know my true feelings. I reached out my hand. Instead of shaking it, he kissed the back of it ever so lightly. I felt my pussy moisten and my knees get weak. He looked me in the eye as if to say he knew.

"I’m Sara Fryer," I said quickly before turning away and concentrating on the stallion again. Over and over I said to myself that I have got to get out of this barn before I do something I’ll regret later. I put my hands on the stall door to steady myself. "Just make some polite conversation and then you can leave without seeming rude," I thought to myself.

"He is a beautiful creature.. such power in his legs," I said. By this point, Beau had come up close behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck. He smelled musky and a little sweaty. His scent intoxicated me. I wanted to lift my skirt right there in the barn and beg him to fuck me. Beau reached around me to feed the horse a carrot. When he did, his crotch pressed against my ass and I could feel his hard cock touching me through his jeans.

I could feel the electricity between us and I wanted him, but I was scared. I just didn’t do things like meet cowboys for the first time and fuck them in a dark barn. It was just not me.

"You have beautiful hair Sara," said Beau as he buried his face in my hair. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him. Gently he moved my hair to the side so that he could kiss my neck.

"Beau, I don’t think we should be.." I couldn’t finish my words. Feeling him hold me and nuzzle my neck was too much. I just wanted to enjoy the feeling.

"Do you want me to stop Sara? I hope not because it feels so good to touch you," murmured Beau as he breathed the perfumed scent of my hair. I could only shake my head to signal no.

"Let’s go for a ride. It will only take a second for me to saddle up Star, that’s the stallion you’ve been gazing at," said Beau as he released me to attend to the horse.

"I can’t. I’m not really dressed for riding tonight," I stammered. I felt like I could get myself under control again now that there was some distance between us.

"You’ll be fine. I’ll help you," said Beau ignoring my lame excuse. He lifted a heavy leather saddle and placed it on Star’s back. The horse seemed excited about his unexpected opportunity for a late night ride.

Beau led the horse out of the barn and I followed as if in a trance. He put his hands on my waist and helped me onto the horse. I straddled the giant stallion, one leg on each side. My denim skirt fanned out around me. Beau got on behind me pressing against me. He slipped his arms under mine and took the reins. We rode in silence for a few minutes. Star broke into a trot and with each step the horse took, my pussy bounced against the saddle. A moan escaped my lips.

"It’s okay Sara. I promise I won’t hurt you," said Beau as he held me tighter. He lifted my skirt and put his hand on my bare leg. I caught my breath and concentrated on the horse’s head as it ran through the field. The moon was just starting to rise. Beau began to stroke my inner thigh. His hands were large and callused from his work. Between the vibrations from the horse's pace and Beau’s hand moving closer and closer to my dripping pussy, I was moaning loudly enough for Beau to hear.

"Does that feel good Sara?" asked Beau in a husky whisper. Moaning I nodded my head.

Beau moved his finger to my pussy. Moving the lace material to one side, he began to rub my clit very gently at first and then harder. He was breathing hard and rubbing my nipples with his other hand. He moved the finger away from my clit and shoved it into my pussy. I felt him go deep into me. He felt how tight and wet my cunt was and he put two more fingers in my hot pussy. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I cried out. I started to buck against his hand and whimper. My juice flooded his hand, the saddle, and my skirt. My musky scent was like a perfume hanging in the night air.

Beau brought Star to a stop in a clearing and plunged his fingers deep into me again while he rubbed my hard nipples. I grabbed his wrist to keep his hand in place while my pussy continued to gush. It was such an incredible release. The moonlight was shining down upon us as I continued to fuck Beau’s hand. My pussy spasmed uncontrollably and I began to cry. I was scared by the intensity of my orgasm and scared that a stranger could unleash such feelings in me. I was always the one in control, the one in charge. But not now.

Beau slid down off Star and reached up to help me down. He pulled me towards him and kissed each tear drop on my cheeks.

"I won’t hurt you Sara.. I just want to make you feel good," he murmured in my ear as he rubbed my ass. While he kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with his tongue, he unbuttoned my blouse. Slowly, he reached around my back and undid the clasp to my bra. He slid the straps from my shoulders. Instinctively, I raised my hands to shield my breasts.

"I think it is a little late for modesty," he teased. He moved my hands and began to suck on a nipple. Slowly and lovingly he sucked and flicked his tongue back and forth. I was only conscious of the moonlight and the way he was making my body feel.

"Please fuck me," I whispered hoarsely.

"Why Miss Fryer, what did you say," asked Beau teasingly as he nibbled my nipples.

"Don’t make fun of me. Just fuck me."

I reached to unzip his pants. I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy. He took my hands and kissed and sucked each of my fingers. His mouth was warm and wet. I could feel myself getting turned on again. I grabbed his hand and began to suck on his fingers that were sticky from my pussy juice. He kissed me deeply forcing his tongue down my throat. I wanted his cock in me so badly. Beau sat me down on the ground and pulled my skirt up around my hips. The night air was cool and I pulled my legs together. Beau put a hand on each of my knees and opened my legs wide. He started to finger fuck me again and I started to moan. It felt so good. He pulled my pussy lips apart and started to suck on my clit. My body shuddered from the intensity of the sensations. He ate me hungrily, darting his tongue on my clit and deep in my pussy. I grabbed his hair and pushed his face deep into me. I screamed and came again as he lapped up all of my juices.

I unzipped his pants and his hard cock sprang free from the prison of his jockey shorts. He smiled and stroked my cheek with it. I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock and ran it up and down the shaft. . Beau held the back of my head and guided his cock into my eager mouth. I was able to take all of him. He moaned with pleasure. I let his cock slide out of my mouth and I concentrated on his balls. I sucked on one and then the other. I ran my tongue on the underside of his cock outlining each throbbing vein with the tip of my tongue. I took him in my mouth again and sucked him hard. He tasted so good to me. I wanted him to come in my mouth, but he pulled out.

"What’s wrong?" I asked.

"What could possibly be wrong? I just want your pussy first. There’s plenty of time for everything else," said Beau as he turned me around and helped me get onto my knees.

He spread my cheeks and found my pussy hole with his fingers. I started to moan again. He put the head of his cock next to my hole and tried to enter me. His cock was unusually thick. Beau drew back his hand and slapped my ass hard which shocked me and made me gasp. While I was temporarily distracted, he grabbed my hips and rammed his cock into me. It felt as if he was tearing me and I screamed. It hurt, but at the same time it felt so good. He waited for me to relax before he began thrusting. With each thrust I felt him fuck me as I had never been fucked before. I just moaned and whimpered. He was in total control. He encouraged me to scream out which I did. There was no one around to hear. I could feel him getting ready cum.

"Please don’t cum in me," I begged. "I want you to cum in my mouth." Beau pulled out of my pussy and his cock glistened in the moonlight. I opened my mouth and sucked on him hard. He began to cum and I tightened my mouth around him so I would not lose any of his juice. He stroked my hair as he fucked my mouth. We finally collapsed in each other’s arms and looked up at the stars.

"I hope you have a great vacation, Sara," wished Beau as he nuzzled my neck.

"It’s only the first day and I already have!"

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