tagNonHumanThe Ebony Alpha Ch. 08

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 08


Hello everyone. I so appreciate the comments from the last chapter. I took more time with this one and it is longer. I hope you enjoy it as well. Thank you for voting and please continue to read. This story will be concluding soon.



Joe could hear the shower running and he slowly took off his boots. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on a chair in the corner.

He padded to the bathroom door in his bare feet and opened the barrier between him and the Voodoo woman. She had nothing on her body now to protect her from his senses.

He looked on the counter of the sink and noticed an intricately carved necklace. He picked it up and took a closer look. The words were in a language he had never seen before and it was very heavy. Probably some Voodoo trinket she used to make spells.

He absent mindedly put it in his pocket and turned around as the water stopped running. Leaning in the frame of the door, he waited for the woman to emerge from the shower.

What he saw when Mama Louisa opened the shower door took his breath away. The scent that accosted his nostrils made him weak in the knees.

"Mine!" He claimed approaching the wet woman, He pulled Louisa into his arms. She was nobody's Mama anymore.

"Let go of me, and don't you dare say Mine again" Louisa struggled against the hard chest she was pressed into. Joe hadn't released her; in fact he was sniffing her hair and had now moved down to her neck. Suddenly a rough tongue reached out and tasted her earlobe and that is when she completely lost it.

Fighting with all her might she lifted her knee aiming for Joe's groin. He moved swiftly to avoid her and he pressed her firmly against the wall. His mouth came down against the struggling woman's and his tongue gained entrance to her mouth as she gasped in surprise. He could really taste her now and his shock at her true essence brought him up short.

"I smell brown cane sugar, honeysuckle and WOLF!" He growled. Joe looked at the woman in his arms and saw his suspicion answered in her eyes. They were a golden fire glowing with anger. The green of them had completely disappeared.

He could feel her wolf close to the surface and waited for her to shift, but nothing happened. The fire in her eyes slowly ebbed and she collapsed in defeat.

Joe backed away from her, not quite understanding what was happening here. This was the woman Mama Louisa, but the only thing that remained the same about her was her skin color. He was enthralled by the shocking color of her hair. It was the color of copper and it seemed to glow just as her eyes had.

It flowed wildly down her back and he wanted to tangle his fingers within its waves. Her skin was flawless and smooth showing no signs of old age. Her breasts were large but firm and his hands ached to feed their dusky chocolate buds into his mouth.

"Who are you?" Joe demanded pushing back his desire.

Instead of answering him she ran to the sink but what she sought was not there. She turned to Joe looking at him incredulously and hissed in his direction.

"Looking for this?" Joe taunted holding the talisman up by its golden chain. Louisa jumped at him but he was too quick and avoided her easily.

"Tell me who you are, and what you are! I want answers."

"Give me what's mine!" She yelled grabbing for the pendant he baited her with.

"You're a smart woman; I don't have to tell you how this is gonna work. Tell me what I asked for and I will give you what you want." Joe backed out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. He patted the space next to him and waited.

The woman grabbed a robe from a hook on the wall and walked defiantly into the bedroom. She sat in the chair opposite the bed and glared at Joe with blazing eyes and growled menacingly.

When He didn't move and slipped the talisman into his pocket, she stood up with preternatural speed and yanked him up by his collar.

"I can't be without that pendant. It will cause great trouble before the Blood Moon." She shook with rage and he laughed at the mysterious woman fuming in front of him.

"What does the Blood Moon have to do with me? I only care about what you have done to me." Joe didn't move as he looked at her with amusement in his deep brown eyes. He knew she was pissed and he couldn't wait to see what she would do next.

Louisa dropped her hands from his collar and sat on the bed and sighed with resignation. She knew he was too strong for her to fight alone. She would have to answer him and reluctantly turned to the man by her side.

"I will tell you who I am but you must promise that it is never to leave this room."

Joe held two fingers up to his brow and smiled at her. "Scouts honor." He quipped and waited for her to start talking.

She looked at the man who had her blood running through his veins and began her story.

"I am Louisa Elaine Metairie. I was born in 1712 in Paris France to Jacques and Desiree Metairie. They were a part of a very large pack. They were very happy werewolves when I was born."

Louisa looked at Joe and continued. "But they soon became very protective of me. The birth of a female with burnished fur was heralded as very rare and they feared for my safety."

"I don't understand what your hair color has to do with your safety. It is just hair, very beautiful hair I might add, but still just hair after all." Joe ran his fingers through her copper main and liked the feel of it against his skin.

"Remember the year was 1712. There were many superstitions and even werewolves fell victim to them. My coloring was unusual and therefore feared. My parents thought that another pack might try to kill me and tried to hide me from being discovered. They made a marriage agreement with a neighboring pack that I would be mated to their son at the next full Moon. That plan never worked out and we came to America in 1833."

"Wow it must have been horrible for your family if you had to leave the country."

"Yes the match would have brought our packs together and when it didn't work out we had to leave. I have a lot of family I haven't seen in centuries."

"I understand how it feels to be away from your family, but please continue."

"My parents were convinced that the color of my hair was a curse and wanted to hide me from the world. When we came to America an enchantress gave them that talisman to change my appearance. It has been a great asset to me and is one of the reasons I was hired by the ASI. I can change my appearance as long as I wear it."

"What do the initials ASI stand for?"

"I work for the Agency of Supernatural Intelligence. I have been with the ASI for two centuries. I work exclusively with the Prophesy Weres. I sometimes like to call myself the Prophesy Police."

Louisa laughed a little and quickly became serious.

"We keep our true selves a secret so that we can infiltrate our targets location without fear. Megan is my assignment this time around."

Joe stood and walked to the window and looked at view. He didn't want to show how her words about her family had touched him. He wanted to hold her and soothe the worry that showed on her face but he wanted her to finish her story.

"How did you become so accepted into their lives? You are not remotely related to any of them."

"I had the help of Megan's adopted parents are also a part of the ASI. Rose and Reese Megan's adopted parents introduced me as Rose's stepmother. Since Katelyn O'Hara; Megan's birth mother and June Shannon, Maddie's mother, are cousins they accepted me into the family."

Louisa had to stop and take a breath she had said a mouthful. She felt so free for the first time in years. She had never confided in any one before and this felt so right, and so good.

She looked at Joe with new eyes and couldn't fight the inevitable; he was her mate. No one else had made her feel this way. She closed her eyes at her realization and continued her tale.

"Her birth parents were not supposed to be bitten and turned, but it happened and we had to adjust. As for Raphael he was very young when his parents died and I raised him. I have been a part of their lives for over twenty-one years."

"That seems like an awfully long time to be on an assignment. When this is over how can you just walk out of their lives?"

"I will just tell them at the right time. It is not against any type of rule to reveal myself after the task. My goal is to make sure that the Prophesy is fulfilled."

Louisa sighed loudly. "I love all of them as if they were really a part of me. It will be very difficult to just leave after this is all over. If Megan finds out before she and Jackson are mated, she may hate me for all of the lies I've had to tell. Only Luna knows for sure."

Louisa stopped to take a breath and Joe continued his questions.

"Since I know your secret, are you going to be in trouble Louisa? Will they hurt you?"

"It is not that kind of agency Joe. They may dismiss me, but they are like family to me. I don't know what I'd do without them."

"But what about the mating pull? Technically you are my family now; we are putting our lives at risk if we deny it."

"I am not mate material Joe. It is dangerous to be around me. For as long as I've lived I have always been told that I am good for nothing but trouble. I don't want to put anyone else in danger because of me."

Joe reached into his pocket and handed her the talisman. He hoped it proved to her that he could be trusted.

"Thank you Joe. I have to report back to the ASI after Megan and Jackson head back to North Dakota."

"I can't help what I feel for you Louisa Elaine Metairie. You are mine and you know as well as I do we are bound together for life. As far as you being trouble; well I have no doubt about that."

Louisa smiled at his joke and relaxed. He was not going to be dissuaded easily. Maybe she didn't want him to be.

Joe looked at her smile and threw caution to the wind. He pulled the copper haired woman into his arms and kissed her greedily. His tongue prodded her lips to open and he eased his member into her warm mouth. She tasted just as good as she smelled. To his surprise she joined his tongue in exploration and they tasted each other fully.

Joe eased away from Louisa and looked into her eyes. The twin pools of green were glazed over with passion and her lips were swollen from their kiss.

Joe leaned in to take her mouth once more when they heard the first agonized howl. This was a cry of pain and grief and Joe felt compelled to find out what was going on.

"It is a death cry Joe, someone has died. The Alpha's pain is radiating throughout the pack."

"I better go find out what has happened." He pulled his shirt back on and sat down to put on his boots.

"I will not reveal your secret my mate, but I will return." Joe stood and left the room, his brown eyes giving her a passionate parting glance.


Louisa stood in front of the full length mirror. She admired her long lean frame and cupped her full breasts. She had seen the admiration in Joe's eyes and it made her blush. But now with the memory of his kiss on her lips she wanted to see that look again.

She was playing with fire. She had to report this disaster to her handler. Her future was uncertain, but right now she had to finish her assignment and that was getting Megan and Jackson to mate.

Louisa sighed and placed the talisman around her neck. Immediately her skin became wrinkled and her hair became a dull gun metal gray. Her firm breasts sagged and fat began to grow around her hips and middle. There she was; Mama Louisa once again.

She hadn't always had to hide her looks; in fact she gloried in the praise her looks brought. All the trouble started two hundred years ago when she was promised to Charles Dupac.

He was the very handsome son of the Alpha of the Borneo pack. They were very attracted to each other and it was extremely difficult for them to keep their hands to themselves.

They stole kisses and more every chance they could get, and promised their undying love for one another. What neither of them knew was that Louisa was the Fiery One of that century. She had the copper colored hair of legend and when she and Charles mated they would fulfill the Prophesy.

Not able to wait a minute longer after Louisa came of age, they consummated their love. No longer a virgin; Louisa and Charles had caused the Prophesy to go unfulfilled for the next century. If they had only known about the prophecy they could have avoided the grief their love had caused.

In those days the Were Council wanted everything to happen by fate, and the Prophecies were not public knowledge. The Elders held the scrolls and were the only ones who controlled the information they gave.

Now to prevent accidents from happening, the Prophecies were well known and the ASI made sure they were fulfilled.

She had disgraced her pack, and her parents had forbidden her to see Charles again. They left for America the next week. Her parents wanted to hide her coloring so she wouldn't be recognized. She had killed the hopes of the Were Nation for the next century. She was a marked woman and had to remain hidden.

She had been able to stop using the Talisman after the next Blood Moon. The trouble she had caused had been forgiven and she was free to live her life once more.

But she had hidden herself in her work for the agency and didn't even dream about finding love again. There were many prophesies and her work kept her too busy to worry about finding her mate.

She still thought of Charles on those cold and lonely nights alone in her bed. Since he was not her true mate, Charles became Alpha when his time came to take over. He mated eventually and was waiting along with every other Were for the Blood Moon. Everyone needed the prosperity Megan and Jackson's mating would bring.

Louisa could not believe after all these years she had met her mate. Smiling at her altered appearance she took a deep breath; she knew Megan and Maddie would be here soon. The howling had to be scaring them to death.

Just like clockwork a knock came at the door. Megan stuck her head in the door and looked for her grandmother.

"Mama Louisa may we come in? We don't want to be alone."

The two redheads rushed into the room and the now old woman laughed at the expressions on their faces.

"Have a seat you two, they will come and get us when the time is right."

The three women jumped into the large bed and cuddled up together. It had been a long time since all three of them had taken the chance to do this.

"I want you two to forget that I am your Grandmother and let's have a real heart to heart. In time I know the two of you will start new lives without me and I need to know what is on your minds. Maddie why don't you start."

"Are you sure Mama Louisa I don't want to embarrass you?"

The old woman nodded and Maddie began.

"Well okay, Sullivan and I are in love. I know it has been only a short time, but I truly feel the mating pull. All I want to do is be with him in every way."

"What I really want to know is how the sex is? Is Sullivan the kind of lover that you've dreamed of all your life?" Megan asked her cousin.

"Oh yes! It is like the Fourth of July and Christmas all tied together. It is like experiencing explosion after explosion. He is so large that I thought he was going to split...."

Maddie suddenly stopped talking and her face turned beet red. She had forgotten she was with her Grandmother of all people.

"Now none of that, just act like I am a friend remember I can help you with any problem. I have been a round along time."

Maddie smiled and started again. "Like I was saying Sullivan is so large, that when I first saw him I thought he would never fit. But He made sure I was ready for him and when we came together we were a perfect match. I've never came so much in my life. He makes sure that I am his first priority. So far he has not let me give him pleasure. He wants to be in charge so to speak."

"Are you talking about giving him a blow job? Because I heard that really turns a guy on, and will make him love you for the rest of your life." Megan was teasing her cousin who was obviously head over heels in love with Sullivan.

Ignoring Megan, Maddie kept talking.

"He has been so gentle with me that I even think about having his children. Is that strange Mama Louisa?"

Maddie sighed and leaned against the headboard, hoping no one had noticed her heavy breathing.

Megan couldn't help but laugh at her cousin. She seemed all worked up just at the thought of Sullivan. Her nipples pushed through the material of her blouse and her eyes had a faraway look in them. It made Megan happy and jealous at the same time. Jackson had barely kissed her and she wanted to feel like Maddie did.

"Do you want to mate with him Maddie?" Mama Louisa asked.

"I do. I am not sure of everything that entails but I don't care I want to be with him forever."

"That is what wolves do Maddie; they mate for life. Because Sullivan is a Beta he can mate with you when you are ready. But if you wish; there can be a bonding ceremony so that your friends and family can share in your happiness."

"What happens when you mate with a werewolf Mama Louisa? Is it like a fairytale and all magic and moon beams?" Maddie asked wistfully

"Not quite my dear. In truth it is very painful, the pain and blood are the catalysts that seal your bond with your mate. You will have to have sex as in the act of mating. Before you have your climax Sullivan must shift into his wolf form and bite you right here."

Mama Louisa touched Maddie on a spot between her neck and shoulder.

"He will make his mark and take your blood. His bite will also start your change into a Were so that you will be totally compatible. During this time as in most canine animals a knot will form between you to lock you together. This ensures that his seed has the best chance to get you pregnant."

Mama Louisa knew this sounded like Sex Ed 101 but she had to keep to the facts. Megan and Maddie needed to know what they were in for.

"It is not so cut and dry as I have made it sound. The love between mates eases the initial pain. Our bodies are wonderful things, a woman can stretch to have children, and you will be able to receive your mate in his wolf form which is bigger than his human."

"Bigger! Oh my God Mama Louisa I can't imagine Sullivan being even bigger. He's gonna kill me." The three women giggled like teenagers at Maddie's mock fearfulness.

"Excuse my bluntness girls, but sometimes bigger is better." They burst into laughter again. A knock sounded on the door and Becky stuck her head inside the room.

"Hello Ma'am and misses. The Alpha has requested that everyone meet in the great room downstairs. If you follow me I will take you there."

The three women followed the little omega down the stairs and through the crowd of people who had already gathered. She took them to the front of the room where Jackson was standing with Sullivan and Stephan.

Joe and his brothers were standing against the wall on the far side of the room. He saw Mama Louisa and fought the urge to go to her. He would keep his word, no one would find out her secret.

Jackson pulled Megan into his arms. He had to show that she was claimed. Wolves were creatures of instinct and they would be able to smell that Megan was not mated. Sullivan did the same with Maddie and the stance he took showed the room that they were together.

Alpha Boscoyo stood and mounted the platform at the end of the room. He faced his pack and their guest and began to speak. "My family a great sorrow has befallen us on this day. My sister and yours Regina, has taken her own life along with that of her son Remaldi." Napoleon paused and smiled sadly at the crowd.

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